Đồng nghĩa của disarm

Alternative for disarm

disarms, disarmed, disarming

Đồng nghĩa: demilitarize, paralyze,

Trái nghĩa: arm,


To assuage the agitation or anger of (someone)
appease mollify persuade charm convert placate conciliate pacify propitiate sweeten assuage gentle humor humour win over allure attract beguile bewitch captivate coax convince enchant fascinate seduce unarm urge put off guard set at ease win the affection of undermine someone's resistance soothe calm calm down satisfy make peace with reconcile quiet still compose quieten lull tranquilize tranquillize square off allay relieve ease quell subdue palliate take the edge off soften silence content soft-pedal stroke temper quieten down mitigate cool make peace pour oil on troubled waters resolve alleviate atone make amends to take the sting out please cheer comfort make up pour oil on play up to moderate crush tame ameliorate repress relax chasten dulcify con qualify square put down grease pacificate clear the air with fix up smooth over butter up smooth someone's ruffled feathers put the lid on bury the hatchet kiss and make up impose peace upon lay back restore harmony to settle quiet down patch things up make matters up accede to somebody's demands salve becalm lullaby lighten lessen reduce settle down deaden abate balm diminish dull check cool off tone down control sedate help anesthetize hush anaesthetize reassure weaken console steady modify dilute smooth restrain blunt chill out attenuate damp gladden cushion assure slacken contain solace lift modulate improve unwind make nice cool out drug dope take it easy simmer down soften up extenuate stupefy hearten stifle uplift condole mellow knock out decrease put at rest curb regulate put out put under untrouble unburden bolster elevate encourage succor quench make calm stabilize cheer up free succour suppress smother lenify hold in stabilise defuse give solace to bring comfort to cure buoy up meliorate nurse doctor smooth down take the bite out put at ease adjust let up tranquillise attend to take the sting out of come to terms with quash shut down ally heal slake address collect dampen fall cease get control of benumb numb lower rein ease up dispose tune down get a grip on kill sugar the pill rock to sleep ease off dispel subside fill surfeit dissipate banish dismiss take the edge admix put a stop to put an end to loosen eliminate destroy render insensible make less sensitive make inactive revamp monkey around with take the bite out of transmogrify fine tune switch make reasonable put a lid on re-collect remit put to rest drive away drive off chase away loosen up reduce something administer opiates to administer narcotics to administer drugs to release pleasure delight gratify make less uptight put under sedation give a sedative to put to sleep make less tense lighten up make better set right add sugar candy-coat make sweet make more appealing add sweetening slack desensitise desensitize pad demilitarise neutralize take the heat save neutralise smooth out damp down demilitarize cripple rescue recover clear the air loose restrict rejoice warm suit constrain commute excuse mince break chillax cool down chill regain one's composure restrain oneself get hold of oneself hose down compose oneself control oneself keep cool cool it go easy pull in one's horns rest tickle suffice feast gas enrapture thrill indulge glad temperate sugarcoat keep in check give condolences to boost lighten burden reanimate support empathize with commiserate with envigorate revitalise make one feel at ease enliven give sympathy to quiet fears sympathize with buck up revitalize besoothe invigorate inspirit make well give a lift to condole with commiserate reduce the force of run interference for promote disburden clear the way assist make easier speed untighten expedite aid forward disengage let up on open the door facilitate speed up relent further simplify keep under control narcotize play down meet halfway agree with make happy unruffle zonk settle your nerves administer a tranquillizer to administer a sedative to settle something's nerves give respite to settle one's nerves


