Đồng nghĩa của detain

Alternative for detain

detains, detained, detaining

Đồng nghĩa: delay, hold up, retard, slow up,

Trái nghĩa: free, liberate,


To apprehend or arrest someone
arrest apprehend restrain confine imprison capture hold intern seize withhold bust impound incarcerate nab take buttonhole cop do gaol jail nail collar nick pinch ice mire reserve keep in custody lock up take in haul in pick up place in custody put away take prisoner hold in custody pull in put into custody send up take into custody put behind bars put in jail remand in custody run in feel your collar catch immure hold captive bag trap throw in jail cage grab put inside hook commit jug put under lock and key lay hold of send down hold prisoner shut up ensnare land net lift pen put in prison corral bang up coop up constrain secure fence in get book snag nobble keep send to prison prehend clap in irons put in chains shut in wall in take captive bind keep under lock and key remand snare abduct bastille glom round up put into detention coop put on ice put in irons snap up lock away bring in place under arrest mew up put the cuffs on close in handcuff snatch appropriate railroad entrap quarantine stop grapple rap take away carry off enclose take hostage pen in lock in rail in hem in reel in take in for questioning run down pound kidnap restrict consign take hold of take possession of slough settle mew prison sentence can keep under constraint beach grab hold of roust pull house take downtown throw book at lasso entangle send up the river throw into irons throw in dungeon put in solitary get one's fingers on pounce on inter cloister entomb seclude wall put into irons throw the book at throw away the keys toss in jail hold under custody keep under custody cage in shut away put the arm on chain pinion tether strap fetter lash manacle truss tree corner bar sequester enslave crib shackle get hold of lay hands on get a hold of chain up tie up wall up hog-tie clip someone's wings circumscribe trammel stockade closet bottle up detain at Her Majesty's pleasure hold hostage keep captive


To postpone from being dealt with
table postpone adjourn defer delay park reschedule shelve prorogue reserve suspend mothball hold withhold continue retain suppress hang remit stall cool respite contain hold back hold off hold over put aside put back put off take offline hold off on put on hold put on ice put on the back burner put on the shelf stay pigeonhole procrastinate protract retard extend slow prolong put over carry over hold up lay over hold in abeyance lay on the table hang fire set aside give rain check put on back burner put in cold storage take a rain check on intermit hinder block impede lengthen obstruct waive interrupt keep in abeyance lay aside recess prorogate stand over pause put to one side file dismiss sideline leave put something off give a rain check put in abeyance slow up do later set back hang up put off the evil day put off the evil hour reprieve arrest discontinue forestay temporise temporize dally break put on one side neglect renounce avoid freeze leave to another time break off slow down put on the bank burner cool it take a raincheck keep back take a breather from rearrange reorganize tie up put on a back burner call it a day take a recess suspend proceedings take five take a rain check take a break take a breather check reorganise disband bar inactivate can shut up put out of commission pack away decommission put into storage call a halt to rule out stave off push back pink-slip count out wait hang back refrain from sit tight take no action elongate play a waiting game avoid doing something drag out draw out outstretch stretch stretch out hold your horses bide your time keep from doing something wire-draw sustain perpetuate keep going keep up prolongate carry on spin out draw pad string out extend the duration of make longer expand drag on keep something going go on with


To detain (a person) in conversation against their will
buttonhole grab accost catch waylay hail address approach confront halt intercept stop call to collar importune nobble shout to solicit speak to take aside talk to ambush corner initiate a discussion with hound question flag bother cross interview swoop down on pounce on stop and talk to discuss something with cross-examine whistle for run into surround restrict pin down tackle defy beard face challenge brave oppose resist assault attack meet outbrave outface brazen dare encounter breast cope with go one-on-one call out provoke threaten flout scorn antagonise call one's bluff tell off face off stand up to brazen out affront make my day square up to face up to withstand come face to face with face with meet eyeball-to-eyeball deal with face down come up against repel meet head-on go up against antagonize front take on stare down browbeat overawe cow intimidate outstare square up stare out face out take up the gauntlet hold your own stand your ground stay the course accept a challenge stick to your guns look sth in the eye get to grips with meet head on stand up against throw down the gauntlet at overcome beat put a bold face on it put on a bold front tangle face up be defiant look straight in the eye urge cope bully denounce spurn insult disregard outdare mock mess with square off laugh at muster courage run the gauntlet throw down gauntlet step over the line knock chip off shoulder remonstrate with throw down the gauntlet invite to debate contest meet face to face do something about it cross swards start something knock the chip off one's shoulder ask for trouble


