Đồng nghĩa của hoax

Alternative for hoax

hoaxes, hoaxed, hoaxing

Đồng nghĩa: dupery, fraud, fraudulence, humbug, play a joke on, pull someone's leg, put-on,

Động từ

To deceive or fool someone
trick deceive fool bluff dupe con delude gull hoodwink gammon humbug kid take in bamboozle hornswoggle sucker cheat cozen snooker beguile buffalo burn catch gaff have have on juggle misguide misinform mislead snow spoof swindle befool lead on scam wind up chicane defraud fake out fleece flimflam frame murphy play a jest on play a joke on play a prank on rook sting string along suck in play a practical joke on take for a ride put one over on set up play games with pull a fast one on pull a swifty on pull one's leg lead up the garden path run a game on take someone for a ride pull the wool over somebody's eyes gyp bilk stiff diddle double-cross do rip off victimize mulct outwit victimise euchre fiddle screw shaft finagle skin hustle beat shortchange hose bunco stick chisel ream bleed take advantage of do a number on squeeze take to the cleaners entrap swizzle short skunk chouse thimblerig sharp pluck nobble do in betray shake down sell a pup to overreach jive inveigle exploit outfox put on outmanoeuvre illude outmaneuver pull the wool over one's eyes lead one down the garden path milk lie seduce ensnare fake embezzle lead astray circumvent make a fool of rope in give someone a bum steer pull the wool over someone's eyes outsmart sell fox joke disinform clip gazump shuck juke baffle impose on fudge pull somebody's leg pull a fast one pretend tease goldbrick outslick outjockey prevaricate rob swizz josh gouge fun quip chaff outdo fabricate sandbag jest misstate defeat outthink mock lure misrepresent take outguess top lie to outgeneral stitch up mousetrap distort pervert goose worst jip confuse cap bewilder pull someone's leg take someone in do the dirty on have someone on screw over get the better of put on the wrong track put on an act end run send on a wild goose chase figure out throw off the scent feign sham misdirect dissemble banter yuck yuk jape jolly gag wisecrack trap dissimulate catch out play a trick on falsify tempt entice outplay out-think jockey doublespeak trim propagandize jerk around wheedle deride rag ridicule bait caboodle propagandise rib manipulate pull fast one gaslight razz sweet-talk roast cover up double-talk double-deal fool about fool around run rings round sell a pup sell a bill of goods to play a prank throw dust in someone's eyes do out of be cleverer than make rings round lead up garden path wrong steer put on false front bait and switch give wrong information to play a practical joke pull wool over eyes play trick on put up smoke screen steal a march on impose thwart stump dust pigeon pull in outperform pull something pilfer flirt use trifle maneuver manoeuvre dally four-flush toy overcharge coquet wanton bunk entangle enmesh throw bilk of extort steal blag make a sucker of prey on bleed dry hook disappoint cuckold go one better than fix flam give the runaround play-act lead down the garden path send on a wild-goose chase sway contrive enchant entrance charm attract double deal pass off psych out impose upon take for play away cross up step out give the wrong impression put one over on someone take to the cleaner's do number on sucker into do someone in the eye pull wool over hypnotize woo bewitch dazzle blind mesmerize captivate spellbind pull a fast one on someone be sold a pup sell a bill of goods toy with trifle with dally with play with wangle impress take to cleaners play joke on beat out of take for ride play for a fool win over cajole coax hocus-pocus bias soft-soap decoy allure solicit make use of butter up hypnotise mesmerise shave play finesse cross rush string someone along lirt crib blench rogue belirt play for a sucker play games twist around your little finger stage-manage pull strings pull wires sneer jeer scoff short-change affect act pose profess assume simulate counterfeit gibe sell down the river take out fast