Đồng nghĩa của protect against


To soften the effect of an impact on
buffer cushion soften absorb mitigate moderate allay diminish gentle lessen deaden muffle stifle defend against shield against safeguard against dull temper dampen tone down reduce suppress decrease abate ease blunt lighten lenify subdue take the edge off damp smother mellow blanket damp down obtund gruntle soothe mollify relieve palliate relax quell lower qualify alleviate buttress pad bolster insulate guard seclude reduce the effect of assuage calm quiet quieten still weaken appease pacify mute placate cool dilute sweeten lull attenuate silence help restrain tranquilize tranquillize check modify settle hush compose modulate slacken curb ameliorate comfort muzzle soft-pedal mask extenuate calm down squelch smooth turn down loosen conciliate gag propitiate shush take the sting out numb minimize curtail cut control pipe down salve impair extinguish minimise repress play down take the bite out pour oil on decrease the volume thin remit depress release loose deplete console de-escalate tame satisfy regulate dulcify kill resolve reconcile drown heal dim cure adjust anaesthetize ease up cool out wind down solace anesthetize put the lid on shut up keep it down quiet down let up on darken chill out sober limit sap slake restrict depreciate dispel degrade erode undermine quench benumb discount slack content water down disarm contain ebb dumb commute dwindle downsize square improve becalm lullaby cripple untighten make less cheer put damper on put a damper on win over make nice aid assist fix up make peace with ease off disburden upraise facilitate free unburden break settle down make less intense quieten down patch things up cut down hold in soften up drown out take a load off let up put an end to balm take the sting out of pillow shade deepen cloud address revise paralyse shorten soak up taper take sting out restraint paralyze shrink wane contract subside decrement fill surfeit excuse dulcorate honey sugar get rid of narrow admix put a stop to dismiss dissipate banish fix reduce the force of smooth down untrouble ally cool off milden transmogrify switch revamp steady eliminate destroy make smaller adulterate cut back wear away roll back peter out wear down constrain embroider embellish sugar the pill drive away chase away put to rest drive off simmer down dispose tune down rein make up prune dent drop downscale blur reduce punishment scale down muddy up take pressure off extend lace sophisticate crush mince fine tune make reasonable lay off sate cauterize tail off dial down truncate abridge slash temperate lessen the impact of soften the impact of soberize reduce the impact of chasten make agreeable debase disempower invalidate meet halfway keep under control keep in check remedy rectify throttle monkey around with knock down put down stroke grease con pacificate stretch broaden play up to hebetate desensitise cauterise disable desensitize enfeeble debilitate mend pare down dummy up make quiet strike dumb tongue-tie hush one's mouth clam up hold your tongue hush-hush dress up take the bite out of stabilize reassure assure cool down impose peace upon butter up make peace smooth over restore harmony to lay back bedim open thin out kiss and make up clear the air with bury the hatchet smooth someone's ruffled feathers support make lighter demilitarise save neutralise smooth out rescue recover clear the air stabilise neutralize defuse take the heat demilitarize patch up put to rights iron out sort out run interference for clear the way nurse forward disengage speed up doctor relent simplify meliorate promote make easier speed expedite attend to lift open the door further buck up condole with give solace to make inaudible liberalize liberalise dip fade brighten make less painful counteract disencumber empty levitate take remove uplight change shift jettison eradicate unload humour pale punctuate succor succour vary stop liss interrupt free up humor prevent break up bring respite to reduce weight put off throw out pour out make dim make faint make less bright bring an end to make matters up accede to somebody's demands take load off bring aid to make something bearable bring aid


(fend off) To defend against or keep away
fend prevent block check curb forestall halt oppose repel repulse resist arrest avert bulwark defend deflect divert dodge fence foil forfend guard intercept stop thwart balk baulk discourage escape evade parry screen cover duck keep ward head off hold off fend off hold back keep off safeguard against secure against shield against stave off ward off defend oneself against fight off guard against skirt round keep at bay turn aside keep at arm's length put a stop to stand up for pre-empt defend against send packing drive back put to flight beat back chase away protect safeguard secure shield preserve shelter save keep safe look after conserve watch over keep from harm fortify harbour uphold harbor take care of watch house assure support maintain foster care for afford protection to give sanctuary ride shotgun tend mind hedge cushion shade garrison insulate inoculate insure ensure stick up for cover up go to bat for cover all bases take under one's wing prohibit police patrol make invulnerable justify champion man occupy wrap oversee stand guard over conceal shotgun chamber stonewall haven roof provide protection for overlook give shelter give cover guide rule be responsible for attend to preside over persevere with have charge of minister to be in charge of chaperon sentinel immunise mount guard on escort stand guard on cover up for immunize give refuge stand guard save from harm take someone under your wing barricade withstand hold beat off provide sanctuary take in repel danger be the defender of hold at bay

Trái nghĩa của protect against

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