To limit or restrict
restrain control check contain curb bridle restrict suppress hold limit subdue regulate repress constrain govern muzzle confine cork dampen hamper handicap inhibit moderate prevent rein bit curtail harness hinder hold back keep keep in check leash measure rule smother stifle tame bottle up choke back debar hold in check rein in straiten circumscribe cool delimit deter direct gag guide hogtie impound imprison gaol jail keep within bounds kill pull in rein back retard stay stem keep in put a brake on box up crack down hem in hold down keep down keep under control lock up pin down pull back put away sit on tie down bring under control keep in line keep the lid on have on a tight leash stop reduce lessen diminish impede keep back hold in temper block decrease obstruct trammel muffle soften tone down arrest fight back swallow strangle mitigate quell halt withhold thwart ease lower abate frustrate sink slow down fetter modulate cramp weaken baulk calm keep a tight rein on silence balk slow deaden bite back master interfere with bar quash damp down still hold up contract overcome lighten stall choke cork up prohibit allay delay submerge squash shrink damp quiet foil cut back keep a lid on ebb minimize stymie put an end to button up squelch cap slacken taper quench discipline pocket cut down counteract conceal soft-pedal shackle forestall hamstring mute encumber alleviate shut in minimise soothe nip in the bud hog-tie play down dull crack down on bind settle wane tie up put a stop to cut stave off enclose drop stamp out assuage overpower ward off constrict avert preclude hobble mollify take the edge off clog slash dwindle modify counter interdict adjust conquer qualify interrupt put the brakes on tail off clamp down on blunt lick narrow down defeat compose head off de-escalate extinguish decline mellow wind down depreciate hide resist bound depress freeze terminate entrammel pacify relieve oppose tighten cushion palliate fix attenuate simmer down narrow peter out dry up dilute drop off decrement let up obviate forbid manage ward relax forfend get the better of shut up keep lid on rule out fend off tranquilize lock in close in gulp back roll back ease off put a lid on shut down take down subside collect deny set tranquillize peg staunch circumvent shush dam wear down wear away tie degrade cage intercept devaluate set back discourage avoid monitor calm down fall off slack off chill catch cripple trim get a grip on shut out minify gain mastery over put an stop to stem the flow of clip mark off crimp pull up bring down bring to a standstill cut off put a damper on taper off mark down become smaller make smaller slump crush fade humble ban disallow immure decay droop waste degenerate beat demarcate shorten incarcerate cow dock corral balance deflate chill out adapt suffocate subjugate define vanquish decelerate intern concentrate handcuff let stanch coop up recover truncate enjoin withstand end abbreviate abridge manacle evaporate run low deteriorate lose edge wither shrivel die down crumble estop compress chasten demark help delimitate quelch abase embarrass throttle brake best elide syncopate fence in immobilize focus impose limits on set limits on surmount bork postpone hush cover up cool off cut short mortify spoil dispatch keep secret immobilise box in cumber deemphasize downsize dominate downplay compact erode strangulate impair girdle retrench collapse pinch constringe retardate mire neutralize put a limit on triumph over bring to a halt short-circuit turn aside condense revise placate wall in put half nelson on downscale put down loiter anticipate scale down save pare hold off alter draw up tauten clench tense extenuate pare down take the sting out take the bite out neutralise repulse fetch up get under control tuck astringe remit put the lid on downgrade couch hang up prevail over dial down stonewall baffle bite one's lip become narrower de-emphasize bog down bring to an end gain control of win against bring to screeching halt trim back trim down make cutbacks in put off defend against draw together step down pour cold water on throw a spanner in the works of draw in make narrower make light of talk down throw cold water on put the kibosh on proscribe come down hard on dim destroy gulp squeeze re-collect straitjacket fight ration drown gain control over censor garrote garrotte keep control of secure tether rebate drain rally lull corner inspect shade cloud sober darken deepen keep a rein on constipate stultify keep on a string fasten shave keep feeling inside oneself idle dissuade from deplete lapse derail act against cross discount snuff mince break contravene disrupt telescope capsule capsulize forbid to heap shower oppress shroud temperate keep at bay stave keep off chain prevent from making progress pause restraint round down cramp someone's style whittle down put out tail away sidetrack scrub brace bring up can economize economise quieten tongue-tie ice evade hush up pipe down settle down not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of dampen down recede fall bring into line bate exclude wreck mar ruin specify prescribe bottleneck nullify circumnavigate put a ceiling on set a limit on take the bite out of take the sting out of plummet plunge relent lay down the law to someone bring to a screeching halt tie one's hands overmatch hegemonize rebuff checkmate knock off make reasonable defer keep from sidestep skirt cool down punish overbear upend get command slow up hitch up keep tight rein on scupper disqualify pall deprive necessitate concuss shotgun meet halfway cool out stunt axe place a limit on slacken pace dummy up put back put paid to bring to a stop bring an end to gird seal up seal in get over skunk worst steer clear of benumb dent blur become less phase down die away fall away drain away die out grow smaller grow less ratchet down numb keep within limits administer stand in the way of put the stopper on do for surround delineate ax amortise cast down get around remove eliminate harsh methodize overlook pen stabilize smooth run down amortize make less draw the line on quit discontinue cease lag do down hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke play for time put a spoke in someone's wheel systematize organize encompass encircle environ peter cauterize clobber mew reconcile allocate procrastinate reef embog put a leash on put a lead on make it impossible for make impossible make it impracticable for police administrate legislate foreclose interpose interfere intervene attune mess up resolve pad clear the air stabilise demilitarize demilitarise smooth out rescue defuse take the heat prelimit outline dissuade gentle close off back off throw a monkey wrench in the works of shut off choke off cauterise make impracticable decide determine coordinate standardize snuff out pre-empt harmonize reclaim bust humiliate faze sandbag taboo outlaw encase house encage inclose envelop closet include hedge supervise back-water lose speed keep waiting lose steam anchor it disadvise scare divert get round make unnecessary sway lop chop superintend mark out nail down hit the brakes let down flaps get in the way of understate tone vary tune slap down condition dictate influence form pound push back defend repel reply beat off defend yourself retaliate fight off put up a fight riposte oversee steward quieten down water down tighten up crop slim down shape affect mould put on brakes preside over isolate turn off underrate touch underlie inflect do away with get rid of take away hem mew up underplay put damper on make less intense keep an eye on keep tabs on bottle internalize fence break off undervalue predispose mold incline work on shepherd directionalize dispose act on internalise talk out of dishonor shame debase disgrace flatten foul cheapen discredit smirch demean underemphasize systematise pace standardise organise center centre localise pinpoint localize act like a wet blanket whitewash impact on exert influence on amend fine-tune shift revamp tweak transmogrify change switch harmonise boil down get to meat put in nutshell put a restriction on afflict trivialize cinch have an effect on be a factor in dishonour bring low have an impact on devalue trivialise clamp down come down on take severe measures against take stern measures against tighten up on get tough get tough on come down on like a ton of bricks come down heavily on put out of action palisade make nothing of make little of detract from shrug off set no store by gloss over set little store by cut down to size put someone in their place put in one's place take down a peg or two keep under wraps keep inside black out jam up stop from spreading picket give a lower profile dumb down attach little importance to think nothing of give little weight to rail in get narrower pen in get smaller get thinner hedge in


