Đồng nghĩa của shrivel

Alternative for shrivel

shrivels, shriveled, shrivelled, shriveling, shrivelling

Đồng nghĩa: shrink, wither, wrinkle,


To decline or deteriorate in state
atrophy deteriorate waste decline degenerate wither decay shrink diminish dwindle wilt crumble descend devolve ebb fade regress retrograde rot sink waste away weaken worsen become emaciated become shrunken dry up shrivel up become debilitated become enfeebled grow weak wane droop flag fail emaciate sag languish lag go tire perish fade away etiolate melt away peter out grow faint grow dim disappear dry lessen abate dim falter fall dissolve die subside wizen recede trail off die away die out fold become marcescent grow feeble become limp tail off age slip weather blur dull flop hang make faint become shadowy become vague become blurred become confused numb become indistinct loll become flaccid swag vanish evanesce devitalize debilitate disperse drain exhaust sap enervate melt dematerialize evaporate fly flee decrease consume deplete taper slack off hush moderate grow less become less loud quiet deliquesce pass off trail fade out evanish thin become unimportant poop out die on vine vanish into thin air fag out tucker out attenuate rarefy clear gnaw enfeeble undermine corrode lower let up ease up fall off wear off lose spirit relapse lose minimise minimize taper off give way impoverish tremble totter fizzle out halt grow weaker thin out faint debase break up depress vitiate limp cripple relax slow down sap the strength of eat away wear out disintegrate desiccate constrict contract become stale deflate blast blight collapse go downhill retrogress slide slump get worse degrade go down the toilet lapse hit the skids go to pot go down the tubes go to the dogs drop depreciate disimprove go to rack and ruin break down grow worse become worse spoil decompose stagnate backslide go backwards fall apart go bad wear away fall to pieces go to pieces go to the pack revert impair corrupt become dilapidated be in decline go to seed take a turn for the worse putrefy moulder retreat molder nosedive return be neglected skid deprave lose quality be the worse for wear pine away go off move backward be abandoned pall reduce slacken be disregarded be forgotten come apart at seams run to seed pejorate suffer damage fall down fall into disrepair make something worse go from bad to worse take a nosedive be handicapped appear in a poor light be at disadvantage drop off be damaged be impaired be shown to disadvantage hit rock bottom reach depths come apart at the seams injure adulterate alloy mar break turn pervert demoralise warp debauch demoralize stain be worse for wear lose it wither away fall into decay oxidize be on one's deathbed be giving up the ghost be slipping away be about to die be in extremis become moribund have one foot in the grave be at death's door be on one's last legs be breathing one's last be approaching death tarnish drift back slip back retrocede recidivate sink back fall away fall back go back lose headway turn the clock back roll back lose ground turn back throw back move back erode stale oxidise rust become rusty go stale crumble away sicken dilapidate go into decline be on your last legs fall apart at the seams


Become or make smaller in size or amount
shrink lessen decrease diminish dwindle contract decline narrow shorten wither condense deflate grow reduce abate de-escalate drop off ease ebb fall grow smaller lower moderate pall recede relent remit slim subside taper wane wrinkle become smaller downsize fall off get smaller disappear drain away drop fail fall away let up minimise minimize phase down ratchet down taper off telescope waste weaken dry up fall short waste away die away die down die out sink fade slump tail off peter out compress curtail slacken evaporate constrict narrow down slack off plummet curb quiet decay settle degenerate check droop drain lighten quell grow less depreciate deteriorate crumble restrain devaluate soften slow down calm down wear away lose edge wear down run low constringe scrimp plunge squeeze blur abbreviate become less trail make smaller fade away trail off decrement rebate slash tail away cut down modify temper attenuate close minify retrench extenuate compact collapse peter tighten truncate abridge concentrate slacken off vanish nosedive capsulize capsule come to an end go through the floor cool off fizzle out settle down fade out go downhill hit the floor close out go down rachet down take a nosedive pare down slim down lose ground take in cut cut back trim prune clip downscale limit chop deplete dent knock down tone down crop wind down summarize cut short abstract pare shave synopsize round down whittle down outline restrict digest sum up blunt mitigate erode epitomize relax alleviate depress summarise epitomise dilute make less impair dial down put in a nutshell shrivel up make fewer turn down cut down on cut back on undermine sap ration disempower foreshorten consolidate encapsulate make weaker couch subdue stifle boil down skim summate recap make cutbacks in take down trim down trim back scale down mark down damp down ease off roll back step down bring down syncopate dock edit elide precis sketch run through run down get to meat give main points compile précis lop lop off snip shear cut off give a summary of give an abstract of blue pencil give a precis of give an outline of give a digest of put in nutshell give a synopsis of allay palliate deaden assuage dull dampen discount mollify degrade tame take the edge off


To squeeze together
compress squeeze constrict compact crush press squash cram wedge flatten pack stuff tamp capsule capsulize collapse condense constringe contract jam telescope wad coarct coarctate crowd scrunch squidge bind coagulate concentrate consolidate cramp decrease dehydrate densen densify narrow narrow down ram reduce restrict syncopate tighten wrap boil down make brief pack together force into space force push thrust mash shrink pound pinch stick fill press down trample roll sandwich squish shoehorn ball pulverize jam-pack load solidify shove heap brim grasp clench harden set pulverise draw in become narrower tamp down pulp grip round grind choke strangle nip agglomerate tense level hammer charge tauten clamp mangle pile confine stiffen overfill become smaller firm make narrower tap tread draw together shorten fill to overflowing tweak mill macerate strangulate clutch diminish stamp straiten drive plunge smash restrain circumscribe pack down curtail tuck astringe bang catch scrimp depress clasp brace triturate close grab become tighter beat make smaller screw clog thumb smush hold get smaller pack in pack it in cling to clinch stamp on push down weigh on trample down hold down weigh upon fill up bear down on concertina sink taper flex congest crumple dig squelch overcrowd press together pack into focus limit mass make tighter roll over bulldoze drive over demolish insert integrate combine crash lower drum mold form mould stamp flat drive into put place sardine pack closely get narrower stive get thinner firm up ram down cram down downbear smoosh express pack tightly bung up ram in thrust in drive in cram full top off splat plaster move downward exert pressure on seize tramp wear tread on hold tightly lay hands on trample on double up steamroller pack 'em in hang on to fasten one's hand on grapple stow twinge snag fix fasten constrain control iron out even out smooth off pad line secure purse overstuff upholster pucker dwindle wring clog up load with choke up wither strengthen squinch enclasp pinion pin lessen deflate wane decline subside recede abate ebb knead become narrow become pinched fill to the brim crumble crunch comminute pestle evaporate weaken waste hitch moor anchor tack move bray screw up become tight powder attach bolt clip pin down mull atomize splinter shatter disintegrate grow smaller hold tight bear heavily force down bear down lean on make fast levigate powderize fall off fall away take in lose ground grow less kibble break bruise contuse contriturate total break up

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