Đồng nghĩa của vitiate

Alternative for vitiate

vitiates, vitiated, vitiating

Đồng nghĩa: corrupt, debase, debauch, deflower, demoralise, demoralize, deprave, impair, invalidate, mar, misdirect, pervert, profane, spoil, subvert, void,


To cause damage to
spoil harm impair injure mar blemish bloody break compromise crab cripple damage deface disfigure endamage flaw hurt devalue undermine crool cross up invalidate water down ruin tarnish wreck weaken destroy blight mangle enfeeble crush mutilate maim total debilitate taint wound mess up enervate disable smash defile shatter vandalize deform sully foul up scar trash sap ravage demolish distort vandalise diminish stain louse up impede sabotage debase devitalize annihilate devastate blot desecrate incapacitate prejudice reduce disfeature waste lessen bruise besmirch scathe scratch wrench soften dismantle corrupt raze rough up corrode despoil batter shake up decrease blunt hinder deteriorate tire attenuate erode lower subvert ding queer tweak etiolate abuse uglify discolour discolor devaluate upset impoverish prostrate touch dirty paralyse disrupt dilute pollute gut wrong desolate dilapidate scupper undo smirch make useless scorch torpedo contort burn detract from shock paralyze wear away knacker smash up put a damper on screw up muck up wreak havoc on make feeble make a mess of cause detriment to do harm to put out of action do mischief to be a blot on the landscape do in molest traumatize blacken degrade soil befoul obliterate destabilize poison darken tag pervert blotch speckle twist jeopardize annoy traumatise disfashion misshape nick make unattractive afflict depress make ugly handle roughly disserve blast wither inconvenience blow dump on cramp interfere with jeopardise take out destabilise depredate sack pillage disgrace squash spoliate plunder hamstring be detrimental to put out of commission throw a monkey wrench into have a negative effect on have a bad effect on hamper take apart warp bend detract scotch pulverize bankrupt restrict mangulate limit grieve cut torture pique pain wax aggrieve torment foul distress sting defeat decimate disempower stifle draw blood cut up hack up contract fell smite sink chastise chasten pulverise level dash emasculate make feebler reduce the power of deprive of force pull the teeth of remove the sting from reduce the powers of exhaust fatigue worsen rain on someone's parade weary eat away rob from wear down drain lighten constrict adulterate shrink deflate temper dissipate mitigate assuage calm thin rarefy extenuate abate soothe offset threaten indispose wear out unfit disqualify cheapen poop immobilize frazzle unnerve make weak torpefy knock out take it out of one deplete wash out fag out sap your strength wear to a frazzle immobilise lay low jade lose strength take the edge off crack dent tear knock lacerate maltreat gnaw infect split rust rot disintegrate put the kibosh on bleach fade stab contaminate bang up cause injury tamper with do damage to play havoc with play merry hell with drive a nail into the coffin of


