Đồng nghĩa của mysterious

Alternative for mysterious

Đồng nghĩa: hidden, mystical, occult, profound, recondite, secret,

Tính từ

Difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify
strange puzzling curious odd peculiar weird baffling obscure arcane bewildering bizarre cryptic incomprehensible inexplicable mystifying perplexing secret uncanny unexplainable unfathomable dark impenetrable concealed confusing enigmatical mystical ambiguous funny murky queer recondite unexplained esoteric hidden inscrutable insoluble unnatural unsolved unaccountable unknowable veiled deep sibylline stealthy unknown cagey difficult elliptic elliptical equivocal subjective double-edged enigmatic abstruse occult mystic unclear opaque unusual dubious Delphic extraordinary abnormal uncommon nebulous irregular anomalous vague atypical unintelligible complicated unexpected questionable out of the ordinary suspicious unfamiliar involved quaint different complex freakish unique rare aberrant deviant freak doubtful eccentric quirky outlandish offbeat oddball incongruous intricate remarkable indefinite singular wildering supernatural fishy unorthodox out-of-the-way untypical unconventional kooky kookie fuliginous uncustomary abstract shadowy hazy oracular profound debatable indistinct clandestine clear as mud rum off the wall hard uncertain unaccustomed way-out erratic paradoxical inconceivable suspect whacky crazy queerish bizarro exceptional indecipherable preternatural wild cabalistic difficult to understand secretive beyond one outré unwonted shady far-out off-kilter labyrinthine dodgy wacky unco unresolved screwy unsolvable elusive funky weirdo foreign freaky kinky shifty eerie paranormal convoluted spaced-out hermetical indescribable off-the-wall surprising cabbalistic knotty out of the way beyond comprehension covert misleading inexplicit spooky imprecise off-centre indeterminate zany cranky unexplored unrevealed over one's head wacko unreal metaphysical clouded hermetic unsettled disreputable aberrated oblique idiosyncratic fantastic fathomless magical confounding undetermined heavy novel undefined undisclosed creepy uncharacteristic inconclusive little known problematical inexplainable dishonest exotic hard to understand coded transcendental corrupt open to question Byzantine subtle fraudulent spiritual clear as dishwater private orphic incalculable inexact befuddling incognizable indistinguishable intriguing other-worldly phenomenal extrasensory unimaginable intangible ludicrous ridiculous dubitable disputable psychic doubtable confused disparate riddling original shaky unrepresentative undecided involuted problematic bemusing shonky telepathic supernormal exceeding especial beyond one's grasp extraordinaire unsounded unworldly unthinkable droll clairvoyant ill-defined daggy not quite right unheard of unplumbed disconcerting indefinable underhand shrouded unscrupulous left-field astonishing sphinxlike illegible rarefied out there insolvable cloaked up in the air transcendent fanciful bent criminal undefinable dishonorable stupefying otherworldly black dishonourable distinct thorny acroamatic unparalleled disorienting devious illogical unpredictable deceitful irrational recherché ungraspable unestablished Greek sneaky anagogic surreal unsure unascertained contradictory subliminal duplicitous beats me beyond understanding mind-bending inner astounding ambivalent arguable bamboozling speculative vacillating cloak-and-dagger sly prodigious monstrous unlike contrary jarring divergent newsworthy isolated uncomprehensible out of place iffy gnomic magic two-edged unrecognized indecisive psychical outre out of line under suspicion involute supersensory undecipherable