Đồng nghĩa của sympathise

Alternative for sympathise


To feel or express sympathy for (someone's suffering or difficulty)
empathise empathize pity commiserate understand comprehend appreciate emphathize identify bleed empathize with identify with feel for feel sorry for grieve for show concern weep for bleed for relate to be sorry for be sympathetic towards be compassionate towards show compassion for offer condolences to grieve with have compassion show interest show sympathy for offer consolation to be supportive of care for be in rapport with be supportive be understanding express sympathy offer consolation show kindliness show mercy show tenderness tune in be kind to be there for pick up on share another's sorrow feel heart go out to sympathize with console commiserate with comfort be moved by condole with compassionate condole feel pity for compassion soothe have mercy on solace sorrow for feel sympathy for ache for have one's heart go out to grieve lament for open one's heart feel express concern feel compassion for connect stand in one's shoes feel empathy with have sympathy for link with take pity on feel with lament with put out of one's misery show sympathy reprieve give quarter show forgiveness be there for somebody pardon have compassion for ache forgive grant amnesty be sympathetic relent yearn over put oneself in another's shoes put in same category see through someone's eyes associate think of in connection ally respond to sympathise acknowledge take on board be wise to feel compassionate towards be cognizant of be able to see be conscious of be with you be alive to be sensitive to take account of mourn for express sympathy for have mercy send condolences to offer sympathy to give solace to be sympathetic to share sorrow show compassion offer condolences


To associate or form a friendship with someone
fraternize associate socialise socialize mingle consort mix run hobnob chum consociate company travel sort sympathise unite concur hang out pal around hook up rub shoulders hang around keep company step out rub elbows mess around go out hang about hang round go around make friends knock about run around knock around chum around run with hang with pal up mingle with mix with be friendly keep company with be thick with hang out with club together consort with fall in with rub elbows with socialize with be sociable with rub shoulders with go around with get together meet interact chum with spend time hang around with join circulate be thick have dealings be sociable league hang network take up with accompany befriend pal get around tie up with entertain club make advances get about make the rounds connect pool party intermingle move meet people tie in gang up run around with communalize go about engage affiliate nationalise nationalize be in knock around with go round schmooze intersperse be friends with associate with others bring convoy attend bear carry associate with chaperon conduct make contacts fraternize with meet friends consort with others move around converse pal with clique with chum together paint the town red work the room pal around with gang up with introduce yourself meet and greet go out on the town get out exchange cards meet up amalgamate assort frequent pair off be friends come together with tie up work with come together spend time with get in on line up with get in with bunch up be involved with swing with join up with truck with go along with be in cahoots buddy up throw in together string along with go partners get into have people round be a good mixer get out and about play footsie with fraternise collaborate cooperate partner team up go with work together link up join forces


To come together in agreement or alliance
align ally affiliate associate join league side cooperate collaborate combine unite confederate sympathise enlist join up join forces team up band together align oneself form an alliance join sides be in league go into league go into partnership side with join together make common cause throw in one's lot link federate connect merge marry conjoin amalgamate unify cohere club pair couple attach integrate wed coalesce team consolidate band get together club together pool resources fuse yoke pool mix bond organise organize synthesize synthesise link up gang up gang together mate espouse match pair up put together match up bring together correlate syndicate coact incorporate cofunction relate group identify gather coadjute bracket work together hook up come together work closely form an association pull together act as a team work jointly work in partnership draw a connection between concert act together conspire interface concur join up with do business with work side by side throw in with tie in rally conjugate participate coproduce be in cahoots act jointly work with work hand in glove glue oneself to throw in together play ball collude interfuse fraternize affix fasten fraternise blend weld annex glue cement annexe interact tie up team up with plug into close ranks assemble accompany form a federation combine efforts contribute combine your efforts bond together gather together flock together round up conduce tend add to join to work agree complot colleague interweave commingle cojoin concord knit together stick together make one lump together group together connive ally with unite with join with align with associate with combine with fix bridge tie hitch chain merge with cooperate with join forces with coalesce with conglomerate federate with confederate with amalgamate with bind secure strap fetter stick lash rope truss hook moor anchor tether concatenate solder make fast peg tape pin adhere liaise with each other coordinate with each other be in collusion integrate into incorporate into band together with form an alliance with be in league with attach to annex to yoke to pool your resources catenate rivet add bolt screw clamp batten interlink pinion clip compound interconnect append subjoin belong to form connection form a federation with line up come aboard form a confederation with go partners network with click tie in with consociate hitch on hook on tack on tag on meld with span tag slap on


