Đồng nghĩa của ill thought out

Tính từ

Carried out without the benefit of wise counsel or careful deliberation, or carried out with unwise counsel
ill-advised unwise foolish imprudent injudicious misguided rash foolhardy indiscreet reckless short-sighted thoughtless ill-considered ill-judged impolitic inappropriate incautious overhasty unseemly wrong-headed hare-brained ill-conceived asinine brash careless crackpot crazy graceless hasty inadvisable indelicate inexpedient silly tactless undiplomatic unthinking badly planned cock-eyed confused crackbrained daft half-baked hotheaded inconsiderate irresponsible madcap risky wrong off the top of one's head heedless unconsidered offhand unguarded inadvertent spur-of-the-moment unthought-out spur of the moment wild spontaneous impulsive unpremeditated stupid absurd preposterous idiotic ridiculous giddy unworkable unrealistic mindless impracticable inane flighty insensitive cavalier improvident casual uncircumspect headlong not thought through uncaring badly thought out unsympathetic harebrained harum-scarum empty-headed scatterbrained barmy unconscious temerarious unwary precipitate impetuous hot-headed impractical devil-may-care irrational premature precipitous daring audacious adventurous negligent unsuitable undesirable helter-skelter improper daredevil bold immature hurried myopic overbold rushed blind imperceptive misconceived cursory gadarene flying pell-mell drive-by venturesome venturous inattentive headstrong senseless regardless unsagacious astigmatic fiery frenzied determined furious insuppressible passionate unadvised overconfident misled hell-for-leather precipitant untimely jumping to conclusions slapdash mistaken kamikaze playing with fire maladroit unobservant unadvisable unpolitic near-sighted misplaced unsound erroneous misdirected short-term misinformed sudden deluded ignorant unsubtle naive abortive over-adventurous misbegotten misjudged ill-made death-or-glory bad tearaway unwatchful previous unreasonable bull-in-a-china-shop badly thought-out poorly thought-out unsafe unheeding unmindful off-guard absent-minded neglectful labouring under a delusion nearsighted unalert reactive unvigilant uncareful undiscerning unperceptive unreflective ad hoc knee-jerk ill-timed shortsighted disadvantageous dumb detrimental infelicitous garrulous nosy unsensible pointless inconvenient unrecommended childish unfortunate unintelligent inapt abrupt short-range restricted limited damaging prejudicial harmful suicidal uninformed unaware not recommended inopportune futile untoward unwarned unknowing unsuspecting frantic unduly quick radge vague doomed fearless courageous intrepid chaotic wacky lively frivolous out-of-place illogical in the dark self-destructive brave dauntless undaunted leaving self wide open off the deep end overventuresome out of control adventuresome uncontrolled fast and loose breakneck over-venturesome carefree unsmart desperate lacking foresight uncreative unimaginative labouring under a misapprehension death-defying remiss unconcerned deaf apathetic ditsy unreasoning irreflective slipshod listless indifferent risk-taking caught napping asleep at the wheel fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful uncautious leading with one's chin wary any old way off guard asleep on the job foot-in-mouth pay no mind not in the loop unwarranted malapropos napping dozy fallacious unfounded credulous off one's guard unprepared misconstrued gauche gruff crude under wrong impression under a misapprehension confounded misunderstood misinterpreted erring disinformed stray errant deceived stonewalled straying bum-steer bearded faked-out uncivil unpolished rough harsh sharp blunt untactful crass inept blundering awkward bungling vulgar clumsy uncalled for off course led up the garden path

Tính từ

Lacking a coherent or logical sequence or connection
disconnected disjointed incoherent confused jumbled rambling unintelligible garbled illogical irrational uncoordinated wandering choppy disorganised disorganized mixed-up unconnected haphazard random broken disordered inchoate incohesive interrupted irregular loose mixed up muddled uncontinuous incongruous fragmentary discontinuous piecemeal incomplete bitty patchy fitful scrappy fragmented unsystematic inconsistent erratic sketchy spasmodic intermittent uneven faltering disrupted aimless disorderly scrambled dislocated displaced partial incomprehensible separated scattered disturbed untidy deficient fractional varying variable meaningless ununified diffuse irrelevant nonsensical distorted unsettled sporadic mangled twisted corrupted misconstrued troubled monosyllabic clipped perfunctory dismembered superficial imperfect inadequate slipshod inarticulate unclear unpolished defective unfinished spotty mumbled muttered wild severed disarticulated stuttering stuttered slurred stammering discursive stammered disunited patchwork fragmental discrete partially fitfully gradual intermittently half halfway thrown together desultory breathless puzzling dumb discordant maundering staccato inconclusive part divided without unity split directionless hard to follow in pieces by fits and starts little by little by degrees step by step at intervals stage by stage far-out jumpy unorganised spaced-out unattached jerky out-to-lunch out-of-it cool spacey unorganized fuzzy all over the place torn apart

