Đồng nghĩa của beset

Alternative for beset

besets, besetting

Đồng nghĩa: attack, surround,

Trái nghĩa: release,

Động từ

To cause anguish or distress to
torment plague trouble afflict harass bother worry bedevil torture vex rack oppress annoy persecute harrow pester agonise agonize harry curse hound besiege hassle anguish excruciate nag badger haunt bug beleaguer assail dog affect attack embarrass perplex overwhelm entangle hamper aggress ride weigh down pick on drive up the wall put the squeeze on give a hard time give a bad time give one the business jump on one's case fall on fall upon start in on give the needle distress disturb burden irritate upset irk strain perturb pain stress cause suffering to exasperate blight try tax aggravate disquiet agitate discompose smite discommode hurt tease give someone grief grieve crucify gnaw at lie heavy on depress provoke pursue ail fret prey on wound chafe unsettle press obsess importune mither wring molest nettle fuss needle cause trouble to weigh heavily on concern hector aggrieve take over martyr grip gall mistreat fluster weigh on possess faze rattle punish tear ruffle inconvenience cause agony to dun scare devil scourge put out alarm be a burden to dismay flurry frazzle nag at distemper unhinge hagride derail discomfit take control of confront burn up face weird out freak out be a nuisance to make anxious victimize rend devastate pique injure hang over convulse peeve buffet rile maltreat harm mortify abuse frustrate suffer nark ill-treat taunt get preoccupy displease grate chivvy rasp niggle eat bait be a burden on frost gripe itch goad rule spite interrupt tyrannize heavy dominate discomfort incommode distract frighten tantalize undo alarum exercise heckle wrong tantalise infest disconcert victimise despair impose on bend someone's ear discombobulate hack off tyrannise get on your nerves get someone down cause anxiety to get to hang up make uneasy weigh heavily on one's mind be a great weight on bedog petition solicit pressurize be in someone's way muse labor labour sear tear away at belabour gut pierce stab squirm buttonhole grizzle keep after shake cut up urge unnerve rock scorn bully rib chaff gnaw be prey to sadden inflict anguish on cause pain to sicken deject be the victim of dishearten cause disquiet to get in your hair drive round the bend be on your back ruin destroy ravage hunt be afflicted with suffer from be plagued with be troubled by rag throw off psych out spook put off offend pressurise belabor bombard be blighted with be burdened with be bedevilled by dash be break bone goose press down on cast down stir up cause concern to weigh heavily on someone's mind make uncomfortable niggle at cause discomfort to grind at thwart foil terrorize excoriate overcharge be unwell roust go on at miff be a pest to lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound put through wringer drive bananas bum out harp on at weigh be indisposed be crook upset the apple cart begrudge crab grudge get even cramp style put someone's nose out of joint louse up disrupt recur egg on accost pother encroach intrude obtrude confuse terrify get down terrorise be sick be wrong with feel pain be in pain feel unwell be ill be weak be the matter with appall madden appal dish it out give it to stick it to dish out throw discriminate against come back to disadvantage test disoblige stay with break in inflict suffering on inflict pain on prey on someone's mind be ever present meddle cause someone difficulty discommodate interfere mess with someone's head sweat out do someone's head in strike be a weight on one's mind take visit be a problem to put someone to trouble make someone go out of his way make it tough put in a spot put on the spot give someone bother put to trouble give trouble monopolize consume engross absorb suppress subjugate fascinate hold infatuate control fixate disgust rark crush insult subdue eat up monopolise chivy browbeat nudge bore repress enslave impede cross hinder master overcome hegemonize overpower rub up the wrong way prey on your mind become an obsession with be on your mind have a hold on be uppermost in your thoughts have a grip on exploit subject grate on intrude upon get on your wick keep down treat harshly breathe down someone's neck carp at make one's hackles rise get on someone's case encumber overload rule with a rod of iron trample on saddle rule over put down be cruel to hold sway over walk all over grind down tyrannize over bring under the yoke put screws to bring someone to their knees outrage ride roughshod over overthrow trample despotize tyrranize rule with an iron hand coerce trample underfoot weigh heavy upon force hold down smother put upon bring to heel handicap beat down be brutal to anger rankle infuriate wind up tick off gravel incense enrage give someone the hump get across affront inflame roil exacerbate antagonize hack you off hump confound get at drive crazy antagonise disgruntle drive mad make someone see red discountenance rankle with sting intimidate rub the wrong way make waves chagrin tee off make angry abrade throw off balance discourage ridicule nonplus put your back up demoralize get on one's nerves puzzle bewilder drive to distraction dispirit keep on at eat at drive round the twist dissatisfy burn demoralise daunt cut to the quick get on someone's nerves haze psych be at turn off mock get your goat get your back up get under one's skin traumatize nauseate abash shock excite make cross eat away at ire enflame mad T-off get in someone's hair get one's goat traumatise shake up steam up give someone the pip get someone's back up panic rouse make someone's blood boil ruffle someone's feathers make someone's hackles rise send into a rage repel raise someone's hackles criticize dampen work on gibe horrify fuddle flummox addle work up weary make miserable bamboozle beat wear on cow embitter fire up dumbfound drive you up the wall criticise get on somebody's nerves get under your skin chill mix up razz get under someone's skin get up someone's nose try someone's patience josh get on someone's wick be on the back of banter dump on jar stew slight sour guy prick desolate get across someone repulse revolt baffle make nervous henpeck craze mystify make wretched cause anguish to disappoint floor wear tire muddle debilitate get under skin stump get in one's hair rattle one's cage be on one's case abase get on nerves dis quiz put a damper on befuddle put into a flap throw into a tizz make unhappy wear out daze slap rub you up the wrong way get your dander up put someone off their stroke cheese off make your blood boil get someone's dander up make fun of poke fun at take the piss out of jar on get a rise out of try the patience of take aback make sport of hit where one lives put someone's back up cramp roast stress out startle fear prod derange sweat deride flip damage bite indispose lead on sap scold curdle joke jive bring down domineer bum flip out kid cavil hack disaffect fun jeer berate push move scandalize stretch impose upon cause anxiety fester twit rally bemuse pick at scar impose peck at break