Die down
relent yield capitulate soften acquiesce give in melt backpedal unbend accede give way weaken blink bow budge concede forbear quit submit succumb surrender back down come round do a U-turn have mercy become lenient become merciful comply fold give quarter have pity knuckle under show mercy show pity slow sympathise admit something agree to something allow something be merciful concede something cave in come around cool it cry uncle die away do an about-turn give up lay back let go let happen lighten up mellow out say uncle change one's mind ease up on give some slack go along with go easy on let it happen change your mind take a softer line throw in the towel admit defeat defer cede concede defeat fall throw in the sponge raise the white flag climb down buckle under show the white flag be beaten agree accept defeat lay down arms be overcome wave the white flag lay down your arms bend assent relinquish crumble accept abandon go down go under be overwhelmed toss it in pack it in put up white flag give up the struggle consent grant suffer defeat be defeated retract collapse cave kowtow resign bow out deliver indulge lose buckle knuckle break be conquered abdicate yield to give way to lay down fall victim hand over pull out throw in your hand eat crow roll over give yourself up surrender to comply with lay down one's arms cooperate with acquiesce in give in to come to terms concur with resign yourself retreat compromise change give oneself up adapt entrust consign leave forego throw up one's hands chuck it in play dead throw up the sponge eat humble pie fall in line adhere waver hesitate vacillate conform eat one's words proffer stop drop despair desist tender cease waive present forswear ease off ease up be overcome by be overwhelmed by heed observe truckle leave off hand in bail out cut out chicken out be conquered by be beaten by show white flag give oneself over fold up cry quits turn over turn in call it quits act in accordance with be servile be the loser come off second-best be bested by fail touch be trounced be vanquished lose out keel mollify relax disarm be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee resign oneself humble oneself give ground be converted come to grief default get the worst take a licking have the worst come up short be worsted fall short affect move renege bow to something bow to someone give away the store backtrack suffer be humbled come a cropper drop a bundle be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo crash out be outdistanced take a beating forgive agree with be persuaded cop out go back on default on do an about-face back out have second thoughts break your promise fail to honour break one's word allow approve endorse be converted to be persuaded by be won over recognize permit okay undertake engage comprobate roll over and play dead concede to come round to give carte blanche give blessing cave in to give something the nod consent to say yes acquiesce to enter into recognise be game for agree to give the green light back down to defer to assent to relent to give the go-ahead astipulate play ball be won over by concur withdraw crumple give call it a day chuck in fall apart back off make concessions come apart break down respect subscribe abide by fall to pieces conform to reconsider crack admit recant sanction take back topple bless admit you were wrong founder row back fall in adjust embrace go give the green light to bow to fall apart at the seams eat your words give the thumbs up to accommodate say the word say yes to cut a deal implode OK accede to accord disintegrate obey give the nod shake on break apart buy give the go-ahead to yes ditto go to pieces submit to toe the line tumble pay homage lose heart stop trying vail give up hope break off halt abandon hope finish call a halt end call off let give permission for sign off on make a deal subdue subjugate genuflect sing a different song admit that one is wrong retract one's words bring to an end give out fall down come down slump go out topple over subside settle shatter sag wilt return offer back give back break up sever come apart at the seams do a volte-face flip-flop change one's attitude change one's plans about-face change your decision retrocede turn back double back ratify authorize give one's permission warrant give one's stamp of approval to pass pass on concur in rubber-stamp back authorise give five give one's leave license mandate adopt espouse validate confirm subscribe to support give the OK to licence cancel balk demur recoil fink out lie down pass into enemy hands be destroyed by be a casualty to be smitten by be overthrown be vanquished by be overthrown by fall victim to be defeated by lose one's position to be taken by pass into the hands of eat dirt honor honour follow wimp out baulk beg off back pedal pull back hold back knuckleunder fawn be deferential cringe mind sink adhere to keep have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement take orders hold to answer do as you are told do as one says fulfill do what is expected come to heel serve act upon do one's bidding play it by the book fulfil respond goose-step to get into line do what one is told keep to play second fiddle live by do one's duty hold fast stick to be ruled by get in line be loyal to tumble down tolerate brook give one's blessing to give one's approval to accept tacitly reconcile jibe go along stand by give the nod to give one's consent to let pass give one's assent to

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