Đồng nghĩa của tremble

Alternative for tremble

trembles, trembled, trembling

Đồng nghĩa: quake, quaver, quiver, shake, shiver, shudder, vibrate,


Give or cause to give a short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement
twitch jerk flutter convulse squirm fiddle fidget jig jiggle shiver shudder spasm squiggle thrash thresh toss twist wiggle wriggle writhe blink jump quaver quiver beat clasp clutch contract grab grasp grip kick lug lurch move convulsively move spasmodically nip pain palpitate seize snap tic twinge vellicate shake wag vibrate waggle wobble jolt wave flap agitate joggle swish jounce flail quake swing judder flounder whip throb pulsate bobble jog recoil bob bounce stir oscillate pump buck waver wabble flinch undulate worm pulse flop thrill flick ripple struggle shimmy toss and turn switch rattle brandish pound start wince move restlessly bucket hitch bolt thump jostle twitter pitter-patter hammer thud quop race pit-a-pat pitapat rock beat rapidly move from side to side pitpat go pit-a-pat zigzag turn sway move lash roll dangle flicker nod agonize worry seesaw bat twist and turn flourish shuffle jitter blow shift agonise jigger shimmer thrash about fly hoick be agitated bump fluctuate move around move about wave to and fro drum reverberate pant thrum move up and down move suddenly splash rustle flitter heave stumble fumble blunder startle plunge distort budge contort tick labor labour suffer bend fish-tail dither resonate quave tremor move slightly tingle hang work slither slide ruffle locomote be pendent wind skew be suspended drift flail about yank feel uncomfortable wave rapidly bang fling twirl shake like a leaf jar balk shrink cringe shirk twiddle trifle play fuss toy fret bustle chafe shy blench baulk be jittery fool around be anxious fool about mess about mess around be wired play around be spooked be nervous be antsy be hyper be on pins and needles be like a cat on hot bricks have ants in one's pants totter stagger reel knock skip pitch hop careen disturb weave tumble dance jump around dodder teeter grind push gyrate thrust quail vacillate grope roil rouse wigwag shove nudge concuss bother torment shake violently shake uncontrollably unsettle cast about move about list swing backwards and forwards move to and fro swing back and forth keel flit commove succuss flaunt churn pitchpole spring go into spasms shake up suffer a fit float stir up veer set in motion put in motion ditch chuck dump buffet toss around let fly rise and fall falter waddle slip drop droop sag dodge yaw tilt move to the side duck lean bumble wallow move clumsily loll hang loosely hang limply topple fall limply fall down slacken flag lop hang down wilt


A state of nervous excitement or confusion
flutter fluster dither tizzy agitation confusion state twitter flap flurry panic perturbation stew tizz twit tumult blue funk state of panic tiz-woz state of agitation state of confusion state of nervous excitement fret lather sweat huff pother fuss swivet swelter frenzy fever state of anxiety bustle nervous state turmoil upset excitement furore discomfiture furor bother anxiety commotion ruffle disconcertment abashment mortification embarrassment distressed state worry clamour hullabaloo turbulence hubbub hoopla hassle storm clamor state of nervousness state of worry thrill enthusiasm elation passion animation stimulation ferment nervousness whirl adventure a charge a buzz a kick disturbance unrest pandemonium uproar rumpus ruckus riot chaos stir mayhem fracas clutter brouhaha shindy hoo-ha to-do upheaval row ado disorder trouble bedlam ruction disruption kerfuffle affray clatter moil ballyhoo blather welter bluster bobbery coil hurricane williwaw foofaraw splore hurly squall corroboree hurry melee do fun zoo helter-skelter hoo-hah hurry-skurry hurly-burly hurry-scurry hubble-bubble discord alarums and excursions disarray restlessness racket din anarchy violence lawlessness quarrel noise discomposure brawl havoc wildness aggro fight strife unruliness anarchism maelstrom discombobulation argy-bargy misrule convulsion entanglement imbroglio breach of the peace mix-up topsy-turviness exasperation fix fretting snit fuming bad mood babel upheavals provocation incitement uncertainty convulsions clangour outbreak altercation yelling shouting stramash tohubohu tension delirium hysteria rioting rebellion insurrection loud noise fighting mutiny ailment anxiousness free-for-all instability distress disquietude Sturm und Drang unsettlement clangor jangle seething upturn mess muddle trepidation melodrama drama shindig scrimmage disorganization snafu wilding biffo bagarre jumble disorderliness incitation rage static revolution strike terrorism reign of terror mob rule muss disorderedness disarrangement derangement confusedness scramble cold sweat complication misery gloom despondency trembling funk fear alarm fright disorganisation tumble state of fear folderol disquiet broil outcry bangarang activity donnybrook palaver splash stink excitation scene ructions action fermentation fireworks pantomime hustle tamasha backwash annoyance production combustion big scene fuss and bother hue and cry song and dance bobsy-die carry-on big stink hell broke loose hustle and bustle

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