equivocating insubstantial not kosher open to debate open to argument dilly in doubt unapprehended Greek to me weird and wonderful unperceived unrecognised indiscernible unordinary immaterial tricky above one's head with a sixth sense imponderable in the balance new unidentified tenuous alien unreadable obfuscated classified encoded enciphered ulterior amazing weighty serious indirect little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic stunning eye-popping staggering unbelievable rummy taxing cryptical polysemous polysemic polysemantic offhand fluky out of the common multivocal secreted out-there unresolvable unanswerable Daedalian Gordian unheard-of inconsistent off-key whimsical religious unsavoury ticklish worrying blurred inaccessible challenging shrouded in mystery seedy muddling beyond you grotesque dissimilar ineffable nonrational non-rational unfathomed dim unconfirmed inexpressible nameless spiny comical disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent irresolvable inextricable unconcluded hypermetric avant-garde loner cool unearthly hard to follow slippery scandalous sketchy furtive unethical inglorious full of surprises disquieting too deep distinctive borderline foggy blurring unsettling numinous potentially illegal potentially dishonest unsavory distinguished awkward flakey unhinged touched demented mad unbalanced flaky without a solution unable to be solved breaking new ground remote uninvestigated alternative crooked characteristic custom customized specialized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual particular miraculous absurd fantastical foolish cockamamie nonsensical insane slang preposterous nefarious crafty unprincipled muddlesome mistakable periphrastic prevaricating circumlocutory circuitous random guileful untrustworthy unanalysable fugitive uninterpretable gray grey interesting untried newfangled unforeseeable blurry roundabout muddled signal undiscovered off unreliable phony apocryphal blear technical incredible farfetched outstanding unprecedented hesitant muffled way out off-beat off the rails bugged out untold unexplicit muzzy tenebrous amphibological open fuzzy unlawful illegal dicey wavering irresolute weak phoney improbable unlikely implausible far-fetched superhuman marvellous wonderful wondrous undivulged of doubtful honesty rings untrue won't wash too much open to doubt not easily understood as clear as mud unanalyzable mind-boggling hard to solve byzantine vexing rambling elaborate advanced hard to explain fiddly troublesome full of twists and turns sophisticated detailed fancy gnarly entangled tangled thought-provoking limited spiritualistic necromantic transmundane telekinetic unspecified unfixed double-dealing ghostly deviative supermundane marvelous superior impossible to understand macabre really hard very hard pending all Greek to someone all Greek to you double Dutch beyond your grasp above your head too hard to understand too difficult to understand supersensual with second sight supersensitive stargazing out-of-body supersensible unnoted noteless yet to be decided special personalised specialised customised evasive unbeknownst unnamed anonymous in limbo surreptitious undercover deceptive incorporeal elusory illusory quiet undescribable discarnate unbodied hugger-mugger hush-hush unspecific fallacious psychal imperceptible to the touch airy impalpable unable to be touched hard to describe fine hard to define unobservable unsubstantial thin unperceivable delicate disembodied unapparent fugacious transient phantom shy fleeting greasy transitory stonewalling volatile evanescent mental anomalistic scarce nonstandard off-base off-color like nothing on earth

