Đồng nghĩa của anarchic

Alternative for anarchic

Đồng nghĩa: anarchical, lawless,

Tính từ

With no controlling rules or principles to give order
lawless chaotic disordered unruly disorganised disorganized rebellious rioting confused disorderly lawbreaking revolutionary riotous misgoverned misruled mutinous turbulent ungoverned in disorder in turmoil without law and order out of control wild insubordinate uncontrollable unmanageable disruptive disobedient refractory undisciplined contumacious rowdy violent ungovernable obstreperous insurgent anarchical fractious intractable wayward boisterous insurrectionary seditious unrestrained recalcitrant difficult troublemaking wilful defiant rebel contrary reckless recusant uncontrolled rough intemperate radical destructive tumultuous out of hand headstrong tempestuous nihilistic mutinying uproarious troublesome revolting ugly rugged willful untoward froward incompliant balky restive untamed anarchistic traitorous unbridled irrepressible rampant noisy impetuous raucous termagant stubborn negativistic pessimistic existentialist obstinate errant unrestrainable brutal impotent aggressive brawling unbiddable vicious antisocial rampageous belligerent thuggish hard pugnacious badly behaved delinquent unlawful deranged uncontained immoderate helter-skelter turbid hedonistic uncompliant two-fisted tough subversive indisciplined radge factious drunk inflammatory renegade agitational out-of-line out-of-control extremist insurrectionist out-of-order on-a-tear anarchist dissident treasonable rabble-rousing stormy agitated unstable explosive unsettled roller-coaster storming fiery excited shaking roughhouse vehement perturbed bitter demonstrative rambunctious vociferous passionate stern full of confusion full of upheavals full of conflict attention-seeking full of ups and downs rumbustious incontrollable lively rollicking loud romping heedless incorrigible impulsive impervious drunken opinionated perverse rash bawdy ornery imprudent forward inexorable unyielding assertive quarrelsome mean terrorist out of line noncompliant bad uncivilised tyrannous unorthodox despotic heterodox unregulated unpeaceful terrorizing uncivilized fierce nonconformist terrorising uncultivated warlike infringing evil piratical savage barbarous clamorous unchecked unbounded unhindered abandoned unconstrained uncurbed full-on uninhibited bolshie runaway unhampered roisterous rackety raw furious raging uncooperative unrestricted frenzied rabid robustious berserk ill-disciplined disaffected knockabout restless rampaging disloyal excessive wanton unfettered untrammelled mischievous hysterical disturbed licentious unimpeded stroppy up in arms untrammeled blustering outrageous rip-roaring hell-raising truculent exuberant dissentious choppy treacherous harsh free naughty treasonous unlimited unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable blustery unconfined iconoclastic jarring swirling loose squally ferocious profligate unsuppressed crazy madcap roily on the rampage running wild roaring stormful incontinent extravagant lacking self-control running amok postal robust breakaway rebelling gruff resounding clattering clattery clangorous loutish swaggering swashbuckling cavalier gleeful loudmouthed rude impossible untrained unsettling disturbing upsetting inharmonious unsteady capricious unschooled wild and woolly indocile non-compliant nuts insurmountable distracting impish awkward unsubmissive rough-and-tumble inconsistent divisive misbehaving roguish rascally uncomplying civil disobedience bellicose warring resistant frenetic not controlled self-willed inordinate unshackled disrupting off-base energetic irregular rowdydowdy natural boundless unconventional unconcealed self-indulgent crazed enthusiastic frantic unbound footloose underground extrovert unrepressed causing trouble widespread undermining ebullient overwhelming feverish overpowering delirious corybantic incautious irrational boiling foaming epidemic roiled cacophonous spontaneous dissolute frank flamboyant candid audacious impertinent indiscriminate blunt saturnalian immoral plenary open exaggerated bizarre limitless rife thrilled raving gay rank pandemic dominant angry heavy convulsive storm-tossed bumpy stridulent buffeting flagrant pervasive prevalent giddy flighty perfidious incendiary overthrowing unpatriotic knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal cataclysmal hot volcanic cyclonic hammer and tongs bang-bang seething cataclysmic progressive reforming mad luxuriant profuse weltering spreading rambling fecund proliferating predominant threatening extensive multiplying flourishing growing reformist extreme militant discrediting harmful corrupting corruptive perversive tremulous thunderous howling moiling stirred up ruffled coarse windy exceeding bounds spreading like wildfire revisionist fanatical progressivist destabilising destabilizing ruinous fanatic revolutionist diehard far-out loony looney way out ultraist swivel-eyed intransigent roistering piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous raising Cain raising the roof