To become embroiled or implicated in
mire embroil entangle involve enmesh broil embrangle bog down cling ensnare entrap flounder implicate snare stick tangle trap mix up tangle up catch up hang up set back incriminate engage connect inculpate associate concern hook link impute affect draw in drag into stitch up immerse occupy compromise draw expose absorb engross consume preoccupy throw make party to trouble muddle box in obsess lose enthral enrapture enthrall assimilate complicate interest suck get into tie up snarl up wrap up in bear on rope in make a party to implicate in mix up in suck into involve in draw into devote commit busy bother stigmatise relate point the finger at point finger at blame name frame accuse point to bring in pin on finger include charge mean cite stigmatize lay at one's door attend bind distract participate entail enwrap wrap denounce set up indict fit up brand inform against allege arraign criminate rat on impeach prosecute defame grass on blacken the name of pin the blame on stick the blame on hold accountable bring charges point the finger hang something on censure attribute sue attack fault recriminate serve summons prefer charges against lay charges against arraign for prosecute for impeach for file charges against indict for recriminate for make accusations about incriminate for bring to trial for put on trial for drop someone in it lay the blame on tax with lodge complaint take to court for falsely incriminate lay blame on lay the blame report betray suck in pull in drag in rope into convict do get someone into trouble inform on point a finger at give away peg dob in fabricate charges against fabricate evidence against lay the blame on someone for assign guilt to attribute to hold accountable for stick on impute blame to hold responsible for blame for try for blow the whistle on attribute liability to hold answerable for condemn for whistle-blow drag into court accuse of summons reproach denunciate arrest apprehend charge with censure with file a complain against let someone have it attribute blame to file claim blow the whistle

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