Đồng nghĩa của unacknowledged

Alternative for unacknowledged

unacknowledged /'ʌnək'nɔlidʤd/
  • tính từ
    • không được thừa nhận, không được công nhận
    • không có trả lời, không được phúc đáp (thư)
    • không nhận, không thú nhận (tội)

Tính từ

Almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition
virtual essential near practical implicit implied indirect tacit effective in effect near enough basic constructive fundamental potential pragmatic de facto for all practical purposes in all but name in conduct in practice to all intents and purposes literal verifiable true genuine palpable certifiable objective undeniable irrefutable real-world realistic incontrovertible factual substantial unquestionable final concrete incontestable unmistakable proven confirmed real-life indubitable validated substantiated certified hard demonstrated bona fide established verified positive existent tangible absolute attested indisputable certain authenticated believable inescapable authentic real actual sure-enough very veritable dinkum definite honest legitimate valid precise existing accurate substantive truthful veridical kosher clear good categorical right material firm corporeal exact correct sensible physical echt pukka unimaginary clear-cut pucka intrinsic faithful pure evident historical non-fictional legit undoubted perceptible authoritative honest-to-goodness corroborated documented considerable significant sheer express especial unqualified plain manifest non-fictitious current unimagined living bodily for real honest to God sure enough real live solid live corporal embodied rightful sound incarnate present proper veracious natural explicit conclusive characteristic archetypal guileless typical ingenuous regular archetypical representative unequivocal strict artless unaffected simple unambiguous unpretending dead-on appropriate average dinky-di standard real McCoy normal unpretentious direct undesigning fitting sure fixed definitive decided lifelike unadorned fair detailed credible verbatim circumstantial nonfictional unadulterated documentary unvarnished veristic verisimilar unexaggerated unbiased unprejudiced scientific true-to-life word for word true-life matter-of-fact telling it like it is card-carrying fact-based straight from horse's mouth as it really happened on the level set in stone

Tính từ

Existing but not yet developed or manifest
latent dormant concealed hidden invisible lurking inherent quiescent undeveloped unseen veiled immanent secret undiscovered unexpressed unrealized unrevealed untapped imperceptible inactive indiscernible inert inoperative unapparent masked unfulfilled unused covert idle inchoate innermost repressed sleeping subconscious suppressed underlying abeyant buried contained dead embryonic fallow immature implied inferential inferred intrinsic involved passive potential smouldering smoldering suspended tacit torpid unconscious underdeveloped unexposed unripe vestigial free likely off possible rudimentary vacant at rest in abeyance not activated on the shelf out of commission implicit undeclared unreserved unspoken understood unsaid constructive unuttered taken for granted complete total wholehearted firm steadfast full fixed entire constant unqualified unshakable unhesitating accurate inevitable implicative inarticulate definite virtual practical unquestioned certain quiet covered camouflaged still screened unfaltering unquestioning disguised unconditional absolute shrouded wordless unemployed undoubting undisclosed bottled up under wraps deep prepatent subliminal motionless undetectable silent suggested resting indirect immobile deducible unmoving hinted unoccupied imperceivable cloaked mothballed surreptitious stationary clouded undercover eclipsed undetected not in use out of use hinted at not visible out of sight in the dark out of view unwavering unidentified unbeknown unknown forthright rapid swift prompt confident lost covered up unbeknownst unrecognized resolute relapsing retreating lowering receding regressive ebbing declining falling unrecognised unswerving inbuilt obedient unthinking automatic larvate cryptic incognito cabalistic ingrained fundamental incorporated disused prospective inner future not operating ticking over undivulged probable budding inmost gathering dust unutilized no longer in use fallen into disuse mental recessive unexploited conceivable developing imaginable not made use of untried obscured inconspicuous going begging not in service unspoilt non-functioning in the making unseeable unnoticeable sluggish unnoticed indistinguishable unobserved disengaged restrained unobtrusive discreet indistinct lethargic serene peaceful smooth nonexistent obscure unperceivable shadowy inappreciable stopped static stifled intangible unobservable ghostly insensible perdu impalpable ethereal vaporous imaginary not in view not in sight unviewable imponderable gaseous impossible to detect deactivated slumbering undisturbed stagnant calm sleepy asleep placid tranquil dull turned off on hold low-key in holding pattern insinuated smothered muffled unstated gentle unruffled unagitated lifeless inhibited oblique unvoiced not obvious withheld sheltered pent up bottled-up blocked held back curbed held in allusive adumbrated occult indicative signified figured symbolized foreshadowed significative assumed indicated perceptible meant connoted parallel intended snug tect underground symbolised kept in check not spelt out alluded to taken as read tacitly assumed not on view

Tính từ

Insufficiently acknowledged

Tính từ

Not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others
secret confidential classified undisclosed hush-hush restricted unknown unpublished unrevealed untold intimate nonpublic private underground esoteric hushed incognito inside privy undercover unofficial backdoor dissembled dissimulated mom mum uncommunicated behind-the-scenes off the record strictly confidential top secret under wraps not for circulation not for publication under-the-table not to be disclosed not to be made public sub rosa sub-rosa hidden clandestine concealed personal privileged covert top-secret secretive closet surreptitious furtive discreet closed innermost veiled inward non-public quiet exclusive sneaky sneaking deepest inner unexpressed inmost close unvoiced underhand deep shrouded reserved backstairs unspoken sneak undeclared deep-seated cloak-and-dagger protected unidentified unreported sensitive masked undivulged unseen darkest suppressed guarded internal stealthy stealth underhanded under one's hat disguised bottled up hole-and-corner hugger-mugger limited buried obscured between ourselves dark hidden away underlying behind the scenes censored true arcane individual unapparent honest real with a lid on buttoned up on the QT tight-lipped mysterious under-the-counter on the side unconfessed unavowed restricted access in ambush camouflaged sly cryptic profound soft low restrictive discriminative dern huggermugger ulterior strict tight kept concealed kept secret home regulated need to know heartfelt sincere in-depth unrelated unrecounted bosom sealed nameless unannounced unnamed anonymous impenetrable carefully guarded closely guarded deeply felt off limits closed off clouded covered unstated unmentioned unnarrated non-shareable in private out of bounds special backstage allowed granted controlled exceptional offstage inconspicuous interior single-serving single-serve undistributable between you and me between you and me and the gatepost between you and me and the doorpost between you and me and the wall between you and me and the bedpost for eyes only in camera close to one's chest not in the public domain not open behind someone's back in confidence one-on-one in strict confidence eyes-only not to be quoted unshareable to be kept under wraps not to be mentioned not for public consumption not public within these four walls tête-à-tête psychological religious within intellectual inner-directed spiritual

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