Đồng nghĩa của objective

Alternative for objective


Trái nghĩa: subjective,

Tính từ

Just, honest, and free from bias or prejudice
unbiased disinterested fair impartial just dispassionate equitable neutral unprejudiced detached open-minded impersonal uninvolved judicial unemotional evenhanded even-handed independent nonpartisan indifferent nondiscriminatory non-discriminatory non-partisan candid clinical fair-minded uncoloured unprepossessed equal square uncolored cold cool strictly business balanced honest unbigoted without fear or favour upright with no axe to grind straight reasonable anti-discrimination honourable on the level honorable free from discrimination rational without favouritism on-the-fence on the fence uncommitted decent scrupulous on the up and up nondiscriminating middle-of-the-road nonaligned unslanted uninfluenced good aloof unselfish trustworthy ethical fair and square right proper virtuous egalitarian even without favor non-aligned aboveboard above board unaffiliated removed righteous legitimate businesslike principled lawful outside uninterested unswayed unallied moral conscientious unaligned sincere disconnected blameless non-discriminating level kosher logical upfront justifiable true not taking sides sensible fair-and-square nonpolitical focused steady open moderate selfless equable unaffected unimplicated focussed rightful free from self-interest without prejudice sitting on the fence well balanced nonbiased due upstanding genuine equalized without distinction right-minded equalised straightforward proportionate pure on the up-and-up middle dinkum level-headed nonpassionate composed respectable conscionable incorruptible noble even-steven cricket fair-to-middling stable analytic truthful in proportion unruffled unmoved distant reliable dependable that takes everything into account middle of the road straddling the fence right and proper on the square on-the-level square deal fair shake full of integrity stand-up remote unfeeling unsympathetic unsentimental sober antiseptic emotionless clean disengaged autonomous legal legit hard-headed unconcerned bystanding pukka liberal broad-minded non-participating tolerant uncorrupted frank civil undecided enlightened non-emotional unconnected accepting free catholic on sidelines undogmatic permissive inactive nonchalant poker-faced on up-and-up unprescriptive understanding acceptant perceptive observant acceptive according to the rules prejudice-free non-judgemental high-minded worthy nice reputable law-abiding faithful high-principled all right anti-corruption saintly innocent correct exemplary irreproachable angelic lofty pious elevated laudable moralistic charitable benevolent morally correct dutiful godly sinless immaculate chaste unimpeachable magnanimous chivalrous saintlike admirable guiltless devout venerable meritorious trusty greathearted spiritual helpful generous kind humane devoted altruistic considerate praiseworthy religious big true-blue respected hospitable squeaky clean clean-living creditable gallant beneficent estimable bounteous philanthropic faultless reverent big-hearted kindly kindhearted excellent thoughtful unbribable commendable of good repute great-hearted forthright bountiful right-thinking responsible distinguished loyal gracious squeaky-clean sainted divine munificent noble-minded constant great whiter than white pure as the driven snow dedicated self-righteous devotional godlike easy untainted pietistic sublime undefiled believing up front knightly hallowed prayerful perfect impeccable irreprehensible fitting lavish humble seraphic glorified god-fearing giving sympathetic unsparing holy esteemed courteous peaceable wholesome philanthropical solid incorrupt lordly true blue loose soft-touch unstinting high veracious sanctified bighearted acceptable consecrated dignified blessed unworldly spotless pietistical obedient revered venerated uncorrupt sacrosanct self-sacrificing progressive peaceful seemly decorous sportsmanlike punctilious orderly profuse civilized duteous unstained inculpable brave prestigious God-fearing sportsmanly tractable ungrudging prodigal open-handed sound redoubtable freethinking of principle notable cultivated mannerly gentlemanlike willing natural well behaved free-thinking heroic valiant respectful indulgent eminent freehearted fulsome openhanded freehanded courtly lily-white kind-hearted unobjectionable illustrious humanitarian guileless civilised precise polite clean-cut benign safe salt of the earth large-hearted well-mannered above-board highly regarded above reproach unerring strict warm-hearted soft-hearted circumspect sporting matchless deserving peerless compliant eleemosynary almsgiving rectitudinous condign deserved justified merited celibate modest competent warranted Christian professional morally right morally acceptable matching incorrupted favoring glorious sporty according to Hoyle G-rated vestal submissive amenable manageable biddable conformable docile well-behaved sanctimonious courageous heedful punctual exact fastidious critical kin on up and up inoffensive chivalric intrepid bold valorous lenient favouring prim saving deferential disciplined straight-arrow compassionate loving caring deified canonized ordained beatified honest-to-goodness equalitarian extremely careful thinking twice perpetual persistent inextinguishable immortal undestroyable unchanging untouchable dapper alright goody-goody unmarred precious daring gentlemanly proud merciful sweet goodhearted public-spirited tender princely goodish classless canonised reserved messianic special staunch obliging neighbourly firm above suspicion democratic accommodating spirited manly quixotic fast abundant ample friendly amiable unswerving plain-spoken agreeable comradely amicable edifying uplifting true-hearted supplicant sociable pleasant free-handed ready supplicating outstanding refined sure steadfast tried unwavering stanch secure trustable genial companionable regardful honoured trusted established pleading extraordinary remarkable beseeching neighborly non-erotic non-violent improving supportive calculable free-spoken round soliciting plentiful full recognized of repute reputed well thought of name well-thought-of well respected tried-and-true truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line resolute wholehearted ardent undistorted liege confirmed entreating well-disposed well mannered well-brought-up plainspoken believable meaning what one says unfeigned real veritable literal truth-telling outspoken unreserved ingenuous realistic like it is imploring equal-opportunity well known favored famous well-known renowned prominent popular famed high-ranking redoubted celebrated acclaimed copper-bottomed honored apple-pie simple suppliant supplicatory plenteous willingly given handsome unstinted no lie invigorating ruddy sane practical together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical sanitary normal open-faced blooming favoured with a good reputation recognised tried and trusted of good report in high favor of good standing flexible all there hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink receptive forbearing unorthodox nonconventional nonorthodox unconventional cosmopolitan unshockable radical libertarian nontraditional responsive forward-thinking advanced wide nonjudgmental untarnished free thinking without reproach in the clear of excellent character