To decrease the value, character, or quality of
corrupt debase degrade pervert subvert deprave warp demean cheapen debauch poison deteriorate bastardise bastardize abase demoralise demoralize profane lessen prostitute canker defile pollute taint contaminate devalue bestialize brutalize foul lower adulterate brutalise dilute sully spoil weaken impair depreciate damage harm undermine desecrate disgrace ruin lace smirch chasten infect animalize dishonour blemish alloy dishonor dehumanize doctor violate distort make impure embitter abuse humble mar shame injure make degenerate cut stain lead astray reduce tarnish despoil bemean mix spike water down sink denature take down dehumanise falsify cast down diminish cook soil blacken betray misuse humiliate thin blight waste demote extend drag down discredit mortify desensitize belittle dope lower the status of disparage sophisticate mudsling attenuate plant commingle transfuse shave amalgamate dissolve mingle infiltrate irrigate thin out blend tamper with intermix desensitise load phony up doctor up seduce confound darken touch besmirch twist smear blot colour mongrelize misemploy bias bend skew misapply rot prejudice turn squander jaundice stoop descend alter depress downgrade sell sacrifice consume rust inflict influence sour sell out denigrate color manipulate worsen reduce in value be untrue to oneself crawl corrode envenom harden putrefy reduce in quality subjugate treat sacrilegiously hurt dump on bring down scourge ulcer sore lower someone's status lower someone's dignity toughen deface deform ravage disfigure bring low go bad interfere with deacon go to hell live in the gutter waste away fiddle with tinker with mix something with something slip a Mickey Finn into case-harden inure cripple pull down make callous coarsen make unfeeling debilitate devaluate drag through the mud reduce the status of slam decry pan destroy detract derogate scorn hoodoo blaspheme revile vice cuss flame swear voodoo befoul curse darn tar trash mock bring shame to treat with disrespect run down put down take down a peg cut down shoot down tear down cut down to size commit sin do wrong be evil talk dirty put double whammy on commit sacrilege mix with embarrass abash crush deflate subdue discomfit show up make someone eat crow take down a peg or two put someone in their place squash own put to shame make someone eat humble pie defame chagrin stigmatize break snub stigmatise make a fool of slander undervalue besmear quash flatten ridicule cause to lose face reflect badly on bring into disrepute make ashamed show in a bad light settle someone's hash give a black eye discipline restrain slur discountenance declass expose mark down confuse reproach bump set back revert disfavor attaint libel disfavour disconcert drag through the mire bring shame upon give a bad name put in a bad light bring shame on give a bad name to get the better of have the last laugh on take the wind out of someone's sails deign condescend lower in rank lower in status disconsider disoblige brand lure demolish relegate minimize minimise bring dishonour to bring discredit to cow make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed cast a slur dismiss curb make lose face scandalize blacken the name of let down take apart beat down silence overcome upset squelch tame abandon one's principles spot succumb put away strike dumb disregard deride disrespect scandalise soften reduce to the ranks kick downstairs bust control pop one's balloon make eat dirt put one away write off take to bits take to pieces afflict check repress bring down a peg make one feel small cut to the quick lose face force to eat humble pie disrate write down tar and feather lower oneself demean yourself lower yourself debase oneself be reduced demean oneself debase yourself decrease devalorize demerit bench deny suppress put in your place disappoint be reduced to annoy punish affront rattle faze fluster displease nonplus vex horrify appal appall harass worry put someone to shame get one's comeuppance take the wind out get under control blister wither rip vanquish downplay vilify malign play down calumniate put out of countenance cause to feel small censure insult compromise disesteem cast aspersions on do a hatchet job on detract from ruin the reputation of pooh-pooh bring into disfavour destroy someone's credibility damage someone's reputation blacken someone's name


To put an end to, especially formally
cancel abate abolish abrogate annihilate annul delete deny invalidate negate nullify quash recant revoke undermine undo repeal rescind void dissolve vacate countermand avoid disannul overturn reverse retract null strike down roll back terminate set aside withdraw overrule axe veto repudiate recall obliterate do away with ax wipe out declare null and void end scrap kill override ditch overthrow dump obviate scrub nix put an end to render invalid render null and void stop take back remove neutralize stamp out discharge neutralise eradicate eliminate disaffirm discontinue discard suppress get rid of chop subvert backtrack on expunge deracinate supersede erase trash torpedo renege efface blot out black out zap counteract cancel out call off give something the chop counterbalance bring to an end knock something on the head offset cast aside dismantle retreat declare invalid declare back-pedal on get off the hook go against weaken disallow suspend knock on the head do a U-turn on break off renounce blow sky-high disqualify unfit impair circumduct X-out render meaningless rule against renege on bottle up cork up watergate make void put the lid on put damper on shut down hush up disclaim go back on abjure call back waive reject knock out do in finish off make ineffective blackball contravene oppose disprove countercheck redress break with turn down impugn traverse frustrate put down stonewall fly in the face of ding cross belie turn thumbs down rebut countervail nig scratch bring to naught restrict take out call all bets off compensate confine renig squash limit wash out forget it blue pencil destroy extinguish exterminate junk shed extirpate drop jettison throw out excise sweep away rub out snuff out liquidate dispense with clean up root out squelch inhibit prohibit finish disestablish close down put kibosh on put the kibosh on abort lift cut dismiss disown forswear backpedal abandon wind up cease dele cross out strike out blue-pencil cut out back out of break up put a stop to put a line through disavow abnegate unsay conclude close weasel out halt belay elide cry off withcall exclude edit out bring to a close back out scratch out make null and void wind down rule out x out stroke out put paid to alter upset refute disband call bleep break turf contradict ignore outvote counterorder quell edit defeat complete ruin omit adjourn quit foreswear wreck shatter render void expire dispatch pull the plug prorogue elapse decimate censor lapse relinquish trim strike pass determine score out draw back wrap up close out dead-end welsh wrap ultimate ink out blank out white out round off round out go back on one's word cut off leave off back down cut short let up back off lay off eat one's words wink out pull the plug on divorce relax discount raise refuse KO blow gainsay disobey disregard dishonour inter lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume entomb put six feet under opt out stand down throw over worm out shoot down backwater forget counter dishonor purge unpublish remit apostatize forsake slaughter massacre butcher dominate flout defy predominate prevail refuse to fulfil wangle out repel die go black call in negative waste dial back backtrack worm out of phase out retire redline take off ride roughshod over trample underfoot crawl out of disconfirm pull back take away run out bring to a conclusion prorogate come to an end recess desist bring to an untimely end redact wipe off bowdlerize wipe from the face of the earth wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth bankrupt counterpoise score snip rub decontaminate sterilize sanitize clean trample upon block out X out blank gut remove all traces of bowdlerise blot scrape off launder sanitise sterilise antagonize antagonise change overset pass up Tippex out down prostrate scotch dash put into liquidation sell out render inert block crush smash work against disunite knock down bring down retrograde recede apologise apologize retrocede wipe slate clean prevent thwart derail lay to rest split up disorganize loose wrack postpone unmake collapse destruct sever shoot demolish queer dish scupper stymie reel in have change of heart fall back take in eat your words change one's mind change one's tune row back on do an about-turn on be the end of do for fade out resolve into resolve can sunder settle interrupt crown consummate desist from get done give up dispose of call it a day get shut of pack it in switch off pack up knock off sew up end up get shot of shut off nip something in the bud call a halt to wind something up nip in the bud pack in top off give over