one's heart rag on stupefy revile lower disparage sound unman bleed chide drain enervate give the business try your patience acerbate mess with reproach disrespect diss sledge get someone give offence to hurt someone's feelings be a pain in the neck scoff at buffalo fox disorient maze lean on be a thorn in someone's side jeer at upbraid scandalise shatter surprise make things hot for someone make it hot for someone spoof take the mickey out of slam jibe at try one's patience cause someone to lose their composure get your hackles up befog stick in one's craw set one's teeth on edge reluct be a thorn in someone's flesh get someone's hackles up dull rattle someone's cage get someone's goat pose muddy ask for it disorientate stun raise your hackles make despondent make self-conscious make discontented make a monkey of swipe at hurt one's feelings make punchy go to one's head knock for six intoxicate be repugnant to do in blow one's mind inebriate ball up pull somebody's leg umbrage make blood boil ache get up somebody's nose get on the wrong side of pinch squeeze compress fool around chevy insist remind steam carp hurry heat bustle cause to panic tangle kid around drive nuts macerate noodge despoil foray bullyrag insist on give someone hell nit-pick strap breath down someone's neck cut wig put somebody's back up get up your nose push one's buttons put on edge drive insane dragoon expel exile brown off push button heat up jerk around grind tatter erode fray mess stir exhaust discontent spur irritate greatly motivate grab attract awake quicken ignite interest get someone's wick push buttons get on the nerves of empurple arouse anxiety in cause resentment to cause annoyance to misplease wing zing cool cap incite ruffle one's feathers amaze arouse astound complicate barrack boo put your nose out of joint lie heavily on beleague rile up find fault with get in the hair of grill scour wear down single out put to some trouble do a number on make it tough for snit pet tiff huff tear to pieces hurt the feelings of be on someone's back turn incapacitate start stroke someone's hair the wrong way resent push someon's buttons rub one the wrong way interfere with shout down find fault send into a spin be hurtful to mourn cause anguish cause suffering cause offense lambaste cause sorrow furbelow bluster frill cause inconvenience to wind somebody up get on someone's back get the knife into stick the knife into shame question tweak run up the wrong way examine get in the way consternate key up turn on lay up humiliate hiss astonish dizzy rage wear away barge in on intrude on play dirty sneer lie heavy on someone's mind weigh heavy on someone's mind put pressure on get on someone be bothered jar upon grate upon be disagreeable to push the buttons of rock the boat make a scene bring pressure to bear on make demands on make severe demands on put a strain on tire out put someone out create difficulties for deter wear upon be in someone's hair unstring put off his or her stride worst make someone laugh on the other side of their face make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth set someone back on their heels take the wind out of someone's sails inflict trauma deeply upset set your teeth on edge rasp one's nerves gibe at sneer at prey on one's mind be a weight on someone's mind work into lather set one off set on take a rise out of throw into tizzy make fed up horn in on overawe put envenom hurt somebody's feelings disdain scout flout jab twitter dig lout thumb nose at scratch around yap at dampen spirits bring one down throw a curve knock props out catch somebody off balance catch somebody unawares scrape away bite into wear to shreds make downhearted search high heaven dispraise slander demean shout at knock the wind out of make blue drag down break the heart of put into a funk lose patience be on one's back butt in on poison alienate harsh one's mellow drive you crazy have had enough become bored exhaust someone's patience grate at dampen someone's hopes awe droop cause to lose heart prostrate deprecate inflict lampoon hurt deeply butt in shout catcalls at make game of chasten dishonour discredit stifle drive you out of your mind drive you off your head drive you to distraction make your hackles rise make somebody's blood boil drive you round the twist make you see red drive somebody up the wall make livid drive out of mind drive you round the bend gnaw away at give a zinger give the cold shoulder make awkward make ashamed show up own make someone's stomach rise make someone's gorge rise wreck wreak befall dishonor put out of countenance let down throw into a tizzy put in a hole catch one short devitalize diminish weaken squelch catch disillusion be a burden be a nuisance override humble deaden defeat extinguish curb quell jaundice empoison make resentful make bitter bear down on damp down overstretch overtax pressure tense avenge worsen cast a pall over drag darken damp descend upon descend on force upon bring down on wilder be autocratic fog flabbergast knock the stuffing out of harsh someone's mellow turn one off give someone the blues make someone fed up make desolate make your heart bleed pour cold water on cast a gloom upon bring tears to someone's eyes run down make gloomy bear down make someone's heart bleed make sad reduce to tears knock sideways bring tears to your eyes keep under dampen someone's spirits dash someone's hopes break someone's spirit throw cold water on break someone's heart live off blackmail plunder take advantage of depredate kill raid load extort feed on fleece seize live on devour snow obfuscate acidulate estrange make rancorous bitter venom crunch overextend cause to be at a stand stagger make someone scratch their head set thinking mess with one's head make someone's head spin bring up short be all Greek to set someone thinking stymie fool satirize overdo threaten gross out squick make ill hoodwink trick dupe hoax beguile deceive delude cause to feel emotional strain cause to feel mental strain make tense tense up put in traction push to the limit put on trial chiack abominate cause to feel nauseous make someone want to throw up turn one's stomach be distasteful to pall disenchant make shudder cause aversion make one sick surfeit cloy on offend morals of be repulsive to be repulsive fill with loathing turn your stomach slang disagree jest jape con quip wisecrack yuck yuk jolly gag gull cozen shuck smoke rot adventure risk venture peril jeopard jeopardize imperil compromise endanger hazard make unwell snap satirise laugh at go against the grain be injurious to be sickening be disturbing be distasteful have an adverse effect on be injurious strike down be unsuitable cause illness to cause problems take in flimflam mislead yank somebody's chain send up make jokes about goof on scare hell out of utter threats to bad-eye portend jeopardise gamble with whip around impend push around menace put heat on loom issue threats to be sarcastic about poke mullock at sling off at put on lead somebody on pull someone's leg poke borak at flirt with have on flout at mess around