Tính từ

Restricted to, or based on, fact
factual true matter-of-fact documentary literal hard historical nonfictional real genuine actual bona fide authentic verifiable certain accurate concrete unquestionable exact precise correct unvarnished veritable positive honest effective existent substantial valid undoubted undeniable absolute tangible realistic de facto definite faithful truthful unexaggerated veracious unadulterated unerring unembellished very fact-based legitimate legit firm veridical material credible proper demonstrable evident sensible confirmed certified verified certifiable sure-enough indubitable indisputable unmistakable palpable clear-cut word for word as it really happened telling it like it is simple plain documented well-founded strict reliable provable bare case so unelaborated straightforward undistorted gospel stark implicit down-to-earth logical confirmable cogent narrow tacit unfaked spot-on solid explicit implied virtual conclusive natural ordinary apparent unembroidered scrupulous written usual verbal critical methodical what really happened on the mark spot on what actually happened unacknowledged essential manifest unequivocal unambiguous discernible perceptible distinct clear on target on the money in accordance with reality not figurative appreciable obvious authenticated irrefutable real-world believable incontestable proven real-life inescapable demonstrated established incontrovertible final validated substantiated attested as true as I'm sitting here as true as I'm standing here fixed definitive categorical substantive decided striking observable patent intelligible measurable quantifiable perceivable detectable corporeal detailed well-grounded well documented well defined honest-to-goodness set in stone sure lifelike unadorned fair verbatim circumstantial verisimilar veristic dinkum unprejudiced scientific kosher unbiased true-to-life true-life card-carrying on the level straight from horse's mouth specific express particular set outright right assured defined direct convinced close decisive regular sharp determined black-and-white cut-and-dried authoritative clearly defined confident good significant doubtless careful resolute punctilious existing severe rigorous just meticulous guaranteed skillful rigid on the nose ultraprecise discriminating judicious punctual deft systematic discriminative skilful on the button unarguable inarguable determinate thorough echt recognized univocal pukka pucka especial recognised emphatic limited convincing pure unqualified physical sure-fire beyond doubt crystal clear non-fictional special peculiar conscientious intrinsic sheer painstaking unimaginary unfailing infallible faultless nice inevitable word-perfect on the beam true to life on the nail bang on singular foolproof irrevocable circumscribed finite bounded restricted measured specified surefire for real honest to God sure enough real live secure undebatable irrefragable empirical everyday practical corporal transparent inerrant questionless safe failsafe characteristic archetypal guileless typical ingenuous archetypical representative assigned prescribed watertight unchallengeable accomplished compelling unanswerable open-and-shut undoubtable artless unaffected single corroborated discrete open nailed-on apodictic unpretending dead-on appropriate average standard normal unpretentious undesigning fitting unfaltering considerable fail-safe dinky-di in the bag real McCoy can't-miss as sure as eggs is eggs beyond question beyond dispute satisfied unwavering persuaded not in doubt beyond the shadow of a doubt not in question distinctive fundamental predetermined reserved identifiable given sole straight-out identified specialised specialized selective self-conceited self-confident unhesitating self-assured unquestioning settled rank cold free from doubt affirmative perfect out-and-out consummate downright forceful cocksure thoroughgoing complete forcible crisp silhouetted ringing forthright graphic well-defined pronounced bold full vivid well-marked undubitable stated clean-cut known distinguishable incisive noteworthy audible visible minute black and white hard and fast not vague cut and dried as plain as daylight as plain as the nose on your face