talk give bum steer break the rules give the shaft flout needle gird mess posture masquerade play fast and loose with best overcome taunt make a monkey out of rally ride frolic gambol pass for bother shuck someone mess someone around make a monkey out of someone rot someone pull someone's chain mess about wind someone up mess around mess someone about put someone on play the fool play tricks play a joke play a trick fib put it on make sport of poke fun at make fun of yank somebody's chain exaggerate perjure equivocate misspeak palter bull overdraw misinstruct forswear tell an untruth tell a falsehood BS be economical with the truth frame someone not speak the truth perjure yourself make up a story tell stories invent a story lie through one's teeth be untruthful break promise make believe tell a lie lack candor put up a front forswear oneself bear false witness say something untrue commit perjury not tell the truth fake it stretch the truth tell a white lie perjure oneself tell untruths forswear yourself tell a terminological inexactitude concoct a story be forsworn depart from the truth persuade induce draw influence flatter blandish blarney urge fascinate talk into prevail on pull convince steer bring round come on palaver tantalize wile get round prevail upon tantalise work on invite get coerce press worm plague pester snare honey rig turn on argue into smooth-talk bribe prejudice bedevil impel pressurize intrigue brainwash control appeal to work frustrate importune jawbone soothe barter enrapture flirt with turn stroke whet the appetite of oil soap operate angle machinate pressurise bring pressure to bear on get around sweep off one's feet toll make mouth water sweeten up arm-twist make up to one-up spread it on let down sell out stretch the rules bend the rules pull something funny stack the cards hit below the belt talk engineer mastermind negotiate court put someone up to something play dirty witch magnetize kill beckon trip up make prod lead poison flannel fawn pressure reason argue train rope drag flatter into magnetise two-time distract ensorcell tout shill ingratiate kowtow obsess dare hit on draw in arrange soften up toady caress egg one on stupefy lay it on draw out give the come-on to sweep off feet bootlick soften crowd push brownnose massage bat eyes at backstab fail defy foil pander to besot be disloyal to split break faith with be unfaithful to play false stab in the back make your mouth water elude rebel against disobey belie dangle a carrot in front of work over build up apple polish dangle something infatuate torture torment titillate swing plot bring off collude lobby connive conspire come on to suck up to play up to get next to hand a line challenge lick someone's boots direct provoke excite rub the right way lay it on thick encourage sweep you off your feet net compel dragoon intimidate counsel capture vamp badger annoy harass worry harry gnaw beleaguer work upon lean on twist someone's arm incite talk round pull strings with incline browbeat philander with suborn colour allege bag immesh implicate embroil mesh ensnarl entoil tangle make yourself felt with carry weight with touch bring pressure to bear upon cut any ice with chat up keep hanging mollify appease land color claim placate convert involve catch up betrap benet make someone's mouth water keep hanging on keep someone hanging on make eyes at talk into something aspire impersonate purport conciliate pacify propitiate sweeten twist somebody's arm let on pass yourself off as make out lay claim be deceitful stonewall malinger be hypocritical fish jazz claim falsely whitewash shuck and jive assuage gentle reel in lay for box in set a trap for humour mistreat patronise capitalize on misuse abuse profit from step on walk all over treat lightly play on take liberties with cash in on maltreat ill-use leverage trade on target patronize play someone for a sucker use for one's own ends set at ease win the affection of put off guard humor unarm disarm undermine someone's resistance

