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Alternative for bridle

bridles, bridled, bridling

Đồng nghĩa: check, control, harness, hold back, restrain,


Restraining device
curb check control restraint rein trammels collar deterrent hackamore halter harness headstall lead leash noose restriction strap tether restraining device constraint limitation brake hindrance circumscription fetter damper impediment inhibition stricture limit barrier obstacle determent obstruction line condition cramp chain restrainer trammel discouragement disincentive hold dissuasion bit confinement curtailment shackle ceiling rope stoppage bar stop retardant clampdown string chase-halter cord head collar lyam intimidation suppressant crackdown stint buttress catch setback break reverse reversal blow snaffle deterring factor governor safeguard rebuff holdup whammy maximum block cap let drag clog crimp shackles embarrassment holdback handicap hurdle interference manacle encumbrance balk threshold demarcation bounds bound regulation defensive measures preventive defence defense baulk stumbling block preventative extent containment border constrainment perimeter boundary constriction margin confine repression cutoff point upper limit tops cut-off point line of demarcation ban taboo boycott moderation embargo suppression prevention interdict disqualification chains order fetters straitjacket abridgment prohibition instruction abridgement bondage deprivation pinions weight decrease deterrence manacles command reduction wet blanket restraining order snag drawback hitch difficulty hazard blockage disadvantage spanner in the works monkey wrench in the works barricade problem complication hiccup fly in the ointment cumber wall burden hampering captivity glitch facer impedance hang-up millstone hamper detriment monkey wrench ball and chain qualification delay interruption trouble contraction arrest issue retardation reservation lock joker inconvenience bonds albatross gridlock catch-22 baggage roadblock blockade booby trap protection road block compression squeezing stipulation provision curbing fence security requirement hold-up proviso detention rule custody blocking pitfall tie defect fault stifling smothering flaw tightening shrinking choking cumbrance discipline rider congestion caution precautionary measure frustration bottleneck uphill binding excess baggage holding back strings shortcoming weakness remedy precaution stopping retardment hangup rub jam-up load circumvention preventive measure protective measure fine print millstone around your neck sticking point blank wall bond obligation commitment proscription bind opposition moratorium veto hardship chill interdiction bump pale inadequacy circumspection injunction modification definition depressant cloud put down damp cinchers anchor binders occlusion rahui injury railing traverse gloom pall warning bridling checking mountain jam checkmate mountain to climb depression gotcha gimmick hassle shackling fettering baulking cramping psychological baggage millstone round someone's neck palladium fail-safe protective shield mishap headache halting thwarting quashing foiling astringency downside controller regulator retarding device neutralizer prophylactic land mine snafu bug tangle discontinuance nuisance narrowing pressure stenosis tightness disablement impairment disorder cold water bulwark balking sublimation imperfection limits no-no minus deficiency encirclement dead weight red tape liability disbenefit anticipatory measure putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud infarct closure embolus cordon infarction weak point debit strike negative incommodity weak spot squeeze telescoping contracting compacting condensing constricting condensation compaction small difficulty lack evil failing disability ill line of defense straitening strangulation irons handcuffs cuffs imprisonment incarceration internment bilboes tethers ropes restraints limiter prerequisite demand clause bracelets gyves darbies requisite essential necessity exception term specification precondition contingency kicker terms restraining self-command refrainment discretion continence reserve self-control self-restraint prison impoundment immurement exemption postulate leg irons arrangement thraldom duress durance porridge thrall need article must-have must small print sine qua non bottling up keeping back keeping in check keeping under control holding in biting back gaol delimitation bounding keeping jail house arrest scope coercion immuration safekeeping sabotage intervention foot dragging