To cause to become physically weaker
prostrate debilitate exhaust enervate tire weaken fell floor sap enfeeble weary fatigue drain incapacitate disable devitalize drop cripple frazzle immobilise immobilize overtire level tax down knacker overtax paralyse poop hamstring undermine etiolate waste soften impair paralyze whack handicap reduce ruin depress wreck overthrow mow defeat knock out knock down wear out tire out knock over do in wash out lay low mow down bowl over tucker out fag out bowl down make powerless make weary make helpless make impotent bring someone to their knees take it out of bring low lame palsy maim injure mutilate disfigure damage torpefy mangle unstrengthen sideline deface dislimb attenuate blunt stifle dismember make lame appall arrest appal stun astound anaesthetize freeze benumb destroy numb transfix anesthetize stupefy bemuse petrify daze close deaden demolish daunt halt nonplus bring to grinding halt make inert shut down stop dead make nerveless shatter burn out bush wear down jade poop out peter out wear bust kill conk out wear to a frazzle tucker outwear break overwork harass sink flag do up overexert overextend overfatigue deplete droop strain languish succumb fizzle run ragged overdo draw bankrupt bedraggle sag suck dry fail pain make tired shag out drain of energy impoverish use up wear someone out indispose make weak make feeble make sleepy take disempower render infirm emasculate eviscerate disembowel exenterate burden hit the wall bonk plague fold faint overburden overstrain wilt ennui collapse wear on put out of action drowse oppress fade glut weigh grow weary give out go stale cause ennui lose interest grow tired put to sleep root wipe out nearly kill wear oneself to a shadow run into the ground take it out of one wear oneself to a frazzle bore