To go into decline
fail decline degenerate deteriorate diminish fade flag regress atrophy retrograde retrogress collapse depreciate disimprove ebb spoil droop sicken stagnate wither disintegrate dwindle fall languish waste crumble degrade rot slide debase debilitate sink weaken perish sag slip slump devolve lag lapse wilt go worsen decay dilapidate drop emaciate impair putrefy wane become debilitated go downhill go backwards become worse fall apart break down waste away get worse wear away go bad grow worse lose quality break up go to pot be in decline hit the skids fall to pieces go into decline go to pieces be on your last legs fall apart at the seams go down the toilet decrease lessen relapse fall off descend deprave reduce return backslide revert corrupt corrode go to the dogs go down the tubes go to the pack take a turn for the worse die on vine go to rack and ruin come apart at seams abate subside lower tire shrivel melt away let up ease up trail off falter peter out grow faint lose minimise minimize taper off give way impoverish tremble totter fizzle out halt faint depress limp grow dim cripple relax tail off wear off lose spirit grow weaker thin out slow down die recede pall die out fade away grow weak come apart at the seams undermine pine succumb contract die away disappear shrink die down wizen slacken skid dissolve lose it dry up melt suffer become limp be overcome be the worse for wear have a relapse suffer a relapse fall away drop off flounder go down go from bad to worse go pear-shaped erode nosedive decompensate weary die off drift tumble evaporate injure adulterate alloy mar break go to seed become dilapidated run to seed pejorate be neglected grow less mummify dry be handicapped appear in a poor light be at disadvantage be damaged be impaired be shown to disadvantage fall into disrepair lose courage hit rock bottom reach depths be worse for wear give out cave in desiccate remit come apart unravel moderate taper ease de-escalate relent constrict fold deflate blast blight shrivel up age become moribund get ill again get worse again moulder be slipping away fall ill catch something become ill become marcescent be in extremis be approaching death go wrong be on one's deathbed be giving up the ghost be about to die have one foot in the grave be at death's door be on one's last legs be breathing one's last come to an end retire trail ease off withdraw ratchet down drain away flow away phase down recidivate become stale tucker long hunger hanker yearn teeter ail brood despond slip back molder dangle bend wither away hang flop bow be taken ill be taken sick slide back fall back stoop hang down knock out fag out go into a decline drift back conk out go soft drape be overtaken turn back go back to yawn sling slouch fall down settle lop lean suspend become fatigued get tired become tired grow tired lose one's strength become flaccid tire out let down wear out go mad go out of mind go bonkers crack have a breakdown become psychotic go off deep end have breakdown schizz out go nuts become demented go crazy crack up go off rocker flip out freak out lose control blow a fuse derange


