Đồng nghĩa của immobilize

Alternative for immobilize

immobilize /i'moubilaiz/ (immobilise) /i'moubilaiz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • giữ cố định; làm bất động
    • làm không di chuyển được; làm không nhúc nhích được (của quân đội, xe cộ...)
    • thu hồi không cho lưu hành (tiền...)


To cause to be ineffective or immobilized
disable cripple halt paralyse jam stop deactivate disenable freeze hamstring inactivate incapacitate paralyze prostrate clamp wheel-clamp action arrest attenuate batter blunt damage debilitate disarm disqualify enervate enfeeble exhaust handicap harm hock hogtie hurt impair invalidate kibosh maim make inoperative mangle mar mutilate muzzle pinion render inactive ruin sabotage sap shatter spoil tie total unbrace undermine unfit unstrengthen weaken wreck bring to a halt prevent from moving prevent from working render inoperative knock out render incapable shoot down take out put out of action throw monkey wrench in bring to a standstill torpefy indispose tire devitalize fatigue drain etiolate waste soften knacker lay low wear out lame do in weary make weak make feeble injure frazzle make powerless poop numb wash out fag out deaden benumb take it out of tax overtire render powerless overtax unnerve emasculate deplete palsy whack reduce jade tire out destroy lay up eviscerate render infirm wear to a frazzle confine to bed obtund dull boot unhinge diminish restrain hobble make unfit spike restrict vitiate encumber hinder extenuate hamper bush disempower disfigure sap your strength disembowel exenterate put out of commission bring to a grinding halt confine to a wheelchair seize unplug scupper idle deface dislimb sideline stifle dismember hospitalise hospitalize make lame turn off render inoperable become unable to move seize up become immobilized become stuck grind to a halt appall transfix bemuse daze close stun anesthetize daunt petrify nonplus appal astound anaesthetize stupefy demolish secure lock fell floor drop stop dead make inert shut down make nerveless bring to grinding halt level down depress overthrow mow defeat knock down knock over mow down bowl over tucker out bowl down make weary make helpless make impotent bring someone to their knees bring low immobilise wound break crush lacerate lessen wear down cut blemish smash decrease bruise tucker burn out conk out poop out peter out mess up rough up hack subvert blast compromise scratch maul blight bloody crab flaw endamage cross up wear foul up deform hog-tie impoverish gash distort mangulate pound deteriorate graze ravage lower scar torpedo hit adulterate tarnish dilute impede cut up scrape threaten overextend overdo run ragged overexert draw overfatigue overwork bankrupt prejudice hack up pummel lash temper calm queer debase tear apart devaluate belt thin abate ding flag assuage sink flog punch shake up plug work over pummelled droop pommel whip outwear bust harass kill soothe contuse bedraggle languish sag fizzle succumb punish wipe out water down take the edge off do up put the kibosh on erode invalid butcher suck dry use up make sleepy clip one's wings shake destabilize worsen shag out take wear on drain of energy jeopardize put on the sick list have a bad effect on eat away wear away rob from disrupt pull the rug out from under root expurgate censor bowdlerize afflict taint trash annihilate dismantle corrupt corrode wear oneself to a frazzle make tired nearly kill wear oneself to a shadow run into the ground amputate bowdlerise dampen devalue cheapen tweak shock inconvenience scorch wither interfere with jeopardise screw up detract from smash up destabilise louse up muck up mayhem massacre gimp castrate truncate cut to pieces hash up lose strength make useless cool be detrimental to cause detriment to do harm to wreak havoc on tear limb from limb allay moderate muffle throw a monkey wrench into mollify sate appease relieve slake damp alleviate cauterize ease contract tone down pierce slash hebetate desensitise cauterise desensitize put a damper on crool scathe wing puncture rip tear stab pique aggrieve foul burn grieve torture contort pain wax torment distress sting irritate zap pulverize constrict shrink deflate mitigate rarefy lighten dissipate offset carve cut to ribbons ouch stick slice nick clip overturn devastate put out cause pain to bang up cause injury to pulverise draw blood do mischief to dash open up slap spank slug pinch flail bore burst explode nix pop scotch banjax blow dish upset wreak havoc with rattle blow up do for beat thrash put paid to blow a hole in bring to naught bring to nought buffet bash strike wallop assault belabour deck clobber lick thump abuse pelt knock bang attack smack smite drub clout bat baste whop cudgel do club lace lambast lather whup curry beat up tonk hide tromp bludgeon bop hammer slog switch thwack whap slate lambaste birch belabor biff whale tan paddle thresh sock fib rain blows on knock about beat the living daylights out of lace into punch out lay one on knock around maltreat lay into do over brutalize dash against aim blows at knock into the middle of next week brutalise bung up give someone a good hiding