Tính từ

Exhibiting or exercising prudence
healthy rational intelligent levelheaded level-headed balanced judicious normal prudent realistic reasonable sensible intellectual logical reasoned sane sound sagacious lucid cogent circumspect discerning cognitive perspicacious practical commonsense analytical hard good pragmatic informed sober commonsensical coherent valid firm commonsensible shrewd solid well-grounded well-founded justified astute just wise analytic thoughtful deductive down-to-earth well-advised matter-of-fact well reasoned unidealistic precise enlightened exact clear rigorous cerebral thinking prosaic grounded well advised well grounded unsentimental systematic businesslike hardheaded earthy accurate utilitarian methodical controlled perceptive reasoning ordered credible decent pragmatical mathematical justifiable unfantastic meticulous unromantic organized plausible reflective philosophic ratiocinative tenable regulated orderly real dispassionate knowing common-sense unemotional politic insightful well-thought-out clear-sighted clear-eyed thorough tough-minded straight organised well-reasoned hard-boiled clear-cut well organized together well thought out hard-headed scientific experimental deliberate joined-up with both one's feet on the ground factual straightforward plain cold unimpassioned no-nonsense well considered infallible trustable veridical collected faultless unquestionable certain synthetic veracious errorless sure sincere impeccable proven secure inerrant corroborated colorable confirmed validated substantiated verified truthful supportable empirical maintainable sustainable certified open definite defendable defensible calculable explicit sharp stringent careful empiric dead-on spot-on on-target letter-perfect reliable fair equitable dinkum satisfying satisfactory acceptable advisable estimable understandable impartial believable legitimate sapient viable consequent well-organized straight-thinking percipient moderate restrained conservative temperate unprejudiced feasible thought-out unexcessive right fair-minded open to reason evenhanded in one's right mind admissible based on good sense making sense full of common sense unbiased standing to reason cool consistent legit unextreme genuine well balanced possible convincing likely workable probable practicable conceivable persuasive proper warranted appropriate suitable doable imaginable sage fitting achievable expedient effective fit compelling attainable rightful within the bounds of possibility accomplishable discriminating apt strong realizable telling cautious farsighted warrantable vindicable befitting thinkable correct relevant realisable able to hold water canny discreet powerful conclusive applicable allowable creditable considered weighty authoritative excusable explainable permissible pertinent arguable due merited within the realms of possibility forceful comprehensible deserved potent manageable calculating efficacious articulate condign influential supposable irresistible desirable verisimilar useful unanswerable vigilant considerate presumable okay congruent mature explicable responsible true modest usable potential obtainable condonable decisive clever lawful stable impressive efficient presumptive tactical kosher trustworthy intelligible within reason within reach felicitous provident convenient steady accountable tolerable worldly-wise advantageous handy requisite holding water mild savvy passable pardonable functional smart cogitable strategic necessary reachable useable all there working even seemly actionable serviceable unassailable suasive acquirable earned colourable middle-of-the-road opportune judgmatical judgmatic meaningful authentic applicative eloquent regular timely disciplined meet apposite apparent competent reserved gettable anticipated earthly suited happy seasonable well judged utile puissant fitted trusty well deserved well earned sufficient irrefutable graceful forgivable definable safe legal licit incontrovertible beneficial substantial venial worthwhile perspicuous benign permitted having all one's marbles bona fide deducible diplomatic inferential bearable constructive accepted favourable remissible recognized pukka central keen expected compulsive incontestable accessible well-informed odds-on well-judged procurable securable specious determinative comfortable recognised nonpartisan promising forcible wary tested operative measured germane assuasive compromising mortal serious-minded predictable profound favorable performable noncommittal emphatic presumed steady-going real-world attentive worthy foreseeable centrist orthodox dependable commodious acute significant solvable faithful tried aboveboard helpful right-minded