Check, hold back
curb control govern restrain check master repress constrain subdue rein in contain hold hold back inhibit keep measure moderate regulate rein rule suppress tame bite back stifle arrest pull in rein back withhold keep control of keep in check keep a lid on keep on a string keep the lid on keep a tight rein on restrict limit smother quell keep back overcome keep under control hold in lick confine conquer bottle up quash get the better of hold down hinder tone down trammel beat stop cool hold in check direct curtail discipline hamper muffle cork temper calm cap defeat get a grip on vanquish manage gain mastery over circumscribe dampen mellow best guide modulate deaden muzzle retard delimit freeze fight back detain straiten put the brakes on slow down choke back prevail over simmer down triumph over monitor adjust keep within bounds hem in keep down bring under control compose keep lid on put a lid on tranquilize mitigate diminish soften collect tranquillize solve set squash retain squelch surmount swallow subjugate damp down impede dispatch silence dominate frustrate keep in line gag deter peg strangle conceal fetter nip in the bud deny intern imprison constrict cramp bar gaol jail get over refuse crack down on kill lock up put a brake on tie down keep hold of get under control win against sit on gain control of keep secret shut in hog-tie cool off put half nelson on gulp back keep something in check halt extinguish ease decrease quench relieve overpower drown cushion cork up choke something back cultivate gain control over get control of deal with sink pocket submerge demarcate chain overmatch hegemonize settle re-collect cover up bring into line find an answer to lay down the law to someone find a solution to hamstring baulk upend overbear get command bound incarcerate worst skunk entrammel fix rally quiet inspect lull corner still soothe recover keep a rein on suspend get around impair crush terminate do down soft-pedal ban bind lock in concuss coop up fence in deprive shotgun disallow close in necessitate immure balk put a limit on demark specify prescribe domesticize break administer box in cut back devitalize weaken sap girdle delimitate define damp overlook methodize set limits on impose limits on lessen cool down adapt organize systematize pacify mollify allocate reconcile button up keep tight rein on place a limit on clobber gentle deflate waive humble police administrate legislate keep within limits mark off draw the line on tie up stem the flow of mute bring to screeching halt snuff out thwart cow reclaim bust coordinate standardize put down cease cut off clamp down on depress supervise slap down decide determine quieten down balance superintend water down hold off on discontinue lay off oversee steward sway stamp out put the kibosh on preside over form influence condition dictate put on hold refuse to pay put on back burner put on ice put on the shelf affect shape mould keep an eye on keep tabs on hide reserve prevent handicap modify alter touch underlie systematise standardise pace organise slow up leash bit harness predispose directionalize mold act on incline work on dispose shepherd debar impact on exert influence on stay stem impound hogtie be a factor in have an effect on refrain forbear keep in have an impact on box up put away pin down pull back crack down keep yourself keep to oneself refuse to give keep under wraps hold out on fail to disclose dummy up spike clam up deduct keep under one's hat stop yourself abstain hold on to stop oneself hold out resist have on a tight leash trounce take overwhelm trim rout overthrow thrash drub wipe the floor with whip stuff hammer demolish tank own cream make mincemeat of blow out of the water undo slaughter walk all over run rings around destroy shellac bring someone to their knees murder paste annihilate outdo cope with take to the cleaners smash surpass subject take care of crucify outclass reduce blow out total flatten outstrip knock out subordinate bear down throw oppress excel marmalize pound upset massacre overrun trash outplay be victorious over beat down circumvent wipe out hurdle tyrannize better pip at the post transcend overturn domineer give someone a drubbing triumph pulverize sort out trample slam gain a victory over overrule floor wallop wax tyrannise pulverise knock for a loop beat hollow whomp resolve lambaste hold sway over put paid to turn inside out crack down enslave top prevail exceed overshadow subvert torpedo drop ruin gain ascendancy over cane zap outshine outrun unseat render incapable render helpless render powerless bring to heel deck grind down rise above knock over tan skin bring under the yoke pull rank find the solution to find the answer to keep under thumb shut down run rings round edge out put an end to KO give someone a hiding pick apart bring to ruin boss bully persecute negotiate get round abuse bury run the show call the shots finish devastate maltreat stagger intimidate exercise authority outwit eclipse walk over handle immobilize win over outperform steamroll whack immobilise coerce force get through wrong waste pommel whitewash bulldoze win eradicate flog rule over slay edge be victorious get the upper hand over route shipwreck outhit decimate entrap obliterate swamp outjump outmaneuver outmanoeuvre flax outflank butcher ambush defeat utterly checkmate work over plow under break down do better than nose out knock off go one better than bring to knees tyrannize over bring to their knees knock down take it all finish off mow down win a victory over run roughshod over trample on trample underfoot ride roughshod over take to cleaners roll back rule with a rod of iron blow away put in their place put in the shade take in hand rule with an iron hand pwn keep under one's thumb nullify humiliate outsmart chasten colonize muller order about defeat heavily defeat easily compel enthrall underyoke pass weather survive shock stun render outlive turn something inside out endure colonise enthral dismantle demoralise astonish demoralize render speechless gain the upper hand over give someone a pasting get the upper hand blast take down beat up outfight shoot down win a resounding victory over vault over climb crest leap knock socks off come out on top of do in hold sway kick around smoke make it past make it over cut to pieces knock for six come out on top whup tromp be unstoppable by make a fool of give a hiding foil whop bomb dust whap reel back in overtop trump outmatch outgun discomfit override overmaster confound wear down get one up on tower over overtake hose outdistance outrival gain the advantage over snow under knock spots off improve on withstand be better than disable cripple undermine enfeeble smash down shoot ahead of succeed over break the spirit wipe off map topple oust depose fight ill-treat remove level dethrone exploit scourge stand up to get to grips with supplant bring down displace treat harshly defenestrate disestablish dissolve raze encumber plague overload saddle beset be cruel to ride aggrieve outrage annoy press despotize harass torture worry tyrranize torment distress harry hound strain vex tax be brutal to treat tip liquidate exterminate remove from power abolish purge tumble bring low remove from office blank stretch shellack dumbfound overawe put upon pick on tackle put screws to put the squeeze on weigh heavy upon domineer over take out manipulate bring about the downfall of bowl over spank strike shut off roll over do away with lay one out deal see to attend to slap about behave towards act towards conduct oneself towards take charge of take on lead monopolize head preponderate run monopolise rule the roost take over head up push about exercise control over push around be in control of have ascendancy over be in command of be in charge of have the whip hand over boss around play first fiddle be the boss of keep under your thumb call the tune lead by the nose have the upper hand in have mastery over have one's way have under one's thumb boss about wear the trousers have the upper hand over be at the helm have upper hand lay down the law rule the roost in be in the saddle sit on top of