Tính từ

Strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way
eerie uncanny weird spooky strange unearthly creepy frightening ghostly scary sinister supernatural unnatural other-worldly spectral unreal abnormal awesome curious eldritch fearful freakish odd preternatural queer uneasy bizarre blood-curdling chilling hair-raising haunting petrifying scaring spine-chilling spookish terrifying crawly disconcerting fantastic freaky ghostlike paranormal peculiar rum superstitious unnerving eery magical phantom mystic ghastly grotesque phantasmic phantasmal haunted ethereal ominous devilish ghoulish mystifying secret spine-tingling disturbing wraithlike fabulous shadowy insubstantial illusory extraterrestrial alien macabre corpselike divine pale otherworldly eidolic cadaverous wraithy apparitional indistinct deathlike holy wan vampiric spiritual unusual not of this world nightmarish funereal heavenly inappropriate demoniac sublime appalling sepulchral fiendish hyperphysical transcendental phenomenal miraculous supernormal superhuman transcendent far-out awful dreadful inscrutable horrific bizarro flakey occult uncouth magic oddball whacko numinous flaky supernal unheard-of inspired singular prodigious inexplainable supranormal barbaric barbarous awe-inspiring very strange out of the ordinary gothic horrifying shocking frightful horrible fearsome alarming horrendous gruesome direful dire terrible grim forbidding grisly menacing horrid redoubtable intimidating hideous threatening monstrous formidable dread dark morbid lurid bloodcurdling daunting disquieting baleful gloomy grewsome harrowing bleak hairy offensive black deathly gory foreboding loathsome bodeful dismaying startling sick dangerous terrific distressing nightmare atrocious hellish sombre somber gross inauspicious evil sullen disgusting twisted diabolical morose brooding evil-looking unpleasant nasty cruel unspeakable traumatic chimerical worrying demonic shuddersome dreamlike mean-looking dismal depressing wretched revolting cold nerve-racking suggestive of evil repulsive shady sickening incorporeal disembodied possessed shadowlike jinxed cursed melodramatic taboo Kafkaesque poignant imposing thrilling pulse-pounding overpowering nightmarey phantasmagorical breathtaking exciting shivery shuddery phantomlike perturbing unthinkable unmentionable all-powerful upsetting unwholesome demonish demonlike hair-curling cliff-hanging suspenseful extraordinary unapproachable aggressive browbeating terrorizing overwhelming pressuring terrorising bullying causing fear wondrous out of this world Gothic skeletal demonly brutal bloodthirsty savage unsettling bone-chilling causing excitement tragic too good for this world corpse-like grievous hostile foul serious godawful zombielike calamitous hellacious abysmal miserable zombiesque bad frozen icky from hell shameful gnarly like death warmed up beastly vile grody wicked mean glum dreary melancholic melancholy dispirited depressive desolate solemn cheerless unfriendly sadistic perverted diabolic off-putting disheartening tenebrous sad severe unwelcoming uninviting pitiless gray mournful dingy murky grey drab mirthless lugubrious repugnant drear grave unpromising God-awful unhealthy death-obsessed sickly odious inhospitable life-threatening perilous glowering ugly ferocious portentous minatory unpropitious doomy ill-omened ill-boding malign malignant ill sinistrous minacious injurious minatorial malevolent disastrous baneful adverse woeful doomful hurtful dishonest perverse deleterious poisonous mischievous lowering unlucky obnoxious malefic harmful pernicious unfavorable apocalyptic blackhearted unfavourable unfortunate

