Đồng nghĩa của inactivate

Alternative for inactivate

inactivate /in'æktiveit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cho không hoạt động
    • (y học), (hoá học) khử hoạt tính
    • (quân sự) rút (một đơn vị) ra khỏi danh sách quân thường trực


To make inactive
deactivate disable disarm halt idle immobilise immobilize incapacitate scupper stop unplug make inoperative render inactive prevent from working render inoperable render inoperative turn off put out of action cripple hamstring prostrate paralyse paralyze impair debilitate damage weaken enfeeble maim mutilate mangle wreck hogtie ruin hock batter unstrengthen handicap exhaust shatter unbrace hurt harm pinion muzzle kibosh total sabotage spoil mar attenuate undermine sap blunt enervate unfit render incapable knock out shoot down throw monkey wrench in take out indispose lame torpefy spike render powerless make unfit make powerless restrict jam disenable freeze clamp wheel-clamp arrest tie action disqualify invalidate prevent from moving bring to a halt bring to a standstill injure tire drain weary fatigue wear out do in knacker devitalize disfigure reduce wound break soften poop overtire diminish etiolate deface frazzle destroy waste vitiate crush lacerate lessen whack tire out lay low deplete wash out wear down cut blemish fag out hinder overtax smash decrease bruise numb jade make feeble make weak tucker take it out of burn out conk out poop out peter out deaden mess up dismember rough up hack benumb subvert blast compromise tax scratch maul blight bloody crab flaw endamage bush drop cross up wear foul up dull tucker out wear to a frazzle put out of commission deform obtund hog-tie demolish impoverish gash distort mangulate pound deteriorate graze ravage lower depress palsy scar torpedo hit emasculate adulterate tarnish dilute impede unnerve cut up scrape threaten overextend overdo run ragged overexert draw overfatigue overwork bankrupt prejudice hack up pummel lash temper calm queer debase tear apart lay up devaluate extenuate belt thin abate ding flag eviscerate assuage sink flog punch shake up plug work over pummelled droop render infirm pommel whip outwear bust harass kill soothe contuse bedraggle languish sag fizzle succumb punish wipe out make weary water down take it out of one take the edge off do up put the kibosh on hobble unhinge erode sideline dislimb stifle hospitalize butcher encumber hamper suck dry use up sap your strength make lame bring to a grinding halt seize disempower make sleepy shake destabilize worsen invalid hospitalise exenterate disembowel shag out take wear on drain of energy lay someone up confine to a wheelchair confine to bed clip wings jeopardize have a bad effect on eat away wear away rob from disrupt pull the rug out from under expurgate censor bowdlerize root afflict taint trash annihilate dismantle corrupt corrode wear oneself to a frazzle make tired nearly kill wear oneself to a shadow run into the ground amputate bowdlerise dampen devalue cheapen tweak put on the sick list shock inconvenience scorch wither interfere with jeopardise screw up detract from smash up destabilise louse up muck up mayhem massacre gimp castrate truncate seize up cut to pieces hash up lose strength make useless become unable to move become immobilized grind to a halt become stuck cool be detrimental to cause detriment to do harm to wreak havoc on tear limb from limb allay moderate muffle throw a monkey wrench into mollify sate appease relieve slake damp alleviate cauterize ease contract tone down pierce slash hebetate desensitise cauterise desensitize put a damper on crool scathe wing puncture rip tear stab pique aggrieve foul burn grieve torture contort pain wax torment distress sting irritate zap pulverize appall transfix bemuse daze close stun anesthetize petrify astound anaesthetize stupefy daunt nonplus appal constrict shrink deflate mitigate rarefy lighten dissipate offset carve cut to ribbons ouch stick slice nick clip fell floor overturn devastate put out cause pain to bang up cause injury to pulverise draw blood do mischief to dash open up slap spank slug pinch flail bore level burst explode nix pop scotch banjax blow down stop dead make inert shut down make nerveless bring to grinding halt dish upset wreak havoc with rattle blow up do for overthrow mow defeat beat knock down knock over thrash put paid to blow a hole in bring to naught bring to nought buffet bash mow down strike wallop assault bowl over bowl down belabour deck clobber lick thump make helpless make impotent abuse pelt knock bring someone to their knees bang attack bring low smack smite drub clout bat baste whop cudgel do club lace lambast lather whup curry beat up tonk hide tromp bludgeon bop hammer slog switch thwack whap slate lambaste birch belabor biff whale tan paddle thresh sock fib rain blows on knock about beat the living daylights out of lace into punch out lay one on knock around maltreat lay into do over brutalize dash against aim blows at knock into the middle of next week brutalise bung up give someone a good hiding


To formally bring to an end (at least temporarily)
suspend adjourn arrest delay postpone defer interrupt shelve cease prorogue discontinue intermit pigeonhole break off put off reschedule table disband dissolve prorogate recess terminate withhold hold over mothball put aside bar can check cut short file halt hold hold in abeyance keep in abeyance omit pink-slip procrastinate protract put in abeyance put on ice quit retard stay stop waive break up bring to an end call a halt to count out hang fire hang up hold off hold up lay off lay over push back put back rule out stave off lay aside put in cold storage put on hold lay on the table put an end to put a stop to put on back burner put on the back burner put on the shelf take a rain check on remit put over respite hold off on continue carry over stall prolong detain extend hold back end sideline pause stand over set aside suspend proceedings take five knock off take a break take a breather retain suppress set back give rain check curb cut off restrain break keep slow rise hinder impede dismiss take a recess dally give a rain check slow up do later put off the evil day put off the evil hour park reserve hold something in abeyance rearrange reorganize put something on hold hang hold something over cool forestay reprieve be suspended contain be put on hold deny constrain take offline temporise temporize cool it save inhibit keep back cut block lengthen obstruct cancel sever refuse bridle keep hold of repress stifle leave off refuse to pay put on the bank burner put on one side finish let up take a raincheck slow down come to an end reorganise bring to a halt bring to a close bring to a standstill shake drop slow pedal take a rain check call a halt take a breather from call it a day put on a back burner take time out drop it call time take ten freeze dawdle tarry leave to another time linger dillydally loiter lag poke drag one's feet shut up put out of commission pack away decommission put into storage put to one side tie up avoid perpetuate drag out sustain draw out stretch out spin out string out carry on extend the duration of keep something going go on with elongate stretch outstretch pad wire-draw keep going keep up make longer get across put across put something off neglect leave renounce prolongate draw expand drag on repel deflect run on increase the length of refrain keep from fend off ward off change the date keep at bay persist increase let it ride

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