Tính từ

In a state of complete confusion and disorder
chaotic confused disordered disorderly disorganised disorganized jumbled lawless messy tumultuous haywire shambolic cluttered deranged disarranged disarrayed disheveled dishevelled disrupted frenzied hectic littered messed muddled mussed mussy orderless sloppy tousled tumbled turbulent uncontrolled unkempt untidy rumpled unruly purposeless rampageous riotous topsy-turvy helter-skelter pell-mell upside-down higgledy-piggledy hugger-mugger in a mess in a muddle in chaos in disarray in disorder harum-scarum in a shambles in pandemonium in turmoil in uproar out of joint utterly confused at sixes and sevens every which way out of order disjointed all over the place haphazard unsystematic slovenly incoherent random out of place shuffled mixed up all over the shop all over the map all over the lot discombobulated scrambled unorganized tangled snarled unorganised screwed up irregular indiscriminate unarranged snafu top mixed-up ruffled stirred up in a jumble like a bomb's hit it unmethodical upset scattered unclear messed up like a dog's dinner like a dog's breakfast broken tangly dislocated out of kilter straggly misplaced displaced tossed knotted wild out-of-place in confusion mussed up upside down in a state aimless hit-or-miss loose bedraggled arbitrary casual careless slipshod unplanned awry askew desultory unthinking overturned unselective unconsidered designless hit or miss unsettled uncategorized unclassified convoluted unsorted unfastidious unorderly in a clutter muddly into disarray jumbled up into disorder thoughtless matted strewn strewed into chaos into a jumble into confusion windswept ungroomed uncombed windblown messed-up mussed-up dilapidated neglected rough crude worse for wear uncritical undiscriminating untidied piled crowded inside-out unhinged cockeyed upended upturned luxated downside-up blind scattershot undiscerning undifferentiating into a muddle straggling spreading rambling drifting straying spread out ratty sprawling slapdash accidental chance catch-as-catch-can undirected erratic stray hit-and-miss fluky unconcerned incidental spontaneous sudden uncoordinated willy-nilly devil-may-care unpremeditated unexpected reckless fluke unconscious offhand any which way any old way