Tính từ

Not well thought out
ridiculous irrational illogical unreasonable unsound injudicious senseless unthinking unwise brainless foolish idiotic incoherent mindless nonsensical silly stupid unreasoned crazy flawed ludicrous nonrational wild demented faulty groundless incorrect insane laughable unjustifiable contradictory kooky loony nutty unreasoning unscientific wacky ill-conceived off beam off the wall off-the-wall way out without basis without foundation not making sense not well thought out absurd invalid fallacious untenable preposterous specious wrong implausible unfounded weak inconsequent illegitimate inconsequential mad sophistic daft barmy baseless arbitrary flakey raving freaky cockamamie aberrant disconnected distraught unstable reasonless delirious disjointed flaky meaningless inconsistent spurious unjustified erroneous inconclusive sophistical impossible casuistic imbecilic inane unproved incongruous irrelevant unconnected hollow screwy unsubstantial beyond belief fatuous irreconcilable perverse cockeyed false self-contradictory not following full of holes beyond the bounds of possibility inaccurate untrue inexact untruthful off mistaken off target wide of the mark imprecise out in error bogus misleading iffy counterfactual not exact not accurate off base phoney dicey defective dodgy unreliable askew misguided abroad phony not working wide all wet way off off-base off-beam way off-beam unconvincing inadequate unsubstantiated ill-founded unwarranted foundationless nonvalid unsupported unfitting wrongly inferred improper unsustainable illegal not trustworthy erratic erring imperfect unfaithful careless fluffed falsified adrift off-target astray misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated ungrounded distorted discrepant garbled way-out not true untrustworthy way-off not right doesn't wash way off beam not precise at fault out of line out of commission on the wrong track amiss awry wrong number all off