heedful easy believeable hopeful applied within limits rock-solid get-at-able honest ostensible on the ball seeming moving well-timed well timed punchy mighty powerhouse righteous user friendly ultrapractical vindicated up front in the cards uncontroversial not excessive well thought-out on the cards assertable reassuring educated operational unsurprising knowledgeable learned operable fair enough enterprising verifiable recommended profitable well-earned allowed mental supported acknowledged proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted inductive impregnable gainful resourceful of use intuitive syllogistic undeniable endurable well informed urgent conceptual punctilious comprehendible conjecturable brainy mentally stable cognizant harmonious aware affordable sufferable brookable hard-nosed scrupulous fastidious undistorted strict visionary incisive implicit momentous consequential convictive inducing tolerated well-expressed well-presented qualified cluey thoughty studious based on hard data based on hard facts inferrible well a good idea probably within possibility finicky conversant utilizable utilisable OK sanctioned well-structured well presented well expressed holding together cast-iron derivable inferable true-to-life carrying conviction swaying well-balanced tolerant favourite favorite au courant deep honest-to-god fiduciary credential concedable insistent with both feet on the ground with one's feet on the ground identified showing great knowledge with great knowledge non-extreme non-radical honest to God minor slight flawless heady watertight within the realm of possibility established in right mind lenient abstinent peaceable perfect thinking twice leery playing safe hedging one's bets thought through within the limits above board practiced remittable winnable at hand propitious untroubled detail oriented right-thinking available utilized used exercised non-reactionary within the law not unlikely not impossible agreeable becoming ideal guarded low reprievable exculpatory vindicatory trivial sober-minded composed even-tempered sobersided not given to excesses within realm of possibility graspable true to life with a ring of truth tactful conducive fortunate golden lucky accommodating auspicious higher-order adapted correlated related experiential pithy by the book methodic up to standard swell in character up to snuff good enough copacetic in keeping fit for purpose cut out for right up someone's street to the point in keeping with nice presentable pawky skilful ripe done providential holding up got it together standing up constraining virile take-over steamroller titanic gutsy electric elemental take-charge punch argute pacific all right not too bad practised utilised structured chary skillful sophisticated judicial neutral midway indifferent inexpensive to be expected a good bet a reasonable bet a fair bet ten to one quite possible reasonable to think illusory philosophical capable holding up in wash moralistic official moral authorized virtuous ethical principled canonical noble authorised card-carrying up for grabs cherry pie no problem duck soup no sweat systematized coordinated non-theoretical brought to bear hands-on enforced smooth uncorrupted attested able to think clearly capable of thought of sound mind able to reason clearly compos mentis medium warm checked constant curbed muted close-lipped comely best adequate coming on strong ball of fire resolvable interpretable piece of cake impactful striking able unexaggerated understated contemplative introspective on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up in principle glib close-mouthed quick-witted well-deserved heaven-sent abstemious successful smooth-talking smooth-tongued a priori soluble answerable ruminative deliberative pensive clear-headed heads-up long-headed softly-softly kid-glove delicate comme il faut aggressive exciting charming energetic histrionical imposing direct theatric important performant vehement grand material trenchant definitive high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid dramatic expressive inconsiderable gingerly on lookout watchful cagey awake like a clam civil alert observant having foresight not rash precautious cultured ruminating cogitative deliberating fair-spoken assumed explicatable exponible systematised meditative supposed non-excessive well ordered straightened out well regulated well run conformist on the fence understood prospective believed very likely like enough meditating user-friendly discernible decipherable awaited hypothetical inferred within due limits both feet on the ground nuts and bolts step-by-step circumstantial assumptive presumptuous mainstream able to be done most likely

