Đồng nghĩa của prohibit

Alternative for prohibit

prohibits, prohibited, prohibiting

Đồng nghĩa: ban, bar, deny, deter, disallow, foil, forbid, prevent, restrict, thwart, veto,

Trái nghĩa: allow,


To prohibit or interdict the use, participation or inclusion of
forbid ban outlaw interdict proscribe bar disallow veto enjoin embargo restrain taboo criminalise criminalize debar block cool cork exclude forfend freeze gridlock halt inhibit kill make illegal nix rule out spike stymie zing bottle up box in hang up hold up jam up lock up pass on place an embargo on put down shut out tie up keep lid on put chill on bring to screeching halt put a lock on put a stopper in put half nelson on throw cold water on pour cold water on prevent stop preclude reject obstruct impede hinder check restrict deny dismiss thwart blackball boycott refuse put a stop to obviate forestall ward off counteract put an end to eliminate estop avert foil except defeat disqualify avoid curb nullify banish baulk frustrate ostracize arrest stave off circumvent balk black suspend quash ostracise repudiate suppress withhold disapprove throw out turn down hold back deter count out head off put the kibosh on oppose negate counter give the thumbs down to limit blacklist steer clear of cancel derail rebuff freeze out repress close out hamper retard invalidate pass by scupper give the red light to disregard disentitle nip in the bud interrupt decline cramp negative declare ineligible evade scotch bate expel stonewall spurn spoil fetter bypass interfere with ruin sidestep crimp skirt trammel put paid to pass up stall say no to ward stand in the way of neutralize defend against leave out do for hold off fend off neutralise knock back disenable overrule censor declare illegal destroy let overturn forbid to censure squash disable deprive keep out circumnavigate discount omit get out of set aside beat dash ignore wreck escape ice out cut cease crush reprobate declare null and void pass discountenance discourage baffle lock out intercept refrain from revoke shoot down shun miss out cut out stifle snub stump outwit hobble put an embargo on turn aside thumbs down pass over help annul skip chill put a brake on stay away from abstain from put the lid on give something a miss leave off keep from leave out in the cold anticipate condemn give the red light sentence doom plug rule something out render repulse discard begrudge disfellowship overthrow declare incapable outvote declare taboo abolish recant keep at bay stave keep off dam redlight disappoint shut down say no vote against refuse admission to refuse entrance to give the cold shoulder to give the brush-off to unfit place injunction on place an injunction on penalise penalize consider undesirable hit list refuse to employ put on hit list quit discontinue not consider close one's doors to forget about disown countermand reverse down rule against deselect put the chill on stopper make it impossible for make it impracticable for make impossible disclaim disavow abjure not grant throw over balk at give thumbs down to deflect disrupt confront snooker incapacitate end extinguish stay keep burn dissent discomfit cripple hamstring checkmate make something punishable throw disacknowledge put the stopper on ditch take wind out of take down upset crash juke unsettle quell crool foul up banjax damp disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair paralyse weaken illegalize override curse exile cramp one's style dash one's hope render null and void overcome lick screw up upset the applecart conquer give the run around throw away refuse permission to save pre-empt smash shatter cut off make impracticable put off declare something a punishable offence give thumbs down not go for keep back disadvise scare divert dampen constrain close down close up officially forbid give the thumbs down turn off talk out of act like a wet blanket put a damper on shackle bridle slow queer dish shut off drop shut out of strike encumber clog manacle hog-tie handcuff slow down dissuade short-circuit smother handicap embarrass be the end of bring to an end dodge miss withhold patronage rein in turn your back on brush off hold aloof from give a wide berth to cold-shoulder wash one's hands of have nothing to do with impose sanctions refuse to take part in faze bit reduce sandbag not make the cut withhold from desist from stay away forbear give up make up for deny yourself shake off restrain from counterbalance break the habit of withstand skip out on do without shake shy from kick get around steer clear forgo shrink from abstain renounce desist eschew shirk forbear from resist disbar remove oust bounce put on brakes put an stop to hold in stem the flow of keep in throw a spanner in the works of hold down elide eject evict pretermit overpass overleap deny access to sideline disclude occlude not bother dispense with let slide take out cast aside fail to include slight fail to mention skip over factor out not count refuse to admit put out send to Coventry refuse admittance prevent from entering drive out force out get rid of shut the door on excommunicate cast out discharge drum out kick out boot out turf out coldshoulder turn out delete out rout chase slang deport erase send packing run off cross out expulse give the cold shoulder give the bum's rush relegate efface excise cashier expunge blank obliterate scrub scrap push out thrust out blue-pencil displace strike out take back keep at arm's length rub out lay off retract block out chuck out expatriate ink out give someone the push give someone the boot throw out on your ear show the door overlook rusticate rub squeeze out withdraw scratch rescind isolate dele edit recall transport sack repeal blot out edit out dispossess renege fling out purge backpedal dislodge forswear cut dead drive off bin off abnegate score out x out stroke out wipe out white out drive away give the elbow let go do away with back out of black out call off put a line through hand someone the frozen mitt not buy give the boot give someone the big E give someone the air deny entry look straight through deny admittance to turn on attaint foreclose exempt inveigh press out unchurch express gouge out lock someone out waive denounce anathematize prohibit from entering give somebody the cold shoulder downgrade demote takfir turn against weed out put a price on someone's head give one the gate mark off defenestrate leave in the cold leave out of account sling out not include repatriate extradite fordrive bust fire heave out ask to leave forget slur extrude extradict sequester break can throw out on ear give the hook give walking papers show you the door cover axe conceal hide mask chase away send away veil see the back of shroud ax give the sack to give someone their P45 unloose force to leave give the chop give someone the bullet bump give the heave-ho irrupt dump throw overboard give the old heave-ho toss kiss goodbye send off throw someone out on their ear give someone their marching orders give someone their cards show the gate to seclude break off carve extirpate usurp break up knock off exsect sever marginalize extract give over close blockade screen beleaguer void abrogate null unsay contradict undo call abandon vacate abort unpublish eradicate gainsay marginalise take away disannul make void dismantle lift counterorder render invalid desert jilt scorn cry off call back refute disdain repel forsake despise unfollow unfriend strike down declare invalid blank out cancel out blue pencil stamp out roll back root out sweep away X out snuff out score trim X-out snip scratch out bleep decontaminate terminate squelch sterilize sanitize clean fence off give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by scoff at break with swear off kick someone in the teeth have nothing more to do with foreswear rebut disprove shed subtract pack up pack in sanitise sterilise explode disaffirm debunk contest discredit challenge renege on back down reel in have change of heart retrograde welsh fall back retreat take in back off eat your words change one's mind recede eat one's words forget it apologise nig go back on change one's tune back out do a U-turn on apologize retrocede draw back row back on withcall backtrack on do an about-turn on declare untrue controvert disconfirm dissent from clean up Tippex out disagree with confute contravene disbelieve shoot full of holes withsay take exception to call on enjoin from shoot down in flames doubt disagree turn thumbs down stand in the way sacrifice bundle off remove by force pack off give the 1-2-3