Danh từ

A humorous or malicious deception
joke trick fraud prank con deception ruse swindle imposture jest spoof bluff cheat humbug jape practical joke canard confidence trick fastie put-on scam confidence game con game con trick fast one put-up job artifice wile dodge stratagem subterfuge sham flimflam deceit sting manoeuvre maneuver pretence device trickery scheme ploy pretense feint bunco gyp contrivance game machination blind stunt leg-pull hustle racket expedient shift wheeze cheating chicanery gambit gimmick shenanigan rort grift sleight snow job fake set-up shell game lurk fetch fiddle rip-off play craft double-dealing caper sell gag lark pretext flanker roguery knavery rig jig imposition delusion dido shenanigans tactic fast shuffle smokescreen escapade frolic antic craftiness whitewash hocus-pocus fix move cunning tomfoolery quiz monkeyshines schlenter duplicity knack juggle kidology codology illusion chicane bunko hanky-panky misrepresentation plot dirty pool shady deal rag decoy jive dissimulation cover shines waggery capriccio shavie piece of mischief trap Trojan horse lie dirty trick snare goak cutup guile wind-up hypocrisy plan diddle dishonesty stall red herring artfulness slyness horseplay sharp practice twist mischievous act distraction monkey business plant jazz frame wrong baloney bait story charade cozening hoaxing bamboozlement swindling fraudulence fool's errand lure masquerade intrigue run around cover up bill of goods pretension hokum wangle quackery deviousness kite act evasion swizzle strategy boondoggle fib hoodwinking gambade rollick rib legerdemain skulduggery scheming gambol high jinks skullduggery jugglery refuge setup gamesmanship angle switch jiggery-pokery shakedown sleight of hand extortion blackmail crooked deal double-cross espieglerie victimisation victimization loophole sellout mischievous trick method mischief phoney phony sweet talk soft soap dirty work crocodile tears cantrip hocus duck savvy excuse monkeyshine smoke and mirrors swizz exploitation disturbance attention-grabber distractor commotion diversion deviation interruption insincerity fakery flim-flam show scenario curveball conspiracy beguilement slant allurement little game cant sanctimoniousness posturing falseness mock attack make-believe piece of deception treachery ambush ramp bit of sharp practice cunning plan falsehood distortion invention stealing frame-up embezzlement double cross bluster deceptiveness falsity fraudulent scheme wiles sophistry false clue false trail curve ball false face smoke screen wild-goose chase diversionary tactic misleading clue resource booby trap game plan underhandedness empty talk phoneyness hypocritical talk hypocritical behaviour Tartufferie sucker game hosing dupery management fourberie tricks oldest trick in the book measure step means lies propaganda bravado bombast bragging equivocation false show idle boast porky funny business bait and switch boast facade braggadocio jiving snow front whisper resort stopgap recourse expediency makeshift hogwash bilk mare's-nest fallacy wrinkle ride catch pork pie cover-up shuck malarkey crock façade mere show rumor false colors false front tale fabrication exaggeration rumour skylarking gambado roughhouse rowdiness lightness fooling freak fancy caprice levity roughhousing prat whim hotfoot shine sport duping charlatanry design course of action way line of action action cabal programme program tactics instrument policy tack finesse master plan course plan of action project brainchild arrangement system covin maneuvering practice manoeuvring blueprint approach idea secret plan manipulation procedure machinations operation feat deceitfulness ruses cunningness schemes manoeuvres ploys stratagems fun concern secret counterfeit fixture crookedness enterprise pitfall maneuvers ground plan medium proposition initiative toils purpose substitute undertaking collusion pattern demarche shuffle formula methodology option tool recipe unscrupulousness wiliness path plotting planning line complot agency foxiness subterfuges art possibility alternative routine trickiness venture canniness subtlety agenda guilefulness ingenuity shrewdness cleverness mode subtleness dissembling cageyness slickness caginess sneakiness crookery cozenage proceeding palace intrigue song and dance road map grand design gadget gizmo widget accomplishment screen cloak mask camouflage kicker land mine winning move irresistible bait innovation coinage concoction creation disguise road plans take-in improvisation formation bit scene set of tactics struggle mine hidden danger baited trap mousetrap trip wire deadfall deed contraption appliance clever move movement knavishness intention subversion one-upmanship furtiveness wire-pulling surreptitiousness waffle talk verbiage nonsense double-crossing crafty designs conniving loss-leader shtick run-around astuteness dissemblance foul play dirty dealing stab in the back motion deal suggestion draft draught misleading talk shifting proposal dealing promotion aid apparatus publicity device eye-catching novelty honeytrap confederacy disposition process hot air devices strategems gambits contrivances artifices dodges secret scheme thought league fit-up manner technique avenue attempt progress effort submission animus route conduct mechanism style choice regimen sedition perfidy hookup countermine counterplot treacherousness disloyalty gin treatment projection praxis exercise behaviour protocol golden circle temptation hook dragnet inveiglement enticement seducement snag dirty tricks behavior drill -gate grounds come-on big picture modus operandi mode of conduct MO method of working mode of behaviour red tape simulation alibi net cunning stratagems disingenuity web cop-out instrumentality every trick in the book quagmire solution cover story supposed grounds ostensible reason entanglement alleged reason fig leaf false excuse morass tanglement quicksand meshes noose

