Đồng nghĩa của big idea


A project or venture, especially pursued out of personal interest
baby pet project project undertaking venture endeavor endeavour mission pursuit activity goal enterprise scheme exploit action act feat performance deed effort plan stunt thing adventure quest crusade do ballgame game cause follow through achievement accomplishment number doing trick attainment bit byplay tour de force commission winning securing happenin' operation task exercise move affair measure campaign proposition programme expedition concern outfit proposal proceeding interest escapade engagement program fling experiment exploration flutter conception essay purpose idea caper process wheeze suggestion stake plunge plan of action striving bag attempt hazard romp speculation work investment try deal leap in the dark gamble trade setup risk course of action maneuver manoeuvre business assignment procedure strategy job system play game plan step ground plan design struggle arrangement blueprint method push movement trial master plan charge exertion drive contrivance tactic shot road map labour line of action labor implementation transaction stab coordination agenda course plot proceedings aim matter ploy policy ruse maneuvering machination stratagem tactics formula manoeuvring occupation racket initiative bid crapshoot chance crack go flier flyer toil bandwagon function battle option throw event bargain drill negotiation application industry errand bash happening brief disposal outline duty whack whirl travail alternative scam juggernaut responsibility contract ambition choice intention practice machinations conspiracy sale device subterfuge wile route hard work recipe avenue buying purchasing purchase modus operandi secret plan grand design survey antic entrada experience wager jeopardy peril voyage departure detail post dealings deployment test spec shop hassle blitz dodge artifice progress onus productivity business enterprise gesture gambit stroke execution shift sham con fastie pursual blow pilgrimage odyssey obligation crafty designs cunning plan set-up determination resolve what one is into something done objective pains resolution toiling pet hunt seeking angle shenanigans shenanigan wish aspiration burden target hope pretension desire ideal piece of business gig holy grail intent chore workflow path scenario way approach manner technique methodology resoluteness earnestness steadfastness doggedness tenacity steps expedient layout brainchild routine mechanism style means regimen conduct measures praxis behaviour mode protocol tack line possibility graft throes cabal mode of behaviour behavior red tape mode of conduct MO method of working business plan foray procedures vocation lobby agreement pass assay pact bond compact treaty reaction response demonstration coup occurrence settlement appeal organization mobilization acts diligence energy conscientiousness undertakings offer preoccupation dedication commitment intercourse covenant selling convention try-on war promotion impetus fight organisation mobilisation one's all best shot one's level best crash project dry run business deal bazaar auction mart fair demand marketing unloading dumping commerce consuming clearance closeout vendition retailing barter reduction set of tactics


An intention for which something is hoped to be accomplished
purpose goal aim objective idea intent intention function object plan point basis cause direction grounds impetus justification mission motivation motive occasion ambition aspiration hope reason target design desire determination expectation focus meaning principle project prospect rationality scheme significance view bourn bourne dream end ideal premeditation pretension proposal scope thing wish destination grail holy grail Holy Grail mind nirvana plot terminus ulterior motive whole idea why and wherefore whyfor mark drive resolve incentive use inclination inducement rationale inspiration pursuit resolution desired result passion raison d'être urge stimulation value vision determinant incitement longing instigation will impulse object of desire concern interest end in view consideration want spur utility account fancy yearning sense causation push stimulus driving force craving hankering excuse initiative influence persuasion provocation endeavor endeavour ground catalyst consequence object of the exercise advantage source task calling undertaking mainspring worth belief usefulness vocation disposition name of the game incitation antecedent need pretext hunger desideratum stimulant duty preference motivating force where one is heading role fire in the belly foundation validity course enterprise planning notion call impact wherefore authority subject why stimulator substance thinking origin matter explanation attraction relevance importance causality root warrant lure requirement whys and wherefores lust goad encouragement enticement carrot necessity thought the why and wherefore job thirst ache end goal spring itch yen propensity predilection predisposition proclivity