To prohibit
forfend bulwark cover defend fence fend guard keep protect safeguard screen secure shield ward stand up for shelter keep safe save preserve keep from harm look after avert prevent watch over fortify take care of uphold conserve house halt ward off stop arrest harbour garrison foil thwart intercept harbor police mind watch escort stonewall care for afford protection to stave off fend off stand guard over ride shotgun tend barricade support oppose resist hedge block cushion shade foster insulate inoculate insure check maintain wrap assure give sanctuary head off guard against cover up hold off turn aside go to bat for hold back cover all bases put a stop to salvage retain reclaim retrieve rescue ensure patrol justify fight for man occupy nanny mother chaperone oversee conceal shotgun chamber haven roof keep an eye on provide protection for obviate give shelter give cover take under one's wing overlook avoid desist discontinue cease be responsible for guide attend to preside over persevere with have charge of minister to rule be in charge of chaperon defend against shut out put an end to nip in the bud keep from happening sentinel immunise mount guard on stick up for stand guard on cover up for immunize give refuge stand guard tuck save from harm take under wing take someone under your wing swathe cup enfold enclose crown dress invest cap paper over reinforce hood overcast canopy clothe superimpose superpose put something on top of place under cover place something over repulse curb forestall repel deflect dodge divert discourage escape baulk evade parry duck balk withstand hold protect against defend oneself against shield against keep at arm's length skirt round fight off keep at bay pre-empt keep off safeguard against secure against beat off provide sanctuary take in repel danger be the defender of hold at bay