Danh từ

A fraudulent imitation of something else
fake sham forgery counterfeit phoney phony humbug imitation copy dummy reproduction fraud dupe mock-up replica pirate rip-off knock-off imposture pseudo facsimile likeness lookalike put-on deception junque bogus model toy falsification dud bootleg substitute warez warez gyp simulacrum sell deceit actor bum pinchbeck spoof simulation pretence imposition pretense fabrication sleight four-flusher make-believe scam trick swindle flimflam gold brick duplicate clone duplication replication carbon copy carbon reduplication mock match image Xerox picture ringer ditto mirroring paralleling reflection knockoff photocopy counterpart recreation reprint mimeograph mimeo parallel twin sample photostat look-alike Photostat stat repro mirror image paste fool's gold impersonation masquerade representation virtual reality stand-in sub marionette beta version prototype test case double mate fetch spit doppelganger fellow chip off the old block exact likeness germination recurrence analog spitting image spare dead ringer analogue close likeness repetition second copycat coordinate correlate replacement companion reciprocal counterscript similarity alter ego obverse print xerox ectype echoing copying reenactment generation offprint multiplication flimsy renewal reprinting photograph pic portrayal revival X-ray increase resemblance counterfeiting mimicry aping chip off old block transcription mime sendup paraphrasing semblance mimesis matching ersatz apery takeoff representing patterning skit substitution

Danh từ

An attempt to make something that is not the case appear true
pretense pretence acting sham faking feigning invention make-believe simulation deception fabrication act deceit dissembling shamming dissimulation falsification imagination play-acting pose posing posture posturing self-deception attitudinizing cant deceitfulness duplicity fraud fraudulence subterfuge trickery artifice charade dishonesty falsity hypocrisy lying mendacity treachery fakery falsehood kidology putting on an act simulacrum false colours lack of veracity facade façade masquerade show front counterfeit guise con put-on affectation semblance disguise playacting airs display appearance veneer pretext false front imitation fake bluff dissemblance illusion phoney humbug phony a put-on stall feint forgery a put-up job trick false display veil mask ruse schtick false pretense dumb act pretending hoaxing bluffing impersonation cover outward appearance profession pretension false show shuffling evasion air routine excuse misrepresentation suggestion double-dealing stunt face cloak ostentation claim insincerity likeness effect gag misstatement false appearance wile showing jive phoniness imposture lie flimflam burlesque sell spoof fiction smoke cover-up snow job put-up job attitude performance stance chaser hamming ploy dissimilation sweet talk soft soap shuck and jive pretentiousness affectedness artificiality masking snobbery hokum inflation grandiosity superciliousness pretensions exaggeration side snootiness uppishness role-playing airs and graces assumed manners going Hollywood showing off unnatural imitation putting on airs screen mien mummery role costume personation color colour revel mannerism carriage positure stand guile fantasy acting out role-play game-playing cunning cozenage concealing dupery piousness counterfeiting deceptiveness crookery cunningness craft crookedness foxiness cheating guilefulness wiliness disguising craftiness daydreaming dream unreality hiding concealment shrouding veiling codology fancy dreaming romancing suppression camouflage arrogance delusion story game pageant fairy tale

