Đồng nghĩa của fight off


To resist, particularly an infection or an emotion
drive away fend off hold off keep at bay repel repulse resist stave off ward off deflect keep off discourage drive back beat off rebut check rebuff deter protect against hold back parry keep at arm's length reject foil avert keep away push back beat back oppose put to flight send packing refuse turn aside defend against force back frustrate fight back thrust back turn away turn back prevent see off curb brush off put down defend chase away decline fight confront dismiss cut dispute cool stand off kick disown traverse duel spurn avoid knock down force off turn down give cold shoulder to drive off stand up against cast aside keep at a distance snub hold at bay rebuke defeat nix heave-ho overthrow stand up for cover block stop forestall intercept guard head off ward defend oneself against shield against escape dodge forfend skirt round halt arrest baulk screen bulwark divert duck evade fend pre-empt keep balk put a stop to thwart guard against safeguard against secure against fence bottle up conceal get back at defend yourself retaliate contain suppress restrain reply repress control counter put up a fight riposte set back force away throw back kick in the teeth disdain ignore cold-shoulder give someone the brush-off repudiate shun draw away scorn freeze out cut dead knock back give someone the go-by give the cold shoulder slight stiff-arm snout send away jilt look right through pass up give the brush balk at scoff at tell someone where to get off not buy redirect sidetrack hold something off hinder delay obstruct glance rebound give somebody the cold shoulder refuse admittance to give somebody the run-around contemn give the bum's rush turn nose up at sneer at sneeze at treat with contempt turn your nose up at look down on hold in contempt glance off deny elude preclude bypass shirk anticipate neglect disregard reprove disallow chide cross reprobate negate negative disapprove pass withdraw put off tell off demur deselect protest desist en garde not hear of lash out at not budge on turn deaf ear to throw out turn one's back on turn from say no to send off jib at dispense with set aside baulk at not care for send one's regrets hold out protest at demur at draw the line at refuse to receive say no give thumbs down to shake one's head throw over put in one's place shield yourself from blackball ostracize blacklist desert renounce exclude drop blank excommunicate discount abjure eschew veto abnegate forsake disfellowship unfollow ostracise unfriend despise burn kick someone in the teeth have nothing to do with leave off give someone the big E give someone the air cast out send to Coventry shut out hand someone the frozen mitt break with have nothing more to do with cut off give a wide berth to bin off give someone the push leave out in the cold swear off give the elbow


To ward off or put up an opposition to (an attack)
counter combat fight oppose negate attack rebuff repel repulse resist tackle ward off battle fend off oppugn stave off beat contend with contravene defy hold at bay match meet stand up to take on put up a fight against fly in the face of contest confront withstand contend dispute challenge buck obstruct hinder thwart struggle against check face strive against frustrate impede block prevent vie object to go against pit argue against take a stand against take issue with deny play off contradict cross gainsay encounter assail counteract assault controvert protest fight against be anti quarrel with argue with wrestle stop inhibit halt restrain be hostile to refuse stem curb face off speak out against be in opposition to rival speak against war face down set your face against stand up and be counted against be in defiance of take up arms against make a stand against set against balk negative duel disaffirm impugn agitate against baulk traverse question reluct campaign against countervail stonewall put in opposition set as rivals tangle with put up an argument oppose action compete against compete with spare no effort set one's face against dissent with lock horns with rebel against dig in one's heels baulk at kick against refuse to accept eliminate end clash resolve battle against try to put out try to extinguish do battle with fight with cope with put an end to bring to an end to compete set upon launch battle with begin battle with strike skirmish with clash with engage grapple with wrest with scrap with wage war against struggle mount an attack on enter into combat with fall on counterbalance wage war on jockey race jostle strive compare contrast come to close quarters with feud grapple give battle to join battle with scramble for go for sweat play go for broke push lock horns jockey for position wage war go for the gold match yourself against be rivals go for the jugular cross swords array be against bar counterattack dislike disagree with disapprove of rebut take gainstay dissent debate argue expose neutralize disagree disapprove reverse neutralise bombard withstay taunt frown at not countenance search out take issue turn the tables call in question take a stand run counter to brave meet head-on face off against face up to go up against accost affront bear endure stand struggle with suffer tolerate sustain brook abide vie with cross swords with hold out against put up a fight take up arms contend against fight back against come to blows with shoot it out with scrimmage with war against hold off content against go one on one with be opposed to go toe to toe with go eyeball to eyeball with be pitted against fight back hold one's ground against remain firm keep at bay turn down stand firm stand one's ground against collide with engage with get into conflict with meet head on come into conflict with weather dare handle overcome outlast survive wear surmount experience put up with come through be impermeable to prevail against be impervious to hang tough ride out stick it out die hard against stay the course persevere against bear up against hold out bear the brunt of be proof against pull through persist with get through live through be resistant to court countenance beard eyeball risk swallow stomach venture outbrave outface allow brazen breast brace for deal with submit to square off come up against be confronted by play against be drawn against make a stand take the bull by the horns fly in face of bit the bullet


Conduct a discussion or argument in an evasive way
fence hedge prevaricate quibble equivocate evade flannel shift stall tergiversate vacillate dodge parry stonewall be ambiguous be evasive be non-committal be vague cavil palter shilly-shally waffle avoid baffle contest duck feint foil maneuver manoeuvre outwit parry questions pussyfoot around shirk sidestep dodge the issue duck the issue duck the question fudge the issue sidestep the issue beat about the bush mince one's words pussyfoot fudge weasel hum and haw temporize temporise beg the question beat around the bush sit on the fence shuffle lie fib waver jive falsify con tergiverse evade the issue shuffle about stall for time hem and haw avoid the issue blow hot and cold deceive skirt the issue be noncommittal play it close to the vest fabricate invent distort misrepresent dither misstate exaggerate dissemble garble misspeak belie play one's cards close to one's chest dodge the question straddle an issue give nothing away put off phony up put on stretch the truth give a false colour to circumvent bypass balk baulk hesitate fend off skirt round avoid answering eschew escape elude adumbrate shuck double-talk flip-flop be equivocal about be evasive about quibble about get out of not pay not give a straight answer to cop out of beat around bush find a way round beat about the bush about cop out run around mince words cover up straddle the fence tell white lie give run around pass the buck cop a plea cloud the issue dissimulate pretend perjure tell a lie invent a story tell untruths make up a story tell stories depart from the truth forswear yourself not tell the truth be economical with the truth tell a terminological inexactitude kid plant feign promote fake shovel concoct tell a fib create fiction trump up make up speak with forked tongue pull someone's leg pull the wool over somebody's eyes tell a little white lie delay procrastinate play for time tarry defer hang back gain time be indecisive play a waiting game use delaying tactics avoid committing oneself use Fabian tactics kick the can down the road avoid making a decision take your time mislead delude bluff hoax hoodwink misinform misguide dupe trick beguile bull pervert overdraw snow misinstruct forswear gaslight tell a falsehood tell an untruth string along be untruthful concoct a story have on break promise throw off the scent not speak the truth put on the wrong track fake it forswear oneself bear false witness be forsworn say something untrue commit perjury perjure oneself make believe perjure yourself put up a front send on a wild goose chase frame someone lead astray BS tell a white lie lack candor lie through one's teeth

Trái nghĩa của fight off

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