Đồng nghĩa của roll over


Give permission for something to happen
consent approve agree allow sanction accede accept acquiesce assent comply concur permit subscribe yield agree to assent to accede to acquiesce in bless come round comply with concede concede to endorse fold give permission for let okay submit to yes yield to abide by concur with conform to give in to go along with play ball give in give up knuckle under say uncle say yes give the nod make a deal sign off on throw in the towel authorize warrant OK authorise consent to ratify license confirm grant validate licence accredit countenance clear rubber-stamp give permission pass formalize finalize homologate approbate give the green light to give the thumbs up to give the go-ahead finalise formalise sign buy say yes to back give the go-ahead to give the OK to recognize shake on support recognise empower give someone leave affirm enable agree with say the word approve of give consent to give the green light cooperate with ditto defer to certify entitle suffer tolerate legalize commission condone give your blessing give carte blanche legalise cut a deal give approval to see eye to eye charter go for acquiesce to let pass thumbs up compromise relent accord conform mandate undertake engage bend advocate uphold qualify brook second legitimize favour favor change your mind boost concur in endure jibe legitimatize subscribe to admit greenlight pass on cave in legitimise give one's leave humour abet humor have sanctify indulge toe the line give one's blessing to legitimatise rubber stamp go along give stamp of approval take kindly to get behind give one's assent to give the thumbs up promise fall in with bow to follow jump at the chance give the seal of approval to give the OK come around recommend give someone authorization legitimate vouchsafe go with the flow cause grant the right leave green-light admit of privilege franchise wink at blink at facilitate set make law stump for buy into lap up push for make valid take up O.K. give go-ahead seal vouch for give authority for give a blank cheque to give the green light for make legal give the go-ahead for heed respect succumb nod show agreement adapt adjust accommodate toe the mark defer bow down to be guided by pay attention to play along with acknowledge champion reconcile comprobate astipulate reach a decision soften back down roll over and play dead come round to cave in to enter into be game for surrender to back down to relent to give way to undersign believe in signature cosign obey stand by authenticate give the nod to accept tacitly delegate corroborate substantiate waver give way hesitate weaken vacillate establish put John Hancock on give permission to confer a right to invest be in agreement with give power to give authority to grant the right to vest hold with ease off ease up countersign bind espouse bear out be behind put one's name to adopt embrace concert league cooperate conspire collaborate join conjoin unite give the stamp of approval to give five be in harmony be of the same opinion band coadjute be in accord harmonize meet fall in band together be in sympathy equal be in accordance team up be together come together harmonise be of the same mind correspond combine be consonant with be in agreement vindicate justify sustain verify enact legislate decree live with prove bear back up ordain put up with constitute stand for defend formulate maintain promote take encourage make attest to give decriminalize give green light vote for appoint attest regulate codify launder decriminalise commend clean up lay down account for smile on lend weight to nod at testify to give credence to check out be in favour of green light stand up for evidence demonstrate underwrite initial buttress make concessions submit normalize assert admit defeat carry capitulate stomach excuse pronounce lawful normalise swallow surrender advance stand stick abide effect argue give substance to show to be true implement proclaim vote in put the seal of approval on further document dictate put into effect bear with welcome sit still for carry through put through make into law give support to throw in the sponge show the white flag stick up for hear of throw your weight behind argue for check up bear witness to engage in stand behind side with raise the white flag notarize give one's consent indemnify give leave for regularize relinquish give a hear hear regularise guarantee depute lend your name to give consent for declare legal give one's word settle for be happy with compromise on contract make do with entrust give approval for give something the go ahead make binding make stick certificate nod through receive set seal on give a certificate to give a diploma to accord with make legally binding give leave to gain entertain legislate for reinforce set one's seal to take on board speak up for circumstantiate free up say the magic word give okay give the O.K. be big bolster John Hancock underpin present assume bestow forward strengthen regard consider reenforce be subject to permit to grant permission to withstand sit through be doing with cope with allow to bear the brunt of undergo