Tính từ

Showing no concern or interest
indifferent dispassionate aloof detached distant cold cool callous impartial unmoved disinterested equitable unbiased unconcerned unconcerned about unresponsive unsympathetic apathetic about apathetic towards careless casual about heedless of impassive insouciant nonchalant about nonpartisan offhand about passionless regardless uncaring about unemotional unfeeling unimpressed uninterested in uninvolved in uninvolved with unprejudiced apathetic bored by candid careless of cavalier about dismissive of emotionless equal evenhanded fair frivolous about impervious just mindless of neutral oblivious to reckless about regardless of square uncaring unimpressed by uninterested blasé heedless inattentive lukewarm about nonaligned phlegmatic about pococurante unenthusiastic about uninvolved unmoved by unresponsive to weary of diffident haughty heartless highbrow listless phlegmatic scornful silent stoical supercilious superior unaroused uncommunicative unsocial not giving a monkey's impersonal reserved remote stolid poker-faced laid-back complacent casual nonchalant insensible perfunctory uncurious uninquiring withdrawn spaced-out uncommitted unpassioned incurious abstract removed spacey staid out of it undemonstrative controlled calm restrained clinical self-controlled collected cool-headed level-headed hard-headed businesslike unexcitable unruffled sober unagitated rational unsentimental serene frigid affectless stoic composed equable unimpressionable tranquil numb impassible cold-blooded insensitive thick-skinned inexpressive flat quiet glacial deadpan chill coldhearted obdurate reticent marble hard-hearted hard-boiled blah uncompassionate cool, calm and collected going with the flow rolling with the punches along for the ride passive unflappable unperturbed lackadaisical negligent lukewarm dry carefree spiritless untouched untroubled languid half-hearted Laodicean cursory unimpressible unworried offhand lethargic stony bored oblivious unmindful sluggish placid supine lazy relaxed nonplussed imperturbable hardened forgetful matter-of-fact could care less selfish hardhearted unaffected unexcited disimpassioned unenthusiastic unstirred dry-eyed undismayed lacklustre heavy stony-hearted bovine immune desultory superficial resolute not caring groggy lymphatic desensitized lifeless faint weak feeble tepid insensate impervious to stubborn unyielding immune to desensitised dull unwilling irresolute reluctant lackluster tame unmindful of proof against deaf to enduring resigned philosophic indomitable expressionless blithe happy-go-lucky devil-may-care self-contained weary easy unanxious lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair inscrutable unfazed slack neglectful thoughtless remiss disregardful lax feckless deaf undisturbed unbothered not bothered at ease blind undaunted self-centred self-centered insusceptible derelict indifferent to incurious about distant from torpid non-committal turned off detached from unambitious inert unmotivated indurated unrevealing taciturn sedate inexcitable delinquent irresponsible slapdash slipshod sloppy bored stiff going through motions aloof from without a care in the world not giving a toss unthinking draggy droopy dispirited wimpy moony oscitant slovenly behindhand neglecting unheedful what the hell couldn't care less don't give a damn failing to take proper care asleep at switch