To come, or cause to come, to a stop or end
halt stop end cease check discontinue quit finish terminate arrest block conclude curb drop impede close obstruct interrupt break suspend frustrate can elapse stall bar lapse stay hamper determine pass expire go still die pause catch hobble stem belay freeze staunch hesitate falter waver balance dither scruple stagger teeter vacillate wabble wobble limp stumble whiffle break off leave off break up wind up cut off cut out desist from hold back knock off let up dead-end lay off hold up shut off put a stop to cut short give over pack in bring to an end wink out put an end to pack up draw up nip in the bud pull up come to an end bring to a stop come to a stop be over bring up call it a day bring to a standstill come to a halt close down fetch up pull the plug on put the kibosh on shilly-shally come to a standstill draw to a close hang back come to rest bring to standstill come to a close draw to a stand stand still wiggle-waggle stem the flow be abandoned be broken off be suspended blow the whistle on hold at bay put a cork in put a sock in finish off bring to a halt bring to a close call a halt to adjourn turn back desist shut down deactivate shutdown crash render powerless destroy stifle cripple bring to naught put paid to put out of business wipe out put out of action bring someone to their knees immobilise abandon give up refrain from cancel call a halt renounce withdraw forgo abort scrub axe call it quits relinquish abolish ax dispense with scrap revoke abstain from shelve cut forsake surcease eschew avoid close out do without inhibit rescind repeal thwart delay kick forbear prevent call off forbear from intermit swear off kill do away with withhold from preclude disconnect interfere with lay off of reject get off postpone refuse wrap up hinder hold off give the chop knock something on the head restrain retard stymie restrict call recall hamstring curtail refrain encumber withhold trammel shackle slow derail forestall limit cry off culminate recess intervene keep from skip get rid of shun yield prohibit phase out ban pass up resist forbid slow down restrain from put off exclude disrupt steer clear of stop short stay away from resign disallow eliminate remit stand in the way of shy from rein in stop dead proscribe prorogue waive except debar avert set aside cut it out pull out of get out of sew up skip out on jack in leave out pack it in count out shut out rule out freeze out close off put a stop to something fail bring to end nullify forego bring forlet pass on back off die down disturb quit cold turkey forswear scratch deny oneself go without abrogate stop trying withcall foil abstain cramp throw in the towel throw in the sponge stop oneself from restrain oneself from hold back from ditch not touch handicap stop midstream cut into say goodbye to break into kick the habit quit cold not continue get on the wagon hang it up take the cure kick over dissolve complete shorten abbreviate clip abridge handcuff keep knock it off take off keep off resist the temptation to consummate cap cumber clear scupper get in the way of have done with wait rest round off round out wind down fetter fold up be put to bed cut loose button up button down discount dismiss discard stop cold break short leave unfinished stop in full flow surrender baulk put a lid on call a stop to not do brake deliberate stonewall bridle obviate forfend recant disjoin dissever separate interpose disunite part cede sabotage bork stand fence balk stave off ward off not consider deter bate close one's doors to forget about bag it blow off mark time sideline linger shake take a breath reflect tarry abdicate disregard abjure sacrifice put a brake on take a breather take a break stop briefly put aside defer spurn shirk take ten call time think twice have a breather take five not move stand off peter out bypass neglect disclaim leave disown remove grant table renege reserve hand over allow sign away turn down turn over back off from sidestep break the habit of dodge shrink from check out from kibosh skirt surcease from escape from call it quits on put on hold come to standstill catch one's breath break it up stop what you're doing interdict enjoin outlaw blackball deny estop ostracize override circumvent ostracise shut out of exile


