Đồng nghĩa của forswear

Alternative for forswear

forswears, forsworn, forsworne, forswore, forswearing

Đồng nghĩa: abjure, recant, resile, retract,


To agree to give up or do without
reject forgo drop relinquish shun avoid decline eschew refuse abandon abstain from cease discontinue finish refrain from spurn stop swear off do without forsake give up go without kick quit break off cut out dispense with steer clear of jack in give a wide berth to have nothing to do with renounce abstain abjure refrain desist from resist forbear pack in lay off leave off desist repudiate keep off disavow not touch leave alone pass up sit out withhold from give something a miss keep from forbear from knock off withhold waive restrain keep skip hold back halt inhibit check stop oneself fight shy of deny oneself manage without resist the temptation to pass on leave out turn away from come off turn aside from resign from steer clear endure dispense stand down from have done with ditch chuck keep away from give something up spare end curb pass arrest interrupt break get by without get along without can avoid doing something be temperate not do take the cure take the pledge go on the wagon surcease restrain oneself from hold back from stop oneself from cut off break up shut off give over pack up elude shirk sacrifice deny disclaim escape dodge disdain abnegate duck evade abdicate disaffirm finesse gainsay scape shake shy forego renege on shuffle out of stay clear of keep clear of turn your back on let well enough alone weasel out of get around have no truck with shy away from miss out on surrender yield cede hand over turn over ignore sign away omit restrain from suspend overlook resign stay away from shy from hold off disregard bypass kick the habit pass over quit cold lay off of get out of let up shake off conclude skip out on kick over call it quits prevent oneself from not give in to cease to indulge in escape from go cold turkey neglect cut skim over leave disown grant remit get off rein in starve fast constrain fence-sit call a halt to sit on one's hands give the go by stay neutral not take sides put aside set aside dead-end sew up close cut it out wink out not continue get on the wagon withdraw belay call it a day wrap up terminate hang it up pack it in elapse wind up determine forfeit concede part with kiss goodbye say goodbye to leave behind betray let go pay with prostitute withgo lose be deprived of lay down cough up be stripped of turn down kiss goodbye to turn in render cast aside dedicate devote hinder stay away interfere with head off fend off sidestep stave off negate make up for circumvent avert nullify obviate shrink from ward off prevent preclude neutralize block impede counterbalance break the habit of withstand help prohibit neutralise skirt counteract anticipate cancel get rid of do away with knock something on the head abolish put a stop to dispose of put an end to render needless brush aside offer up allocate spend snub carve eliminate isolate exsect sever exclude marginalize extirpate extract usurp remove oust excise delete cut dead take away take out marginalise


To go back on something that has been said or agreed on
renounce abjure repudiate retract disclaim recant abnegate disavow disown renege repeal unsay withdraw recall take back go back on dissociate from abandon relinquish deny foreswear revoke give up rescind forsake reject discard cancel drop reverse renege on wash your hands of forgo surrender abdicate annul countermand abrogate negate eschew spurn call off yield refuse nullify scrub void welsh scrap backpedal back down call back back out of contradict cede decline gainsay disaffirm backtrack waive set aside avoid dispense with apostatize negative cast aside invalidate cast off nix overrule override abort withcall disannul dismantle dismiss lift back out eat your words turn your back on cry off declare null and void kick shun rebut betray quash refute concede obviate abolish desert do away with erase disallow disconfirm turn back on call vacate apologize remove apologise default disprofess renig disacknowledge obliterate make void counterorder render invalid backtrack on tergiversate expunge back off weasel out exclude refuse to acknowledge suspend discharge forget it withdraw from turn down worm out of have done with quitclaim rat on change mind have change of heart have no more truck with wipe out take out rub out go back on your word forego veto disqualify row back climb down call in throw off refrain contravene pack in jack in do an about-turn do a U-turn divorce oneself from impugn controvert refuse to accept demit break drop out oppose contest challenge cop out resign from ditch jettison defect from pull out opt out violate oath jump ship dial back weasel out of nig eliminate retrograde retreat recede retrocede efface counter desist from junk axe null default on cut purge undo omit delete reel in change one's tune fall back take in do a U-turn on rule out draw back row back on do an about-turn on ax stop using retreat from go back welsh on fail to honour edit black censor declare untrue disagree with shoot down elide kill dele stop having pull out of ink out render null and void strike down cross out declare invalid blot out blank out cancel out roll back block out blue pencil root out black out strike out x out blue-pencil stroke out sweep away put a line through put an end to stamp out edit out X out snuff out white out do an about-face break your word break a promise break promise cop out of repossess reclaim sacrifice deliver render eat crow commit eat humble pie transfer forfeit grant forbear resign abstain from let go of hand over yield up part with lay down cough up deliver up turn over turn in pass reprobate deselect disapprove rebuff dishonor demur throw out rat turn disinherit balk at banish flush oust dishonour cast defect tergiverse shed lay aside cut off pass up dump throw over be against break with not accept have nothing more to do with fly in the face of change your mind about-face change retire reconsider rethink double back relent do a volte-face have second thoughts turn back turn tail flip-flop shift one's ground retrace your steps leave return alter quit shrink budge retrogress amend depart say sorry give way drive back regress back away change opinion back think better of take it all back go into reverse sing a different song decide against move back revisit compromise be unfaithful revert come around come round give in change your decision back-pedal on swallow end relations with send packing back out on change your mind about change one's attitude concede defeat change one's plans cut off without a penny refuse to recognize turn the tables move backward go backward move backwards back up drive backwards go revolt swallow one's words abscond decamp rebel escape divert disengage flee vary adapt adjust run out go over the fence sell out fall away from walk out on change sides go over turn one's coat revise modify recast recoil balk give ground split recalibrate shift subside abate pull back take flight shrink away baulk make adjustments to ebb separate disaffiliate admit you were wrong back pedal withdraw from agreement or statement flip-flop on change gears on yo-yo on lessen sink beat a retreat beat a hasty retreat secede dwindle wane diminish break from disaffiliate from split with become independent separate oneself from split from split off from sever relations with drop out of break away break away from form a splinter group separate from moderate fade drop back decrease taper pall lower remit fall ease de-escalate move away die away close taper off fall away drop off let up go away die down die out reduce go down ratchet down move further off die off draw away flow back drain away phase down


