Đồng nghĩa của jaw dropping

Tính từ

Causing great surprise or astonishment
astonishing amazing surprising astounding stunning shocking incredible startling stupefying jolting dumbfounding flabbergasting blindsiding dumfounding jarring unbelievable eye-opening staggering extraordinary mind-blowing mind-boggling remarkable overwhelming eye-popping awe-inspiring breathtaking wondrous impressive sensational spectacular striking stupendous awesome wonderful dramatic unexpected amazeballs magnificent disturbing brilliant unsettling marvellous marvelous unforeseen phenomenal miraculous fabulous prodigious sublime dazzling confounding out of this world disquieting tremendous exciting thrilling fascinating fantastic splendid glorious bewildering heart-stopping imposing fantastical unnerving enthralling unusual awe-striking unheard of unanticipated beyond belief hard to swallow sudden majestic grand beautiful electrifying stirring exhilarating moving humbling outstanding gee-whizz theatrical portentous heart-stirring mind-bending unpredictable unpredicted without warning from left field out of the blue surprise destabilizing worrying uncomfortable destabilising formidable magical exceptional splendorous fine rare distressing hard to believe shock fab excellent great first-rate royal superb first-class super superior outrageous intense exhilarative alarming dynamite galvanic charged inspiring intoxicating galvanizing rousing preposterous monumental bizarre strange stimulating electric befuddling outlandish baffling galvanising kicky something else perturbing disconcerting awful unthinkable unannounced flustering unimaginable freaky devastating freakish out of the ordinary spine-tingling hair-raising rip-roaring frightening upsetting scary frightful notable noteworthy uncommon enchanting bewitching captivating sensorial blinding empyreal theatric some intimidating fearsome forbidding terrifying dreadful terrible horrible ghastly horrifying horrendous daunting dire direful redoubtable dismaying spine-chilling fearful appalling mystifying horrific hideous ominous monstrous atrocious unspeakable abominable dread gruesome spooky eerie grisly bloodcurdling baleful bad lurid macabre abysmal grim grievous harrowing lamentable terribly bad very bad menacing unearthly sinister ghoulish shuddersome creepy morbid discouraging disheartening demoralizing threatening nerve-racking unapproachable aggressive browbeating terrorizing pressuring terrorising bullying weird peculiar curious mindboggling uncanny fanciful far-fetched quaint dispiriting off-putting unlikely inconceivable incomprehensible queer puzzling exacting challenging mean-looking taxing fazing shattering muddling unordinary whimsical nonplusing confusing discomfiting conspicuous unwonted nonplussing demoralising disgusting scandalous disgraceful offensive revolting odious sickening repulsive nauseating foul loathsome repellent abhorrent repugnant obscene vile horrid rancid distasteful grewsome repellant fulsome noxious agitating terrific nightmarish obnoxious nasty gross ugly nightmare evil noisome nauseous hellacious deplorable godawful glaring heinous detestable wicked from hell

