Đồng nghĩa của triumph over


To be victorious over
beat defeat get the better of humiliate overcome prevail over conquer best lick subdue surmount master win against vanquish worst trounce skunk dispatch overpower overmatch thrash crush upend clobber stop rout overbear get take wipe the floor with overwhelm drub get around whip quash trim cream do down subjugate make mincemeat of quell demolish own slaughter run rings around hammer blow out of the water paste shellac overthrow destroy stuff surpass murder tank walk all over take to the cleaners crucify outdo annihilate be victorious over bring someone to their knees flatten better blow out outclass massacre smash beat hollow rise above marmalize pound wallop pulverize excel slam pulverise give someone a drubbing turn inside out top get over repress outstrip undo outplay total cane transcend trash whomp suppress blow away give someone a hiding kill exceed outshine dominate deal with outperform defeat utterly smother knock out go one better than wipe out gain mastery over gain a victory over walk over control cope with curb reduce bury throw overturn upset triumph do better than wax overshadow lambaste win a resounding victory over bear down put in the shade take care of break tame floor eclipse smoke pass trump overrun flog whup trample zap humble torpedo pommel circumvent whop whap outrun skin tromp dust bomb improve on overtop outmatch outgun knock for a loop tower over snow under work over knock spots off pip at the post run rings round get a grip on win over solve bridle subject prevail down pacify hurdle cap subordinate win finish deck render incapable put away subvert render helpless render powerless resolve outrank be victorious drop beat up tan swamp improve upon outmaneuver outmanoeuvre KO shut down bulldoze put paid to give a hiding put to shame put down spank edge out strike chasten outdistance shoot ahead of outrival be better than pick apart crack sort out get round get the upper hand devastate check knock off bust restrain hegemonize find the solution to find a solution to find an answer to find the answer to steamroll whack knock over stagger resist grind down negotiate ruin sink whitewash immobilize slay edge waste hide unseat immobilise route shipwreck outhit decimate entrap obliterate outjump flax outflank butcher ambush outwit belt extinguish thwart checkmate pummel stand above baste roll override wipe off map outpace be on another level do bring to ruin take to cleaners take it all take a stick to run circles around frustrate overtake be head and shoulders above finish off rough up cut to pieces be superior to get the upper hand over punish pummelled mess up curry put an end to leave standing predominate mow down be a cut above buffet put in their place bludgeon slog nose out win a victory over tower above outvie gain control of be a class above be master of roll back chastise bash go one better maul run roughshod over bring to their knees batter take precedence leather pwn thump plow under stand head and shoulders above get control of get through whale upstage go beyond be greater than thresh beat down bung up topple nullify slap about outsmart gain ascendancy over gain the upper hand over knock the stuffing out of dispose of give someone a pasting make a fool of do in get one up on gain the advantage over make it past make it over foil bring under control get under control discomfit bring to knees succeed over overmaster confound trample underfoot break down dismantle capsize turn over shake off overpass shame shoot ahead bowl over blank stretch take out gain control over lay one out shellack shut off dumbfound roll over overawe put to rout blow out of water put to flight shut out clean up on larrup beat back throw back in confusion drive off stamp out curtail crack down on squelch arrest squash put the kibosh on stifle hose govern manage regulate endure rule direct command outstep outgo vault over climb crest leap defeat heavily defeat easily eradicate be unstoppable by take down demoralise astonish demoralize render speechless knock for six blast outfight shoot down weather survive shock stun render oppress outlive knock socks off come out on top of come out on top rein in contain hold back inhibit constrain tyrannize influence domineer keep a lid on keep a tight rein on overrule keep in check tyrannise keep the lid on hold sway over moderate enslave dictate measure keep pull in bring to heel bring under the yoke pull rank keep down keep under thumb keep under control rein back boss bully persecute tone down abuse silence run the show call the shots maltreat intimidate hold in exercise authority handle hold sway coerce force wrong nip in the bud rule over hold down tyrannize over knock down trample on ride roughshod over hold in check rule with a rod of iron take in hand rule with an iron hand keep under one's thumb keep something in check cultivate colonize muller order about compel enthrall underyoke rein domesticize turn something inside out bite back colonise enthral withhold hold sway kick around keep control of reel back in keep on a string swallow wear down withstand disable cripple undermine enfeeble smash down muffle compose break the spirit strangle oust cool fight back keep back gag depose restrict choke back fight ill-treat remove level dethrone limit cork up bottle up button up exploit scourge re-collect calm settle determine decide stand up to get to grips with supplant bring down displace treat harshly adjust monitor defenestrate disestablish dissolve raze encumber plague overload saddle beset be cruel to ride aggrieve outrage annoy press despotize harass torture worry tyrranize torment distress harry hound strain handicap vex tax be brutal to treat collect form condition rally quiet tranquilize lull corner recover inspect still soothe tip liquidate exterminate remove from power abolish purge terminate tumble bring low remove from office soften mellow damp affect shape mould discipline guide put upon pick on lessen diminish tackle modify alter touch underlie put screws to put the squeeze on weigh heavy upon damp down predispose directionalize dispose mold act on incline work on shepherd domineer over simmer down keep in line put the brakes on set limits on impose limits on snuff out impact on exert influence on manipulate tranquillize have an effect on be a factor in bring about the downfall of clamp down on do away with have an impact on slap down quieten down deal see to attend to behave towards act towards conduct oneself towards take charge of take on lead monopolize head preponderate run monopolise preside over rule the roost take over head up push about exercise control over push around be in control of have ascendancy over be in command of be in charge of have the whip hand over boss around play first fiddle be the boss of keep under your thumb call the tune lead by the nose have the upper hand in have mastery over have one's way have under one's thumb boss about wear the trousers have the upper hand over be at the helm have upper hand lay down the law rule the roost in be in the saddle sit on top of