explain show hack string along be supportive of give proof of sponsor see hold view prefer objectify test debunk complete reify try try on realise actualize realize try out formally support avow give nod check on declare true shore up double check deem envisage feel order go pocket handle thole absorb bide wear help hold to appreciate greet rationalize receive wholeheartedly ally oneself with receive enthusiastically be on the side of take to heart take up the cudgels for go in for aid and abet get into take to take on give weight to think suggest hold up one's end come to the defence of give backing to stick by advocate for be with go with give moral support to announce one's support for give moral support aid be of one mind show beyond doubt honor honour sweat out applaud stick out invite cope rationalise propose command rule impose officially approve plug push answer for merit give the okay to regard as being identical to regard as being the same as consider to be show just cause for provide a rationale for do justice to show to be reasonable speak in favor of make good on give a justification for give reasons for be answerable for prove to be reasonable give an explanation for make allowances give grounds for show cause carry out conduct declare be acquainted with be on familiar terms with accept as valid be familiar with speak for put forward grin and bear it give the go ahead to fix institute transact accomplish effectuate determine execute steamroll railroad draft put into practice bring to bear bring into effect demand deserve identify require earn bring about make laws vote favorably jam through railroad through concede defeat draw up form fulfill wage draught administer compass pursue fulfil follow through with carry off organise pull off arrange negotiate organize rate put in force get the floor entail necessitate put in a good word for call for fall victim be a defence of give ground for be a justification for explain away be a reason for be worth be deserving of offer grounds for be entitled to be worthy of qualify for be overwhelmed by be overcome by be conquered by


To accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person
submit surrender yield capitulate agree succumb acquiesce relent bow defer bend cede fall buckle cave concede fold quit blink budge kowtow relinquish give in surrender to throw in the towel wave the white flag knuckle under back down give up go down go under cave in give way pack it in toss it in accept defeat admit defeat concede defeat give yourself up humble oneself bend the knee give ground hoist the white flag raise the white flag show the white flag be submissive buckle under lay down arms put up white flag resign yourself eat crow cry uncle say uncle throw in the sponge crumble climb down be beaten eat humble pie fall victim be overcome go along with be overwhelmed accede comply assent accept hand over resign bow to give in to lay down turn in give up the struggle give fall victim to be overcome by be conquered by be overwhelmed by hand in turn over provide concur truckle make concessions knuckle abdicate lose approve comply with backpedal render collapse deliver be beaten by cough up remit suffer defeat come to terms pull out chicken out be conquered throw in your hand yield to bow out be defeated pay homage vail die of retreat subjugate genuflect subdue chuck it in throw up one's hands break show white flag throw up the sponge honour respect honor stop withdraw fall in line adhere drop desist defer to adapt knuckleunder adjust admit cringe fawn accommodate agree with obey conform roll over and play dead submit to give away the store back out call it a day offer return fail have no fight left back off wimp out heed observe give oneself over call it quits fold up cry quits let go be deferential extend forbear forgo volunteer forsake bail out cut out keel proffer allow release cooperate with acquiesce in recognize be trounced be the loser come off second-best be vanquished be bested by come up short lose out act in accordance with be servile concur with offer back give back gift be overthrown free renounce lay aside be overthrown by be defeated by be taken by eat dirt be destroyed by be vanquished by lie down be a casualty to be smitten by pass into the hands of come across with supply pass on furnish relegate assign find feed convey confer resign oneself to recognise succumb to give way to acknowledge fall to pieces pass into enemy hands lose one's position to


To defeat, subdue or overcome with superior strength