Tính từ

negativistic disbelieving distrustful doubting incredulous mistrustful questioning show-me sceptical skeptical suspecting suspicious unbelieving destructive existentialist nihilistic pessimistic radical rebellious revolutionary passive-aggressive doubtful dubious unconvinced cynical quizzical leery wary chary cagey uncertain lacking trust hesitant distrusting apprehensive unsure undecided cautious unsettled trustless careful hinky not born yesterday insurgent unruly lawless mistrusting unsatisfied suspect aporetic interrogative inquisitive curious inquiring enquiring searching nosy prying probing inquisitorial iffy not believing jaundiced guarded wondering watchful having reservations without faith without belief in doubt faithless unenlightened freethinking nonbelieving uneasy non-believing circumspect lacking confidence lacking faith uptight jealous fearful nervous been hit before heedful tentative alert ambivalent hesitating conservative considerate safe unresolved gingerly scoffing on the fence untrusting irresolute wavering agnostic vacillating dithering prudent discreet indecisive sardonic calculating mocking reluctant shilly-shallying derisive ironic on guard in a dilemma in two minds of two minds blowing hot and cold possessive perplexed mindful faltering restrained indefinite vague vigilant waffling attentive noncommittal protective on the lookout misanthropic sneering shy anxious scornful sarcastic contemptuous misanthropical wry fastidious insecure teetering fluctuating divided uncommitted undetermined scrupulous reserved reticent torn unclear canny hazy equivocating shaky split oscillating aware equivocal observant measured politic with reservations in a quandary sitting on the fence on the horns of a dilemma betwixt and between like doubting Thomas playing safe hemming and hawing proprietary on your toes with eyes peeled on the watch running hot and cold hedging your bets territorial not sure dissenting worried skittish biting caustic dry satirical solicitous delicate timid unimpressed unmoved unpersuaded vexed confused tongue-in-cheek pussyfooting squeamish dainty have misgivings have reservations wobbling floating cynic defeatist misbelieving unassured swithering awake perceptive unhurried wishy-washy unfinished pendent Pyrrhonist minimifidian deliberate in the middle ironical taking something with a pinch of salt ambiguous teasing supercilious bantering having misgivings having qualms non-committal halting diffident unconfident diplomatic unrevealing moderate controlled tactful overcareful overcautious joshing amused mystified arch ribbing puzzled rallying fooling chaffing funning baffled razzing joking jesting kidding judicious provident shrewd thoughtful discriminating forethoughtful precautious loath keeping a weather eye on walking on eggs belt-and-braces on the qui vive watching one's step watching out all ears walking on egg shells thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves taking it slow amusing surprised unusual eccentric odd queer quaint afraid averse frugal disinclined mean parsimonious stingy thrifty inhibited miserly constrained economical particular sparing proprietorial negative disillusioned disenchanted hardened hard black bleak mordacious scathing disparaging detracting world-weary hard-bitten hard-boiled unreliable conditional unpredictable problematical chancy dicey touch and go up in the air in lap of gods erratic fishy capricious whimsical in the balance fluctuant incalculable in the lap of the gods problematic risky