Tính từ

Excellent or splendid
marvelous marvellous excellent wonderful great amazing magnificent smashing superb fantastic glorious mean splendid bad brilliant crucial fabulous sensational terrific phenomenal awesome mega super topping beautiful cracking delightful divine lovely sublime wicked brill def heavenly tremendous amazeballs dreamy extraordinary fab fabby fantabulous gorgeous grand remarkable supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ace astonishing bodacious boffo cool magic mind-blowing spectacular dope jim-dandy marvy phat sound sovereign astounding boss bosting breathtaking bully colossal miraculous neat peachy rad radical singular too good to be true beaut bonzer capital dandy far out groovy prodigious spanking stupendous to die for wondrous beezer champion chillin' corking eye-popping ripping spiffing swell top-hole wizard exo goodly keen kif lank on fleek out of this world sik staggering stunning mind-boggling incredible portentous eye-opening striking awe-inspiring dramatic unique mind-bending surprising overwhelming awful unreal outstanding arresting picturesque dazzling impressive dynamite fat large utmost considerable titantic memorable inspiring unforgettable surpassing belief intoxicating exhilarating too much never to be forgotten spine-tingling gee-whizz eye-catching enthralling exciting far-out resplendent like a dream come true empyreal blissful fantastical enchanting unheard-of bewitching captivating unimaginable charming fabled beguiling majestic splendorous sensorial envigorating fascinating startling enlightening invigorating heart-stopping fairy-tale enlivening stimulating thrilling fairytale-like out of the ordinary unbelievable dream-filled ethereal special magical stellar fine superlative first-class first-rate exceptional top-notch tip-top superior choice sterling prime crackerjack immense hot quality nifty perfect classic topflight high-class A-OK primo top unsurpassed righteous supernal prizewinning slick out-of-sight banner bang-up frontline top-of-the-line gilt-edged noble gangbusters gangbuster gilt-edge famous bumper blue-chip top-shelf prize five-star number one par excellence peachy keen bonny down first-string blue-ribbon brag brave supreme exquisite numero uno admirable hype four-star bonnie peerless gone very good schmick matchless belting pearler barrie world-class crack A-1 pre-eminent enjoyable formidable tiptop good of the first water A1 worthy consummate eminent unparalleled masterly splendiferous applaudable notable class select unrivaled exemplary unrivalled awesomesauce greatest bosker of high quality of the highest quality of the highest standard of the first order virtuoso out of sight standout rare skilful surpassing skillful way-out optimum best incomparable distinguished accomplished tops pleasurable premium topnotch top-level of the highest order entrancing top-drawer radiant unequalled masterful delectable premier scrumptious unexcelled unmatched coruscating ideal noted faultless unbeatable flawless meritorious transcendent untouchable estimable uppermost effusive highest extreme winning excessive preeminent noteworthy inflated unequaled exaggerated worthiest solid inspired banging top-grade without equal zero cool pleasant beyond compare highest quality very best hunky-dory of highest order ka pai best ever above and beyond in a class all by itself super-duper superfine hypnotic beauteous frabjous imposing idyllic rapturous gratifying ravishing alluring splendacious nice illustrious pleasing leading paragon fly model cream star quintessential elite lead renowned flagship important ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly sunny top-class well-known celebrated sup rior top-tier optimal elevated elegant august lofty awing prominent exalted proud prize-winning award-winning all very well well and good moving eloquent agitating most dominant principal deluxe eventful creative expert predominant commendable better improved enhanced strong powerful worthwhile praiseworthy chief hundred-proof mighty state-of-the-art imaginative high-quality honourable laudable dream honorable meritable venerable valuable A-number-1 mostest like wow the dog's bollocks cat's meow deft adroit adept deserving creditable respectable ingenious the very best out-of-this-world attractive competent capable able pretty clever legit outrageous innovational innovative the best a standout copacetic high-grade congenial above average slap-up classical of a high standard diverting not bad innovatory genius first class better than usual of the best quality better than average inventive enterprising original mint certified top-of-the-range virtuous top drawer top-flight baller crash hot nang No. 1 uncommon unusual hunky dory gifted talented resourceful virtuosic second to none worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas inconceivable unprecedented exceeding extraordinaire especial peculiar odd atypical preternatural unwonted abnormal aberrated aberrant freak unheard of uncustomary anomalous unusually good substantial huge of genius extra special

Tính từ

Attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extreme, or prominent
striking conspicuous noticeable astonishing distinct evident extraordinary marked obvious prominent dramatic manifest remarkable salient unmistakable clear-cut distinctive impressive notable outstanding strong stunning visible wonderful amazing arresting astounding bodacious bold brilliant catchy clear commanding dazzling drop-dead emphatic eye-catching flamboyant grabby incredible kenspeckle memorable noisy pronounced rare showy significant splashy staggering surprising uncommon appreciable eye-popping forcible gee-whizz observable perceptible phenomenal arrestive bizarre charming cogent compelling confounding distinguished dynamite electrifying fascinating forceful jazzy lofty noteworthy powerful signal singular startling telling unusual wondrous out of the ordinary sensational breathtaking imposing spectacular awesome awe-inspiring blinding engaging amazeballs attractive pointed attention-grabbing exciting tense thrilling suspenseful lively riveting gripping climactic exceptional vivid graphic effective shock-horror high-octane stem-winding heady intense sudden studied breath-taking rip-roaring action-packed hair-raising melodramatic emotional sensationalistic histrionic shocking lurid scandalous screaming catchpenny dramaturgical sensationalist gee-whiz dramaturgic histrionical expressive affecting farcical comic the theatrical beautiful captivating gorgeous can't miss it tragic theatric thespian horrifying stirring revealing appalling important interesting momentous newsworthy yellow historic buzzworthy pungent excessive extravagant livid tabloid coarse X-rated stimulating piquant rough sultry vulgar colored coloured