Danh từ

An aim or purpose that is striven for
aim purpose goal target design end idea intention ambition object plan intent aspiration hope point scheme desire mission dream ideal wish grail bourn bourne mark pretension reason thing holy grail why and wherefore object of the exercise Holy Grail end in view meaning motivation motive function job task undertaking resolve direction duty assignment project raison d'être responsibility work focus resolution commission charge drive pursuit inclination desired result destination exercise business use errand brief determination vision concern occupation cause utility detail want passion object of desire enterprise role endeavor endeavour interest yearning longing impetus craving operation hankering principle urge advantage desideratum expectation value calling vocation employment labor labour capacity basis push post hunger fancy terminus name of the game end goal engagement significance office chore fire in the belly gig action initiative quest where one is heading need consideration final destination justification rationality grounds part view course requirement usefulness position place essential butt prospect activity requisite whole idea lust scope prize avail victim conviction thirst propensity predilection predisposition proclivity disposition compulsion ache catalyst itch effort obligation sense preference province notion yen pie in the sky penchant inspiration ambitiousness affair venture thinking driving force process piece of business go-getting ultimate object daydream spot bull's-eye bullseye purport end purpose drift telos the why and wherefore milestone journey's end end of the line compass decision commitment want-to bull's eye application cynosure pledge system programme strategy program where one's heading ultimate destination ultimate goal attraction appeal relevance occasion lack emulation fire in belly castles in the air loadstar polestar lodestar gist charm promise essence bucket list road map ground plan game plan master plan prerequisite impact validity validness cogency fascination consequence exploit deed feat outline premeditation proposal wont way overview trip expedition mind nirvana plot sake necessary act matter racket contract solution summary big picture central theme onus stint demand final cause ulterior motive whyfor big idea nuts and bolts vow long row to hoe piece of work fun and games stunt burden accomplishment doing snapshot sketch journey trust eagerness something in mind lifework profession trade rationale incentive movement indispensable thing desired thing sine qua non missing thing needed thing spur instigation incitement persuasion inducement choice oath foundation situation stimulant stimulation determinant enticement carrot person's task preoccupation heart's desire care agenda crusade belief charity bandwagon campaign tenet recipient good benefit principles service necessity prey end game march bid faith result outcome appointment zeal yearn relish obsession creed bag behavior faculty connection appetite impulse pining whim will vested interest score to settle reason why hidden motive hidden agenda special interest worth merit behoof effect pigeon berth power behaviour billet subject receiver zero gain return profit line of country scapegoat chase kill hunted game ground zero thought quarry ravin wild fowl big game impression understanding conception visualization image rationalization rationalisation inkling regard visualisation perception postulation idée fixe sentiment abstraction hypothesis deliberation worry reflection conclusion reasoning contrivance opinion contemplation supposition conceptualisation estimation conceptualization fervor ardor fervour ardour liking infatuation covetousness letch greed love appetency thirstiness jones lustfulness burning devotion prurience avidity craze fondness concupiscence eroticism libido lechery lasciviousness admiration amativeness salacity erotism libidinousness pruriency cupidity frenzy solicitude voracity mania rapture ravenousness rapaciousness hungering doting vigour vitality energy verve enthusiasm vigor spirit dynamism tenacity fixation dash doggedness zest gusto pep vim spunk cacoethes aggressiveness appetition go zip punch get-up-and-go strong interest urgency horniness salaciousness hots lustihood prayer planning lech coveting envy rivalry competition nostalgia strength addiction munchies hurting stamina liveliness vibrance hang-up exuberance forcefulness vivaciousness zealousness intensity virility impulsion the munchies vivacity spiritedness pizzazz fanaticism strength of character single-mindedness strength of mind pzazz activeness crush needfulness scarcity imperative deficit scantiness dearth cry out call support absence necessitude drought scarceness exigence market exigency captivation enchantment besottedness deep affection endearment idolization puppy love amorousness tendency leaning bent mad for veneration eros optimism turn anticipation bias affection proneness taste aptitude prejudice weakness partiality stomach velleity devices readiness affinity habitude bone genius expectancy list humour expectance restlessness capability aptness idiosyncrasy temperament druthers feeling susceptibility groove pleasure trend type humor attachment aphrodisia encouragement cup of tea soft spot turn of mind dedication striving fire warmth keenness hustle fervency gumption aggression moxie zing esprit earnestness self-motivation entrepreneurial spirit will power get up and go right stuff what it takes a sense of purpose