Động từ

To physically surround or enclose, typically in a hostile manner
surround circle encircle encompass compass enclose environ beleaguer besiege girdle ring hem in box in fence in ring round shut in gird engird envelop circumscribe wreathe wrap embrace inclose invest belt girth band enwind engirdle girt begird hem circumvent round limit confine bound blockade skirt close in enwreath fringe border wall in hedge in cincture orbit circuit circumnavigate swathe cloak swaddle blanket fence bind delimit siege go around trap enwreathe throng inundate enclave edge loop rim margin cut off enfold encase outline contain verge close around lay siege to close in on lock in flank go round pen corral form a barrier round form a ring around seal off cordon off pen in pen up box up mew up circulate line fix hedge encage wall revolve round closet house pound impound coop cage immure travel round hold mure coop up form a ring round move around block off put inside fence off lock up embower circumfuse bower halo cover enring enwrap gird in coil around revolve around circumambulate revolve frame writhe around trim move round turn round rotate round pivot round circle round isolate segregate seal spin round whirl round tour coil circumduct ensphere fly around travel around sail around fly round close sail round kettle gaol intern jail restrict imprison mew close off divide up separate off section off partition off hurdle straiten hinder constrain demarcate establish form a barrier around determine block decide specify rail in hold back stipulate identify designate settle delineate classify distinguish set demark prescribe detail mark terminate define curb set the limits of set the boundaries of set out mark off lay down stake out set bounds to mark out