To defeat, subdue or overcome with superior strength
overpower subdue conquer defeat beat vanquish subjugate trounce best master rout lick quash suppress overthrow thrash quell clobber worst repress drub cream stuff dominate murder own whip tank subject control smash break reduce pacify bury total hegemonize overturn subordinate overshadow throw upset trash wax prevail finish waste torpedo bulldoze stagger blank dumbfound overawe shellack stretch triumph over prevail over get the better of wipe the floor with make mincemeat of be victorious over bring someone to their knees knock out put away blow out of the water gain mastery over beat down bear down take out gain a victory over take care of gain control over render incapable bowl over render helpless render powerless roll over shut off lay out get the upper hand over overcome crush devastate massacre destroy defeat easily defeat utterly defeat heavily annihilate beat hollow eradicate wipe out demoralise render speechless overrun smother grind down demoralize win overwhelm astonish put paid to cut to pieces knock for six immobilise skunk hammer slaughter surmount demolish stop overbear win against dispatch walk all over shellac paste overmatch upend trim kill get crucify run rings around flatten take take to the cleaners put down extinguish oppress outdo get around surpass undo do down blow out stifle check curb pound marmalize swamp pulverize wallop humble floor outstrip better put an end to sink pulverise whomp silence give someone a drubbing snow under excel strangle outclass trample turn inside out squelch slam top blow away transcend outplay tame triumph tyrannize ruin restrain give someone a hiding cane exceed submerge skin outshine down tyrannise squash inhibit overload pip at the post walk over rule swallow zap drop muffle subvert gain control of gain ascendancy over gag quench lambaste hold back deck steamroll stamp out eclipse hold sway over force hold in win a resounding victory over enslave be victorious choke back bring down shut down win over bust smoke overburden put in the shade engulf cow whup whop whap persecute slay dust abuse crack down on intimidate butcher bomb frustrate maltreat obliterate tromp outmaneuver hurdle bring to heel outmanoeuvre outrun topple contain bring under the yoke unseat tan distress pocket shush outperform consume cap bog down keep under thumb snuff out slap down trump get over clamp down on outdistance trample on hold down knock over edge out overtop take it all KO mow down outmatch outgun bring to ruin keep down tower over keep back knock off fight back go one better than ride roughshod over cork up bottle up button up keep the lid on keep in check suffocate dispirit inundate besiege end sap weaken trouble flood humiliate whack get the upper hand govern terminate coerce thwart pommel whitewash direct occupy enthrall flog abolish outwit deluge enthral edge rule over undermine command steamroller prostrate overmaster enervate domineer worry route shipwreck outhit decimate entrap outjump flax outflank ambush negotiate whelm cripple enfeeble conceal deaden restrict chagrin devour wrong resist bottle torment hound monopolize work over plow under rise above kick around beset aggrieve tyrranize hide choke quelch put out nose out run rings round bring to knees harass harry checkmate bully ill-treat beat back finish off win a victory over run roughshod over override drown pass keep inside keep in sit on get through monopolise damp down torture take to cleaners roll back treat harshly come out on top outrival cork be cruel to be brutal to cope with blast shame do in capsize weigh down bear down on put the lid on overtake do better than tyrannize over trample underfoot rein in knock spots off improve on deal with put a stop to do away with pick on take over put someone in their place push about rule with a rod of iron take control of put to shame wipe off map push around swallow up get rid of keep under control give someone a pasting rule with an iron hand bite back pwn pick apart dismiss outsmart bridle colonize muller weather survive negate compel underyoke manage regulate shock stun render outlive fight wreck foil colonise settle circumvent discomfit confound come out on top of knock your socks off turn over hamper impede