Đồng nghĩa của unspecified

Alternative for unspecified

unspecified /' n'spesifaid/
  • tính từ
    • không chỉ rõ, không nói rõ


Not stated clearly or exactly
unidentified undefined unstated indefinite indeterminate undesignated undetermined unfixed unmentioned unquantified unstipulated uncertain undecided unknown arbitrary mystery obscure vague any certain general given nth one some this not specified such-and-such a … unsettled unnamed unexplained unresolved imprecise anonymous inexact inconclusive secret unrevealed unascertained untold undiscovered unrecognized unnoted unperceived pending unheard of unfamiliar unrecognised unsure undeclared understood unbeknownst uncounted unpredictable borderless uncategorized indeterminant unclassified nameless undistinguished strange woolly non-specific unclear unlimited limitless unbeknown unspecific infinite immeasurable endless measureless unfathomable illimitable horizonless boundless bottomless unrestricted unbounded immensurable fathomless open open-ended approximate wooly sitting on the fence hesitant abeyant faltering hesitating equivocal irresolute wavering incalculable vacillating unproven doubtful dark undisclosed hidden concealed undivulged mysterious unestablished unapprehended noteless in limbo in the balance up in the air ambiguous confused moot unanswered ongoing disputed arguable debatable vexed unsolved unconfirmed problematic iffy in a state of uncertainty up for grabs in a state of limbo clouded open to debate betwixt and between not decided dubitable waffling to be decided pendent borderline in doubt ill-defined loose indistinct hazy fuzzy nebulous blurred evasive pale misty shadowy blear bleary gauzy dim blurry murky dubious faint muzzy indistinguishable inexplicit foggy opaque oracular intangible broad innumerable indeterminable inexhaustible wide noncommittal undependable


Not able to be adequately defined or described
nameless indescribable unutterable unspeakable inexpressible indefinable unspecifiable ineffable incommunicable uncommunicable inenarrable undefinable indefinite inconceivable unthinkable undescribable unimaginable intangible defying description unanalysable preternatural beggaring description impalpable untellable nondescript unanalyzable subtle beyond words elusive beyond description sublime unbelievable abstract unheard of inexpressable unexpressible obscure unknowable indistinct wonderful marvellous fantastic incredible baffling overwhelming vague mysterious fugitive puzzling untold marvelous impossible ambiguous astonishing fabulous amazing astounding breathtaking staggering unthought of deceptive fleeting transient transitory incomprehensible incalculable incorporeal indeterminable dim unclear hazy hard to define hard to describe evasive implausible mind-boggling misleading unimagined equivocal unconvincing fantastical improbable unlikely unheard-of incredulous unconceivable uncompelling empyrean divine empyreal transcendental sacred heavenly celestial ideal deep holy ethereal transcendent spiritual inapprehensible exceptional unique singular mind-blowing incogitable undreamed-of rare unordinary uncommon doubtful extraordinary elusory undreamed of fraudulent illusory not understandable beyond belief full of it unspecific oracular fallacious beyond the realm of reason beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams too sacred for words fugacious occult greasy deceitful imponderable insubstantial tenuous phantom shy evanescent stonewalling volatile tricky


Made more general, less specialized
generalised generalized vague comprehensive general global hazy indiscriminate nebulous obscure sweeping universal widespread imprecise loose rough uncertain unclear equivocal indefinite inexact incomplete sketchy approximate indeterminate confused superficial dubious woolly ambiguous cursory unknown imperfect inexplicit fuzzy ambivalent doubtful iffy inadequate obfuscatory perfunctory wooly muzzy muddy questionable bewildering unintelligible amphibological puzzling ill-defined non-specific indistinct enigmatic cryptic mysterious occult confusing arcane perplexing enigmatical opaque blurred abstruse inscrutable mystic Delphic broad incomprehensible unfocused ballpark deep muddled oblique recondite unfathomable tenebrous oracular esoteric elliptical double-edged mystifying inexplicable approximative foggy murky secret impenetrable inconclusive clear as dishwater misleading debatable dark elliptic fuliginous baffling estimated incoherent evasive clear as mud clouded hidden inaccurate unspecific paradoxical squishy roundabout abstract jumbled undetailed blurry open to debate open to argument mystical veiled coded indirect equivocating gnomic covert circumlocutory circuitous shadowy as clear as mud riddling elusive open concealed unexplained periphrastic unexplicit coarse-grained clandestine gray grey hermetic hermetical disorganized open to question strange secretive arguable cloudy implied impressionistic disorganised hard to understand flexible crude prevaricating borderline slight illogical shallow overall unrigorous unmeticulous difficult basic generic deceptive obfuscated liberal noncommittal complex shifty unprecise hard involved rambling subtle mumbled complicated indecisive elusory intricate shrouded cloaked garbled devious tricky disjointed profound mixed sibylline deceitful inarticulate non-committal indecipherable stonewalling uncanny Greek to me insoluble illegible little known apocryphal Delphian inaudible cabalistic neither one thing nor the other unknowable neither fish nor fowl woolly-minded woolly-headed unsound polysemous polysemic polysemantic hinky multivocal addled bleary proximate remote dim weak near close unsettled confounding peculiar odd muddle-headed dense amorphous dubitable in question chancy problematic in doubt at issue unsure free cryptical ulterior blanket muddleheaded random changeable nonspecific common unexplainable surmised unscientific guessed subliminal non-restrictive nubilous purblind imperceptive fluid unaccountable backhanded slippery convoluted uninterpretable problematical black almost exact almost accurate beyond comprehension sphinxlike undefined cagey lenient non-literal inconceivable technical incredible secreted teasing stumping stickling cabbalistic implicit far-out cunning shuffling faint all-round all-around meaningless not easily understood dissembling broad-spectrum bird's-eye broad-based careless sloppy sophistical open-ended intangible casuistic false casuistical indiscernible casual disguised not particular not partial not specific circumlocutionary ambagious not literal not strict not close slurred ungraspable blurred round the edges senseless scrambled masked circular collateral obliquitous incognizable Greek all Greek to me fathomless rarefied fraudulent illusory suppressed muffled fallacious suspicious muttered halting faltering hesitant contradictory duplicitous surreptitious unrevealed camouflaged involute involuted fugacious transient indescribable phantom shy fleeting greasy imponderable transitory insubstantial tenuous volatile evanescent hesitating stuttering stammering stumbling disreputable hinted at underlying recherché heavy speechless mute voiceless scrappy bitty skimpy tongue-tied two-edged unfinished outline unexposed unrecognizable invisible shielded unrecognisable hooded screened undercover covered patchy insufficient rudimentary limited fragmentary reticent unvocal mumbling maundering clumsy awkward poorly spoken over one's head above one's head scanty hurried meagre hasty provisional cobbled together introductory faulty defective depthless uncritical preliminary meager coarse on the back of an envelope

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