To tarnish with something undesirable
spoil darken destroy ruin undo upset wreck blast dash sabotage scotch scupper torpedo cloud mess up banjax nix queer blemish cruel dish euchre foul up mar muller poison stain taint tarnish touch cast a pall over cast a shadow over do for louse up make a mess of muck up screw up put a damper on take the edge off take the shine off balls up blow a hole in put the kibosh on take the enjoyment out of take the pleasure out of bring to naught throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of queer someone's pitch shatter crush play havoc with blight cook someone's goose do in put the lid on upset someone's apple cart make a hash of undermine defeat quash overturn subvert topple annihilate squelch smash impair harm cripple devastate neutralize obliterate put at risk eradicate thwart hamper hinder put an end to blow foil frustrate cancel out obstruct botch render ineffective wrack injure skin abate crimp overreach have cramp impoverish break outsmart outmaneuver neutralise decimate offset raze abolish stymie outmanoeuvre outfox craze demolish overthrow unbuild work against make waves bring down rain on someone's parade disrupt damage extinguish put paid to pull down nullify total pulverize waste desolate vaporize end nuke cream quell tear down prevent pulverise vaporise rub out suppress level efface put a stop to wipe out threaten eliminate baffle balk kill erase check baulk disappoint ravage expunge flatten bring to an end extirpate invalidate beat trash squash knock down wreak havoc on wipe off the map take out wipe off the face of the earth terminate unsettle interfere with destabilize weaken impede circumvent crool block exterminate hold up remove confound discomfit disfigure liquidate bulldoze sink undercut break up destabilise bodge break down scuttle overwhelm finish off zap stop capsize dilapidate blow up checkmate outwit reduce snuff out wipe from the face of the earth blot out lay waste raze to the ground throw down negate contradict interrupt obscure attack dispatch incapacitate disturb disarrange disorganize disorder disable annul convulse delay slow retard countermove turn upside-down derange slow down bollix cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disorder throw into disarray throw into confusion abort endanger dismantle do away with put down take away hurt imperil jeopardize intrude on prejudice disassemble sap be detrimental to compromise ruinate desecrate bust despoil ravish mangle crack wolf wipe off map blow to pieces trounce reduce to ruins blow to bits wax tear to pieces take apart put in toilet gobble up excise jeopardise deface scourge defile debilitate mutilate deplete maim fell delete be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to reduce to rubble reduce to nothing bring to nothing bring to ruin wreak havoc upon leave in ruins clean out lay in ruins leave desolate lessen minimize minimise detract demean belittle diminish bilk supplant be deleterious to crash dynamite blow down bomb spill knock to pieces cast down strike out batter tear up scatter mow down scratch out unmake scar dethrone disestablish oust depose dissolve unseat chip away triumph conquer corner gain vanquish dampen decay afflict chill explode forestall discredit glitch up contravene debar obviate snooker derail pop refute burst disprove wreak havoc with supersede invert depress rebel tumble reverse bar halt repel repress deter burst one's bubble repulse curb rattle parry nobble prove wrong restrain blank counter counterplot cross bury drive a coach and horses through blow sky-high give the lie to shoot full of holes blow out of the water put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel cause setback get the better of put end to stand in the way of put the mockers on nip in the bud upset one's apple cart beat down take wind out of sails bring about the downfall of cancel slaughter massacre benothing stamp out root out clean up black out sweep away