hinder domineer over ice disable outrank take down beat up outfight shoot down hold sway endure make a fool of get one up on gain the advantage over prevent constrain outpace shake off overpass improve upon shoot ahead mop up run circles around take apart vault over climb crest leap succeed over seize annex dampen reel back in degrade get a grip on interfere with spank strike be unstoppable by demote discontinue depress mute halt arrest force down blot out hose snuff dwarf upstage incapacitate impair downgrade disrate execute bite one's lip simmer down hush up compose collect heap shower rein shroud cool clamp spike stem interrupt asphyxiate glut bombard leave tower above be better than garrote garrotte mistreat browbeat invade shoot ahead of impoverish drive underground slap about lower ail dishearten deject dismay be head and shoulders above be superior to be a cut above break someone's spirit scare menace exterminate assassinate cut off block out appropriate annexe capture put an stop to liquidate terrorize victimize manhandle threaten put lid on put kibosh on bring to naught discourage shake sadden devitalize daunt diminish discompose nonplus vaporize misuse hector frighten take possession of oust extirpate drench gulf overflow submerse sweep queer mishandle brutalize victimise brutalise terrorise perturb bother weary abase debilitate depose waterlog chasten vaporise fell cause instability play the heavy with ill-use mess over dethrone dispose of crowd snow overcrowd wash larrup make it past make it over bum out dull cast down carry the day get last laugh take the cake win through be the victor win out gain a victory take the prize prevail against be successful come first gain mastery of take the honours win hands down take the crown rub out bump off wash over administer the coup de grâce drive to the wall carry off give the coup de grâce take someone's life move in for the kill take off preoccupy possess haunt absorb nip in the bud put the kibosh on cast a pall over put a damper on immerse trip level gain the upper hand over take aback tackle affect engross grip obsess plunge supplant unthrone uncrown shut out drive off put to flight knock down bowl down trip up set down throw down throw to the ground rugby-tackle knock to the ground bring to the ground put to rout blow out of water clean up on throw back in confusion concern disturb unhorse exploit scourge distract eat up encumber plague saddle ride outrage annoy press despotize strain handicap vex tax remove from power remove from office put upon eat away at put screws to put the squeeze on weigh heavy upon influence block internalize internalise boss lead sway dictate keep under wraps black out jam up head overrule preponderate handle run preside over rule the roost head up have ascendancy over have the whip hand over exercise control over run the show boss around be in command of play first fiddle be the boss of call the tune lead by the nose have the upper hand in have mastery over be in charge of be in control of have one's way have under one's thumb boss about call the shots wear the trousers have the upper hand over be at the helm have upper hand lay down the law rule the roost in be in the saddle sit on top of


To stun or daze with fear
petrify horrify terrify stun appal frighten paralyse scare stupefy transfix alarm amaze astonish astound confound panic affright dumbfound fill with fear immobilise scare witless appall benumb chill daze dismay numb paralyze scare to death spook startle strike terror into frighten the life out of scare silly scare stiff throw into a panic put chill on put the fear of God into put the wind up scare someone out of their wits scare the living daylights out of scare the pants off scare the bejesus out of throw into a blue funk shock terrorize intimidate daunt terrorise unnerve fright scarify awe disconcert alarum upset disturb make one's hair stand on end dishearten browbeat surprise cow bully bulldoze agitate give someone goose pimples faze hector floor rattle frighten the living daylights out of make one's blood run cold shake up disquiet frighten to death shake perturb give someone the heebie-jeebies discomfort repel stagger freeze flabbergast consternate scare away chill to the bone curdle the blood bewilder make teeth chatter overwhelm nonplus perplex confuse bowl over bemuse blow away take aback knock for six scare the life out of frighten someone out of their wits scare the hell out of distress fluster send into a cold sweat deter ruffle disgust outrage dragoon deaden discourage stiff worry disburb unhinge