Đồng nghĩa của stimulant

Alternative for stimulant


Đồng nghĩa: excitant, input, stimulant drug, stimulating, stimulation, stimulus,


Something that increases activity, interest, or enthusiasm in a specified field
incentive stimulus impetus spur boost encouragement goad incitement provocation fillip impulse incitation inducement instigation jog momentum motivation prod prompt yeast amphetamine catalyst cocaine drug motive psychostimulant speed shot in the arm spark plug stimulating substance kick up the backside stimulation inspiration push urging cause drive influence reason pressure urge prompting driving force excitement goading persuasion impulsion trigger lift kick turn-on propellant prodding tonic carrot egging on invigoration force thrust stirring invitation flash charge piquing sting actuation movement uplift spark envigoration lure bait rationale rousing propulsion kindling fuelling agitator reviver adjuvant incendiary exhortation fomentation ground purpose pick-me-up clarion call stimulator motion stirring up fueling whipping up motivator radical stimulus motivating force wave maker piquancy tittivation titillation refreshment shove prick excitant activation needle initiation bidding compulsion coaxing instigator kick-start grounds goal behest inception devising pushing pressurization motive power leaven promoter persuader example model spice abetment pressing spurring ferment zest aid help carrot and stick muse boost to the spirits kick in the pants will enzyme arousing agitation pressurisation needling beseeching energy strength power revelation a shot in the arm forward motion enkindling spurring on inspo reactant synergist reactionary facilitator arm-twisting challenge creativeness awakening arousal eureka stoking up dare taunt baiting upper alcohol leavening bang precipitant fireworks red rag casus belli guiding light go-forward welly steam velocity eye-opener geeing-up straw that stirs the drink driving power enticement sweetener attraction consideration insistence excuse allurement douceur premium determinant temptation spring reason why come-on vigour punch get-up-and-go vigor spin vitality effort muscle pep stamina might zip motive force verve forward spin potency zeal liveliness life go enthusiasm clout vim dynamism stuff forcefulness topspin impelling force stress horsepower spirit tension vivacity initiative hustle impellent guts spunk élan enterprise puissance sinew determination exertion zing esprit gusto dash pizzazz brio bounce oomph moxie juice hardihood fire in belly right stuff pzazz ginger sap snap start continuing motion jump-start ambition propulsive force aggressiveness dedication doggedness tenacity aggression commitment gumption will power single-mindedness self-motivation what it takes forespin propelling force surge vigorousness vitali goods pace beef full head of steam impact fire animation potence firepower violence weight draft trouble brunt draught fury potential strain sock spiritedness pow arm subjection effervescence passion sparkle vibrancy ardour exuberance perkiness buoyancy sprightliness physical energy activity resilience fizz gas feistiness intensity toughness pluck vim and vigour fortitude tuck effectiveness birr ardor starch efficiency vehemence virility beans spontaneity endurance resources efficacy application operativeness


Chief active constituent of tobacco


A drink supposed to have the magic power to make the drinker fall in love with a specified person


A form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc
fetish fixation mania obsession thing compulsion craze fancy fascination preoccupation prepossession taste weakness fad hang-up bias desire engrossment idée fixe leaning luck partiality passion penchant predilection prejudice proclivity propensity sexual fixation golden calf infatuation fetich enthusiasm bug complex addiction monomania bee in your bonnet love crush hobby horse neurosis yen rage fondness attraction hobbyhorse interest liking one-track mind ruling passion craving case cacoethes enchantment captivation soft spot affection grabber pet subject consuming passion ax to grind bug in ear care tiger by the tail something on the brain appetite mania for obsession with preoccupation with fanaticism fixedness paranoia preference concern inclination susceptibility keenness keen interest affinity obsessive compulsion irresistible impulse niggle worry uneasiness anxiety urge tiger fever disorder furor craziness fashion bee furore hobby fixed idea lust besottedness doting yearning admiration devotion adoration aching adulation amorousness hots relish distraction drive pursuit pastime charm allure magnetism lure appeal pull magic attractiveness glamour phobia charisma oomph pizzazz allurement pizazz seductiveness glamor spell intrigue duende witchery delusion must monkey phantom draw sorcery beguilement force field power animal magnetism pzazz piquancy trance enthrallment witchcraft concrete idea thing for enticement temptation seduction beauty drawing power desirability bewitchment inducement mystique come-on romance excitement pleasingness entrancement magnet bait mesmerism ravishment persuasion decoy engagingness call invitation mystery aura prettiness loveliness influence gorgeousness comeliness IT tantalization incentive snare turn-on star quality prestige inveiglement siren song prepossessingness brilliance glitter razzle-dazzle color hold exoticism colour fairness captivatingness mysteriousness splendour curiosity irresistibility pulchritude magnificence presence flash bewitchery winsomeness carrot handsomeness enticingness cajolery dazzle charmingness something loadstone lodestone style trap interestingness bonniness agreeableness bribe splendor sweetener mousetrap good looks air of mystery pleasantness crowd puller opulence absorption hypnotism enslavement enthralment delight sophisticated style ensnarement mesmerization hypnotization strong interest joy bliss rapture transport sexual magnetism irresistible influence personality sparkle happiness individuality curse thrall teaser glory showiness flashiness likableness mojo coaxing odyl OD agreeability bribery awe the jazz bedroom eyes come-hither look razzmatazz force of personality thrill sweetening promise blandishment personal appeal odylic force hypnotic attraction glitz attractivity glam single-mindedness tunnel vision strength of character éclat come hither bright lights high life wiles blandishments delightfulness character attitude inscrutability temperament secretiveness nature curiousness pulling power sex appeal special something glamorousness air of mysteriousness colourfulness adventure sentiment tantalizing focus crowd-pleaser tantalising exoticness fantasy nostalgia eroticism sexiness winningness takingness temptingness air of secrecy crowd-puller grace idealization idealisation idyll elegance centre of attention focal point tout hook seducement gimmick fake ambush trick illusion camouflage sexual attractiveness sexual attraction drawing card center of attention exquisiteness bloom con game sitting duck artistry voluptuousness symmetry heavenliness beauteousness fairy tale impressiveness beautifulness cuteness decorativeness grandeur picturesqueness sightliness aesthetics looks esthetics seemliness wonders delights glories refinement shapeliness physical attractiveness polish class natural beauty delicacy adorableness


Raising levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body

Trái nghĩa của stimulant

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