To impede the work or ability of, especially intending to cause failure
obstruct hinder impede hamper inhibit block check curb restrain frustrate encumber restrict handicap trammel fetter cramp shackle retard delay hamstring halt hobble bar forestall limit manacle handcuff balk baulk embarrass stall interrupt slow derail prohibit cumber stay stonewall bork interfere sabotage crab sandbag throttle obscure screen complicate hold up hold back interfere with hog-tie short-circuit slow down tie up hang up put a brake on stand in the way of get in the way get in the way of weigh down monkey with stymie thwart constrain clog stop prevent arrest curtail tie foil stifle cripple confine control catch suppress repress hold down throw a spanner in the works of stem still circumscribe constrict discourage pause set back moderate regulate brake smother tether reduce staunch contain withhold rein in bind draw up pull up burden hold in fetch up disadvantage choke leash put off nip in the bud stem the flow of put at a disadvantage throw a monkey wrench in the works of place at a disadvantage ruin cap impair delimit baffle entangle debilitate inconvenience sideline ensnare enmesh net capture prevent from making progress cramp one's style drag one's feet tie one's hands secure straiten snag entrap give disadvantage take out fasten shelve disrupt hem in suspend freeze put out of commission stand fence not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of set limits on impose limits on bring up shut down rein neutralize stand still dissuade deter quash cut short terminate muffle squelch swallow come to a standstill not move stand off peter out debar forbid govern hold fight back bottleneck counteract put a leash on entrammel put a lead on hitch up ward avert taboo faze bit interdict outlaw enjoin repulse bottle up circumvent tame rebuff choke back neutralise checkmate keep in check put an end to keep in pull in keep under control slacken pace keep a lid on keep back bite back put on brakes put an stop to bring to a standstill put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time plug treat unfairly be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably do a disservice to tell against wrong inflict a handicap on give a disadvantage to treat harshly caulk barricade dam seal close out jam clog up blockade block out close up fill up fill cut off pack close close off jam up shut off stop up intercept block up stuff hold off choke up bung up stanch block off shut out occlude bung bottle stopper muzzle gag congest choke off plug up preclude crimp scupper stave off ward off defeat detain spoil head off put the kibosh on scotch dash oppose put a stop to obviate fend off beat slow up avoid nullify decelerate counter upset ban crush proscribe screw up keep rule out wreck bog down defend against postpone disallow mess up foul up stump put paid to evade intermit deflect quell forfend mar devastate demolish snooker shatter overturn undo slacken remit discomfit procrastinate disappoint pre-empt louse up defer retardate annul be a hindrance to overload preempt put back anticipate cancel put the lid on filibuster resist do for take down turn aside make late give a hard time disturb pour cold water on put a damper on throw cold water on destroy saddle undermine exclude subvert smash clobber eradicate unsettle incommode contravene weight discontinue discommode let estop break attack make a mess of load obliterate banjax charge harm dish disconcert lumber parry chain annihilate queer nix confound overwhelm overburden play havoc with laden lade freight oppress mire lessen decrease negate abolish circumnavigate decimate help loiter strain make illegal keep waiting prorogue blow a hole in pigeonhole sidestep skirt disadvise scare divert offset protract abate embargo muck up outwit quiet second-guess spike steer clear of chill cool let up back off saddle with hang fire prolong tie down keep lid on hold over put on hold turn off get ahead of get in before bring to screeching halt put on back burner give the run around throw a spanner in the works talk out of throw monkey wrench in hold off on beat someone to the draw keep at bay lock up lose speed beat someone to the punch beat someone to it provide against cramp someone's style steal a march on refuse strangle at birth dissuade from stultify straitjacket subdue squash tie-up tie someone down get out of damage inc stamp out crack down on escape bypass worry bilk buck bother cause to wait cause to stay dispatch hit incapacitate ravage repel end eliminate rattle blacklist boycott make difficult idle veto disable threaten make impossible put the stopper on ditch take wind out of crash juke put a crimp in forefend nip something in the bud get bogged down stave keep off cork put the damper on ostracize confront drag feet hold captive clip someone's wings bollix extinguish kill puzzle discountenance stand in the way immobilize immobilise slam on the brakes ease up abort mystify crool temper stunt put straitjacket on disfavour shake disfavor warn indispose deprecate frighten break down break up throw a curve criminalize overcome lick conquer nonplus box in preoccupy monopolize foresee predict forecast project expect envision intrude on flummox upset the apple cart bring to a screeching halt ostracise monopolise down hesitate loaf falter bog dawdle flag poke hold at bay lag diminish deny deprive censor corner dead-end dash one's hope upset the applecart throw a spoke in the wheel of waste time render null and void qualify embog reef declare taboo criminalise forbid to affect give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to say no declare illegal tamper influence buy time confuse trouble conflict cut back back-water hit the brakes put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps cut down wind down anchor it damp adjourn save employ delaying tactics throw a monkey wrench into disarrange disorganize disorder dampen topple commandeer table convulse mothball put over continue put at risk turn upside-down derange carry over respite cancel out botch blow blight cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disarray throw into disorder throw into confusion render ineffective extend lay on the table take a rain check on set aside lengthen put on the back burner put in cold storage put on ice waive lay over give rain check reschedule hold in abeyance be one step ahead of be early beat somebody to it pick off act in advance of prepare for head off at pass kick the can down the road act like a wet blanket wrack skin have impoverish raze craze overthrow unbuild injure overreach outmaneuver vitiate outmanoeuvre outfox outsmart do in balls up cruel make a hash of euchre bring down work against make waves bring to naught rain on someone's parade overtax stress tax