Động từ

To take violent or aggressive action against
assault attack assail invade storm strike charge rush raid trash sic sick bushwhack overrun turn on jump on pounce on set on descend on descend upon pounce upon go in on set upon tear into blitz light into lay into fly at pitch into fall on besiege set about lace into let fly at round on beat up get stuck into launch oneself at ambush swoop on launch an attack on make an assault on beat up on fall upon hit let someone have it aggress have a go at sail into wade into lash out at go at work over mug belabour bombard pound jump capture belabor blast bust hit out at fire on march into rough up set at have at infiltrate penetrate overwhelm strike at attempt to capture take by storm make a raid on beat the living daylights out of shell beat accost strafe pummel pounce batter thrash wallop weigh into paste bomb fire at take down surge over knock about do over torpedo knock around pummelled give someone a beating duff up go for come at run at make an onslaught on advance on launch an attack open fire on strike out at hammer terrorize terrorise overcome fight quarrel blindside smash charge at shoot down harry sally take lunge at abuse slam potshot excoriate lambast tackle castigate bash scathe lambaste vituperate savage cannonade barrage launch at spring at rush upon go after rush at spring on dive into descend smite make a foray on conduct an offensive on march on foray into swoop down upon sally forth make inroads on blitzkrieg pepper set in on make a sortie on go in surge into take on afflict devastate pelt fusillade hurt surprise waylay harm kick bean launch catapult boot clock lay into someone set upon someone fall upon someone make an assault make an attack fall on someone assault someone deal a blow to deal a blow wade in bother clip larrup brain slog fire upon open fire bop harass biff lie in wait for hold up boff maltreat impugn bat blister punch cook whop stab club encounter assault physically chop down knock cold knock block off duff someone up knock for a loop turn to violence lay siege to secure conquer breach pillage advance seize infringe plunder maraud ravage combat encroach occupy begin hostilities begin an assault take the offensive criticize censure criticise berate slate chastise condemn reprove rebuke reprimand vilify reproach upbraid chide monster carpet reprehend knock rate objurgate scold put down chew out flame flay diss pan disparage denounce rail against malign bawl out read the riot act denigrate admonish find fault with slag off dress down haul over the coals take to task roast rubbish crucify rap blame give someone a bollocking give someone hell remonstrate with tear off a strip tell off give someone a roasting pillory revile slash bollock lash bag bad-mouth trim come down on rail at give someone a dressing-down give someone a rocket ream out give a talking-to tongue-lash tick off give someone a rollicking deprecate reprobate skewer sledge lecture derogate rag keelhaul score wig row asperse inveigh against cut up pull apart give someone a caning give someone a mouthful give someone a telling-off give someone a wigging pull up give someone what for vituperate against give someone an earful call down slap down give someone a row rap over the knuckles give someone a rating slur maul rip baste chasten jaw scorch run down cast aspersions on throw brickbats at pick holes in give a rocket tear a strip off give a bad press to rake over the coals rant at jump down one's throat blow up insult cane arraign besmirch cavil at disapprove of carp at scourge pour scorn on nitpick about rail zap ream pull to pieces give flak to fulminate against yell at bag on pick to pieces find fault cut down give some stick to animadvert on injure curse taunt nag denunciate fustigate decry slag harangue slander clobber smear carp scarify drub discipline slug whip slap someone's wrist send someone away with a flea in their ear traduce rip into trounce do a number on calumniate tie into put on the mat give someone some stick lash into slang take to pieces give someone a bad press take someone to task lay down the law nag at lean on go for the jugular jump down someone's throat fault rap someone over the knuckles exprobrate chew someone out slap someone on the wrist punish correct rake take apart penalize flog contemn rile cry down accuse bark at growl vilipend dispraise penalise slap on the wrist criticize severely blow up at rap someone the knuckles drag over the coals lay out visit dis monish jawbone complain about skin alive fluff pass strictures upon pick at skin nit-pick give bad press throw shade cut to bits criticize strongly tear down mete out punishment to be hard on rag on teach someone a lesson make an example of pick on carp on sound off fry climb all over call on the carpet oppose tear apart shellac harsh belittle slight offend slap minimize discount libel defame bring someone to book go on at have someone on the carpet recriminate expostulate threap caution objurate preach take to the woodshed cavil keep after persecute oppress put someone on the hot seat crawl all over put someone on the griddle burn someone's ears pin someone's ears back be rude to backbite dump on call names ride give a black eye zing blow off trash-talk hose miscall minimise shout at cuss out call someone names swear at cut to the quick refute rollick argue with assault verbally disagree with jump on one's case start on pile in bite someone's head off snap someone's head off start in