demoralize tyrannize make someone jump out of their skin make someone shake in their shoes sicken jolt chill someone's blood make jump give a turn make someone's hair stand on end make someone's blood run cold make someone's hair curl demoralise scandalize depress bludgeon scare off unsettle strong-arm mau-mau tyrannise fill with terror chill to the marrow freeze your blood overpower make one's flesh creep give one the creeps overcome get the wind up anesthetize anaesthetize scandalise throw into a fright dumfound discomfit rock dazzle thunderstrike knock out frighten out of your wits hit like a ton of bricks take your breath away muddle scare the pants off of knock sideways strike dumb unman paralyse with fear throw into panic revolt work up strike fear into chill off make someone jump out of his skin make flesh crawl harrow scare someone half to death offend nauseate blackjack distress greatly throw insult bullyrag menace threaten badger devastate bogart oppress railroad flummox leave open-mouthed jar take the wind out of your sails strike with awe render speechless electrify stop someone in their tracks leave aghast blow your mind throw a curve spring on cause wonder overawe befog subdue victimize torment persecute make afraid make fearful give someone a fright make nervous knock the stuffing out of baffle blur addle distract befuddle mix up dizzy disorder mystify fuddle puzzle coerce embarrass strike terror in victimise get to knock for a loop gross out lean on psych out push around pick on turn on the heat inspire panic in put the frighteners on make things hot for someone make it hot for someone dull silly incapacitate hamstring prostrate disable cripple desensitize scare the daylights out of palsy close stop dead halt make inert shut down weaken make nerveless bring to grinding halt destroy enfeeble arrest disarm debilitate demolish lame damp obtund cauterize dampen blunt torpefy drug desensitise cauterise render insensitive surprize deprive of sensation put out of action fog knock over hit bring around bother discompose trouble harass freak out vex harry concern pester throw off balance put off buffalo plague ail fuss frazzle flurry derail distemper hagride undo annoy weird out abash pressurize force domineer hound compel exercise discombobulate irritate bluster afflict irk pressurise discountenance pressure psych hassle bug make uneasy fret pother make anxious enforce goad overbear dispirit use strong-arm tactics on impress frustrate haunt sadden disappoint ride oblige constrain grieve needle beset subjugate throw into a tizz aggrieve abuse nag tease throw into a tizzy mistreat push stir up bedevil issue threats to push about torture intrude despotize make waves ride roughshod over put heat on mess with someone's head walk heavy drive away chase off warn off do someone's head in give a hard time frighten away inhibit freak frighten off spring incommode blind someone with something stampede excite unquiet give someone a jolt give a shock destabilize unbalance make restless make fretful move mortify blind destabilise derange steamroller throw into disarray traumatize rouse pique complicate arouse pain tire provoke gall interfere traumatise unstring fill with panic put out rattle one's cage put someone off their stride put out of countenance stress dash burn up enthrall strike hotdog grandstand showboat enthral repulse put off one's stroke pull the rug out from under pull the rug from under tax get in the way disillusion chagrin twist someone's arm impel castigate roust strain press knock props out deject besiege burden despair beleaguer disgruntle disenchant hustle prod brainwash persuade influence snafu let down heckle bait accost pursue discommode molest encroach obtrude break in interrupt weigh down test importune try chafe put through the wringer lord it over hold a gun to one's head boss around put the chill on force one's hand boss about twist one's arm maltreat tyrranize tantalize dun tear tantalise ride roughshod fast-talk put the squeeze on put pressure on prevail on put the screws on bring pressure to bear on put under an obligation act on press-gang work on use pressure on cause anxiety to give someone the creeps dominate manhandle flush mess up fill with consternation foul up screw up louse up muck up knock your socks off sweat out weigh heavily on one's mind gnaw at lie heavy on be a great weight on misuse displease uncalm undermine sap enervate hurt anger inconvenience mishandle brutalize brutalise be repugnant to make someone want to throw up be distasteful to make shudder make