overpower subdue conquer defeat beat vanquish subjugate trounce best master rout lick quash suppress overthrow thrash quell clobber worst repress drub cream stuff dominate murder own whip tank subject control smash break reduce pacify bury total hegemonize overturn subordinate overshadow throw upset trash wax prevail finish waste torpedo bulldoze stagger immobilise immobilize blank dumbfound overawe shellack stretch triumph over prevail over get the better of wipe the floor with make mincemeat of be victorious over bring someone to their knees knock out put away blow out of the water gain mastery over beat down bear down take out gain a victory over take care of gain control over render incapable bowl over render helpless render powerless shut off lay out get the upper hand over overwhelm overcome crush destroy skunk hammer slaughter surmount demolish stop annihilate overbear win against dispatch walk all over shellac smother paste overmatch upend trim kill get crucify run rings around flatten take take to the cleaners put down massacre overrun extinguish oppress outdo get around surpass undo do down blow out stifle check curb pound marmalize swamp pulverize wallop humble floor outstrip better put an end to sink pulverise wipe out whomp silence give someone a drubbing snow under excel strangle outclass trample turn inside out squelch slam top blow away transcend beat hollow outplay tame triumph tyrannize ruin restrain devastate give someone a hiding cane exceed defeat utterly submerge skin outshine down tyrannise squash inhibit overload pip at the post walk over rule swallow zap drop muffle win subvert gain control of gain ascendancy over gag grind down quench lambaste hold back deck steamroll stamp out put paid to eclipse hold sway over force hold in win a resounding victory over enslave be victorious choke back bring down shut down win over bust smoke overburden put in the shade demoralize engulf cow whup whop whap persecute slay dust abuse crack down on intimidate butcher bomb frustrate maltreat defeat heavily obliterate tromp demoralise outmaneuver hurdle bring to heel outmanoeuvre outrun topple contain bring under the yoke unseat tan distress pocket shush outperform consume cap bog down keep under thumb snuff out slap down trump get over clamp down on outdistance trample on hold down knock over edge out overtop take it all KO mow down outmatch outgun bring to ruin keep down tower over keep back knock off fight back go one better than ride roughshod over cork up bottle up button up keep the lid on keep in check suffocate dispirit inundate besiege end sap weaken eradicate trouble flood humiliate whack get the upper hand govern terminate coerce thwart pommel whitewash direct occupy enthrall flog abolish outwit deluge enthral edge rule over undermine command steamroller prostrate overmaster enervate domineer worry route shipwreck outhit decimate entrap outjump flax outflank ambush negotiate whelm cripple enfeeble conceal deaden restrict chagrin devour wrong resist bottle torment hound monopolize work over plow under rise above kick around cut to pieces beset aggrieve tyrranize hide choke quelch put out nose out run rings round bring to knees harass harry checkmate bully ill-treat beat back finish off win a victory over run roughshod over override drown pass keep inside keep in sit on get through monopolise damp down torture take to cleaners roll back treat harshly come out on top outrival cork be cruel to be brutal to cope with blast shame do in capsize weigh down bear down on put the lid on overtake do better than tyrannize over trample underfoot rein in knock spots off improve on deal with put a stop to do away with pick on take over put someone in their place push about rule with a rod of iron take control of put to shame wipe off map push around swallow up get rid of keep under control give someone a pasting rule with an iron hand bite back pwn pick apart dismiss defeat easily outsmart bridle colonize muller astonish render speechless weather survive negate compel underyoke manage regulate shock stun render outlive knock for six fight wreck foil colonise settle circumvent discomfit confound come out on top of knock your socks off turn over hamper impede hinder domineer over ice disable outrank take down beat up outfight shoot down hold sway endure make a fool of get one up on gain the advantage over prevent constrain outpace shake off overpass improve upon shoot ahead mop up run circles around take apart vault over climb crest leap succeed over seize annex dampen reel back in degrade get a grip on interfere with spank strike be unstoppable by demote discontinue depress mute halt arrest force down blot out hose snuff dwarf upstage incapacitate impair downgrade disrate execute bite one's lip simmer down hush up compose collect heap shower rein shroud cool clamp spike stem interrupt asphyxiate glut bombard leave tower above be better than garrote garrotte mistreat browbeat invade shoot ahead of impoverish drive underground slap about lower ail dishearten deject dismay be head and shoulders above be superior to be a cut above break someone's spirit scare menace exterminate assassinate cut off block out appropriate annexe capture put an stop to liquidate terrorize victimize manhandle threaten put lid on put kibosh on bring to naught discourage shake sadden devitalize daunt diminish discompose nonplus vaporize misuse hector frighten take possession of oust extirpate drench gulf overflow submerse sweep queer mishandle brutalize victimise brutalise terrorise perturb bother weary abase debilitate depose waterlog chasten vaporise fell cause instability play the heavy with ill-use mess over dethrone dispose of crowd snow overcrowd wash larrup make it past make it over bum out