To diminish the confidence or courage of
unnerve daunt discourage demoralise demoralize dismay disconcert dishearten dispirit upset frighten shake unman alarm fluster rattle confound cow deject perturb agitate discomfit discompose distress disturb faze throw unsettle disquiet intimidate jolt ruffle startle chill discombobulate frustrate panic stun stupefy take aback unhinge bewilder buffalo distract enervate enfeeble floor needle nonplus ride sap scare spook surprise uncalm undermine weaken worry shake up bowl over get to put into a flap set back throw into a tizz throw off throw off balance give a turn psych out put someone off their stroke put the wind up cause someone to lose their composure bother confuse trouble shock flurry perplex discomfort vex abash alarum terrify concern frazzle undo astound discountenance appall fuss deter ail distemper terrorize appal derail hagride horrify freak out put off weird out astonish embarrass depress terrorise annoy exercise awe dumbfound amaze irk stagger knock for six affright flummox daze harass knock sideways bug subdue browbeat make nervous petrify hassle puzzle irritate provoke make uneasy flabbergast make anxious mortify knock out afflict bully fret baffle excite fright scarify overwhelm muddle rock stop someone in their tracks psych plague set someone back on their heels catch off balance pester take by surprise paralyze stir up mystify overawe disappoint dash paralyse anger sadden offend dampen sicken chagrin scare off displease knock the stuffing out of indispose torment thunderstrike strike dumb work up scare to death crush scare the bejesus out of debilitate exasperate throw into a panic bulldoze emasculate cast down addle outrage disarrange aggravate fuddle miff surprize repel consternate dumfound leave open-mouthed leave aghast blow away try scare stiff strike terror into pick on put the wind up someone give someone a turn burn up make waves devitalize knock for a loop nettle unbalance disorient tire prostrate give someone the heebie-jeebies disgust peeve disorder befuddle incapacitate gravel hurt scandalize grieve disparage nark stump damp persecute pother make downhearted badger bluster craze insult oppress harry put out gall boggle unstring put out of countenance hack off wind up scare away curdle the blood scare the living daylights out of scandalise boggle the mind put someone off their stride give someone grief make someone scratch their head dissuade throw into a tizzy make your hair stand on end throw cold water on make afraid throw a curve cause to be at a stand pour cold water on disempower pressure bemuse hurry exhaust fatigue pressurize bustle tyrannize revolt cripple hector affect immobilize dragoon drain make uncomfortable bamboozle put someone off get railroad bullyrag disorganize jumble destabilize discommode blackjack bogart disburb stiff soften waste etiolate traumatize hound bludgeon move disrupt enforce pain scare witless strong-arm turn wound flip rouse disable humiliate chafe fill with fear nauseate hinder mau-mau torture shatter bring low jar pressurise desolate give someone goose pimples pique derange make dejected disincline foul up make feeble knacker make weak torpefy destabilise tyrannise put the fear of God into scare the pants off arouse agonize make jump get across deplete lay low make fretful screw up scare someone out of their wits throw into a blue funk egg on make teeth chatter freeze your blood traumatise nag mix up harrow turn on put down lean on get the wind up rattle one's cage electrify wear out agonise aggrieve make blood run cold chill to the bone make someone jump out of their skin gnaw at weigh down render speechless push around immobilise get at make someone's hair stand on end make someone's blood run cold tick off put a damper on throw into a fright make your blood run cold knock over make a scene push buttons hurt somebody's feelings make one's blood run cold do in blow one's mind give a hard time take your breath away give someone the blues knock over with feather pull the rug out from under pull the rug from under gross out outface stare down outstare put off balance heat stand up to haunt handicap put on edge incite inflame shame throw into panic incommode thwart dizzy scare silly freak blunt attenuate diminish blind unquiet infuriate disillusion threaten stimulate cloud galvanize psych someone out make restless preoccupy down dement displace rummage disarray disgruntle disenchant distress greatly despair make one's flesh creep give one the creeps chill someone to the marrow send into a spin stampede madden mess with one's head complicate intrude interfere galvanise inhibit snafu let down scare someone half to death disorientate cause disquiet to ferment balk menace embitter sour dissatisfy eat away at put off one's stroke impress catch somebody off balance catch somebody unawares domineer affront beset beleaguer bedevil get in the way ventilate examine baulk throw into confusion worst mess up fill with consternation louse up muck up make one's teeth chatter scare the living daylights out of someone scare the pants off of make someone jump out of his skin make despondent cause anxiety to coerce throw into uproar throw into disorder cast a shadow caution warn spring something on throw a curveball blind someone with something rack stress make self-conscious repress droop deprecate weigh inconvenience throw into disarray upset apple cart make flip bug up work someone up oblige force take someone's breath away humble make dispirited make crestfallen anguish curse fill with panic disaccord jangle discord disharmonize compel drive crazy make discontented drive mad injure strain knock props out overcome antagonize pose fox beat be rude to rub the wrong way cause offense be offensive strap dog break tantalize nit-pick tantalise prick push martyr steamroller constrain cause to lose heart beat down spring on numb devastate antagonise mess with someone's head do someone's head in make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth put off his or her stride take the wind out of someone's sails make someone laugh on the other side of their face maze hit a sour note bring down get down weigh heavily on showboat cause suffering to cause anguish to cramp give offence to break one's heart befog fog wilder set someone thinking muddy fire up flip out put one away give someone the hump make someone fed up obfuscate lie heavy on eat at arouse anxiety in make miserable do a number on be on one's case make wretched make it tough for weigh on cut up rile stir dampen someone's hopes get someone bum out lay up key up take the wind out of your sails completely surprise raise someone's eyebrows shake out of your complacency hit like ton of bricks talk out of make worried throw a pall over cause anxiety push about metagrobolize rock the boat twist someone's arm use strong-arm tactics on grate rasp gripe itch frost niggle eat spite walk heavy deflate snarl unglue unzip furbelow abrade frill wear get on someone's wick knock the stuffing out of someone send up blow out blow up take apart take steam out turn on the heat be all Greek to flutter throw into tizzy hustle quicken silly frighten someone out of their wits send into a cold sweat make someone shake in their shoes frighten the life out of scare the life out of chill someone's blood make fearful frighten to death scare the hell out of frighten the living daylights out of give someone a fright make someone's hair curl scare the daylights out of make one's hair stand on end weary poop wash out vitiate jade fag out take it out of one put out of action sap your strength wear to a frazzle rankle incense rub up the wrong way enrage burden sting exacerbate roil drive up the wall tease goad hump hack you off get on your nerves rark cut to the quick turn off disoblige molest rankle with make someone see red grate on repulse tee off slight gnaw get your goat drive to distraction get in someone's hair pursue get on someone's nerves drive round the bend mither get in your hair tax make unhappy put your back up get your back up make angry get under one's skin get on your wick get one's goat excruciate ire enflame