Tính từ

Having an inclination to secrecy
secretive close reticent uncommunicative clamlike reserved tight-lipped unforthcoming deep secret cagey closemouthed close-mouthed cryptic dark enigmatic introvert introverted non-communicative quiet silent taciturn tight-mouthed withdrawn backstairs cautious covert discreet feline furtive guarded hushed private self-contained sly undercover zipped buttoned up clammed up in chambers in privacy in private in the background in the dark on the QT playing your cards close to your chest shy distant retiring restrained unresponsive unsociable aloof inscrutable arcane standoffish diffident cold impenetrable undemonstrative obscure abstruse reclusive evasive mum modest mystic media-shy cool mom dumb unapproachable bashful solitary recondite offish incomprehensible laconic mystifying demure enigmatical esoteric stand-offish mystical hidden close-lipped opaque nebulous unfriendly detached unfathomable frigid occult soft-spoken unemotional backward mute puzzling formal veiled untalkative antisocial Delphic remote inhibited retired equivocal self-restrained cabalistic misanthropic eremitic collected self-effacing hush-hush perplexing inexplicable oracular clandestine uncanny murky meek unassuming shrinking chilly unspeaking muted strange speechless tongue-tied prim timid coy gentle mild serene icy peaceful ceremonious noncommittal sedate composed placid uncompanionable conventional baffling ambiguous profound sphinxlike elliptical confusing complicated oblique elliptic non-committal insoluble unknowable fuliginous unclear vague coded as clear as mud hard to understand double-edged constrained unassertive wordless frosty curt unsocial shadowy mumchance insular controlled self-controlled snobbish timorous concealed unaffable indecipherable brooding playing one's cards close to one's chest cloak-and-dagger sheepish recessive hermitic dried up magical not talkative abstract complex involved nongregarious unintelligible intricate cabbalistic hermetic hermetical sibylline heavy clear as mud little known apocryphal Delphian unobtrusive tightlipped inarticulate chary wary elusive circumspect careful dour independent unconversational isolated dried-up sententious sullen unexpressive sparing incommunicable uncommunicable incommunicative voiceless still soundless nonvocal short introspective of few words ungregarious hard rarefied difficult backroom mousy hermit-like hermitical tenebrous inward-looking inner secluded unrevealing eremetic not forthcoming indrawn hypermetric at a loss for words shrouded in mystery temperate contemplative thoughtful pensive self-absorbed self-interested involuted buttoning up clamming up tight chops self-sufficient impassive stiff passionless mum's the word zipping one's lips buttoning one's lip orphic acroamatic meditative reflective ruminative inner-directed self-centred humble subtle unamiable all alone dispassionate stolid uninterpretable riddling convoluted self-centered nervous unneighbourly uncongenial unexplained unfeeling unmoved unloving wooden unaffectionate cold-blooded contained withdrawing seclusive far-out Greek to me not easily understood inconceivable illegible technical incredible illogical clear as dishwater indecisive inhospitable anchoritic eremitical sober bewildering rude uncivil haughty mopey asocial unclubbable mopish unneighborly hostile rabbity unexpansive Olympian unexplainable stoical apathetic phlegmatic impassible affectless emotionless stoic numb distrustful inaccessible inapproachable scowling unbending dry standoff unaccountable paradoxical not forward aw-shucks uptight unwilling suspicious antagonistic uppity insolent incurious unenthusiastic annoyed offended chill impudent impertinent unwelcoming lukewarm procacious glacial uninterested indifferent offhand uncertain teasing stickling doubtful stumping shrouded cold-eyed stuck-up buttoned-up incalculable dummied up clouded cloaked surreptitious wouldn't say boo to a goose uncomprehensible incognizable unrevealed recherché too deep black anagogic knotty sphinx-like impersonal unsympathetic unconcerned calm self-conscious hesitant austere embarrassed forbidding unconfident uncordial insecure gelid apprehensive disdainful moderate clammy antiseptic brittle reluctant hard-eyed unpretentious staid stony starchy supercilious conservative blushing fearful wintry poker-faced wintery coldish frozen arctic stilted laid-back stuffy disinterested strait-laced casual down-to-earth uninvolved considerate unpresuming seemly prudent proper repressed callous unassured cool, calm and collected judicious unruffled unflappable chaste unexcitable nice stern prudish decorous straight rigid heartless subdued imperturbable simple matter-of-fact reasonable uneasy abashed steady measured lowly tactful skittish shamefaced self-possessed tentative unamicable clinical pompous priggish unostentatious sensible politic uncurious level-headed severe unaffected nonchalant square pure alert heedful unpassioned rational gingerly safe hard-hearted deadpan tranquil virginal virtuous laid back watchful vigilant decent attentive calculating flat cold-hearted balanced serious unsure disciplined abstracted in check unimpassioned preoccupied mannered cold as ice faint-hearted businesslike strained lost for words awkward cloistered maidenly unsentimental diplomatic soft snooty cynical unpretending proud afraid recluse coquettish under control uncomfortable kittenish off inconspicuous disagreeable prissy unkind unpleasant spiritless polite unboastful ungracious ascetic courteous thick-skinned hard-boiled mim stuck up insensible