To put an end to, especially formally
abolish cancel end destroy dissolve eliminate eradicate quash terminate void obliterate repeal annihilate extinguish invalidate overturn annul ax axe ditch do away with exterminate nullify rescind wipe out expunge get rid of junk revoke abrogate drop extirpate shed stamp out stop discard erase overthrow scrap suppress jettison trash delete throw out vitiate countermand discontinue excise put an end to remove repudiate retract scrub subvert withdraw abate avoid black out blot out chop clean up disannul dispense with dump efface liquidate negate null root out rub out snuff out sweep away vacate deracinate disestablish finish inhibit kill nix roll back squelch strike down supersede undo zap call off close down set aside give something the chop put kibosh on knock something on the head put the kibosh on bring to an end reverse demolish recall abort crush put a stop to declare null and void squash overrule cut decimate obviate override abandon put down render invalid quell raze defeat finish off take out do in waste ruin take back give up recant wreck render null and void subdue smash veto suspend dispatch overcome neutralize break off devastate slaughter repress shatter check total stifle neutralise beat cease quench interrupt thwart cut out renege frustrate dismantle massacre dispose of discharge wind up knock off curb put paid to crack down on torpedo wrack X-out off cancel out nip in the bud pull the plug on renounce banish quit upset lift cut off break conclude halt pack in put the lid on make void call a halt to conquer silence nuke slay close desolate blow away scratch weed out cry off vaporize undermine break up overwhelm take away wash out cross out call blue pencil disallow blank out shoot down wipe off the map put to death block out dismiss wipe off the face of the earth put out disclaim vaporise backpedal expire waive croak clobber phase out call back pulverize assassinate butcher cream murder rout leave off belay purge strike out snuff clamp down on bump off slap down wipe from the face of the earth scotch shut down disaffirm deny forget pulverise tear down pull down impair die backtrack on reject execute abjure bring to a halt go cast aside ignore smother overpower get shot of uproot offset knock out can KO declare invalid ice vanquish whack desist top stiff elapse lapse smoke score out blue-pencil pass determine dead-end bring down scrag back out of do to death let up wink out wind down wrap up pack up take the life of ink out lay off mow down close out do for bring to naught disrupt cripple spoil hamper hinder mar renig control foil counteract refrain from prevent ravage stymie postpone part renege on obscure intermit harm forget about counterbalance get shut of conceal topple disregard disown counterorder forswear blow go back on obstruct cover turf mess up omit trim gut sabotage exclude complete weasel out rule against adjourn disunite relinquish countercheck redress censor prorogue subjugate dele screw up muck up level disconnect queer take off scratch out leave out edit get shoot knock down crack down sink wipe end the life of desist from shut off give over cut down blow sky-high polish off wrap ultimate pull the plug round off round out rule out chuck in cut to pieces put away give someone the works run out cut short terminate with extreme prejudice put a line through bring to a close sit on remove all traces of blow someone's brains out white out call it quits dust slash bin declare take stamp something out retreat weaken back-pedal on rid strip clear disobey dishonour reduce drastically kayo withhold shelve scrunch squish disband exsect go against unfit circumduct disqualify get off the hook backwater dishonor deaden black cast out drive out cause the death of make away with expel refuse to fulfil watergate snow under do a U-turn on elide abnegate put out of your mind remit bleep wangle out render meaningless x out stroke out edit out X out opt out stand down throw over back out worm out put to sleep bring to a conclusion prorogate come to an end recess bring to an untimely end clamp down put an stop to bring to screeching halt countervail rebut cork up hush up bottle up put damper on retire refute redline crawl out of knock on the head erode fade redact wipe off bowdlerize pull back draw back split up disorganize loose unmake collapse destruct sever counterpoise restrict compensate limit nig confine make null and void hit unload cover over resolve blank strike bowdlerise blot scrape off launder wipe off face of earth blow to bits mark out destroy root and branch take apart rub off damage alter smooth away wear away rub away make ineffective forgo forget it fade out resolve into render void change sunder overset clear away oust contravene ding blackball impugn traverse stonewall cross oppose belie disprove douse down prostrate scupper settle attack depose pass over murk wax brush aside crown consummate call all bets off cow render inert wipe slate clean go back on one's word shade obfuscate darken batten eclipse put at risk break with turn thumbs down turn down fly in the face of master unseat hang behead decapitate chill do knife asphyxiate dust off garrote electrocute take a life garotte garrotte lynch guillotine cool strangle get done call it a day pack it in switch off sew up end up nip something in the bud wind something up top off incapacitate dash triumph over arrest choke botch dethrone lick make a mess of render ineffective play havoc with put lid on bottle trample on dominate keep inside clamp hold in shush bury keep in trample spike stem drive underground hold down beat down abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless disable threaten foul up supplant trounce displace block skin crimp have impoverish throw a monkey wrench in the works of craze unbuild balls up injure blow a hole in overreach outmaneuver rain on someone's parade outmanoeuvre outfox work against throw a spanner in the works of cramp outsmart make waves louse up blow out dampen bollix