Tính từ

Contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted
unorthodox unconventional irregular unusual nonconformist unwonted abnormal revolutionary avant-garde eccentric heterodox offbeat off-centre radical uncommon alternative Bohemian exotic fresh heretical idiosyncratic new novel original aberrant anomalous bizarre dissentient dissenting dissident divergent extreme heretic iconoclastic informal maverick nonorthodox oddball off-the-wall outlandish out-there perverse unceremonious cranky heteroclite illegal improper inappropriate uncustomary unsuitable zany beatnik crazy different far-out flaky flakey kinky out of the ordinary out there schismatic sectarian untraditional way out way-out weird off the wall off the beaten path strange odd peculiar queer unfamiliar quirky atypical unique curious singular freakish extraordinary rare funny quaint freaky wacky remarkable deviant left-field exceptional kooky innovative unexpected rum out-of-the-way unaccustomed erratic screwy unprecedented kookie outré groundbreaking freak experimental wild untypical bizarro funky queerish weirdo uncanny whacky pioneering off-kilter individualistic unnatural bohemian inventive innovatory surprising wacko individual special spaced-out out of the way nonconforming preternatural mysterious far out ingenious innovational uncharacteristic modern advanced creative aberrated isolated unknown incongruous fantastic rebellious trailblazing alien newfangled state-of-the-art distinctive unrepresentative neoteric ultra-modern untried new-fashioned imaginative mystifying puzzling inexplicable ground-breaking foreign perplexing modernistic especial futuristic devious aberrational phenomenal deviate unheard of outre unheard-of contrary absurd baffling off-key scarce disruptive whimsical extraordinaire contemporary inconceivable non-typical unaccountable exceeding nonstandard progressive cutting-edge unpredictable infrequent leading-edge out of the common unconforming rebel incredible artistic surreal eerie boho perverted out in left field originative ridiculous outrageous daggy fringe exclusive in left field renegade subversive esoteric something else madcap recusant distinct irrational forward-looking grotesque sporadic suspicious discordant nutty dubious off the beaten track disparate inspired mad wayward refreshing supernatural insane avant garde independent seminal deviating droll incomprehensible ludicrous preposterous monstrous unreal wonderful jarring unco fanciful disagreeing cutting edge out-of-the-box breaking new ground just out hippie non-standard characteristic marginal particular opposed rebelling protesting complaining opposing objecting limited hippy non-compliant specialized daft malcontent mutinous doubtful nuts visionary occasional intriguing unsound clever inimitable batty questionable unparalleled inspiring off-center twisted resourceful noteworthy seldom untested recent unthinkable unlike newsworthy warped fishy latest nonsensical specialised unhinged demented unbalanced underground out of this world distorted spooky creepy Promethean slang trendsetting anomalistic one and only variant remote unexplored uninvestigated obscure recondite off the air few and far between out of line off-base off-color thin on the ground little known alternate welcome stimulating offhand illogical out of the box anarchistic opposition disorderly arty revisionist out of place inconsistent wigged out schizoid schizo other specific distinguished skittish capricious fertile noncompliant one's own sweet way nonadhering marching to the beat of a different drummer custom customized signature personalized distinguishing artful arty-farty comical not tightly wrapped incomparable dilly rad deep ultramodern groovy mod cool disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent transformational bent sparse productive demiurgic digressive transgressing rogue variational conspicuous inscrutable one-off questioning brand new up to date sick inorthodox like nothing on earth scattered intermittent left bank carefree laid-back relaxed deviceful quizzical unharmonious fundamental very unconventional dissimilar fantastical foolish cockamamie irreverent freethinking malformed unhealthy prodigious drastic unhackneyed pretend concocted labored laboured ersatz paranormal made-up make-believe imitation staged random weird and wonderful unintelligible unlikely sicko pervy peripheral unofficial nonmainstream aperiodic corrupt unconstrained unfettered liberated untrammelled errant interesting up-to-date this season's new-fangled wandering varying altered imported not prepared ready arcane nondescript startling egregious few sceptical critical diagnostic discriminating identifying diagnostical classic symptomatic unnormal heteromorphic episodic casual episodical discontinuous innovating spearheading mould-breaking brand-new not just another outstanding extremist striking untrammeled off-beat off the rails bugged out avant go-ahead notable rarefied periodical scant periodic shady anti- differing negative contradicting up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering impressive free-spirited beyond your ken dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy suspect personalised customised scanty spasmodic semioccasional memorable not normal problematical problematic exciting denunciatory impious touched liberal ahead of the times head lead hip beat vanguard unfrequent one of a kind loony skeptical off Broadway bonkers goofy crackpot out of keeping mistakenly trendy new wave gainsaying cuckoo amusing loopy barmy clownish silly comic disobedient defiant insubordinate dotty potty brainsick screwball looney deranged crackers crazed lunatic loco maniac wud maniacal bedlam scatty meshugge mental bughouse crackbrained psychotic dippy fruity haywire cracked bats gaga moonstruck whacko daffy psycho meshuga balmy certifiable free thinking gonzo ungovernable recalcitrant looney tunes loony tunes hare-brained non compos mentis insurgent contumacious disaffected acting crazy far cry