Danh từ

The condition or quality of being phony or fake
phoniness fakeness disingenuousness artificiality falsity hypocrisy insincerity mendacity perfidy pretentiousness quackery affectation casuistry deceptiveness dissembling dissimulation duplicitousness duplicity falseness fraud mendaciousness cant deceit deceitfulness deception dishonesty evasiveness faithless glibness imposture mockery perfidiousness pharisaicalness pharisaism sanctimoniousness sanctimony shiftiness slickness slyness speciousness unctuousness backhandedness deviousness display hollowness lie snide tartuffery unfaithfulness untruthfulness put-on bad faith double-dealing false profession lip service two-facedness being two-faced pietism irreverence bigotry self-righteousness ambidexterity religiosity haughtiness conceit complacency piety smugness superciliousness pomposity self-satisfaction pretension inauthenticity play-acting affectedness unnaturalness pretence false piety posturing piousness humbug affected piety false virtue affected superiority phoneyness phariseeism Pharisaism pretense empty talk Tartufferie double standard guile craftiness cunning artifice wiliness cheating craft foxiness crookedness cunningness guilefulness fakery crookery cozenage dupery fraudulence spuriousness inaccurateness unreliableness illusoriness inaccuracy unreliability unrepresentativeness trickery trick con moralizing sham imposition lies moralising superiority priggishness stratagem hocus-pocus delusion illusion faithlessness distortion pecksniffery show hypocriticalness tokenism hypocritical statement sham holiness pious platitudes dodge cheat bluff swindle ruse feint hypocritical talk hypocritical behaviour kidology codology canard wile hustle scam sting spoof gyp prank propaganda flimflam fast one con game snow job

Danh từ

News circulating in the form of rumor or gossip
rumor buzz dish gossip hearsay noise report scuttlebutt talk tattle word allegation belief breeze bruit canard chitchat claim comment cry dispatch earful fabrication falsehood fame fiction grapevine innuendo intelligence invention lie news notoriety opinion repute rumble scandal speculation story suggestion supposition tale tidings tittle-tattle whisper wire back-fence talk unconfirmed report the word on the street rumour goss dirt on dit idle talk shu-shu hint bavardage skinder intimation furphy word of mouth chatter slander calumny labrish Kaffeeklatsch dirty linen prattle information stories defamation tales dirty laundry titbits leak small talk latest whispering storeys chat gen word on the street blather meddling babble clothesline account rumormongering conversation insinuation rumours whispering campaign malicious talk dirty wash notice whispers announcement piece of gossip piece of hearsay advice libel canards rumourmongering aspersion second-hand information rumors idle chatter talk of the town lowdown secondhand information malicious gossip smear campaign conjecture assumption prate injury chronicle telling tales gossipry blether secret chit-chat titbit assertion hubbub kidology talebearing clue indication early sign warning sign beginning cue grapevine report rumor mill bush telegraph murmur advices revelations prating smear dope info exaggeration spoof swindle fib hash speech revelation statement wind warning inkling disclosure the latest mud-slinging communication message intimate intelligence juicy morsel low-down jungle telegraph mulga wire grapevine telegraph blow by blow knowledge update summary belittlement scandalmongering disparagement rumbling status enlightenment communiqué data muckraking discovery description backstabbing aspersions mud backbiting the goods status update eye-opener idle rumor malicious rumour malicious rumours mere talk common talk unsubstantiated information bulletin item scoop note letter memorandum missive memo exposé uncos notification piece epistle article feature column line inside story correspondence editorial exclusive commentary exposition post writing instruction acknowledgment essay heads up treatise document acknowledgement discourse dissertation analysis critique email treatment review written communication disquisition paragraph blurb reports write-up piece of information admission facts declaration release confession idea alert forewarning theme tip tidbit directive caution spread mail publication composition goods surprising fact kite postcard section written message briefing text thesis study surprise fact opus uncovering discussion piece of writing press report think piece editorial column wake-up call news story snippet scrap greetings divulgence greeting subject concept thought understanding conception posting topic mention answer reply tweet SMS flash headline newscast brief billet transcript advisement notelet record journal know-how fax memoir register log phone call skinny excerpt pipeline ideas moblog proceeding annal diary sitrep vlog transaction blog archive weblog minute encyclical scratch invite card tab thank-you cannonball FYI get-well lead findings thank you junk mail fact avowal prompt spoiler 411 module segment detail particulars testimonial details papers dossier testimony apprisal alarm pointer forecast nod steer love letter poison pen expose billet doux score break news report write up illustration number work tract paper materials literature proclamation admonition alarum tocsin tip-off exposure perspective news item heads-up red flag handwriting on the wall word of advice red light secret information information received inside wire word to the wise documentation documents promulgation splash viewpoint script beat reportage publicity story advance warning drum file documentary