dull cast down carry the day get last laugh take the cake win through be the victor win out gain a victory take the prize prevail against be successful come first gain mastery of take the honours win hands down take the crown rub out bump off wash over administer the coup de grâce drive to the wall carry off give the coup de grâce take someone's life move in for the kill take off preoccupy possess haunt absorb nip in the bud put the kibosh on cast a pall over put a damper on immerse trip level gain the upper hand over take aback tackle affect engross grip obsess plunge supplant unthrone uncrown shut out drive off put to flight knock down bowl down trip up set down throw down throw to the ground rugby-tackle knock to the ground bring to the ground put to rout blow out of water clean up on throw back in confusion concern disturb unhorse exploit scourge distract eat up encumber plague saddle ride outrage annoy press despotize strain handicap vex tax remove from power remove from office put upon eat away at put screws to put the squeeze on weigh heavy upon influence block internalize internalise boss lead sway dictate keep under wraps black out jam up head overrule preponderate handle run preside over rule the roost head up have ascendancy over have the whip hand over exercise control over run the show boss around be in command of play first fiddle be the boss of call the tune lead by the nose have the upper hand in have mastery over be in charge of be in control of have one's way have under one's thumb boss about call the shots wear the trousers have the upper hand over be at the helm have upper hand lay down the law rule the roost in be in the saddle sit on top of raze shatter desolate leave standing scotch scupper outvie eliminate nix pull down do for tear down sabotage leave behind blight ravage dash mess up wrack nuke walk away from batter go one better bash knock for a loop do outfox blow a hole in go beyond thump mar belt thresh bludgeon maul spoil pummel buffet neutralize baste slog whale blow desecrate curry unbuild botch chastise pummelled banjax dish neutralise wreak havoc on rough up bung up displace break down eject out-think dismantle lather leather dislodge roll hit defenestrate punish vitiate injure make a mess of foul up damage ruinate give a drubbing to louse up disrupt deprive remove outstep ravish despoil take a stick to off screw up cruel euchre get control of dilapidate mangle outgo throw a spanner in the works of axe invalidate mutilate maim break up tumble ax throw a monkey wrench in the works of wash out put to death raze to the ground wipe off the face of the earth blow to bits get ahead of lay waste lay in ruins wipe off the map score points off bring about the downfall of bring low outthink bypass nullify solve seize power varnish curtail see off scrunch squish crack down smite cook one's goose fix one's wagon wipe off the mat eat alive reject weed out wear down be more than club destabilize outjockey be the ruination of predominate get under control bring under control unsettle beat the pants off finesse catch napping steal a march on smash down birch destruct disassemble cook put the skids under be the ruin of seal the doom of stand above be a class above stand head and shoulders above be greater than be on another level be master of take precedence disestablish dissolve put out of action put out of commission write off blow up kill off gain on bang knock punch reduce to ruins gobble up crack wolf blow to pieces tear to pieces put in toilet send to the gas chambers cut down stick put to the sword banish get further ahead of pull a fast one be one up on fake out draw away from avenge undercut lace lambast pelt lash paddle fib bat switch slate belabor abrogate rebel reverse destabilise supersede invert cudgel tonk dispense with phase out drive out get shot of give the chop cast out knock something on the head usurp tower outhussle croak disfigure stiff defile deface poison bodge discharge defrock unmake belabour punch out deplete erase scrag murk cancel reduce to nothing reduce to rubble leave in ruins bring to nothing wreak havoc upon clean out leave desolate discrown efface expunge hang give someone the works decapitate chill dust off take a life take the life of lynch shoot blow someone's brains out guillotine behead knife terminate with extreme prejudice electrocute garotte do to death delete win the race exhaust tire excise fatigue scratch scrub drain drum out cross out blank out clean up cut remove all traces of sweep away destroy root and branch ink out X-out wipe off face of earth blue pencil blow sky-high strike out mark out score out cover obscure root out rub off frazzle overtire harm knacker overtax paralyse put at risk poop hamstring etiolate obstruct cancel out soften paralyze render ineffective play havoc with disarm mow have craze overreach abate crimp cramp offset stymie muck up make weary make helpless tucker out lay low make powerless take it out of tire out make impotent fag out wear out balls up work against make waves rain on someone's parade

Trái nghĩa của roll over

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