compulsion boost pie in the sky penchant ambitiousness responsibility charge action affair business reason why obligation go-getting ultimate object ethos philosophy purport drift compass quest spot bullseye daydream telos cynosure system programme strategy program end purpose butt where one's heading bull's-eye loadstar polestar lodestar road map ground plan game plan master plan appeal gist bearing milestone raison d'etre charm eagerness essence bull's eye emulation preoccupation impulsion outline validness cogency fascination care want-to fire in belly overview demand sake agenda right prompting animating force animus solution summary big picture prize logic benefit beginning fountain fount generator bent leaning carrot and stick central theme castles in the air effect efficacy final cause end game snapshot sketch good nuts and bolts pressure bucket list tendency feeling emotion something in mind upshot hidden motive hidden agenda bait vested interest score to settle special interest sweetener yeast momentum choice application operation capacity insistence exhortation allurement douceur premium chief motive chief reason impelling cause prime mover motive force temptation shot in the arm come-on option requisite essential zeal yearn relish obsession appetite pining whim movement magnitude moment weight momentousness occupation avail wont way case good judgment argument venture commission stunt exploit errand act deed burden feat accomplishment piece of business racket brief chore activity engagement doing work contract exercise gig process assignment significancy weightiness defence defense apology deliberation apologia vindication crusade conviction charity bandwagon campaign tenet accounting forethought plotting prearrangement velleity liking discretion pleasure command principles rationalization exposition march bid faith pre-planning scheming rationalisation driver story genesis premise underpinning creed effort seriousness gravity noteworthiness note cogitation reflection predetermination causal agent principal element chief ingredient advance planning calculation import coldness contemplation cold-bloodedness mens rea criminal intent malice prepense malice aforethought fillip reasoning urging kick up the backside prompt prod factor footing kick propellant turn-on clarion call flash force extenuation mitigation evidence trigger goading invitation excitement piquing sting base instinct arm-twisting motivator actuation presumption excitant theory egging on thesis validation logical basis reward thrust groundwork instigator bedrock answer promoter persuader pull propulsion prick mitigating circumstances activation needle count coaxing conversion draw bribe inducing suasion persuading convincing alibi kick in the pants supporting evidence stirring pushing pressurization shove confession hook con twist perk leader brainwash prodding score ax to grind appetency thirstiness motive power coercion letch jog song and dance whatfor the whole idea hypothesis reasons sour grapes the big idea jones sweet talk soft soap hard sell snow job pressurisation beseeching needling burning duress fuelling arousing agitation kindling argumentation amphetamine psychostimulant stimulating substance cocaine spark plug speed drug appetition connection covetousness enkindling spurring on rousing fomentation syllogism ratiocination restlessness prurience aphrodisia whipping up stoking up stirring up fueling caprice driving impelling devices turn affinity school of thought habitude good sense bias partiality bone genius aptitude affection constraint extemporisation whimsy extemporization hunch lash impellent vagary onus imperative incumbency devoir ought commitment cognition deliberateness intentionality preconception bang precipitant fireworks geeing-up eye-opener


The organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information
perception understanding awareness grasp appreciation apprehension consciousness feeling impression recognition sense comprehension discernment notion observation idea knowledge sensation acknowledgment acknowledgement assessment cognizance conception picture realisation realization thought view apprehending concept grip hold intellection interpretation judgment percipience reading study take viewpoint belief estimation judgement realising realizing slant approach attention attitude conceit experience image light opinion taste flash plan brain wave abstraction theory conceptualization hypothesis construct postulation generalization stereotype cogitation generality clue conviction model apperception supposition conceptualisation cogitating consideration twist fool notion brainchild envisaging cognition wrinkle generalisation mind's eye imagining insight assimilation mindfulness regard notice sentiment point of view perspective sensibility way of thinking thinking observance outlook mind enlightenment position familiarity persuasion standpoint stance vision heed acquaintance mindset angle intuition concern responsiveness frame of mind ken