Đồng nghĩa của go backward


back off abandon baulk balk recede recoil retire retreat shrink surrender withdraw yield back away draw back give up move away pull back shy away pull out fall back flee turn tail back out leave disengage quit cower give ground take flight beat a retreat flinch cringe give way shrink away bolt run away escape vamoose split beat it beat a hasty retreat run for it shrink back drop back skedaddle run off take off scram scarper peel out cut and run make off leg it run drop out hightail it clear out decamp move back step back fly opt out pull the plug evacuate bail out hook it withdraw from skip off depart move out bow out go away get out pull away grovel make yourself scarce regress distance oneself resile turn away lose ground blench crawfish backpedal quake quail retract opt out of wriggle out dissociate abstract delink weasel out disassociate stop participating disengage from recede from exit resign step down from scratch from secede abstract oneself pack in resign from pull pull out of back out of bow out of chuck walk away from forsake stop participating in detach yourself absent oneself detach head for the hills bug out fold make a quick exit make one's getaway cut out break elude do a bunk take to one's heels light out take a powder do a fade evade vacate levant skidoo do a runner fly the coop make a break for it make a run for it go back go show a clean pair of heels draw away make oneself scarce take a hike adjourn get away betake oneself take leave shut oneself away take oneself move out of draw retreat from seclude oneself absent yourself retire from blow check out repair remove go off clear get lost run along

Trái nghĩa của go backward

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