your gorge rise peeve warn throw off put into a flap set back put down be cruel to walk all over kick around play the heavy with treat harshly ill-use ill-treat mess over be brutal to venture peril jeopard adventure jeopardize imperil risk compromise endanger hazard wound nark indispose miff put someone off their stroke turn flip craze cramp cause someone to lose their composure get at fire up wind up egg on tick off flip out get someone bum out get across turn on hack off lay up key up portend jeopardise gamble with impend lower loom bad-eye snarl comminate fulminate blackmail admonish scowl caution forewarn growl rock the boat make a scene give someone grief hurt somebody's feelings get on your wick whip around utter threats to make threats against threaten to harm flex muscles look daggers shake fist at make threat threaten to kill make threats to scare hell out of


To hold (something) at a fixed level or in a fixed state for a period of time
freeze fix hold peg check curb limit restrict cap confine control set regulate arrest immobilise inhibit mothball hold down keep down hold up restrain constrain bridle trammel hinder govern contain tame fetter hamper keep measure rule rein in keep within bounds keep the lid on bottle up keep a tight rein on cork up pull in shut in circumscribe suppress repress demarcate delimit moderate bound impede smother retard stifle bar muffle subdue muzzle strangle constrict discipline keep under control deter curtail gag terminate cramp entrammel specify prescribe demark straiten withhold delimitate cork girdle define hold in put a limit on keep in check keep lid on box in bite back cool down put the brakes on cut back cool off keep tight rein on bring to screeching halt choke back hold back fight back tie up stem the flow of button up keep a lid on slow down keep back hem in hold in check place a limit on tie down mark off put a brake on keep within limits draw the line on enclose encircle surround establish determine encompass mark out delineate isolate stipulate envelop environ gird compass stop ring handicap mark crack down on separate fence outline imprison inclose prevent clamp down on circle obstruct embrace wreathe box up contract border stamp out edge come down on crack down fence in wall in settle decide designate cage prelimit narrow pen temper distinguish hobble coop tie put a stop to put an end to set limits on impose limits on bind rein cool identify besiege beset pinpoint hem put away pin down put a ceiling on clamp down stem impound invest kill wrap flank coop up stake out gaol jail rein back engird intern rim verge keep within the limits of lock up blockade fringe skirt encase set out close in not allow to go beyond hedge in tone down nip in the bud cut off set aside protect interfere with set a limit on stymie mitigate come down hard on halt compose collect calm encumber slow hamstring shackle master set the limits modulate ease differentiate ring-fence indicate nail down thwart relieve concentrate simmer down divide describe clarify cramp someone's style draw segregate discriminate detach go around siege beleaguer hedge enwreathe throng trap enwreath distinguish between encage wall margin close in on circumvent enclave loop ring round enfold inundate lay siege to close around round closet house pound corral immure line localise center focus localize centre mure rail lock in seal off block off cordon off put inside fence off mew up mew crib classify quell ration take tough action shut down quash shrink decrease modify shorten reduce chain qualify tether diminish dampen squash detail leash bit harness crush stop from spreading squelch get tough on get tough debar swathe cloak blanket swaddle extinguish detain stay guide direct hogtie send up hang up clip someone's wings cut down on silence tighten up on come down on like a ton of bricks take severe measures against make do with only come down heavily on be happy with take stern measures against belt keep in name arrange put on ice end sit on pull back lay down appoint choose overcome conquer throttle keep in line bring under control put out pour cold water on gain mastery over put down block out slap down throw cold water on snuff out gain control over have on a tight leash set the limits of set the boundaries of set bounds to select allot prearrange conclude finalize resolve on resolve arrive at ordain decide on finalise solve schedule work agree on work out set a date for


To support one's abdomen with hands or a pillow before attempting to cough

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