Tính từ

Aesthetically pleasing to view or look at
stunning beautiful lovely ravishing striking wonderful comely gorgeous handsome pretty attractive dazzling good-looking smashing splendid radiant beauteous breathtaking drop-dead exquisite fair fetching knockout alluring bewitching captivating charming fabulous heavenly aesthetic bonny cute esthetic likely seemly sightly bonnie fine lovesome pulchritudinous sexy taking bootylicious top on fleek easy on the eye drop-dead gorgeous appealing good well-favored goodly pleasing delightful enchanting seductive elegant adorable desirable hot glamorous fanciable beguiling prepossessing eye-catching irresistible foxy engaging fit enticing divine tasty nice-looking winning arresting tantalizing nice tantalising luscious nubile graceful spunky tempting winsome charismatic sweet sultry beddable superb agreeable out of this world fascinating arousing sensational shapely adorbs delicate inviting dishy luring well favoured grand magnificent pleasant sensuous personable easy on the eyes entrancing sensual glamourous as pretty as a picture stylish sexually attractive sublime sexual lush bodacious resplendent hunky come-hither magnetic babelicious erotic provocative fine-looking marvellous marvelous well-favoured likable statuesque dainty admirable delectable buxom well-formed intriguing likeable impressive scrumptious beckoning very beautiful excellent amazing fab come-to-bed darling angelic congenial enthralling photogenic mesmeric beaut classy symmetrical refined ideal becoming blooming lovable aesthetically pleasing great spectacular picturesque awesome enjoyable satisfying dreamy pleasurable tasteful welcome blessed interesting awe-inspiring flamboyant grateful delightsome gratifying dulcet blest savory affable stupendous savoury genial dollish voluptuous aesthetically appealing presentable curvaceous incredible teasing wholesome telegenic neat hospitable prettyish showstopping fantastic dapper fashionable strong clean-cut smart trim picture-perfect a ten well favored extremely beautiful very pretty very attractive compelling ladylike gentlemanly fetcjomg imposing devastating outstanding decorative artistic goodlooking dear ornamental curvy toothsome cuddly youthful young dramatic staggering terrific kissable enhancing fancy physically attractive dreamboat eyeful bijou delicious palatable jolly felicitous beautifying amazeballs splendent astonishing wondrous astounding young-looking extremely attractive scenic panoramic elfin suave willowy sheen quaint dignified illustrious virile exceptional camera-friendly debonair in good taste athletic spruce robust sharp noble smooth studly romantic drawing attention good looking satisfactory positive inevitable invincible mouthwatering indomitable uncontainable powerful unconquerable overriding ineluctable comforting mild enviable acceptable flashy exhilarating worthy euphoric favorable comfortable valuable precious sound sunny amiable joyous clear super pretty as a picture well-proportioned well-dressed cunning A1 cheery rad reputable prime amusing glossy honourable splashy snazzy ace sterling commendable zingy soothing rapturous superior slick boss spanking intoxicating choice fun capital showy in order hunky-dory relief OK unspoilt not bad glad honorable elating splendorous paradisiacal deluxe super-eminent copasetic first-rate passable shipshape first-class recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious paradisiac select gnarly ecstatic super-excellent copacetic paradisal relishable recherche paradisaical calming paradisaic irie favourable chic swank prim suitable immaculate orderly spotless welcoming decent clean tidy mesmerizing endearing mesmerising spellbinding disarming riveting hypnotic gripping absorbing magical loveable exciting engrossing siren hypnotizing compulsive cutesy persuasive hypnotising titillating entertaining friendly appetizing attracting drawing appetising stimulating diverting twee well-rounded consuming immersing involving ingratiating insinuating chocolate-box idyllic provoking stirring cherubic curious regular unputdownable warm inveigling good-natured thought-provoking easygoing ritzy simpatico sympathique glitzy sirenic witching sympatisch mouth-watering enrapturing enamoring innocent transfixing opulent orphic soft rounded specious cordial seducing okay cherubical rousing racy electrifying memorable thrilling fairy-tale all right to one's liking vivid illecebrous sympathetic marriageable ripe magic beseeching pulling phat flirtatious flattering infatuating sweet-natured preferable Orphean transporting readable magnetizing magnetising picture-postcard cherished warm-hearted affectionate well-shaped well-built encouraging open juicy stately cherishable as nice as pie eligible prizable nurturable appreciatable puzzling sapid ambrosial canny couthy kawaii raunchy risqué charged salacious edgy influential sexually mature seraphic strong in character dandy rewarding glorious sweetheart aces sociable gregarious white-hat pretty-pretty easy to take full of personality peachy pleasureful fine and dandy heady larger than life camera-ready entranced charmed enchanted bewitched glam very interesting mind-blowing fairylike well dressed plump toytown old-fashioned old-world high-quality expensive colorful childlike well-chosen fiendish dreamlike conjuring trendy righteous prestigious nifty good egg all heart photographic pictographic cuddlesome huggable amorous attention-grabbing affecting lurid vixenish upmarket coffee-table sophisticated luxurious pictorial majestic symbolic unsoiled colourful noteworthy refreshing slight petite arty-crafty olde too good to be true X-rated looking like a million moving meaty eventful invigorating piquant worthy of note fresh preoccupying portentous envigorating trenchant galvanising topical unboring buzzworthy vibrant unique newsy inspiring relatable eye-opening remarkable out of the ordinary newsworthy action-packed emphatic galvanizing electric slim doll face swanky swish schmick arty clean-limbed respectable airy subtle rare dinky nuanced bright curvacious full-figured pneumatic Junoesque full-bosomed well-turned tolerable pleasantly old-fashioned fluffy embraceable snuggly caressible zaftig well produced proper adequate uplifting gainly balanced proportioned sylphlike well shaped well formed built lacy well-made deft frail tender diaphanous thin ethereal light fragile feeble conciliatory placating pacifying mollifying average O.K. cheering happy conciliating pacific appeasing propitiatory peacemaking placatory fairly good reasonable good enough moderately good prepared not too bad olde worlde comfy homelike well turned propitiating cheerful insinuative saccharine deferential silky ingratiatory convincing silken home-like of good cheer