Động từ

To confound or perplex someone
perplex puzzle baffle bewilder confuse confound mystify befuddle flummox bemuse dumbfound nonplus stump addle bamboozle discombobulate disconcert fox fuddle get muddle throw beat faze fog pose exercise gravel maze worry befog buffalo complicate disorient floor involve muddy tangle thicken vex wilder distract encumber entangle jumble astonish astound baulk balk discompose muck perturb rattle ravel stumble stun surprise thwart catch off balance throw off balance be all Greek to get to mix up mix you up make someone scratch their head muddy the waters snarl up cause to be at a stand stupefy fluster upset disturb dismay unsettle bother discomfit agitate daze amaze unnerve obfuscate ruffle flabbergast stagger shake take aback startle flurry alarm disquiet distress shake up shock trouble embarrass discountenance discomfort abash frustrate unhinge overwhelm put off bowl over distemper frazzle concern obscure blow one's mind mortify undo fuss disorientate ail cloud alarum set someone thinking blur knock for six freak out weird out throw off hagride derail annoy psych out make uneasy go to one's head strike dumb derange frighten becloud daunt provoke scare disorder jolt irk leave open-mouthed blow away stop someone in their tracks rock dumfound put someone off their stroke thunderstrike stymie bring up short afflict awe irritate make anxious take by surprise demoralize knock sideways chagrin make unclear foul up paralyse benumb dazzle paralyze demoralise spook stir up unbalance surprize elude hassle intimidate disorganize distort discourage disrupt terrify confuscate horrify excite gall leave aghast terrorize dizzy mess with one's head disarrange appal boggle bug put out of countenance mess up panic make nervous petrify psych appall terrorise pother put someone off their stride depress consternate set someone back on their heels foil confusticate convolute deter defeat stick snow destabilize intricate discommode affect harass pique numb shatter intoxicate inebriate make punchy set thinking snafu destabilise hurry boggle the mind bustle dishearten overpower screw up make a mess of put out pain devastate electrify needle affright boggle the mind of pester ball up hit like a ton of bricks work up pull the rug from under throw into disorder gnaw at distract from put into a flap pull the rug out from under throw into a tizz make someone's head spin take someone's breath away make waves muck up muddle up bedevil stick it to dull tie somebody in knots fret mull wonder stir profundicate knock out set one thinking snooker displease nettle metagrobolize exasperate mistake daydream moon outwit shame humiliate dislocate overcome corner aggravate knock the stuffing out of someone put down cow overawe sadden heat hinder stop plague harry dispirit gather wool pipe dream put someone off make fretful subdue unman get at throw for loop make uncomfortable make a scene bully browbeat disappoint dash strike touch impress move turn sicken down dement displace rummage disarray fill with wonder fill with amazement upset apple cart be too much for put at a loss chill disillusion flip put on edge craze send into a spin take breath away take someone aback give a shock knock the stuffing out of cause to lose your bearings muss worst disgruntle disenchant preoccupy burden rouse outrage badger grieve arouse intrude tire interfere bring someone up short conquer blind fill with consternation let down put the wind up someone throw into a tizzy louse up give someone a turn throw into confusion clutter make self-conscious make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth put off his or her stride take the wind out of someone's sails make someone laugh on the other side of their face catch somebody off balance catch somebody unawares cause someone to lose their composure take the wind out of your sails strike with awe take one's breath away throw a curve spring something on cause wonder jar blow someone's mind render speechless bedazzle garble try occupy throw into uproar burn up get in the way knock one's socks off be unbelievable blow one away straiten botch bungle besot knock for a loop put one away boggle someone's mind chafe embroil snarl twist put off one's stroke knock senseless occupy someone's thoughts prey on someone's mind do someone's head in lie heavy on render uncertain mislead misinform obnubilate make difficult make more difficult make complex darken lead astray muddy up scarify fright scare to death scare stiff make your hair stand on end fill with fear scare someone out of their wits put the wind up scare the pants off scare the bejesus out of chill off frighten to death frighten the living daylights out of throw into a panic scare the living daylights out of throw into a blue funk rattle one's cage flutter hustle quicken offend anger knock over take your breath away crush knock over with feather give a turn give a hard time bedaze gobsmack hit spring on masker delight bring around deject put out of action make speechless put away throw for a loop disarm revolt disgust scandalize nauseate traumatize prostrate hurt inconvenience ride set back uncalm undermine weaken enfeeble sap enervate repel torment peeve wound nark indispose miff overmaster oppress swamp whelm spellbind rock the boat get on someone's wick incapacitate hurt somebody's feelings get someone bum out fire up wind up egg on get across turn on hack off tick off lay up flip out cramp give someone grief key up pick on debilitate demean antagonize traumatise scandalise antagonise insult make emotional discredit dishonour give offence to make awkward make ashamed show up own dishonor hang up make a monkey of tease put in a spot put in a hole put on the spot give a bad time catch one short wreck run circles around snow under hit for six steamroller do in downgrade leave speechless sweep someone off their feet grind subordinate destroy kill completely surprise make someone's blood run cold raise someone's eyebrows gross out shake out of your complacency hit like ton of bricks crack unstring frenzy loco madden infatuate enrage inflame drive mad