Tính từ

Acting or done without forethought, or having the tendency to do so
impulsive spontaneous precipitate hasty headlong impetuous rash unpremeditated capricious extemporaneous hurried impromptu instinctive snap incautious intuitive involuntary uninhibited unplanned whimsical adventurous daredevil emotional foolhardy freakish injudicious reckless sudden thoughtless unconsidered unprompted unrepressed unthinking abandoned abrupt daring imprudent irresponsible madcap offhand quick unguarded unpredictable unwary automatic brash careless hectic passionate perfunctory speedy superficial swift unexpected unmeditated wild hot-headed spur-of-the-moment ill-considered ad-lib devil-may-care jumping the gun winging it heedless overhasty ill-advised temerarious precipitous harum-scarum foolish hare-brained indiscreet unwise hotheaded negligent inconsiderate improvident rushed irrational knee-jerk harebrained unconscious audacious premature mindless ill-judged inadvertent helter-skelter precipitant unprepared extempore off-the-cuff reflex unintentional casual silly ad hoc hell-for-leather misguided kamikaze cursory gadarene flying improvised improvisational slapdash unrehearsed drive-by pell-mell extemporary offhanded senseless unthought-out unwitting unintended venturesome venturous overbold unheeding stupid mechanical headstrong unstudied bold unforeseen carefree flighty reflexive ill-conceived short-sighted scatterbrained overconfident uncontrolled unanticipated furious down and dirty improvisatory impolitic over-adventurous indelicate death-or-glory giddy breakneck immature instinctual jumping to conclusions tearaway regardless rushing on-the-spot unrestrained unconditioned crackbrained half-baked frivolous from the hip without warning witless natural brainless out of the blue previous immediate haphazard illogical tactless habitual insouciant unarranged reactive fiery frenzied insuppressible determined unscripted undiplomatic inattentive inadvisable unreasoned unsafe over-venturesome unreasoning inexpedient instantaneous graceless undesigned unforced ad lib uncareful futile birdbrained ad libitum unlooked-for unmindful off the cuff not bargained for remiss without notice playing with fire crazy unintelligent idiotic impractical crackpot neglectful unbridled nonsensical imbecilic scatty erratic violent cavalier clueless moronic rapid robotic mechanic ill-timed wanton instant untimely inept gut unwilled unbidden intemperate desperate flippant damfool subitaneous dippy immoderate blind unpracticed dotty free adventuresome unannounced easy-going unscheduled random featherbrained makeshift light-minded bull-in-a-china-shop fast and loose unreasonable lamebrained unsound idiotical simpleminded meaningless pointless not thought through lamebrain nonrational not planned fruitless out of control dim-witted half-witted free and easy not in the cards not rehearsed off the top of one's head spur of the moment feather-brained uncircumspect subconscious unlearned subliminal untaught default surprising heady suicidal unthoughtful risky whirlwind dangerous fearless intrepid courageous off your own bat uncoordinated willing voluntary accidental snatched shortsighted misjudged brave dauntless undaunted autogenetic routine mad naive startling responsive unduly quick eager fierce ardent rough tempestuous unadvisable inconstant divvy extemporized meteoric absent-minded impassioned vehement unsystematic unempirical wrong-headed wrong unsuitable inappropriate wide open badly thought out nonchalant unconcerned happy-go-lucky death-defying romping disorderly uncontrived self-destructive unreflecting adventitious aleatory off deep end out on limb leaving self wide open off the deep end undesirable dumb autoschediastic improv extemporal fervid restive risk-taking airy insensitive improviso informal catch-as-catch-can swaggering untroubled breezy unworried indifferent oblivious fly-by-night extemporised radge unsubtle infelicitous garrulous nosy too soon inopportune chaotic wacky lively daft overventuresome lackadaisical careless of one's duty half-cocked ditzy dizzy skittish by ear made-up on impulse disregardful uncaring irreflective careless of blithe unsmart cobbled together thrown together going off deep end sloppy vacant unmeant blunt untactful feckless brutish outrageous napping seat-of-the-pants uncontrollable easygoing easy unselfconscious unaffected relaxed excitable without regard unwatchful unobservant off-guard blindsiding unheralded unbewised unchosen conditioned uncalculated unalert uncautious wary unvigilant extravagant frothy batty dopey goofy ditsy puerile yeasty unhoped for unlooked for nutty dappy lavish asleep at the switch out to lunch genuine open excited bemused gaga bubbleheaded unscientific fast-and-loose unreserved caught napping asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out not careful any old way asleep on the job foot-in-mouth unworkable frantic unrestricted prodigal unfettered profuse abundant volatile excessive empty-headed light-headed ridiculous unformed sophomoric undeveloped unrealistic raw unchecked unruly rampant corrupt runaway underdeveloped unhampered unconstrained unhindered incorrigible unprincipled unbounded footloose and fancy-free sharp lightning shameless accelerated fast fleet expeditious spasmodic acute quickened poorly planned explosive unusual speeded not fully developed cock-eyed without delay forgetful lax slipshod slack undiscerning trivial throwaway indiscriminate credulous passing ignorant shallow uncritical lightweight myopic near-sighted derelict parenthetical lazy inane short-term imperceptive ludicrous delinquent unjustifiable incoherent groundless laughable neglecting demented insane kooky loony oscitant behindhand unperceptive off-the-wall dozy unreflective asleep at switch mistaken cool gratuitous prejudiced wholesale unquestioning short-range no-nonsense resolute restricted unsagacious direct astigmatic limited abstracted implicit undiscriminating unseemly unsympathetic barbarous barbaric deaf apathetic listless asinine detached incidental unadvised badly planned confused uncreative unimaginative dispassionate without preparation off the hip off the top of head uncalled for absurd unheedful incurious slovenly off one's guard lacking foresight laid-back failing to take proper care preposterous crude gauche gruff peremptory uncivil unpolitic unpolished harsh heedless of illegitimate invalid inconsequent inconsequential implausible baseless untenable fallacious unfounded weak arbitrary inattentive to disregardful of flakey specious unstable freaky cockamamie barmy distraught raving aberrant reasonless disconnected sophistic delirious disjointed bungling vulgar clumsy crass blundering awkward maladroit paying no heed to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to flaky flawed incorrect faulty contradictory glib simplistic trifling barratrous dilatory indolent schematic insubstantial simple blameworthy culpable slothful tardy defaultant inconsistent daydreaming reprehensible slow woolgathering uninterested fainéant facile flimsy empty surface sketchy oversimplified hollow off beam way out off the wall vain skin-deep petty wishy-washy piddling unscholarly farcical one-dimensional paltry not well thought out without foundation without basis not making sense at fault asleep on job any which way

Trái nghĩa của ill thought out

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