intractable refractory insurrectionary restive froward resistant incompliant obstreperous willful unmanageable unruly untoward wilful mutinying apostate insurrectionist balky traitorous astonishing extravagant barbarous awkward eye-popping amazing astounding unbelievable unordinary unimaginable miraculous signal sensational shocking stunning arresting unearthly dramatic staggering marked superior cockeyed eye-catching noticeable mystic unexampled ghostly bewildering prominent unforeseen occult awe-inspiring unanticipated significant pronounced unfathomable marvellous laughable jaw-dropping transcendental marvelous fatuous senseless spectacular awesome seldom seen superhuman implausible metaphysical dumbfounding befuddling dumfounding momentous harebrained flamboyant jolting obvious catchy supermundane kenspeckle emphatic confounding impenetrable magical numinous secret dark unknowable inane eye-opening seldom found surprise risible wondrous fascinating asinine fitful colourful attractive stupefying chance improbable unreasonable considerable flabbergasting stupid in short supply confusing farcical deficient imposing showy blindsiding dazzling colorful overwhelming noisy splashy bold bodacious brilliant grabby commanding psychic half-baked unpredicted fabulous appreciable hidden featherheaded extramundane phantom unannounced single supranatural spectral other-worldly fairy invisible celestial unrevealed mythological from left field mythical legendary superordinary uncomprehensible concealed glamorous transcendent atypic mystical supernormal old-fashioned eminent humorous arbitrary fluky otherworldly only stray tremendous pointless breathtaking meager stupendous engaging unmatched unequalled unrivalled recherche magic far-fetched meagre derisory witless unrivaled amazeballs unforgettable awful brainless matchless unexcelled unequaled sometime serious sudden unwise record peerless manifest characterful rummy salient visible substantial muddling heavy simpleminded impossible attention-grabbing flustering perceptible consequential lunkheaded bubbleheaded mind-boggling mind-blowing jerky gee-whizz without equal without parallel tomfool electrifying hard to find first-time inept observable strong sappy fool portentous thin half-witted weak-minded short beyond compare in a league of its own too much sui generis without warning extrasensory important out of character out of the question hard to swallow superphysical forceful worthy of attention out of the blue heavenly beyond belief supersensible exquisite ornate typical custom-built modified custom-made special-order wanting mischievous playful fancy loner waggish vagarious changeable teratoid superlative fortuitous unforeseeable unrecognized gothic baroque Gothic straying rambling unexplainable unrecognised terrific unworldly alone defective eccentrical romantic non-rational hypernormal excentrical sole solitary shock differentiating proper lone devastating deviative pointed chimerical crotchety disconcerting discrete diacritic insoluble unsolvable kookish funny peculiar excessive unnerving unsettling funny strange glamourous foreign-looking unrealistic ghostlike desultory exorbitant pathetic derisive cockamamy uncertain flighty dicey chancy not typical witty grandiose one incidental evident eldritch impracticable mercurial unacceptable offensive undiscovered inexplainable enigmatic abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding thick taking the cake external flash outside enticing extrinsic extraneous gnarly forby alluring peregrine unsteady spotty choppy infantile imbecilic crazy-ass cock-eyed wackadoodle idiotic wackadoo eery spookish haunting wildering unmistakable unrelated imprudent dreamlike foolhardy unworkable puerile quixotic seldom met with nonplussing shattering discomfiting nonplusing dismaying upsetting unsung disgraceful unremarked unregarded never to be forgotten ghastly horrific dreadful ominous fearful abrupt not in the cards without notice clear-cut not habitual off and on off beaten path from abroad unrepeated uncouth supernal drop-dead clear irresponsible tidy sizeable reasonable fair nameless little-known undreamed of undreamed-of unrenowned forcible unconvincing incredulous unconceivable uncompelling measurable detectable subtile telling flimsy subtle preeminent charming magnificent powerful towering jazzy tenuous attenuate lofty light attenuated dynamite compelling standout cogent arrestive bird-brained out of all reason short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason highly unlikely not on insupportable incogitable beyond the bounds of possibility beyond possibility full of life gay full of character all-time unfrequented unvisited never before encountered goodly graphic dishonest untrustworthy of consequence of importance phony murky unreliable lively vivid farfetched shonky criminal cult trendy gorgeous captivating beautiful phoney negligible like gold dust rich picturesque of doubtful honesty open to question rings untrue won't wash open to doubt not kosher not quite right under suspicion once in a blue moon not well-known insufficient as scarce as hens' teeth animated scintillating incompatible hellish lacking inconsiderable can't miss it middling less paltry skimpy exiguous detailed evocative stingy imperceptible minute low in numbers in the minority inconsequential straggling widely spaced hard to come by piddling trifling lean at a premium unholy major big sizable made in hell highly coloured much headline preponderant severe cardinal impactful high-priority decisive mighty pivotal capital intense keynote generous burning milestone conclusive glaring fateful high-level pressing glorious great crucial principal earthshaking eventful weighty heavy-duty earnest meaningful earth-shattering landmark resonant large-scale historic material large urgent all-important carrying a lot of weight quantum front-page extensive monumental hefty vital ponderable potent climacteric grave far-reaching

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