Đồng nghĩa của walk away from


To be superior against one's peers
lead head outdistance outrun outstrip outpace leave behind get ahead of draw away from shake off outdo excel exceed surpass outclass be at the front of transcend be first in top be ahead of trump get further ahead of beat better widen the gap leave standing cap run rings around outrival outvie eclipse outshine overshadow put in the shade upstage dwarf defeat put to shame outperform overtake be a cut above do better than go one better be head and shoulders above outgun outmatch overtop best tower over tower above outplay run rings round go one better than be superior to outmanoeuvre be better than pass outmaneuver get the better of run circles around out-think outrank trounce outsmart gain on leave outhussle be one up on go beyond win the race score points off outgallop finesse steal a march on catch napping knock spots off undermine outstep own dominate tower surmount rise above improve upon lose overhaul widen the gap between oneself and someone else put distance between oneself and someone else throw off go faster than overcome outjockey outfox cream bulldoze cook down lick trash snow bury fake out do in shoot ahead pull a fast one blow out of water conquer vanquish subdue triumph over win against crush overpower prevail over overwhelm improve on wipe the floor with master thrash clobber dispatch skunk overmatch upend stop take rout outwit worst drub get overbear whip overstep stuff hammer get around trim overrun be greater than outflank make mincemeat of blow out of the water override outgo extinguish overthrow quash shame demolish slaughter shellac subjugate crucify triumph bypass blow away beat hollow be more than take to the cleaners do down overshoot paste undo destroy murder outreach break smash outthink kill overpass throw bring someone to their knees hurdle shoot ahead of walk over make a fool of be victorious over walk all over outcompete humiliate overdo rank outweigh quell tank predominate smother wallop overreach win go above wax distance marmalize be victorious go by throw into the shade get one over on leave in the shade get one up on knock over stand above be a class above prevail leave in the dust win over gain a victory over be on another level gain the advantage over stand head and shoulders above blow out be master of take precedence crown overcount outman take over nullify diminish transform obliterate shade minimize knock off unseat preponderate slam gain an advantage over have the edge over be superior minimise swamp be more numerous than exceed in quantity cut across be more than a match for get the upper hand over rule over dismantle pick apart move ahead of scoop be over put someone's nose out of joint give someone a hiding wipe out break down have command over circumvent trick out-distance overtax suppress outnumber have the last laugh on trample over curb weather survive floor devastate be larger than rival make look pale by comparison shock oppress stun reduce outlive render outgeneral annihilate flatten break record have advantage endure get over resist knock out render incapable render powerless render helpless get upper hand whomp excel over smoke come out on top of grind down knock your socks off cope with vault over climb crest leap get through negotiate deal with be unstoppable by have it all over have a jump on whup come out on top pound be cleverer than whop spank strike whap undertake make rings round dust bomb go past get past pull a fast one on pull ahead of put one over on pulverize slap about massacre tromp skin blast steamroller settle pulverise defeat utterly hose give someone a drubbing mop up give someone a pasting snow under put away win a resounding victory over take apart turn inside out pip at the post loom rise mount rear soar spearhead front ascend overlook precede leave in one's wake blaze a trail put in proportion be ahead come first be the forerunner separate oneself trail-blaze be out in front break away from the pack be in front have an advantage be in the lead take the lead get the jump on go out in front put a distance between be at the head of be first overhang reach high look over look down extend above stand high be above hang over

Trái nghĩa của walk away from

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