Tính từ

Too unlikely to be believed
unbelievable incredible inconceivable unthinkable implausible unconvincing unimaginable impossible improbable extraordinary amazing astonishing fanciful questionable staggering unlikely fantastic fantastical incredulous outlandish preposterous uncompelling unconceivable unreal flimsy harebrained incogitable infeasible reaching cockamamie cockeyed doubtful dubious fishy flaky flakey kooky lamebrained phoney phony scatterbrained screwy suspect thin unsubstantial weak far-fetched mind-boggling beyond belief eye-popping mind-blowing cock-and-bull difficult to believe hard to swallow open to doubt scarcely credible past belief too much full of holes won't hold water won't wash for the birds absurd ridiculous unrealistic illogical unreasonable full of it feeble laboured unpersuasive rare debatable labored untenable farfetched poor inadequate reachy tenuous unimagined ludicrous strained tall lame problematic beyond the bounds of possibility false cock and bull out of the question iffy hard to take obscure puzzling unsound unheard-of unsatisfactory incongruous shaky unique groundless far out forced shallow strange pathetic not likely fallacious dubitable hard to believe unheard of superficial unapt equivocal uncertain astounding nonsensical incomprehensible unknowable exaggerated breathtaking contrived specious dishonest fabulous remote suspicious irrational insupposable slight insufficient sketchy bizarre incoherent shady unimpressive singular unordinary exceptional uncommon outrageous vain highly unlikely not in the least likely farcical untrustworthy disputable trifling frivolous laughable transparent controvertible baseless doubtable not to be thought of impracticable ungrounded inane wishful not on out of the ordinary outside chance contemptible assailable weakly hundred-to-one unsure inauthentic unplausible unicorn trivial unacceptable unusual insupportable likely imcomprehensible faint beyond possibility insubstantial extremely implausible extremely doubtful extremely unlikely vague flawed ineffable paltry untoward contrary beyond reason extremely difficult to believe won't fly unnatural unspeakable untold unutterable unsubstantiated contradictory faulty inconclusive nebulous elaborate inept puerile misleading overblown indescribable hokey overdone slim threadbare less likely spurious unsustainable unsupportable hollow invalid irreconcilable senseless indefensible sensational embellished untrue fabricated untruthful extravagant ponderous ineffectual inapprehensible undreamed-of overwhelming unthought of vapid phenomenal slim and none not expected spectacular hyperbolic undreamed of nonrational airy illegitimate unreasoning fatuous nutty wacky unfounded unreasoned inconsequent inconsequential uncredible flat meager meagre embroidered distorted histrionic arguable unreliable undependable dodgy unsupported erroneous not understandable increditable speculative undecided unconfirmed unsettled rings phony off the wall self-contradictory long shot fat chance on thin ice touch-and-go blown up weak-kneed beyond wildest dreams not able to hold water half-baked not convincing queer unbacked complicated beyond the realm of reason beyond your wildest dreams odd problematical funny shonky ill-founded pseudo not quite right open to suspicion potentially dangerous open thick potentially false suspected under suspicion unclear not kosher lacking substance once-in-a-lifetime unachievable unattainable unworkable unfeasible unobtainable unviable hopeless