Động từ

To persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats
coerce compel constrain dragoon force blackjack browbeat bulldoze bully drive intimidate oblige press pressure pressurise pressurize railroad bludgeon brainwash impel impress influence make muscle obligate push sandbag squeeze strong-arm threaten act on bounce concuss cow fast-talk hinder hustle menace press-gang prevail on put pressure on repress restrict shotgun suppress terrorise terrorize urge use pressure on work on lean on bring pressure to bear on high pressure put under an obligation twist one's arm force somebody's hand put the screws on put the squeeze on twist somebody's arm put the arm on make an offer they can't refuse steamroller cajole wheedle assail importune goad harass hound argue besiege plague talk sway oppress torment vex enforce trouble put the heat on use strong-arm tactics on insist on have someone do something twist someone's arm come at persuade badger induce prod incite hector prompt convince nag harry encourage require spur instigate necessitate pester inveigle tyrannize coax mau-mau provoke bogart tempt bullyrag entice motivate cause frighten tyrannise stir inspire move lure egg on trigger domineer propel get bind put up to rouse win over hassle goose nudge bluster command demand bring round push around prevail upon lead exhort persecute talk into incline stimulate whip manipulate turn on the heat spur on fire up beguile buffalo convert advise bring bribe insist suborn actuate prick exact order blackmail impose sic pick on tighten the screws on fix ramrod key up prejudice steer control terrify scare counsel bother direct finagle subjugate rally incentivize overbear sell dispose overawe claim occasion worry chivvy animate arouse despotize turn steamroll corrupt boss around boss about ask incentivise restrain draw call for excite challenge enjoin implore tease heckle bait square reason bring pressure to bear upon spark invigorate solicit ride affright spook rowel sound galvanize embolden breathe down someone's neck affect beseech awe galvanise envigorate work over ride roughshod over dragoon into have buy dictate appall appal expect entreat bring around pay off browbeat into make necessary turn the screws on get round impose on buy off put the frighteners on soap seduce nobble push for crack down bring pressure upon shanghai put the chill on get at grease palm scare the bejesus out of inhibit compress commit constrict condense squash lean egg heavy astrict indebt bias kick bend change root politick gain mobilize leave someone no option dog will subdue daunt castigate dominate irritate swagger inflame sting poison bring over needle effect alter foment predispose condition determine mobilise enthuse pressurize into coerce into unnerve twist arm roust lash titillate make indebted tighten the screw on turn the screw on ruffle ride roughshod bludgeon into bully into walk heavy high-pressure terrorize into intimidate into orient lord it over put heat on budge admonish promote commandeer extort beg work up charm elicit impassion advocate expedite flatter put through the wringer inspirit activate energize evoke steel push about inspan leave someone no option but to throw weight around invoke wrest exert mistreat taunt annoy antagonize chivy recommend hearten impact exhilarate uplift empower vitalize blarney scare off antagonise make compulsory force upon bring force to bear on hold a gun to someone's head adjure court worm strike incentify refresh energise help petrify sweet-talk soft-soap speed up try to persuade alarm overcome put the screws to charge railroad into blandish palaver foist pour it on warrant smooth-talk stir up pump up suggest to use duress on burden conscript use force on urge by force choke apply obtrude contract steamroller into hint to cheer on whip up pep up boost up kowtow banter con snow oil shock panic scarify horrify fright victimize alarum startle exert force on bulldoze into turn on involve sell on exert influence on bear down on appeal to go to town on bear down pin down put the bite on reward entail procure bear hard on put screws to put squeeze on butter up lay it on soften up spread it on sweeten up exploit jockey play strike terror into upset strike terror in dismay victimise propagandize enlist proselytize work proselyte propagandise proselytise scare to death put the fear of God into fill with terror make things hot for someone inspire panic in make it hot for someone frighten out of your wits swing give someone a backhander lubricate pervert tip sweeten the pot take care of approach rig tamper get to influence by gifts give an inducement to do business make a deal keep someone sweet oil the palm of give someone a sweetener oil palm buy back sugar need take want bear mean work upon secure someone's support oil someone's hand talk someone into wheedle someone into argue into talk round pull strings with behoove crave postulate spirit up plead with turn on to press someone into pressurize someone into convert to cause to believe reason someone into pressure someone into lead to do colour bring to senses prod someone into lead to believe wear down behove be grounds for act upon win argument gain confidence of sell one on prove to make yourself felt with carry weight with touch cut any ice with ride herd on leave no choice but to seek press for requisition color emphasize to set instil in instil drum into establish stress to inculcate inculcate in instill stress request bring home to drive into ingrain in knock into din into clamour for appeal for pray for arrogate clamor for beg for stipulate for apply for pester for hit up supplicate hold out for nag for sue for summon impetrate lay claim to whistle for quest inquire about badger for bay for petition for ask for bring home get into head fix deeply in someone's mind establish in someone's mind drive home leave in no doubt

