Đồng nghĩa của mystical

Alternative for mystical

Đồng nghĩa: mysterious, mystic, occult, orphic, secret,

Tính từ

Of hidden or esoteric meaning
concealed cryptic abstruse arcane esoteric hidden inexplicable inscrutable mysterious recondite secret unfathomable cabbalistic enigmatic obscure occult unrevealed impenetrable deep mystic incomprehensible mystifying dark enigmatical puzzling opaque veiled perplexing ambiguous secretive cabalistic murky strange nebulous Delphic covert complicated profound confusing uncanny elliptical equivocal elliptic unclear double-edged difficult baffling complex involved abstract oracular clandestine insoluble hermetic vague coded unintelligible fuliginous unexplainable hard bewildering shadowy hermetical sibylline unknowable oblique little known black intricate as clear as mud hard to understand unknown private unexplained stealthy unaccountable orphic heavy acroamatic shrouded out-of-the-way involuted convoluted sphinxlike clouded paradoxical apocryphal cloak-and-dagger evasive Delphian knotty rarefied inner hypermetric magical cloaked indecipherable shrouded in mystery tenebrous ulterior anagogic recherché subliminal indistinct uncertain teasing stickling doubtful stumping indefinite secreted little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic subtle uninterpretable riddling tricky confounding inconceivable illegible technical incredible illogical indecisive mind-boggling sophisticated problematical hard to solve byzantine involute difficult to understand vexing thorny beyond comprehension rambling detailed elaborate fancy beyond one's grasp advanced gnarly unsolvable hard to explain above your head entangled fiddly tangled troublesome mind-bending undecipherable hazy labyrinthine thought-provoking over one's head full of twists and turns fathomless far-out undercover clear as mud Greek to me not easily understood clear as dishwater underhand furtive underground surreptitious hush-hush conspiratorial sneaky closet backstairs weird peculiar odd curious underhanded sneaking stealth sly sneak privy bizarre shifty in ambush on the QT surprise unenlightened hugger-mugger behind someone's back behind-the-scenes backdoor unseen covered top-secret hole-and-corner funny queer unnatural unsolved cagey subjective dubious indeterminate questionable imprecise debatable inexplicit wildering confused arguable unsettled elusive inconclusive misleading inexact incognizable ill-defined fuzzy dense beyond one ungraspable open to question foggy gnomic insolvable blurred muddled unreadable unresolved undetermined open to debate open to argument undefined contradictory problematic inexplainable tortuous Byzantine ambivalent equivocating Greek borderline dubitable cloudy unconfirmed indiscernible beyond understanding impossible to understand indistinguishable circuitous two-edged open in doubt undecided tough challenging faint jumbled unexplicit serpentine absurd inconsistent nuanced poker-faced labyrinthian incongruous cumbersome blank Daedalian Gordian interlaced deadpan impalpable indescribable undefinable expressionless impassive unimaginable indirect unplumbed unexplored undisclosed obfuscated muddy incalculable sphinx-like prevaricating sketchy beats me suspicious ironic muzzy suspect chancy amphibological bamboozling surprising bemusing unsure disputable uncomprehensible roundabout fine circumlocutory dim blurry impossible to interpret unestablished periphrastic bleary doubtable unascertained in question unanswerable unsounded moot non-committal spiny narrow iffy baroque daedal blear tenuous hairsplitting distinct mixed knotted strict hair-splitting up in the air hi-tech fine-drawn fine-spun yet to be decided petty finespun trifling tiny open to doubt Daedalean polysemous polysemic polysemantic hinky multivocal reticent discreet unsound dual intense at issue undiscoverable cryptical taxing twofold nubilous purblind imperceptive vacillating mysterial ineffable speculative meaningless beyond you improbable impossible inaccessible gray grey unfathomed double arduous inarticulate incoherent ticklish disconcerting worrying woolly unwieldy full of surprises unresolvable too deep remote imperfect wooly weak garbled hairy awkward duplicitous befuddling hard to follow anonymous slurred mumbled slippery conflicting self-contradictory anomalous oxymoronic disreputable deceptive senseless scrambled unidentified unusual irresolvable inextricable unconcluded astonishing unparalleled extraordinary freakish freak cunning shuffling devious inaudible misty obscured freaky fluky nameless unnamed inexpressive unexpressive unemotional emotionless deceitful dissembling all Greek to someone double Dutch too hard to understand too difficult to understand spooky rum without a solution unable to be solved all Greek to you sophistical really hard very hard amorphous all Greek to me dispassionate vacant unheard-of unwonted uncommon unspecified faceless incognito formless intangible casuistic false casuistical stonewalling elusory noncommittal gauzy contentious off the wall unformed nebulose shapeless unverified unprovable controversial controvertible unreliable unproven unsung marginal issuable negotiable in dispute distant dreamlike indefinable lacking definition out of focus pale shady fishy shaky dodgy disputed spurious under advisement flimsy under examination not definite contingent not obvious hypothetical open to discussion mystery impressionistic precarious up for grabs ravelled winding sinuous twisted ornate complicate rococo heterogeneous multifaceted multifarious variegated raveled high-tech long-drawn-out can of worms maze-like mixed up drawn-out