Tính từ

Deceptively artificial or fake in nature
bogus fake false sham artificial mock spurious counterfeit simulated phoney imitation feigned pretended phony pseudo affected pretend ersatz forged fraudulent contrived assumed unnatural synthetic factitious faux dummy plastic forced misleading strained deceptive substitute faked imitative mechanical fictitious mimic inauthentic unauthentic cod queer snide dud trick put-on man-made make-believe quasi- not what it is cracked up to be delusory illusory chimerical illusionary invalid hallucinatory worthless null bad inoperative nonbinding null and void void illegal nonvalid not binding nugatory uncollectible insincere fabricated manufactured specious untrue reproduction not genuine so-called replica unreal wrong fallacious delusive copied deceitful invented hollow made-up deceiving unfounded fishy imaginary facsimile incorrect erroneous inaccurate fakey unsound pirate laboured concocted trumped-up pretentious ostensible mistaken bent labored inexact dishonest mannered pseud faulty framed put on untruthful seeming supposititious meretricious imitated illogical misguided unoriginal derivative off apocryphal stiff model overdone flawed falsified baseless imagined beguiling deluding stilted apparent imprecise suppositious studied not kosher sophistical pirated without foundation made up counterfeited plagiaristic derived toy pinchbeck two-faced mimicked plagiarized Hollywood plant brummagem crock off beam quasi unsubstantiated distorted groundless fictional full of holes superficial fanciful aped nonnatural wooden unconvincing hokey notional lying won't fly soft shell ideal fantastic visionary sophistic cooked-up dicey phony-baloney self-conscious iffy dodgy trumped up off target way out wide of the mark pseudo- purported mythical plagiarised professed crooked unproven adulterine ungenuine hypocritical alleged cheating supposed adopted fancied improvised knock-off copycat copy casuistic bum overripe non-existent dissembling truthless avowed pseudonymous counterfactual falsie exaggerated overworked fictive duplicate virtual manmade imposturous quack impostrous fantasied chimeric phantom fantastical fabulous mythic phantasmal imaginal phantasmic unspontaneous actorly theatrical plausible would-be ill-founded hyped up double-dealing out foundationless constrained ham hammy unsupported in error not accurate not exact askew cooked up devised ungrounded off base mad reasonless unreasoned representative phoney-baloney way off way off beam not working practice trial bootlegged repro unqualified non-natural mimetic apish surface miniature campy echoic glib low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior chemical cast made makeshift constructed wannabe self-styled machine-made unsatisfactory substandard adulterated overblown elaborate planned delusional duplicated reproduced parodied parroted burlesqued caricatured mocked gingerbread experimental human-made misinformed prepared not real not legit ostensive semi- nominal illusive mealymouthed near reported engineered as it were knock off lookalike uncorroborated Barmecidal whimsical semblant Barmecide float charlatan bluffing shammed masked in name only covered concealed dissimulated posed voulu manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche staged weak economical with the truth mock-up to all intents and purposes fantasy without basis posey stagy unwarranted inadequate untenable irrational rigid inflexible bound begrudging coercive grudging binding conscripted slave stringent forcible erratic fantasized dreamed-up dream conceited melodramatic affectated awkward playacting fraud erring blue sky pipe dream unjustified unreasonable unscientific empty ostentatious likely captious colorable vain presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive idle fluffed overly planned illegitimate unreasoning absurd inconsistent inconsequent inconsequential nonrational preposterous off-target misfigured astray wide goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated wreck uptight taut farfetched wired put unglued tight choked seemingly correct wrongly inferred not precise out of commission out of line on the wrong track at fault play-play improper unsustainable plausible but wrong apparently right misrepresentative colored in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope fantasised amiss coloured underhand awry defective abroad treacherous duplicitous crafty disingenuous guileful wrong number all wet all off sly sneaky cunning untrustworthy scheming perfidious shady sharp Machiavellian subtle slippery foxy mendacious unprincipled unscrupulous tricky fast slim underhanded shifty hollow-hearted rogue double-faced Punic false-hearted insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique slick devious catchy astucious indirect unreliable wily

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