To knowingly and willfully make a false statement of witness while in court
perjure deceive delude equivocate fabricate falsify lie mislead prevaricate trick commit perjury swear falsely bear false witness lie under oath stretch the truth be economical with the truth fib dissimulate exaggerate misrepresent bluff con pretend dissemble hoax misinform hoodwink misstate beguile misspeak misguide dupe overdraw palter distort snow bull fudge misinstruct pervert gaslight tell a falsehood tell an untruth fake it put up a front make up a story tell stories tell untruths not tell the truth lead astray concoct a story forswear oneself have on be forsworn string along invent a story lie through one's teeth BS say something untrue put on depart from the truth send on a wild goose chase be untruthful break promise make believe tell a terminological inexactitude throw off the scent not speak the truth put on the wrong track tell a lie tell a white lie perjure oneself lack candor fake trump up invent forge jive feign garble bamboozle belie concoct phony up take in pull the wool over someone's eyes cover up fool make up twist warp misinterpret snooker slant sucker cozen misreport hornswoggle gaff cook gammon have humbug spoof juggle burn buffalo promote misrelate color colour bend gull catch manipulate double-talk suck in fake out hedge put on an act lead down the garden path put a spin on take for a ride lead on tergiversate quibble simulate fence hatch dodge shuffle devise pussyfoot flannel cavil sidestep shilly-shally be evasive evade stall vacillate temporize counterfeit tell untruth be vague be non-committal misdirect parry questions dodge the issue alter beat about the bush create out of thin air temporise kid disinform doctor disguise change beg the question doublespeak bias outwit stall for time duck the issue hum and haw scam propagandize misquote bilk swindle give the wrong impression adulterate cheat mousetrap propagandise beat around the bush embroider skew tamper with defraud betray lie to embellish give wrong information to lead up the garden path four-flush give someone a bum steer wrong steer put up smoke screen spin a yarn take out of context put on false front do a number on quote out of context bait and switch angle pull one's leg tell lies double-cross put one over on dream up conjure up coin form phony do flimflam phoney make like hose plant shovel illude inveigle shaft seduce prejudice waffle outfox rook entice bunk tempt debase corrupt massage spin ensnare victimize overreach entangle enmesh victimise lure caboodle bait impose on vitiate rip off pull a swifty on lead up garden path play trick on pull a fast one on rope in fix contravene salt dress up contort rig fiddle traverse gloss frame up deacon parry deteriorate wind interfere with tinker with knot crush melt decline whitewash curve writhe slump gnarl sag make out like deviate misconstrue collapse waver tell a fib create fiction speak with forked tongue hesitate weasel be ambiguous tell a little white lie pull someone's leg escape elude flip-flop tergiverse eschew evade the issue adumbrate shuck stonewall pussyfoot around fudge the issue shuffle about avoid the issue cop out hem and haw tell white lie run around mince words pass the buck cop a plea cloud the issue sit on the fence blow hot and cold give run around straddle the fence duck the question shift dither sidestep the issue put off give a false colour to strain parody conceal travesty cheese blarney blow smoke give a false idea of miscolor cloak pass off beard stretch mask mangle build up pirate confuse overstate give a false account of dress puff

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