puritanical niminy-piminy fogeyish putting on airs leery overmodest arrogant jaundiced affected lone inimical old-fashioned equable removed plain solemn insouciant negative correct neutral discourteous spacey dumbstruck dumbfounded untroubled expressionless toneless hollow dead blank bland vacant uncharitable hateful narrow-minded insensitive objective bottled up ill at ease hardened grouchy strict starched spaced-out prim and proper pococurante impartial keeping people at arm's length out of it discriminating observant precautious nowhere immovable nonemotional fuddy-duddy with reservations stick-in-the-mud easy even warm struck dumb on the lookout with eyes peeled of the old school levelheaded saying nothing not saying boo unable to get a word out stony-eyed unexcessive bereft of speech not given to excesses stiff-necked unextreme avoidant unnatural forced costive frustrated deliberate tamed restricted limited brusque vestal unsullied superior undefiled contrived laboured artificial ungenial girlish socially inhibited camera-shy arch flirtatious retreated aseptic insociable kind punctilious sequestered genuine natural half-hearted tepid hung up immaculate intact self-doubting steely flinty unhappy depressing mean-looking stodgy ungainly docile alienated put on airs unsmiling passive ashamed ingenuous ordinary artless unambitious apologetic respectful low-pitched low muffled hushful low-keyed simpering outside repellent lifeless dubious blenching flinching unpoised low-key unaggressive fierce discouraging off-putting hermitlike unenthused unnoticeable low-profile labored monastic exact precise cowering weak-kneed trembling quaking cool-headed hard-headed complacent perfunctory unimposing cold-shoulder contemptuous withering unagitated inflexible uninquiring zipped one's lips have tight chops lacking courage easily frightened unimpressionable unfazed secluse hardhearted official bureaucratic inhuman keeping a low profile stony-hearted disinclined loath hesitating wavering indisposed ladylike respectable unprejudiced uncommitted unbiased wise strategic obdurate inexpressive listless coldhearted marble uncompassionate blah unwilling to mix with other people sceptical self-deprecating free from vanity hiding one's light under a bushel innocent pokerfaced wimpish mousey yellow gutless tremulous chicken fainthearted scary fearsome yellow-bellied sissy trepidatious featureless colorless soulless gray colourless grey equal uncolored depersonalised faceless candid depersonalized nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic resigned intelligent judgmatical judgmatic discerning stable tolerant regular silentious unheard unimpressible insusceptible goody-goody old-maidish malevolent shut away straight arrow by the numbers shocked sagacious softly-softly kid-glove delicate lenient abstinent peaceable straight-faced indurated inexcitable averse astounded under wraps inobtrusive nonaggressive corked up in charge chilled on a leash in control of yourself closed up pessimistic inhumane earnest aghast dazed thunderstruck amazed awake civil worldly-wise faint cowardly shuddering recreant poor-spirited frightened scared considered not excessive compromising lonely alone strictly business cold turkey dependable settled reliable sober-minded benign even-tempered sobersided gobsmacked flabbergasted selfish sarcastic hating egoistic sardonic egotistical misanthropical companionless shell-shocked along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches on lookout having foresight not rash dumbstricken obmutescent mature anxious troubled friendless skeptical unaccompanied knocked for six cool as cucumber astonished aphonic hit for six like a clam poised responsible sound carefree secure restless tense discomposed edgy unsettled unperturbed blithe surly sour lonesome good full of common sense well balanced calculable serious-minded unswerving having both feet on the ground medium comfortable checked regulated constant curbed relaxed perturbed unrelaxed bothered nervy jittery antsy mindful provident aware special one-off sole unique singular one only unworried deadly musty conformist aggressive ill-natured suspecting scrupulous shrewd forethoughtful unquiet discomforted disquieted discomfited devil-may-care happy-go-lucky humourless fusty by itself quarrelsome unanxious old-fogeyish nasty keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves on your guard belt-and-braces watching one's step watching out walking on eggs on your toes taking it slow playing safe hedging one's bets on the qui vive on guard on the watch with one's eyes peeled genteel narrow magisterial fetid straitlaced important self-important hot bloated humorless puffy foetid Victorian smug smoky smelly careless lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome oblivious debonair doubting antipathetic menacing adversary obnoxious mortal impolite adversarial unmannerly unattended forsaken sui generis out-of-the-way particular deserted lacking social skills by oneself on edge stag separate lorn on its own verecund blushful recoiling lofty nonplussed cross ill-disposed against conflicting opposite estranged malicious disaffected malignant spiteful competitive unpromising contrary warlike vengeful acrimonious opposed censorious combative grudging gruff unbothered not bothered forgetful feckless inattentive lackadaisical blind supine deaf without a care in the world at ease not giving a toss heedless undisturbed negligent undaunted easily embarrassed on ice as dry as dust cold fish lone wolf not on speaking terms overcareful canny overcautious