Tính từ

Having thoughts occupied with unpleasant things or events that have happened or that may happen
worried anxious troubled upset nervous afraid concerned tense uneasy bothered disquieted distressed disturbed frightened perturbed apprehensive distracted distraught fearful fretting unquiet wired antsy fretful on edge overwrought stressed worried sick ill at ease quaking scared tormented trembling discomposed flustered hassled insecure restless strung out twitchy under stress uptight worked up anguished disconcerted edgy jittery jumpy nervy queasy queazy rattled spooked stressy unsettled vexed aflutter agitated alarmed discombobulated dithery fidgety flurried irked riled ruffled shaken toey angstful bugged goosey plagued tortured uncomfortable angsty atwitter clutched hinky muddled overstrung solicitous spooky squirrelly unglued windy a wreck hung up in a flap in a sweat in a tizzy in a twitter keyed up on tenterhooks strung up a bundle of nerves beside oneself hot and bothered in a dither in a stew in a tizz in a twit shook up worried stiff all of a dither bricking oneself in a cold sweat in a state in a state of agitation having kittens het up on pins and needles all of a lather like a cat on a hot tin roof with one's stomach in knots shaking in one's shoes with one's heart in one's mouth with butterflies in one's stomach dismayed harassed afflicted asea pestered miffed confused mortified inconvenienced harried exacerbated aggravated puzzled harrowed provoked displeased pained annoyed chagrined perplexed terrified irritated put out in suspense strained in a state of nerves hesitant shaky wrought up waiting with bated breath excited all of a doodah hysterical aghast panicky waiting for the axe to fall trepidatious lily-livered running scared careful exercised shaking shivery watchful hyper taut dreading in a spin sweating bullets a basket case in a flat spin shot to pieces like a fish out of water like a cat on hot bricks frantic having butterflies in the stomach anxiously waiting fearfully anticipating nervously awaiting apprehensively expecting butterflies in stomach biting one's nails tied up in knots foreboding mistrustful suspicious doubtful neurotic uncertain weak stiff frozen angst-ridden having a funny feeling having stage fright biting nails having cold feet having butterflies beside yourself timid petrified shrinking intimidated affrighted horrified horror-struck terrorized scary hysteric diffident shocked faint-hearted timorous pusillanimous afeared frit scared stiff rabbity phobic chickenhearted quivery spineless unmanly scared to death weak-kneed sheepish goose-bumpy terrorised nerveless in a funk in a blue funk have cold feet