Danh từ

A cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event
reason grounds cause motive occasion rationale basis case goal purpose aim argument explanation intention justification impetus incentive account apology defence defense excuse ground inducement motivation point apologia design end target vindication warrant accounting antecedent authority causality causation object subject wherefore why exposition pretext rationalisation rationalization driver genesis inspiration instigation origin premise source story underpinning causal agent chief ingredient driving force principal element why and wherefore whys and wherefores stimulus provocation reasoning call incitement stimulation spur foundation impulse stimulant influence need catalyst encouragement drive determinant consideration necessity evidence boost persuasion motivating force factor claim principle logic sense thinking footing thesis goad reasons spring lure incitation enticement prompting pressure carrot right mitigation extenuation pretension polemic contention assertion whyfor intent base connection validation interconnection causativeness sake root mainspring expostulation presumption declaration plea momentum yeast temptation stimulator the why and wherefore pleading attraction bait challenge appeal petition come-on urge line of reasoning allurement agenda hidden agenda score to settle reason why requirement pretence pretense groundwork obligation mitigating circumstances bedrock count details push impulsion elucidation meaning answer score germ statement philosophy theory proclamation presentation postulation alibi instigator fillip carrot and stick relationship action expounding confession supporting evidence consequence promoter persuader hypothesis assurance licence ax to grind logical basis raison d'être whatfor motivator fount beginning fountain generator sanction authorization argumentation sweetener final cause example model insistence exhortation douceur premium issue questioning passion emotion feeling sour grapes something in mind muse authorisation shot in the arm demonstration dialectic song and dance the big idea the whole idea revelation lift chief reason chief motive impelling cause prime mover motive force urging goading proof go-ahead inspo auditing prodding ambition interest stirring creativeness awakening arousal eureka excitement concern focus hope desire rousing determination resolve wish aspiration preoccupation ideal dream reckoning accountancy calculating bookkeeping computing book-keeping dare taunt resolution mission vision care baiting guiding light egging on plan red rag casus belli end game fate karma destiny connectedness magnet holy grail hidden motive Holy Grail pull overture draw allure vested interest object of desire special interest offer proffer pass rain check invitation begging feeler supplication suggestion open door date hit coquetry solicitation paper proposition compliments cause and effect balancing the books