perceptiveness ear eye knowingness note alertness attentiveness explanation advertence advertency inclination sensitivity feel heedfulness reasoning perceptivity imagination inkling contemplation deduction fancy thoughts visualization cognisance leaning verdict vantage point disposition standing visualisation philosophy examination wariness analysis sentience conclusion inference command discovery presumption orientation construal stand evaluation insight into sight familiarity with ideas scrutiny predilection information vigilance sympathy noticing identification clarification discrimination detection assumption appraisal version suspicion musing context care reaction determination convictions mental picture bias prospect conjecture acquaintance with proclivity feelings sentiments bent intelligence way of looking diagnosis headset interest distinguishing account where one is at mood respect learning dreaming valuation fantasy aspect suggestion esteem inspection resolution mastery sensitiveness surveillance mentality translation construction representation elucidation ability capacity signification dream decipherment sensitivity to perceiving side enjoyment education mental image mental vision mental visualization prognosis reflection prejudice hunch ascertainment speculation frame of reference calculation deliberation thoughtfulness absorption inspiration expectation aesthetic sense temperament receptivity uptake school of thought way of looking at things mental representation knowing mind-set sneaking suspicion funny feeling eye view turn of mind acumen wit meaning anticipation indication reason penetration treatment construing evidence perspicacity bearing intellect need spotting connotation handle hint self-understanding knowledgeableness self-awareness wakefulness acquaintanceship focus curiosity formula finding definition wisdom atmosphere aura characterization posture theorem phantasm noting sensibility to conscious thought thanks appreciativeness gratefulness gratitude sapience sageness sagaciousness erudition policy awakening achievement inquisitiveness aha prehension vibe carefulness witfulness smelling sensing tasting acceptance premise greater understanding better understanding enhanced understanding superior understanding comprehensive understanding improved understanding engrossment enthrallment immersion ability to understand look glimpse two cents worth broad view overview value judgment admiration liking relish attraction commendation love affection admission color colour rumination proficiency presentiment shoes say so faculty slow take double take mental acquisitiveness inquiring mind nosiness expertise riff variation concession excogitation reverie pondering preconception vagary caprice revelation light bulb moment aha moment tingle know-how proficiency in skill tuition grapple expertise in digestion skill in schooling watchfulness compassion consensus premonition instruction edification tickle prickle function recognizance affinity rapport personal feeling presupposition prediction principle recollection aspiration rationalization rationalisation idée fixe objective intention thing worry motivation contrivance intent thankfulness hallucination illusion nightmare manner way mark commiseration emotion kinesthesia guess trust ideology granting allowance conceding communion concord pity vibes predisposition fashion survey monitoring review design decision identifying differentiation establishing acknowledging confession receptiveness empathy warmth setting framework gut reaction acuity projection estimate forecast surmise surmising acceptation faith mulling over watching high regard philosophizing fancying communing meditating considering philosophising meditation deliberating exposition speculating concentrating sensory faculty fellow feeling indulgence illumination teaching semblance paradigm direction situation being on same wavelength awareness of the feelings of others cottoning to avowal verifying recognisance investigation sixth sense confirmation scope hue guise complexion appearance mental grasp psychology psyche viewing scrutinization an aha moment out-of-body experience sequence of images contention temper deliverance divination settlement consequence ruling solution verification establishment call award surveying perusal intimation persona personality character head trip sweven measurement result resolve induction sequitur eduction fixing purpose state of mind supervision mind set recognising cast of mind probe makeup mental attitude overlook cast make-up recognizing way someone's mind works touch once-over apprehension of understanding of grasp of comprehension of command of awareness of realization of cognizance of knowledge of perception of conception of check taction tactility mastery of ken of contact reflex sensuality titillation innervation pleasure activity motility excitability pain excitation tangibility excitement motor response sense of touch tactile sense

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