Forcibly put an end to
suppress subdue crush quell conquer quash stop overpower extinguish repress squash check defeat stamp out overthrow put down vanquish cow discontinue end inhibit quench silence squelch arrest clamp down on crack down on halt terminate abolish annihilate bottle bury clamp destroy dominate interrupt kill overcome overturn overwhelm put out shush slap down snuff out spike stem trample drive underground trample on block out cut off hold down hold in keep in keep inside put an end to sit on beat down bring to naught put kibosh on put lid on put the lid on stifle curb deaden restrain dampen reduce lessen smother control dull diminish thwart soften put a stop to moderate still muffle mitigate nip in the bud decrease tone down mute quieten allay blunt temper frustrate put the kibosh on assuage abate alleviate hold back tranquilize quiet damp get rid of contain bridle cushion prevent soothe damp down lower ease subjugate tranquillize restrict obstruct block mollify calm beat finish muzzle oppress weaken take the edge off regulate limit hinder relieve scotch cool hush clobber impede gag settle wipe out discipline numb retard constrain demolish extirpate depress palliate benumb shut down lull curtail lighten slow choke put paid to close eliminate bar shut up choke off bring to an end hamper censor pipe down lick dummy up rout paralyse mellow paralyze blanket clog appease keep in check absorb mask attenuate stay stymie stall rein in put a lid on occlude pacify drown throttle do for jam dam order placate soft-pedal tongue-tie congest put a damper on stuff close up put the stopper on stop up fill get the better of regiment decrease the volume clog up hold up throw cold water on bung up govern compose pour cold water on say nothing plug up hold one's tongue master impair withhold devitalize deny foil weed out hold eradicate discourage keep incapacitate stun unnerve bring to a stop break stupefy cauterize stultify humble abase bring to a halt tame buffer dumb queer upset control strictly gentle anaesthetize bolster circumvent bring to a standstill ice scupper deter plug clam cauterise ruin keep back anesthetize buttress dash intercept freeze counter baulk bottle up put damper on barricade crack down snow under catch get a grip on bear down on clot keep it down bung block up blockade fill up relax balk interfere with dry up get under control take the sting out cut short pull up gain mastery over stopper clam up hush-hush quiet down strike dumb hush one's mouth rein gum up turn down keep under control come down hard on chill sate scrunch trash squish dismiss reject censure stamp something out desensitize slake torpedo fetter best surmount dish trammel cork confine pillow dispatch cloud debrief overawe clamp down sedate brake delay prevail over chasten cool it dispel banish put an stop to bring to screeching halt modify dilute help satisfy daze narcotize obtund torpefy drug run down call a halt wrap up complete wind up conclude hush up rise above lenify chill out calm down settle down dampen down insulate pad seclude guard win against surfeit sweeten suspend punish dispirit sap gain control over desensitise render insensitive dullen gain control of reduce the effect of tread trouble ail dishearten demoralize deject dismay make nice keep down bring to a close soak up pour oil on salve becalm lullaby mortify fix scrub sidetrack draw up drop brace bring up can fetch up shake sadden daunt enervate constrict measure slow down rule detain retain waive tread on obturate knock off put a brake on perturb chagrin bother weary distress debilitate wreck prostrate overmaster floor devastate swamp whelm obliterate cease stunt die squeeze dam up gibbet gunge up wring silt up noose quelch strangle weigh down demoralise bum out cast down refuse hold off on lay off keep hold of dim exhaust etherize chloroform KO injure gas deprive consume tire dope resolve adjust let up simmer down slacken modulate comfort reconcile dispose console tune down balm solace ease up make up grind down cast a pall over staunch reclaim bust put on hold refuse to pay put on back burner put on ice put on the shelf blow away force down bring someone to their knees blot out pull in knock out lay out keep the lid on seal caulk water down put to sleep keep a lid on close out depreciate cut quieten down put out of order hold in check close off choke up stanch pack jam up shut off hold off neutralize forestall minimize make quiet ebb contravene obviate debar scuttle snooker invalidate derail minimise block off shut out stonewall discomfit repel nullify confound baffle de-escalate repulse undo spoil parry outwit rattle nobble checkmate manipulate manage organize systematize take the bite out ease off wind down blank neutralise counterplot disappoint cross make less intense methodize put a spoke in someone's wheel mess up take wind out of sails foul up cause setback screw up put end to stand in the way of put the mockers on upset one's apple cart louse up bring into line rule with a rod of iron keep a tight rein on systematise organise