To keep away or abstain from
forbear avoid refrain abstain eschew forego forgo withhold abjure desist cease decline restrain shun belay curb escape evade keep omit stop inhibit sacrifice keep from give up lay off abstain from hold back leave off refrain from restrain oneself stop oneself withhold from restrain yourself steer clear of fight shy of give over go easy jack in resist the temptation to swear off give a wide berth to break off decline to renounce refuse relinquish kick quit desist from resist discontinue yield forsake forswear abandon drop check do without resign reject surrender abdicate repudiate halt pass up pack in finish suspend cede conclude pass spurn knock off go without restrain oneself from stop oneself from leave alone cut out turn down sit out forbear from concede end deny dispense with hand over waive have done with disavow skip shy from not do lay aside constrain repeal pass on arrest pack up steer clear withdraw opt out take the cure take the pledge part with prevent oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to terminate hold back from surcease pause starve fast fence-sit buck bring to an end jack something in check oneself stay neutral call a halt to call a stop to not touch interrupt not take sides give sit on one's hands give the go by unsay foreswear retract recant disallow renege pass by give something a miss leave out say goodbye to have nothing to do with avoid doing be temperate offer provide abnegate cancel extend volunteer submit wash one's hands of turn one's back on cast aside go on the wagon proffer allow release rescind gift abrogate revoke dismiss rebuff free snub set aside remit repulse disapprove dodge avert prevent demur reprobate lay down deliver turn over render stay away stay away from sidestep circumvent get around shrink from preclude bypass shake off restrain from withstand shirk skip out on skirt say no to knock back baulk at demur at brush aside fend off get out of ward off break the habit of help neutralise hold off balk at break retain back down cut loose let go of desert ditch drop out kiss good-bye discard cast off sign away cast take the oath cough up let pass stand down shed quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in dump drop like hot potato not accept can hinder interfere with head off stave off negate make up for deny yourself nullify obviate neutralize block impede counterbalance prohibit shake counteract anticipate refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of hide reserve send one's regrets shake one's head conceal give the thumbs down give the red light kick the habit quit cold lay off of let up keep off cease to indulge in kick over call it quits hold suppress keep secret detain sit on spike deduct keep back kill keep yourself keep to oneself refuse to give keep under wraps hold out on fail to disclose dummy up clam up keep hold of keep under one's hat stop yourself hold on to hold down hold out ignore disregard forfeit disclaim lose leave deliver up overlook neglect pass over break up miss step down from step aside from put a stop to disown scrap grant axe withgo ax call it a day get off cut off turn your back on let go withdraw from put an end to resign from devote jettison dedicate transfer chuck betray deny oneself discount stand down from junk scrub exclude do away with eliminate vacate demit fail to take advantage of manage without remove renege on rein in quitclaim shut off spare nix offer up shelve negative lose out on dispose of pull out of bag it bail out escape from finish with cry off eighty-six throw in the towel be deprived of be stripped of throw in the sponge pack it in wind up throw out throw up retire from pay with bring to a halt come off give something up waste squander pledge consecrate endure dispense turn aside from keep away from immolate disinherit disgorge cut blow deselect forlet miss out on pay for abolish cut short bring to a close manage not to stop trying put the kibosh on back off from check out from go cold turkey botch fritter away expend not heed put aside postpone defer abort get by without get along without kibosh surcease from call it quits on render needless elude nip something in the bud scratch pass something up delay table stay prorogue prostitute give a miss skim over carve isolate extirpate usurp delete exsect sever marginalize extract oust excise give the thumbs down to not take advantage of commit divorce jilt fail to grasp let slip fail to take drop the ball bequeath hold up put off get rid of knock something on the head disdain duck back out separate oneself from divorce oneself from sign off wash hands of back out of bring to a stop pull the plug on close gainsay shy disaffirm finesse scape dust off call off break with write off part from wipe out forget about determine retreat fold communicate capitulate abalienate accord remise vouchsafe make over elapse leave behind sacrifice something kiss goodbye kiss goodbye to take out marginalise cut dead take away yield up retire wrap up dead-end sew up cut it out wink out not continue get on the wagon hang it up give way sign over fork over come across with give in stay clear of let well enough alone weasel out of have no truck with shy away from keep clear of shuffle out of give notice sell out step down leave in the lurch leave holding the bag leave high and dry stop using allocate spend turn a blind eye to stop having toss exorcize exorcise cashier bin pitch unload shuck off throw off fling sluff off fling away lay by deep-six wash your hands of fling off away slough off throw away


