Đồng nghĩa của insolvable

Alternative for insolvable

insolvable /in'sɔlvəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không giải quyết được; không giải thích được

Tính từ

Impossible to solve
insoluble baffling impenetrable unsolvable inexplicable mysterious mystifying obscure unfathomable enigmatic inscrutable perplexing puzzling unanswerable unexplainable unresolvable indecipherable unaccountable difficult inextricable intricate irresolvable unconcluded unresolved unsolved unable to be solved without a solution incomprehensible insuperable bewildering unintelligible unknowable abstruse wildering complicated complex confusing hard unrealizable unattainable impossible hopeless undoable unascertainable unexcogitable answerless strange beyond comprehension inexplainable weird undefinable bizarre indescribable curious odd peculiar beyond understanding cryptic arcane enigmatical hidden unclear dark Delphic fathomless elaborate confounding convoluted challenging involved tricky ungraspable recondite uncanny mystic deep occult opaque mind-bending awkward gnarly undecipherable hairy thorny sophisticated knotty problematical problematic tangled spiny impossible to understand cabbalistic indiscernible sibylline cabalistic sphinxlike incognizable ambiguous unusual esoteric extraordinary secret queer mystical elliptical abnormal anomalous equivocal elliptic uncommon funny unexpected atypical double-edged unexplained murky nebulous quaint oracular fuliginous beyond one difficult to understand concealed offbeat hard to understand labyrinthine paradoxical deviant unnatural freakish unorthodox vague surprising remarkable quirky out of the ordinary different outlandish aberrant unconventional unfamiliar veiled freak fantastic oblique oddball eccentric unique supernatural unknown magical phenomenal superhuman incongruous ridiculous ludicrous wacky irregular miraculous erratic preternatural crazy inconceivable rare whacky wild kookie kooky queerish eerie profound freaky coded secretive off-kilter far-out unearthly astonishing unheard of illogical as clear as mud clear as mud Byzantine paranormal befuddling supernormal stupefying transcendental transcendent absurd singular unbelievable dubious unparalleled exceptional prodigious astounding rum novel wacko unwonted zany outré clandestine hermetic untypical bizarro funky abstract screwy kinky weirdo off the wall over one's head spaced-out supermundane superior way-out incredible amazing off-the-wall disconcerting out-of-the-way aberrated illegible contradictory inconsistent suspicious stunning eye-popping staggering idiosyncratic covert wonderful bamboozling out of place spooky marvellous disorienting intriguing unrevealed obfuscated uncertain otherworldly metaphysical uncustomary ghostly surreal unprecedented wondrous apocryphal evasive Delphian doubtful shadowy indistinct left-field unimaginable tenebrous riddling indefinite hermetical marvelous weird and wonderful cranky hazy beyond one's grasp supranatural uncomprehensible out of the way above your head little known numinous unreal heavy preposterous exotic mind-boggling new unexplored alien foreign unreadable undiscoverable fluky radical mysterial ineffable taxing unpredictable offhand irrational thaumaturgic unheard-of improbable stealthy Daedalian Gordian off-key ticklish worrying subjective cagey ulterior shrouded clouded cloaked beyond you indeterminate dense incalculable psychic conflicting self-contradictory ironic oxymoronic cryptical subliminal disconsonant inapropos irrelevant disparate incongruent incoherent full of surprises foggy inaccessible misleading black subtle muddling magic secreted grotesque uninterpretable nubilous amphibological purblind imperceptive comical random dissimilar hard to follow blurring unsettling technical indecisive too deep distinct fabulous phantom extramundane non-rational hypernormal droll outre muddlesome mistakable Greek to me not easily understood clear as dishwater daggy fanciful fantastical foolish cockamamie nonsensical insane slang remote unaccustomed uninvestigated original alternative spectral sensational awful mind-blowing awesome portentous stupendous providential eye-opening sublime elusive bemusing fairy mythical legendary invisible celestial mythological superordinary ghostlike interesting unordinary untried newfangled signal way out out there off-beat off the rails bugged out perverted monstrous spectacular wonderworking outstanding really hard very hard the utmost perverse aberrational divergent devious non-typical deviate hard to solve byzantine involute vexing rambling advanced hard to explain fiddly troublesome full of twists and turns involuted detailed fancy entangled thought-provoking exceeding extraordinaire especial unworldly other-worldly Greek deviative unrepresentative pretend concocted labored laboured contrary ersatz outrageous unconforming made-up make-believe imitation staged all Greek to someone double Dutch beats me too hard to understand too difficult to understand all Greek to you teasing stumping stickling uncharacteristic questionable anomalistic scarce fishy creepy nonstandard out of line off-base off-centre off-color unco like nothing on earth

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