mad stew get on one's nerves be on your back raise someone's hackles get someone's back up be repugnant to ruffle someone's feathers make someone's hackles rise steam up abase taunt make sad T-off overpower get under your skin reluct burn hang up drive round the twist put someone's nose out of joint put someone's back up besiege make someone's blood boil fear get under someone's skin get up someone's nose get someone's dander up put on the spot sear sweat crucify press strike interrupt chivvy get across someone disaffect disrespect diss dis bait grind jar on hurt someone's feelings make cross nag at turn one off make your heart bleed send into a rage give a bad time cause discomfort to get your dander up drive bananas hang over get under skin make gloomy prey on someone's mind make sick get someone down give someone the pip dump on break someone's heart hit where one lives try someone's patience abuse put in a spot rattle someone's cage turn your stomach test damage fidget disgrace zing heavy alienate cavil nudge scar chivy harm foul bore bite stretch devil impose on cut demean lower cause trouble to obsess touch meddle impede make your blood boil break the heart of reduce to tears slap dull criticize be at snub squelch possess dampen spirits acerbate breathe down someone's neck make blue drag down be disagreeable to estrange tangle chasten get in one's hair whelm overmaster swamp bring one down cause concern to raise your hackles discredit own be a great weight on try one's patience be a pain in the neck dishonour be a thorn in someone's side get up your nose try your patience wear on put into a funk cast a gloom upon criticise get your hackles up dishonor be a burden to be a nuisance to be offensive to keep on at get someone's goat go on at cheese off rub you up the wrong way bring tears to your eyes greatly upset get on somebody's nerves be distasteful to cause offence to stick in one's craw give trouble set one's teeth on edge make it tough snarl up keep after try the patience of make shudder be repulsive to hurt one's feelings be on the back of be a thorn in someone's flesh get someone's hackles up get a rise out of snow under make someone want to throw up put somebody's nose out of joint turn one's stomach go to one's head make one sick get on nerves dash someone's hopes break someone's spirit put to trouble make someone's gorge rise fill with loathing wrong muddle up frenzy tear apart stress out mistake fester discontent deplore occupy misplease wing curdle cool sound cap importune bruise excoriate tear dun be hurtful to bleed mourn cause anguish cause suffering lambaste cause sorrow henpeck bum hack steam drive nuts cause resentment to cause annoyance to push the buttons of thrill roust push one's buttons play dirty sweat out dislocate cast a gloom on motivate absorb grab attract awake goose ignite interest pierce work on push button heat up foil thumb nose at lie heavy on someone's mind weigh heavy on someone's mind cause to panic mistreat heckle accost encroach obtrude chide ruffle one's feathers mess infest ask for it weigh heavily on one's mind get someone's wick impose upon arouse hostility in grill grind down put to some trouble overcharge occupy someone's thoughts disengage uncouple unfasten separate unhitch disconnect detach start wind somebody up drive you up the wall stroke someone's hair the wrong way prey on press down on resent set someone's teeth on edge snit pet tiff huff weigh heavily on someone's mind niggle at grind at wring mess with push someon's buttons begrudge crab grudge eat up give the business alien put inflict trauma deeply upset chill off be suppress subjugate stifle rile up make one's heart bleed bring tears to one's eyes dampen someone's spirit make awkward make ashamed show up carp hit hard tire out confront dispraise slander rub one the wrong way cause to lose your bearings find fault with envenom make turbid suffer be unwell be a burden on cross put someone out get even cramp style quibble smother give a zinger give the cold shoulder dash hopes break in nitpick disadvantage make demands on make severe demands on put a strain on make fed up make your gorge rise make someone feel nauseous tear to pieces work into lather set one off dish out dish it out set on give it to stick it to take a rise out of make blood boil upset the apple cart slur be indisposed be crook flap poison drive insane dash the hopes of have had enough become bored exhaust someone's patience grate at lose patience muss snow intrude upon take over drive you crazy hurt the feelings of deaden defeat extinguish curb quell catch one short bend someone's ear muck hit like a ton of bricks hit bring around set thinking make punchy intoxicate bring up short inebriate stymie be ill be weak be sick feel pain be agitated carp at umbrage shatter the illusions of burst one's bubble dampen the spirits of make a monkey of put in a hole make one's hackles rise take pains get on someone's case clutter make someone's head spin ball up be in a tizzy be worried squick drive you to distraction make livid cause someone difficulty discommodate labour over take control of be in a flap be wrong with be in pain feel unwell send over the edge bear down on damp down be in a stew get worked up get in a stew smite make your hackles rise drive you round the twist drive you round the bend make a big thing out of make a big thing of be disagreeable be an affront to give offence tread on someone's toes disunify abominate cause to feel nauseous disunite pall divide cause aversion surfeit make someone's stomach rise cloy on offend morals of wean be repulsive be the matter with be a problem to put someone to trouble botch bungle make a meal of make a mountain out of a molehill overstretch overtax tense blight make a thing of drive you off your head make you see red grip dazzle spellbind give someone bother put pressure on be in someone's hair bring pressure to bear on crawl knock the wind out of drive you out of your mind make somebody's blood boil drive out of mind cast a pall over visit take turn someone off be displeasing to victimize buffet harsh one's mellow jaundice empoison make resentful make bitter make someone feel sick drive somebody up the wall make emotional drive drag darken turn stomach make your flesh creep give you the creeps make flesh crawl make someone go out of his way run down crunch overextend make things hot for someone inspire panic in strike terror in frighten out of your wits fill with terror make it hot for someone victimise put the frighteners on worsen wreck destroy kill run circles around hit for six downgrade leave speechless sweep someone off their feet subordinate turn someone's stomach invigorate inspire whip up cause to feel emotional strain overdo cause to feel mental strain make tense tense up put in traction push to the limit put on trial make desolate keep under acidulate make rancorous bitter venom make a mess of spur energize pump up degrade harsh someone's mellow debase bring tears to someone's eyes bear down make someone's heart bleed dampen someone's spirits entangle sink juice up enliven inspirit foment energise envigorate trigger animate enthuse liven up activize work jazz up titillate make ill belittle reduce disagree embroil cheapen silence make a fool of pop one's balloon take down bemean make someone eat humble pie pull down make someone eat crow bring down a peg cause to lose face squash cut down to size put to shame take down a peg settle someone's hash tear down make one feel small put someone in their place put away smirch take down a peg or two shoot down make eat dirt force to eat humble pie demote make unwell ravel complexify complex sophisticate be sickening be unsuitable cause illness to cause problems involve make difficult be injurious to be disturbing be injurious strike down multiply twist make intricate add fuel to fire make complicated render unintelligible clog interrelate fold convolute interweave make difficulties mire elaborate intricate set hurdles combine open can of worms obscure make more difficult make complex interfuse infold snag go against the grain be distasteful have an adverse effect on