Tính từ

Exhibiting a mischievous or reckless playfulness
puckish mischievous impish roguish sly naughty playful teasing waggish arch elfin pixieish prankish devilish elvish knavish leprechaunish pixie pixy rascally scampish tricksy whimsical wicked frolicsome ludic pixyish sportive cheeky elfish flippant tongue-in-cheek funny comical espiègle pixilated light-hearted jaunty jocular amusing witty jokey facetious implike frivolous lively saucy merry humorous spirited pert cheerful joyous gamesome kittenish gay lighthearted high-spirited sprightly knowing coquettish flip rakish raffish jesting droll cunning glib coy jocose comic crooked lying fraudulent deceptive joking cute frisky jolly chucklesome tricky bantering bubbly fiendish superficial mirthful fun-loving jocund blithe shallow snappy offhand in jest in fun skittish vivacious coltish giddy silly larkish elven elflike pawky artful pixie-like foxy affected flirtatious wily misbehaving trivial disobedient empty-headed scatterbrained flirty dizzy demure feather-brained frolic underhanded shifty beguiling untruthful slick deceiving crafty underhand sneaky dishonourable childish troublemaking mischief-making unregenerate scoundrelly reprobate untrustworthy ignoble unserious devil-may-care fresh casual joshing wry laughable pleasant wisecracking capering satirical bad depraved immoral dishonest putting one on pulling one's leg not serious tongue in cheek smart full of mischief shabby deceitful shady discreditable despicable contemptible corrupt villainous base unprincipled unscrupulous free and easy sarcastic irreverent disrespectful scurvy dastardly arrant rude impudent impertinent entertaining irresponsible carefree thoughtless overfamiliar insouciant sassy risible dishonorable insolent cocky dismissive brassy lippy rollicking clowning perky exuberant smart-aleck smart-alecky smarty-pants peppy antic frolicky fay sportful zestful larky zippy airy bouncy animated energetic sparky zesty excitable pizazzy jazzy pizzazzy wise full of fun full of life good-humoured good-humored full of pep feeling one's oats full of get-up-and-go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans in high spirits full of joie de vivre full of vim and vigour diverting hilarious ridiculous ludicrous farcical wacky absurd rib-tickling sidesplitting zany side-splitting campy uproarious hysterical camp riotous sparkling clever killing jovial priceless comedic humoristic hysteric screaming slapstick gleeful daft crazy preposterous scintillating sunny festive quick-witted gelastic blithesome fun laughing a scream boffo happy inane for grins senseless fatuous eccentric clownish odd nutty bright quirky cheery rich engaging oddball dippy off the wall screwy cheering sharp-witted daffy hysterically funny loony jerky fool goofy light keen flakey flaky sharp quick killingly funny wild a laugh a hoot ironic gagged up racy too funny for words ill-considered non-serious nonserious screamingly funny ribald joculous interesting delightful enjoyable quaint off-the-wall a barrel of laughs original novel charming gratifying pleasurable gladdening pleasing ingenious quizzical laffer crack-up riot agreeable gut-busting enchanting piquant epigrammatic inappropriate brilliant for a laugh good-natured as a joke to tease wanton highbrowed fanciful snazzy profound quick on the draw tactful nimble-witted cutting quick on the uptake sardonic cut up precious cutesy batty goofus fool-headed gump sportsmanlike gentlemanly fair penetrating piercing intelligent a card a caution breezy mincingly clever fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse glad buoyant good considerate sportsmanly decent generous game joyful kooky mad insane madcap upbeat honest honourable evenhanded just honorable reasonable square weird peculiar unconventional bizarre effervescent chirpy debonair strange avant-garde outlandish off-centre crackpot elated lightsome active convivial bouncing mettlesome springy chipper kinetic pleasure-seeking unconcerned animate slaphappy winsome crank happy-go-lucky vital spanking gladsome brisk eupeptic canty cuckoo sporting nuts cracked wacko alert confident forward brash in good spirits pushy self-assertive presuming stupid inept cranky dotty screwball looney brainless weak-minded witless harebrained simpleminded half-witted lunatic foolish nonsensical kinky featherheaded cockeyed asinine half-baked unwise tomfool lunkheaded whacky kookie bubbleheaded sappy balmy as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy on top of the world dilly straight shooting square shooting square dealing dumb way out hare-brained out there laugh-a-minute off the air in left field

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mysterious Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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