Tính từ

Having occult or metaphysical significance
spiritual supernatural transcendental occult paranormal esoteric metaphysical mysterious preternatural transcendent arcane inscrutable otherworldly other-worldly religious abstruse cabalistic ineffable nonrational non-rational anagogic hermetical magic magical mystic numinous orphic unearthly ethereal necromantic uncanny supernormal psychic phenomenal unworldly weird superhuman miraculous spectral ghostly heavenly transmundane eerie secret wizardly dark celestial unnatural strange sublime mythical spiritualistic supranatural clairvoyant sorcerous extramundane shadowy unaccountable black oracular dreamy obscure alien cryptic visionary fanciful extraterrestrial abnormal cabbalistic shamanistic divine exalted unusual extraordinary haunted telepathic ensorcelled ghostlike inexplicable phantom voodoo rare fairylike empyreal fey hidden extrasensory thaumaturgic supersensory witchlike supermundane bizarre superior fantastic unknowable fantastical otherworldy haunting airy-fairy astrological mystifying alchemistic abstract nonmaterialistic quixotic telestic mysterial imaginary astral unreal daydreaming daydreamy incorporeal awe-inspiring uplifting moving inspiring boundless inspirational peculiar exceptional odd anomalous telekinetic singular uncommon hypernormal unbelievable supersensible supersensual unexplained supersensitive signal immaterial inner stargazing outstanding unprecedented remarkable mythological invisible superordinary unfathomable fairy impenetrable unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible legendary concealed unrevealed exceeding wonderful atypical unique aberrated irregular extraordinaire prodigious marvellous aberrant unwonted especial wondrous freak uncustomary with a sixth sense out-of-body with second sight untypical deviative marvelous unrepresentative deviant out of the ordinary witching thaumaturgical parapsychological inhuman tranced runic demoniac diabolic spooky out of this world enchanted bewitched entranced spellbound enchanting charmed spellbinding fascinating magnetic entrancing charismatic conjuring theurgic fiendish theurgical talismanic possessed under a spell fabulous breathtaking captivating astonishing creepy eldritch dreamlike fairy-tale freaky rum freakish heroic scary queer ghastly spookish eery fabled make-believe lovely bewitching special powerful Druidical exquisite perfect charming fairytale-like thrilling irresistible curious bizarro inspired ghoulish inexplainable unheard-of devilish supranormal far-out grotesque awful horrific dreadful ominous fearful very strange flakey uncouth flaky oddball whacko supernal phantasmal wraithlike phantasmic great stupendous immense enormous godlike mythic Herculean herculean scaring frightening spine-chilling insubstantial sinister hair-raising chilling illusory petrifying terrifying blood-curdling omnipotent formidable supreme bionic staggering fictitious folkloric corpselike eidolic wraithy apparitional holy wan pale cadaverous indistinct deathlike vampiric apocryphal hypothetical famed imagined traditional proverbial fictional beyond human symbolic allegorical parabolic famous storied storybook made up epic important impressive more than human

Tính từ

Of, pertaining to, or employing an anagoge

Tính từ

Based on abstract reasoning
metaphysical abstract theoretical intellectual ideal philosophical speculative conceptual notional abstruse basic deep essential fundamental recondite esoteric high-flown ideational intangible profound spiritual supernatural theoretic universal unreal academic immaterial impalpable incorporeal oversubtle transcendental unpractical unsubstantial bodiless conjectural difficult discarnate eternal hypothetical insubstantial jesuitic nonmaterial nonphysical numinous ontological philosophic superhuman superior supermundane suprahuman supramundane supranatural unfleshly unphysical suppositional impractical imaginary conjectured putative suppositious logical analytical pure suppositive rational assumed unsubstantiated transcendent visionary unrealistic nonconcrete fanciful not practical supposed illusory fancied paradigmatic imagal unfathomable complex serious weighty unapplied impenetrable obscure mysterious dark moral ethical vague on paper presumed quixotic formularized codified pedantic hypothetic in theory as a premise formalistic postulated general unproved instanced problematical idealized ideological contingent in the abstract tentative imaginative unearthly idealised scholarly wise erudite learned sagacious reasoned thoughtful academical presupposed unproven untested presumptive unfounded groundless imagined indefinite uncertain suspect doubtful based on guesswork non-practical postulatory non-technical blue-sky nominal higher experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive unpragmatic irrelevant useless alleged ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish apparent inferred indeterminate casual contestable disputable equivocal assumptive stochastic concocted questionable conditional conjecturable debatable refutable provisory proposed guessed unconfirmed pretending problematic purported suspected surmised supposititious made up postulational guessing unresolved surmising guesstimated figured reputed likely asserted inferential on a hunch on a long shot

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