Make or become more tender or loving
melt soften touch mollify relax affect move forgive relent yield become lenient give in show mercy capitulate acquiesce backpedal unbend accede give way weaken budge surrender submit concede blink bow forbear quit succumb do a U-turn come round back down have mercy sympathise give quarter become merciful show pity fold slow sympathize comply knuckle under have pity be merciful concede something allow something agree to something admit something let go let happen die away cool it cave in lay back mellow out say uncle do an about-turn come around cry uncle give up lighten up give some slack change one's mind go along with go easy on let it happen ease up on take a softer line change your mind throw in the towel admit defeat defer cede concede defeat fall throw in the sponge raise the white flag climb down buckle under show the white flag be beaten agree accept defeat lay down arms be overcome wave the white flag lay down your arms bend assent relinquish crumble accept abandon go down go under be overwhelmed toss it in pack it in put up white flag give up the struggle consent grant suffer defeat be defeated retract collapse cave kowtow resign bow out deliver indulge lose buckle knuckle break be conquered abdicate yield to give way to lay down fall victim hand over pull out throw in your hand eat crow roll over give yourself up surrender to comply with lay down one's arms cooperate with acquiesce in give in to come to terms concur with resign yourself retreat compromise change give oneself up adapt entrust consign leave forego throw up one's hands chuck it in play dead throw up the sponge eat humble pie fall in line adhere waver hesitate vacillate conform eat one's words proffer stop drop despair desist tender cease waive present forswear ease off ease up be overcome by be overwhelmed by heed observe truckle leave off hand in bail out cut out chicken out be conquered by be beaten by show white flag give oneself over fold up cry quits turn over turn in call it quits act in accordance with be servile be the loser come off second-best be bested by fail be trounced be vanquished lose out keel be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee resign oneself humble oneself give ground be converted come to grief default get the worst take a licking have the worst come up short be worsted fall short renege bow to something bow to someone give away the store backtrack suffer be humbled come a cropper drop a bundle be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo crash out be outdistanced take a beating agree with be persuaded cop out go back on default on do an about-face back out have second thoughts break your promise fail to honour break one's word allow approve endorse be converted to be persuaded by be won over recognize permit okay undertake engage comprobate roll over and play dead concede to come round to give carte blanche give blessing cave in to give something the nod consent to say yes acquiesce to enter into recognise be game for agree to give the green light back down to defer to assent to relent to give the go-ahead astipulate play ball be won over by

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