forlorn impractical insurmountable undoable insuperable irresoluble insolvable unrealizable unsolvable risible irresolvable crazy paradoxical wild hardly possible impervious no-go insoluble non-viable like herding cats not possible inaccessible useless no-way beyond you not a prayer not worth considering futile inexecutable beyond one hare-brained impassable way out contrary to reason irrealizable wrong defective unjustifiable incorrect silly inaccurate fallible stupid unjustified mad open to question idiotic unwarranted fragile daft insignificant foundationless frail imprecise sophistic without foundation foolish inexact brainless without basis insane wide of the mark negligible imbecilic uncorroborated ill-considered ill-defined indefinite unscientific mistaken inconsistent unsuccessful unintelligent imperfect arbitrary witless unwise unstable reasonless indistinct injudicious sham light moronic confused asinine unwarrantable loony inexcusable unforgivable tame ineffective unpardonable hazy chancy risky rocky disreputable outside small distant deceptive bad indeterminate inexpiable casuistic nonvalid dicey conjectural disjointed slender minute amiss meaningless mindless unestablished impaired ambiguous faltering controversial wrongly inferred dotty thoughtless off-target imprudent off beam perverse barmy vacant indiscreet suppositive suppositious zany incautious unintelligible indecisive dim perplexing hesitant in doubt shadowy lunatic dippy daffy jerky short-sighted ill-advised half-witted nerdy doltish unearthly softheaded feebleminded tomfool simple insecure without justification unspecific unarguable undefendable refutable tiny unsafe inadmissible minimal contentious borderline wrongly deduced uncalled-for minuscule exiguous puny unthinking issuable moot sophistical fruitless profitless feeble-minded unproved untested unverified negotiable irrelevant unconnected unattested unproven enigmatic blurred inefficient flabby unpleasing unsuitable subject to debate open to debate demented off-the-wall freaky distraught raving aberrant disconnected delirious off out presumed assumed not validated not following bogus off target not making sense woolly bleary foggy cloudy illegal falsified fake purposeless wooly fuzzy not reliable not dependable not backed up by evidence erratic loose capricious bad-tempered stroppy quirky not working empty ill-tempered hesitating halting vacuous worthless loopy cockamamy all wet cretinous pointless stuttering stammering inarticulate casual minor petty unimportant shoestring inconsiderable full of hot air empty-headed goofy gormless infantile dumb damfool divvy childish insincere dof glaikit insipid crass wishy-washy immature innocuous sappy hypocritical artificial cynical garbled stumbling devoid of intelligence deceitful feigned pretended inexplicit debased rank unretentive unfit adulterated awry lemon sick malformed injured tainted blamable broken-down warped marred botched blemished incomplete cracked leaky deficient maimed pretend dissimulating dissembling counterfeit unpredictable unforeseeable indistinguishable unresolved incalculable cryptic arcane abstruse undetermined undefined mysterious mumbled muttered broken poorly spoken treacherous unknown confusing muffled double-dealing devoid of validity two-faced hollow-hearted faithless intangible indiscernible wavering irresolute equivocating elusive vacillating below par up in the air in the balance

Trái nghĩa của jaw dropping

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