To spell incorrectly


To alter something from its true state, typically to deceive
falsify alter distort fake forge pervert doctor misrepresent counterfeit fudge warp change cook fabricate adulterate garble invent misstate belie bend color corrupt debase embroider manipulate massage misinterpret misrelate misreport slant tamper with twist colour embellish con contort contravene deacon deceive equivocate exaggerate fib fiddle fix four-flush gloss lie misquote palter prevaricate promote rig salt traverse dress up fake it frame up phony up trump up put a spin on put on an act interfere with tinker with disguise juggle bias fiddle with misconstrue skew quote out of context take out of context confuse overstate muddle spin influence mistranslate pirate doctor up angle misrender mangle mislead feign lace dilute cut spoil contaminate taint degrade deteriorate defile pollute spike reproduce alloy give a false account of tamper engineer make impure copy obscure swindle conceal replicate concoct prejudice coin devise weaken curve strain snow overdraw cloak mask thin magnify varnish miscolor mock up pad make up modify bastardize airbrush amend sully pretend extend simulate foul water down cook the books ruin cook up infect give a false idea of mix bastardise sophisticate devalue depreciate attenuate gloss over plant commingle denature impair transfuse shave amalgamate dissolve mingle infiltrate cheapen irrigate blend intermix sham jumble patch blur slur flimflam diddle finagle mold shape mould put the wrong slant on mutilate mix up spoof misattribute quote tilt tip weight slope misshape weigh prearrange train concentrate focus aim direct point give a false impression of twist around misarticulate overdo dramatize enhance quote incorrectly load parody hyperbolize travesty dissimulate poison trim rearrange shuffle cheese blarney beard stretch dress puff romanticise dramatise romanticize affect form cover imitate transform put words in somebody's mouth misuse abuse revamp edit revise rework precontrive preplan predesign veil occult suppress blanket shroud hide screen enshroud curtain change round blow smoke pass off cover up build up phony elaborate on misapply touch up varnish over give a false picture of jive throw off balance blot out paper over divert wind scam knot crush melt decline whitewash writhe slump gnarl sag deviate collapse perform magic mess about with make changes to make adjustments to make alterations to meddle with maneuver manoeuvre scratch copy fraudulently duplicate transcribe phoney trace design profane misemploy prostitute deflect subvert gerrymander set up arrange trick manufacture mistreat desecrate steer animalize outrage veer water brainwash seduce put one on make out like excogitate construct contrive make like arrange fraudulently hatch putrefy drum up think up vamp up vamp tell untruth tell a white lie conjure up make believe dream up create out of thin air dope mix with thin out


(of a person or their actions) Characterized by abnormal and morally unacceptable practices or tendencies
perverted corrupt debased debauched depraved sick warped dissolute perverse vile aberrant abnormal amoral corrupted degenerate deviant distorted evil immoral twisted wicked decadent degraded dissipated reprobate abandoned defiled demoralised demoralized deviate libertine sicko unclean unwholesome vicious vitiated wayward wrong bad contorted grotesque impaired jackleg kinky loose pervy rakish rotten sadistic tainted unhealthy unnatural misguided monstrous rakehell rakehelly licentious sinful lewd profligate wanton impure lecherous lascivious unchaste lustful libidinous sordid base intemperate promiscuous unprincipled indecent prurient fast low unrestrained louche carnal concupiscent obscene lubricious salacious shameless disreputable coarse self-indulgent fast-living gone bad wild immodest fallen nefarious villainous randy dirty miscreant sybaritic goatish voluptuary horny swinging lickerish profaned gone to the dogs dishonourable desecrated uncleanly ungodly scungy mean crude indulgent contaminated improper easy unconstrained dishonorable sensual raunchy vice-ridden filthy hot itchy lubricous hypersexual satyric passionate pleasure-seeking in the fast lane fast and loose high living despicable sullied hedonic iniquitous brutal criminal sleazy gross profane unsavoury ignoble riotous disgusting dishonoured raffish retrograde vulgar unrefined violated deteriorated retrogressive drunken open infamous ribald bestial dishonored unsavory light in the gutter lacking restraint hedonistic foul not pure naughty incontinent night owl of easy virtue erroneous dubious prodigal inferior diseased wolfish hardened voluptuous vulgarized vulgarised wrongful unworthy incorrigible impious unrighteous unholy blasphemous irreligious degenerated roguish ruttish unaccommodating shrewish bad-tempered incorrect crabbed churlish ill-tempered ill-natured surly spiteful freethinking lusty low-down unregenerate scoundrelly abased flatitious demeaned sinking failing degrading epicurean overindulgent luxurious rascally knavish boorish baneful flagitious deleterious careless roundheeled rude hot and heavy decaying moribund lost declining imprudent whorish heedless inconstant irresponsible flagitous no better than one should be out of control uncontrollable immoderate uncontrolled dirty-minded hellbent uncurbed gone to seed fleshly smutty animal unruly unmoral lax desirous relaxed scabrous disorderly tarnished decayed stained spoiled polluted soiled besmirched dirtied infected ruined adulterated putrefied despoiled fouled spoilt uninhibited unbridled unrestricted unhindered reckless unvirtuous ungoverned gay nasty unimpeded free untrammeled unconfined grubby unblushing untrammelled trashy stag blue porny bawdy pornographic gutter unprintable unscrupulous locker-room X-rated audacious carefree brash raw unchecked rampant runaway self-gratifying exciting fast-paced temerarious devil-may-care daredevil slack harsh extravagant frivolous foolhardy gadabout unhampered impulsive impetuous unbounded

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