Tính từ

(idiomatic, figuratively) Burdened or weighed down, especially by a mass of something unpleasant
bogged down burdened encumbered mired overloaded laden loaded saddled beleaguered besieged flooded inundated lumbered overcome overinvolved overwhelmed plagued swamped caught up weighed down snowed under knee deep weighted down full jammed stuffed crowded filled jam-packed chock-full crammed teeming swarming packed overflowing brimming congested overcrowded chock-a-block brimful overfull thronged bursting bursting at the seams cram-full replete filled to capacity overfilled packed like sardines full to bursting full to the gunwales abounding chockful chockablock fat clogged heaving fraught crammed full full to overflowing like Piccadilly Circus choked bulging at the seams seething charged overpopulated weighted hoatching flush plentiful overburdened running over spilling over like the Black Hole of Calcutta up to the rafters overrun overpeopled stacked solid rife thick awash mobbed stocked profuse alive bountiful abundant supplied glutted superabundant saturated wall-to-wall complete plenteous gorged filled up full to capacity full to the brim up to the hilt full to the gills filled to the brim full to the top oppressed worried troubled overladen taxed bounteous lousy well-provided well-stocked thronging overbuilt well supplied chocker well stocked well provided cramped lined copious hampered permeated suffused padded plethoric covered occupied overfed luxurious lavish full up jammed full topped up loaded down torrential exuberant inundatory scaturient cornucopian inundant blocked plugged obstructed gridlocked impeded blocked-up piled high fully charged thick on the ground stuffed-up packed out massed mucous stopped closed stoppered blocked up jam-full stuffy occluded stopped up snarled up consigned bundled chock compressed wrapped tumid arranged rammed to the roof freighted

Tính từ

smitten afflicted besotted with infatuated with love-struck by obsessed with beguiled by bewitched by captivated by charmed by devoted to enamored of enamoured of enchanted by enthralled by in love with into plagued struck affected besotted crazy about enamoured enamored gone on hooked hopelessly in love with infatuated lovesick mad about potty about stricken struck on taken very attracted to very taken with wild about bowled over by ensorcelled by laid low sweet on twitterpated by very keen on head over heels in love with in love head over heels in love captivated fascinated bewitched spellbound charmed obsessed entranced enchanted absorbed devoted engrossed passionate enraptured fond mesmerized keen mesmerised attracted hypnotized nuts about hypnotised hooked on enthralled fanatical taken with riveted rapt crazy gripped beguiled stuck on mad enthusiastic about keen on sold on enthusiastic focused intent focussed smitten with excited passionate about mad on preoccupied enticed seduced loving intoxicated amorous single-minded fixated intrigued monomaniacal immersed fond of interested wrapped up in head over heels intense preoccupied with single-minded about hell-bent preoccupied by obsessive about possessed by hung up on involved engrossed in caught up in dedicated to immersed in ardent addicted to wild wild on under a spell interested in dotty about turned on intent on hung up zealous eager transfixed dotty dazzled tantalized titillated very enthusiastic delighted thrilled gripped by nuts potty consumed tantalised really into occupied happy engaged lost distracted buried concerned addicted deep busy queer caught up partial to sunk in taken over wrapped up absorbed in up to here heavily into up to here in taken up focused on locked in eat sleep and breathe tied up involved in dialed in up to your ears wound up deep in thought having a one-track mind gone twitterpated has a thing about silly about swept off one's feet overwrought dizzy love-struck fervid fervent avid hysterical nutty beside oneself attached hot for very keen overpowered very interested transported aroused sent carried away with gaga over taken up with prepossessed wackadoodle wackadoo fanatical about paranoid neurotic injured hit extremely curious very inquisitive highly interested extremely interested very curious using troubled wounded in the grip of wasted abusing jonesing for dependent on shooting up under the influence dependent strung out jonesing on prone habituated with a … habit crazed drawn agog deeply affected harmed caught predisposed curious moved inquisitive sold impressed roused attentive struck down inspired touched lured stimulated inspirited fixated by riveted by attached to mesmerized by attracted to hungry for fascinated by eager for intrigued by

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