Đồng nghĩa của nonvalid

Tính từ

Not supported or proven by evidence
groundless unfounded unsubstantiated baseless unwarranted unsupported unreasonable foundationless invalid unproven uncorroborated unjustified ill-founded spurious unsound unverified unconfirmed false fallacious without basis questionable unreliable without foundation erroneous untested unattested conjectural speculative untrue idle unjustifiable vain illogical specious misguided flimsy gratuitous bottomless not backed up by evidence fabricated weak misinformed irrational untenable ungrounded uncalled-for tenuous untruthful trumped-up trumped up reasonless nonsupported empty unprovoked without substantiation without merit unauthorized chimerical illusory imaginary not backed up uncalled for causeless without justification without cause unauthorised without reason without explanation mendacious unreal off-base misleading deceptive inaccurate wrong unconvincing faulty inadequate unscientific nonrational inexact out incorrect inconsistent off inconsequent illegitimate inconsequential unreasoning absurd preposterous bogus off target wrongly inferred unsustainable mad unreasoned off beam illegal sophistic wide of the mark way out not working full of holes unestablished assumed untrustworthy presumed not validated disputable dodgy suspect iffy debatable dubious nebulous doubtful undependable uncertain controversial arguable suppositious suppositive suspicious dubitable indefinite open to question fishy open to doubt hard to believe flawed implausible indefensible senseless shaky inexcusable unpardonable unwarrantable unforgivable defective unnecessary nonsensical ludicrous nutty insupportable wacky superfluous needless excessive unacceptable feeble silly foolish injudicious unbelievable crazy incredible idiotic inconceivable unpersuasive contradictory stupid unsubstantial insane ridiculous inane unjust off the wall inessential undue dispensable poor redundant nonessential superstitious non-essential unsatisfactory inappropriate immoderate inordinate disproportionate inexpiable delusory inconclusive avoidable unessential unfair unsupportable unthinking unwise phoney impossible arbitrary phony frivolous incongruous hollow irreconcilable supererogatory lame pathetic controvertible wild fatuous mindless brainless incoherent laughable sophistical de trop superficial demented daft barmy self-contradictory kooky loony wishful contemptible assailable weakly off-the-wall not making sense outrageous iniquitous insulting vague improbable bad unlikely far-fetched farfetched trivial unauthenticated obscure sketchy puzzling fantastic manufactured ill-conceived expendable pointless useless undesired unwanted ill-thought-out not well thought out airy thin slight reachy unimpressive problematic transparent insufficient trifling factitious invented faked contrived made-up fake unarguable undefendable refutable won't hold water won't wash shallow paltry ill-advised unbecoming improper unsuitable unseemly non-sequiturial unneeded purposeless inadmissible mistaken falsified delusive inept puerile too much unrequired fictitious meaningless logically fallacious flakey raving aberrant unstable freaky cockamamie disconnected distraught delirious disjointed unconscionable undeserved imprecise not genuine flaky mythical distorted to no purpose dicey beguiling deceitful deluding deceiving unprovable made up casuistic imbecilic unproved unbacked cooked up fraudulent beyond belief perverse cockeyed irrelevant unconnected screwy traditional way off beam way off wanton unmerited not following freety apprehensive fearful beyond the bounds of possibility brutish indiscriminate careless lacking substance not necessary

Trái nghĩa của nonvalid

nonvalid Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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