defenestrate upend tip bring to ruin knock over remove from power bring about the downfall of tumble bring low overrun remove from office interfere with break down cover up make dark pass out hold back keel over turn out detect stub out damp down intrude on put to the sword send to the gas chambers ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come benothing kick pause lay off of depart surcease disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose discount demise decease exit flatline perish fall succumb bag it blow off bar except debar avert forfend proscribe preclude forestall forbid wane ban deter bate stave off count out ward off not consider shut out freeze out close one's doors to kick in conk out pass on kick off peg out pass away step out pop off check out call a halt eschew forsake delay swear off stay restrain be over forbear from jack in run down abstain forbear shun refrain hold up draw to a close leave steer clear of defer put on ice have done with culminate bring to a stop take a break put off impede withdraw from disappear refuse vanish resign from keep hold off pull out of get out of take a breather bring to a standstill retire from keep from pigeonhole come to a close fade away peter out come to a standstill hold over withhold from table give a wide berth to ease off hang back resist mothball freeze rest desert dwindle retard put back go without pull up come to a stop take five lay aside bite the dust die down put in cold storage run its course come to a halt stop dead put on hold take a rain check on put on the back burner die away die out drop out of melt away have nothing to do with stall hesitate reschedule vacillate wait waver put aside procrastinate chuck deactivate falter curtail handicap suspend proceedings decline pass up get off evaporate detain ebb check out from hobble encumber hamstring escape from shake restrain oneself from stop oneself from finalize hold in abeyance immobilize resist the temptation to evanish bail immobilise hang fire not do trammel keep back finalise be suspended cumber stop oneself have a breather cut it out hold move from head off cease to exist stop short lay on the table put a lid on not continue fizzle out have a break become invalid leave alone take ten bow out of step aside from become void become obsolete blow over come to rest put on back burner put on the shelf finish with hang up say goodbye to quit cold give a rest depart from kick the habit go away from throw up take the cure kick over close off put a stop to something stand down from fail hold back from relax yield resign bring to end spurn dissociate bring hold something in abeyance give something up come off disturb back off turn back forlet jack something in be put on hold cap achieve succeed raise quit cold turkey snub marginalize carve isolate usurp extract overlook cinch call a stop to draw to a halt hold on stop midstream withcall ease up down tools stop work rise steer clear cool it stop in one's tracks reach a standstill take a breather from accomplish be at an end be no longer valid stop trying knock it off drop out throw in the towel throw in the sponge stop doing lie by spell stand finish up fight shy of not touch cut into break into cut dead marginalise put on a back burner bring down curtain draw to close put to bed put a period to fold up be put to bed button up cut loose button down remove gradually withdraw gradually replace gradually eliminate gradually stop using take time out take time off put the stopper on shorten abbreviate clip abridge clinch shutter get on the wagon hang it up sit tight hang about hang around decelerate give notice forego fold retain constrain tie up loose ends come to the end be through with take the pledge go on the wagon avoid doing sit out be temperate transpire come to a conclusion carry through set the seal on carry out bring to fruition round up intercept clog inactivate put in abeyance file pink-slip keep in abeyance protract deliberate adopt Fabian tactics bridle hold off on keep hold of step down from defend against save turn aside fend off keep from happening put a brake on push back lay over break short leave unfinished stop cold stop in full flow be no more fly by go by bag secede from prevent oneself from cease to indulge in prevent yourself from not give in to keep off tail off trail off forfeit slip away refuse to pay mark time linger sideline take a breath reflect tarry divorce sacrifice jilt phase something out escape sever relations with break away from split with delink from stop briefly interdict shirk skip think twice call time dissociate oneself from disaffiliate oneself from stay away from bypass estop wither subside wilt back off from break the habit of dodge shrink from rein in sidestep restrain from shy from continue respite put over part from part with skip out on kibosh skirt surcease from call it quits on be gone from be done with break free from take leave from have nothing more to do with moderate break it up come to standstill catch one's breath make it impossible for make impossible ward make it impracticable for make impracticable shackle derail decay lessen decrease diminish recede eighty-six turn your back on write off take a recess brush off walk out of walk out on disappear from run along from take off from abscond from exit from absent oneself from bail from break off with clear out from cast off set out from handcuff slacken evanesce degenerate get rid of by stages slow stop what you're doing deteriorate droop retrograde crumble molder dilapidate moulder take a rain check still catch staunch run low fall away go downhill go down grow less go dead slow down get in the way of stand in the way of dither stagger wabble teeter balance wobble scruple limp stumble whiffle draw up bring up fetch up put a sock in be abandoned blow the whistle on stand still hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill be broken off shilly-shally wiggle-waggle draw to a stand

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