Đồng nghĩa của come apart at the seams


Not succeed
go wrong go adrift go amiss abort backfire be ruined boomerang collapse fall apart fall flat fall through flounder go badly go off course miscarry misfire rebound come to nothing flop come to grief fail go haywire meet with disaster be unsuccessful bite the dust break down come a cropper go awry not succeed not work be a failure go up in smoke founder fizzle fluff tank bomb flatline crater go to pieces miss the mark screw up turn out badly trip up be found wanting slip up go down like a lead balloon foul up fall short fizzle out be found lacking flame out languish be in vain fold come to naught be frustrated terminate flunk flag come unstuck fall by the wayside go belly-up be found deficient come to a halt end lack success crumble fall to pieces break up come apart unravel go pear-shaped run aground go astray recoil go phut suffer defeat be defeated be abortive miss slip blunder decline go go to the wall buckle disappoint not come up to scratch crumple tumble not come off end in failure go down the tube fall down go under end in tears grind to a halt cave in redound on meet with failure fail to happen not come up to expectations not make the grade go on the rocks explode give yield implode come to a sticky end come to a bad end wreck plunge be lost go to bottom submerse wallow go out poop out fizz out peter out deteriorate fall backslide redound gang agley come back on fail to work out have an adverse effect on rebound on reverberate affect badly recoil on miss fire hit the skids hit bottom lose status go down play into lose out go down swinging go downhill back wrong horse lose control be demoted miss the boat fail to go off have an adverse effect spring back be counterproductive be self-defeating ricochet not go as planned backlash have unwelcome repercussions for bounce back cause one to be hoist with one's own petard come back crash close default finish retire drop plummet topple slump perish be closed be liquidated lose one's shirt drop a bundle cease trading belly up go bankrupt fold up cease production close one's doors close down give up be wound up be in arrears go into chapter 11 go bump go into receivership go belly up become insolvent shrivel up shut down be closed down be shut be cleaned out go broke be in the hands of the receivers be shut down go out of business go into liquidation go bust lose big be taken to the cleaners


To decline gradually in health, prosperity, or quality
decay decline deteriorate degenerate sink wane worsen ebb crumble diminish rot fail atrophy retrograde dwindle regress slip slump slide devolve disintegrate descend collapse depreciate pejorate go downhill go to pot get worse hit the skids fall off become dilapidated go to the dogs break down go to seed go down the toilet go down the tubes go to rack and ruin go to the pack fall into disrepair run to seed fall to pieces reach depths hit rock bottom wither fade weaken wilt languish fall droop waste away flag drop lessen shrivel waste decrease retrogress lower abate wear away sag lag go emaciate shrink lapse recede perish peter out subside spoil corrode dissolve die disimprove backslide erode die out reduce degrade disappear melt away decompose die away slacken dry up fall away die down fall apart wear down contract tail off shrivel up grow worse taper impair stagnate let up grow less evaporate take a turn for the worse corrupt relapse drop off go backwards pall moderate tire ease become worse melt fade away taper off faint depress break up quiet settle moulder revert devaluate debilitate consume run low soften slow down slack off grow weak falter molder gnaw wizen nosedive be in decline abrade destroy drain eat fall into decay vitiate go bad rust debase attenuate nibble fret slash curb check grow dim go to pieces bite drain away go from bad to worse bite at lighten quell oxidize calm down restrain lose edge narrow down vanish putrefy dim become emaciated wither away tarnish retreat return disperse run down etiolate deprave dissipate undermine weather plummet fall down become shrunken remit age relent thin become debilitated be neglected oxidise break fold de-escalate damage trail succumb go down deflate become limp go to ruin grow faint fizzle out trail off phase down ratchet down give out eat away ease off become marcescent become less die on vine lose quality scour eat away at fade out take a nosedive gnaw away at wear off burn through bite into be on your last legs burn into gnaw away rebate go off sicken modify curtail cut down tail away be abandoned dilapidate pine weary plunge bate be forgotten be disregarded mummify drift tumble die off decrement dry oxidate fall apart at the seams go into decline go down the tube evanesce peter blur become smaller grow smaller lose courage run out become enfeebled make something worse canker flake wear cave in devalue dematerialize fly flee cheapen desiccate adulterate skid mar injure alloy turn pervert demoralise debauch demoralize stain warp ease up exhaust liquefy come apart at seams constrict blast blight bend dangle hush deliquesce grow feeble rarefy evanish clear lose it go into a tailspin fall steeply reach a new low minimize give way totter halt relax impoverish cripple lose minimise tremble limp hang flop bow become unimportant retire withdraw drift back recidivate slip back retrocede sink back cut be the worse for wear be worse for wear run through wear through pass off poop out vanish into thin air fag out tucker out become less loud become stale stoop hang down downgrade mark down fall back go back flow away come to an end lose spirit thin out grow weaker drape discount lose ground throw back lose headway turn the clock back roll back turn back move back stale sling slouch suspend lop lean write off lower in price devalorize write down lower in value go stale crumble away become flaccid deplete tire out let down wear out become rusty devour scrape away sap gutter grind down chip away at wind down eat into become weak go away become moribund be slipping away be approaching death be in extremis be giving up the ghost be about to die have one foot in the grave be breathing one's last be on one's deathbed be at death's door

Trái nghĩa của come apart at the seams

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