Đồng nghĩa của tarry

Alternative for tarry

tarries, tarried, tarrying, tarrier, tarriest

Đồng nghĩa: dawdle, delay, dillydally, linger, loiter, remain, stay, wait,


To move or act at a slow speed
linger loiter delay dawdle lag pause wait bide dally procrastinate remain crawl creep diddle dillydally drag lallygag lollygag mope poke shilly-shally hang around filibuster hesitate lodge rest stall stop tail temporise temporize tool trail hang about hang round drag your feet goof around lose time put off stay put stop over take your time hold the phone take one's time warm a chair get no place fast dilly-dally waste time kill time plod dither idle straggle while away time fall behind hang back mark time amble saunter falter vacillate hang fire hum and haw potter lag behind fritter away waver stay slouch drift shuffle be indecisive move slowly play for time equivocate use delaying tactics go at a snail's pace play a waiting game loaf prevaricate limp meander trudge haver swither trifle wander defer ramble stagger putter goof off drop behind hold back fool around traipse not keep pace kick the can down the road take too long stroll lounge inch skulk loll fluctuate stonewall hedge halt flag trail behind hobble postpone slacken retard traik ooze mosey drop adjourn pussyfoot around hover go slowly be slow potter around toddle potter about bring up the rear roam potter round horse around gain time rove hang out sit around beat about the bush be dilatory buy time drag your heels put off doing something let the grass grow under one's feet blow hot and cold laze slack burn daylight fiddle about piddle fritter away time pass the time take one's own sweet time while away the time take time shirk totter be long be tardy hem and haw wait around tergiversate hang on mooch about mooch around diddle-daddle be evasive stick around mooch stray follow fritter time away palter balk shamble slough dabble lurk kick about sit tight kick around prolong protract shlep along scrounge around bum around poke along boondoggle baulk drag along tag along walk slowly tag along behind not keep up drag oneself goldbrick cool pass time sit on one's butt stall for time avoid committing oneself use Fabian tactics avoid making a decision postpone action defer action let something slide take a raincheck be undecided suspend action hold off fool with while away trifle with fall back decrease fail diminish play games with fool about wane drag behind ebb slow jelly fall off inch along be behind drop back slow up lose strength nose snail promenade perambulate stravaig maunder walk tramp hike streel tromp draggle tootle bimble pootle cease stump ankle take a stroll take the air trill go for a walk sashay go for a stroll take a walk percolate discontinue break creak along limp along desist creep along hang heavy wear on advance slowly appear to pass slowly slow down go on too long go on and on distract divert become tedious deliberate interrupt break off put on hold reflect stop what you're doing take ten take a breather let up pull up come to standstill have a breather catch one's breath break it up sideline call time take five shake stop briefly take a break suspend think twice take a breath avoid the issue beat around the bush hold over sit on the fence waffle flannel evade be non-committal dodge dodge the issue parry questions quibble oscillate pussyfoot evade the issue scruple avoid teeter be irresolute wobble fudge wabble fudge the issue sidestep duck the question balance be vague mince words yo-yo fence cavil weasel shillyshally duck falsify get cold feet obstruct be unsure sidestep the issue cop out duck the issue lie hold on misrepresent parry shift fib be ambiguous tremble jive con be uncertain sway tergiverse shuck be doubtful flip-flop beg the question pass the buck cop a plea see-saw refuse rebuff resist skirt fake be ambivalent penelopize deceive shift ground about be in two minds faff about mess around um and ah prevent block fabricate flicker tumble use dilatory tactics slow-walk vary hinder invent distort misstate dissemble garble belie exaggerate misspeak bobble lurch reel roll quaver escape elude eschew adumbrate double-talk quiver put on the back burner trim shudder change shuffle about run around cover up straddle the fence be unable to decide whiffle waffle be unable to make up your mind run hot and cold phony up stretch the truth put on employ delaying tactics tell white lie cloud the issue give run around adopt Fabian tactics change mind give a false colour to stay behind baffle maneuver manoeuvre feint foil contest outwit blather blarney blandish beguile fight off use flattery talk blarney butter up fast-talk hold your horses hold your fire be noncommittal hedge your bets shuffle around give the run around alternate demur seesaw stumble doubt boggle flounder ponder hang mammer debate weigh be hesitant shy away be reluctant be unwilling pull back think about sit on fence


To stay somewhere temporarily
stay sojourn crash visit lodge put up reside dwell stop bide room board inhabit be quartered stop over be housed stay over rest live holiday abide vacation squat vacay roost nest have rooms be billeted break have a break relax stay at come to stay stay with domicile bunk quarter take a break take it easy put your feet up shelter roof harbor camp harbour settle house station park be a lodger break one's journey have lodgings nestle take lodgings stop off take a room take up residence be accommodated be domiciled hole up spend some time perch remain linger live in occupy locate dwell in be settled have your home in have one's home hang out tenant lodge in be domiciled in be on holiday reside in stay in be on vacation slob around have one's residence accommodate be established in make one's home take up residence in encamp chamber billet bivouac bestow populate ensconce travel take in exist possess people bide in weekend be settled in sojourn in be a resident of have as your home have digs be ensconced in set up home in make one's home in keep house be an inhabitant of settle in establish oneself abide in tent install hang one's hat pitch tent lie inhere canton rent hostel tour indwell bedwell be present hang out in hang one's hat in have taken up residence in have established oneself in go to live in become domiciled in go to live set up housekeeping in move to take root set up house put down roots put down roots in establish yourself set up home stay on emigrate to hang up one's hat sleep instal go on holiday take a holiday go on vacation own maintain ensconce oneself in be in residence establish oneself in be in command move into use pervade be the tenant of establish keep sit permeate be in residence in be established trip sightsee pilgrimage gallivant adventure knock about go on a trip go sightseeing go on an expedition go camping go abroad go on an excursion

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