Danh từ

The quality of having a firm determination to do something
resolve resolution determination resoluteness firmness purposefulness purpose steadfastness boldness courage indefatigability intentness manfulness perseverance persistence staunchness tenacity backbone commitment constancy dedication doggedness pertinacity strong-mindedness tenaciousness will power braveness bravery decision fortitude grit guts obstinacy pertinaciousness spiritedness courageousness decidedness decisiveness design earnestness pluck spunk undertaking will willpower determinedness obduracy obdurateness perseveration pluckiness stickability stubbornness conclusion granite inflexibility intension intention project purposiveness sticktoitiveness firmness of purpose single-mindedness Sitzfleisch strength of character strength of will fixed purpose fixity of purpose inner strength staying power stick-to-it-iveness stout-heartedness bulldog spirit stick-to-itiveness spirit mettle spine drive heart nerve dauntlessness moxie valour hardihood valor bottle strength intrepidity toughness balls daring gameness stamina fearlessness intestinal fortitude moral fiber enthusiasm moral fibre conviction gutsiness ardor ardour strength of mind energy application audacity vigour vigor enterprise zeal devotion endurance force indomitability character intransigence passion obstinance doughtiness gumption ballsiness sand gallantry heroism zest motivation intrepidness iron will eagerness vitality insistence diligence relentlessness verve virtue intent confidence fiber seriousness forcefulness steel assiduity fibre self-discipline keenness hardiness willfulness resilience patience fervour fervor daringness stoutness grittiness prowess greatheartedness ambition self-possession self-control stoutheartedness volition push cojones morale fire plan life assurance certainty sedulousness Dunkirk spirit gusto mulishness tirelessness self-mastery pigheadedness self-restraint vim restraint self-will bullheadedness effort aim self-command self-government initiative stomach discipline faith mood starch pecker temperament aggressiveness vivacity dash liveliness agreement arrangement fight get-up-and-go opinionatedness toughness of spirit hardheadedness obstinateness assiduousness continence self-containment self-opinionatedness continuance industry fervency zip intensity control animation stoicism esprit vivaciousness prearrangement predetermination quality zealousness temper hard work outlook disposition humor substance desire dynamism pep sense of purpose aspiration fire in the belly humour wholeheartedness true grit aggression incentive what it takes manliness certitude conclusiveness assertiveness emphaticalness labor labour punch resistance combativeness survival skills sparkle brio fixedness élan appetite fixity striving competitiveness oomph exuberance surety persistency mettlesomeness avidity bounce steadiness inexorability bravura lion-heartedness elan chutzpah immovability self-confidence inexorableness warmth spirits loyalty implacability integrity attitude feeling honor honour fanaticism ruggedness will to win essence tenor air breath jazz complexion psyche valiancy valorousness pertness esprit de corps moral strength team spirit vital spark life force ardency frame of mind state of mind effrontery sincerity genuineness mind poise aplomb self-belief self-trust perverseness reluctance perversity strictness sedulity venturesomeness adventurousness adventuresomeness vibrance self-esteem dourness virility pledge conscientiousness competitivity pursuance dogmatism forbearance long-suffering caliber calibre makeup vehemence industriousness valiance gut activity pizzazz promise strength of purpose pith optimism stiff upper lip meticulousness militancy durability clock guttiness bravehood positiveness go action pzazz activeness belligerence bouncebackability stuff turn hopefulness hope impetus fervidness headstrongness sitzfleisch thrust authoritativeness definiteness obedience orderliness vow right stuff endeavor endeavour avidness importunity depth pushiness pertinence ambitiousness ability to bounce back work ethic singleness of purpose choice oath good behaviour controlled behaviour toil engrossment deliberation stimulus urge pining power bulldog tenacity militance scrappiness disputatiousness quarrelsomeness truculence assaultiveness pugnacity defiance bellicosity feistiness belligerency contentiousness militantness velleity liking craving yearning fancy longing pursuit work power to resist importunateness faithfulness allegiance fastness troth fidelity adhesion devotedness fealty piety attachment hankering crusade exertion attack battle toiling pains campaign will to resist heart's desire pleading clamour clamorousness begging honesty unfailingness abidingness principle love truthfulness adherence trustiness attempt travail movement graft struggle throes rigidness adamancy rigidity inflexibleness grimness implacableness contumacy togetherness clamor urgency intransigency die-hardism mental state person's resolution temerity audaciousness face valiantness cheek recklessness rashness cockiness undauntedness impudence insolence brazenness brass cheekiness brashness sauciness gall crust impertinence presumptuousness rudeness shamelessness nerviness disrespect forwardness assumption incivility discourtesy familiarity sassiness overconfidence disrespectfulness impudency brassiness venturousness daredevilry daredeviltry derring-do front presumption sauce chutzpa tolerance robustness toleration zing temerariousness salt nobility sufferance bravado welly arrogance coolness lionheartedness relish resignation legs flippancy stalwartness zestfulness submission lustiness buoyancy neck effervescence high-spiritedness fizz indulgence cool lenience snash understanding sass capacity survival procacity malapertness ginger juice sap snap brass neck power of endurance clout overoptimism bullishness pride har gumph T-block T-box pothead impishness mischief spunkiness uppityness uppishness lip foolhardiness willingness non-susceptibility immunity alacrity chivalry amenability potency goodwill obligingness cool-headedness self-assurance backchat wind fitness risk-taking heroic deed brave deed overboldness great courage daring action civility deference address reverence savoir-faire urbanity gentility duty elegance tact iron enjoyment brass balls indomitableness invincibility sturdiness might excitement joy delight irreverence impoliteness inappropriateness overfamiliarity inconsiderateness impropriety incorruptibility morality moral excellence moral virtue scruples good conscience moral rectitude moral courage strongmindedness nerves constancies peckers grits bottles being hard as nails mouth motive self-motivation fire in belly hustle impellent momentum bad manners hide bumptiousness haughtiness crust cynicism conceit pomposity overbearance self-importance interest perkiness jauntiness breeziness chirpiness a smart mouth fierceness delectation impact vividness vigorousness undergoing enduring forebearance continuing ability allowance standing suffering withstanding happiness ecstasy cheer satisfaction elation high spirits pleasure bliss broad-mindedness mental power zap stress full head of steam open-mindedness charity holding up vibrancy sympathy duration continuation spark lenity permissiveness magnanimity liberality liberalism vinegar gas beans leniency ceaselessness continuousness abidance subsistence continuity being buoyance pulse bang joie de vivre bloom steam clemency complaisance laxness hardness calmness composure equanimity serenity lack of bias opposition acceptance lack of prejudice imperturbability longanimity equilibrium tranquillity tranquility unexcitability consideration inexcitability kindness passivity nonresistance bearing placidity even-temperedness unflappability moderation even temper passiveness permanence longevity extension

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