To (excessively) boast about one's accomplishments, qualities, or possessions
crow boast brag swagger bluster gloat vaunt swank trumpet gasconade show off blow bull flaunt glory in parade rodomontade triumph vapour vapor be smug congratulate oneself exult preen oneself pride oneself roister skite babble blow hard cackle call cock-a-doodle-doo exult in flourish gas gurgle mouth prate puff strut talk big whoop rub it in lay it on thick pat oneself on the back blow your own horn blow your own trumpet sing one's own praises relish glory delight celebrate wallow rejoice revel drool smirk revel in delight in rejoice in preen oneself about pique oneself on brag about rub one's hands together take great pleasure in feel self-satisfied about crow over pat oneself on the back about rub your hands boast about enjoy greatly be smug about congratulate oneself on grandstand sing your own praises fly your own kite blow one's own horn showboat big-note oneself flatter oneself aggrandize bully blow smoke exaggerate swell give oneself airs attract attention blow one's own trumpet give a good account of oneself preen jive shuck posture fake con advertize advertise bray pose hug oneself hotdog hector crow about lord it toot one's own horn put on airs hyperbolize speak for Buncombe shoot the bull talk boastingly declare proclaim disclose divulge reveal esteem extol acclaim revere feel self-satisfied be proud of oneself be pleased with oneself attitudinize exhibit push flash promote display laud hype overbear felicitate presume congratulate prance show and tell draw attention to strike a pose make a spectacle of cop an attitude swagger around advertize oneself put on an act strike an attitude draw attention to oneself shoot your mouth off self-glorify behave affectedly gloat over overstate plume hot-dog rant sling flatter yourself shovel shoot psych make much of congratulate yourself on be proud of pontificate sweep peacock swashbuckle sway lord saunter brandish flounce sound off pride yourself on give oneself airs about show off about lay on thick hold head high puff up be proud put on look big parade one's wares play to the gallery roar rave spout storm thunder huff fulminate play to the crowd domineer bulldoze shoot one's mouth off protest waft browbeat harangue brazen yap rage cow bridle threaten bristle complain intimidate badger be overbearing ride the high horse shoot off one's mouth


The subjugation and assumption of control of a place or people by military force
conquest defeat overthrow subjugation overpowering subduing triumph vanquishing vanquishment victory beating conquering rout annihilation mastery trouncing clobbering crushing dominating domination hammering subjecting subjection subjugating thrashing caning drubbing massacre murder pasting coup defeating discomfiture downfall killing routing score splash subdual success victory over win big win clean sweep grand slam whipping licking hiding worsting reverse besting slaughter demolition trimming shellacking plastering thwarting pounding pulverizing flattening trashing quelling quashing suppression blow whitewashing squashing downthrow wipeout whitewash takeover elimination destruction extermination overcoming embarrassment repulse foil pulverising breaking ambush whaling waxing scalping paddling rebuff defeasance lacing extinction sweep pwnage ownage win over success over game, set and match glory over supremacy over KO loss lump flogging battering walloping debacle going-over ruin belting tanning check thumping collapse fall lashing nonsuccess failure insuccess overwhelming defeat crushing defeat birching mauling setback flaying fiasco bashing slapping smacking pummelling thwacking punching cuffing buffeting pelting cudgelling lambasting clubbing whacking walkover count breakdown trap break flagellation biffing bopping slugging duffing-up doing-over beating-up scourging leathering chastisement landslide end pummeled cudgeling cane birch spanking dusting bludgeoning humiliation state of defeat washout kicking working-over disappointment horsewhipping romp bullwhipping strap belt lathering pulverisation pulverization defeatedness switching strapping punishment game scourge castigation lash pummeling switch clampdown crackdown superiority runaway victory decisive victory advantage overwhelming majority repression prevention stopping prohibition termination discontinuation cowing the strap dissolution halting arrest hitting striking knocking boxing stamping out suppressing abolishment dominance obliteration overriding abolition attack assault mate ending checkmate snuffing out corporal punishment

Trái nghĩa của triumph over

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