(of animals, especially horses) To harness together to pull a vehicle


Talk in a loud, aggressive, or indignant way with little effect
bluster rant boast swagger brag bully crow fulminate huff rave roar spout storm thunder vaunt bray bulldoze domineer hector roister badger blow brazen bristle browbeat complain cow gloat harangue intimidate protest puff rage strut swell threaten vapour vapor waft yap be overbearing lord it show off talk big ride the high horse shoot off one's mouth gasconade exult swank bull congratulate oneself skite showboat grandstand flaunt flourish big-note oneself blow one's own horn aggrandize pat oneself on the back blow your own horn flatter oneself blow your own trumpet rodomontade triumph glory parade exaggerate preen oneself prate blow hard cock-a-doodle-doo lay it on thick give oneself airs attract attention blow smoke give a good account of oneself trumpet posture pose mouth hotdog jive shuck exult in fake con advertize advertise put on airs blow one's own trumpet sing your own praises fly your own kite sing one's own praises declare proclaim hyperbolize disclose speak for Buncombe shoot the bull overstate divulge reveal talk boastingly rejoice sling flatter yourself shovel shoot preen psych congratulate yourself on be proud of attitudinize sound off pride yourself on hug oneself hot-dog delight lay on thick shoot one's mouth off pontificate sweep peacock swashbuckle sway lord saunter brandish flounce brag about revel crow about show and tell draw attention to joy exuberate strike a pose make a spectacle of cop an attitude swagger around advertize oneself put on an act strike an attitude draw attention to oneself shoot your mouth off self-glorify behave affectedly put on look big kvell parade one's wares play to the gallery play to the crowd jubilate take delight in kick up one's heels glory in be smug pride oneself gurgle cackle call whoop babble gas triumph over rub it in impress play to the cheap seats masquerade prance be ostentatious hot dog flaunt it affect skylark display playact pass off put up a front act up name-drop perform play up ham it up ham up play to audience put on side give yourself airs swash make one's presence felt make a splash make your presence felt draw attention to itself get noticed turn heads be vain act esteem extol acclaim revere feign celebrate profess pretend disguise yourself make believe play the part of sham impersonate purport assume an attitude take off as make out like exhibit flash promote laud hype push make a show do something for effect pass for fake it do for effect try to attract attention do a bit give oneself airs about show off about make much of gloat over boast about

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