Đồng nghĩa của budge

Alternative for budge

budges, budged, budging

Đồng nghĩa: move, stir,


To move from one place to another
move shift roll stir dislodge locomote push remove slide transfer propel inch nudge shove change position give way thrust force drive bump press impel bulldoze jostle shoot heave plunge hustle bundle steamroll prod strike bore knock manhandle rush elbow poke boost squeeze crash butt railroad jam jolt bull hit ram send stick shoulder muscle sweep move forward push aside crush against press on launch into push hard strong-arm rest on push forward exert pressure on bear down on set in motion put in motion crowd jab dig pack cram stuff punch jog stab wedge crush tap compress throw bang sink sandwich pile squash charge shoehorn tamp fill barge thump run spur hurry goad jam-pack pull carry throng fling load pound heap tug power haul brim whack bustle surge buck barrel flock hammer frogmarch yank mob lob drum hurl shake bung gouge touch jar jerk hump drag frog march joggle shunt blow march take lug cause to move buffet cluster plonk slam smack insert steamroller lunge stream gather launch pitch jostle one's way shove one's way bludgeon one's way swamp stow justle squish prick belt swarm whisk rough and tumble project beat catapult advance toss huddle congregate bunch fire steer wad pack like sardines precipitate sling chuck push roughly compact overfill chock force one's way let fly sardine fill to overflowing wedge oneself pack 'em in top off stroke park expel pump drill flood pitchfork prompt shoulder one's way barge one's way accompany hitch motivate tumble hook bend attack rap dab putt block strain lodge tip drive into bunt fix hold climb screw punt pole maneuver manoeuvre lift bear down clog confine move suddenly push violently push suddenly mass bear stive goose lash overcrowd deluge muster congest troop actuate blaze pack tightly fill up bung up ram in thrust in put drive in cram full place pack in pack it in thrust forward scuttle tup headbutt smite jackhammer batter dash sock move quickly move forwards get going drive forwards get moving start cast bluster collide bash smash blast discharge release eject pelt pop wham twack bang into shy bump into cannon into knock into bump against collide with knock against plough into draw horn barrel into pad line use elbow grease trail hurry off pack off send off rush off send forth bump heads push around overstuff upholster push one's way elbow one's way hasten speed accelerate hale trawl clog up load with choke up make short work of pass rapidly send rapidly hoist transport mill seethe converge herd fill to the brim ferry tow pull along


To change one's opinion or stance, especially at the behest of someone
yield concede surrender capitulate blink bow quit relent submit succumb bend change comply compromise acquiesce adapt give in knuckle under retract give way change your mind do an about-turn do a U-turn eat one's words cave in throw in the towel give up defer back down admit defeat throw in the sponge fold concede defeat cede climb down raise the white flag fall cry uncle buckle under be overcome show the white flag accede abandon be beaten be overwhelmed say uncle accept defeat let go wave the white flag lay down your arms lay down arms accept cave resign relinquish deliver kowtow crumble indulge knuckle hand over buckle fall victim go under lay down one's arms give up the struggle go down throw in your hand put up white flag pack it in come to terms eat crow go along with resign yourself roll over toss it in give yourself up retreat agree chuck it in throw up the sponge throw up one's hands fall in line be defeated break be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee surrender to resign oneself humble oneself give ground abdicate give oneself over lay down fold up be conquered suffer defeat turn over cry quits turn in call it quits adhere assent be conquered by give in to show white flag be overwhelmed by be beaten by be overcome by give oneself up entrust consign leave forego conform play dead eat humble pie proffer lose stop despair desist tender cease waive present drop forswear collapse truckle heed observe hand in bail out cut out leave off chicken out bow out pull out comply with act in accordance with cooperate with be servile acquiesce in concur with soften melt backpedal unbend weaken forbear have mercy come round become merciful slow sympathize have pity sympathise become lenient give quarter show pity show mercy be merciful concede something agree to something allow something admit something give some slack let happen die away change one's mind lay back mellow out come around cool it go easy on take a softer line let it happen ease up on lighten up give away the store bow to something bow to someone concur approve consent crumple give agree to backtrack allow fall apart back off withdraw make concessions come apart break down respect permit subscribe okay abide by fall to pieces consent to conform to call it a day reconsider crack back out admit recant sanction endorse take back topple bless suffer admit you were wrong founder row back do an about-face fall in adjust embrace go give the green light to bow to fall apart at the seams eat your words give the thumbs up to accommodate say the word say yes to assent to cut a deal yield to implode OK accede to accord disintegrate obey give the nod shake on break apart buy give the go-ahead to yes ditto go to pieces submit to toe the line tumble chuck in play ball pay homage lose heart stop trying vail give up hope break off halt abandon hope finish call a halt end call off concede to let give permission for say yes sign off on make a deal subdue subjugate genuflect sing a different song have second thoughts admit that one is wrong retract one's words bring to an end give out fall down come down slump go out topple over subside settle shatter sag wilt return offer back give back break up sever come apart at the seams do a volte-face flip-flop change one's attitude change one's plans about-face change your decision retrocede turn back double back hesitate vacillate waver ratify authorize give one's permission warrant give one's stamp of approval to pass pass on concur in rubber-stamp back authorise grant recognise give five give one's leave license mandate recognize adopt espouse validate confirm subscribe to support give the OK to licence ease off ease up renege lie down pass into enemy hands be destroyed by be a casualty to be smitten by be overthrown be vanquished by be overthrown by fall victim to be defeated by lose one's position to be taken by pass into the hands of eat dirt honor honour follow cancel balk demur cop out recoil fink out knuckleunder fawn be deferential cringe agree with touch mind mollify relax disarm sink adhere to keep wimp out baulk beg off go back on back pedal pull back hold back affect forgive move be the loser come off second-best be bested by fail take orders hold to answer do as you are told do as one says fulfill do what is expected come to heel serve act upon do one's bidding play it by the book fulfil respond goose-step to get into line do what one is told keep to play second fiddle live by do one's duty hold fast stick to be ruled by get in line be loyal to tumble down tolerate have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement be vanquished be trounced lose out keel brook give one's blessing to give one's approval to roll over and play dead accept tacitly reconcile jibe go along stand by give the nod to give one's consent to let pass give one's assent to come a cropper drop a bundle get the worst take a licking have the worst come up short be worsted crash out take a beating be humbled come to grief default be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo be outdistanced fall short


To persuade, or be persuaded, to change an opinion or stance


To change another's belief, especially regarding religion
convert evangelise evangelize proselytise proselytize reform proselyte induce redeem convince move persuade assimilate crusade homilize impel preachify save sermonise sermonize sway baptise baptize brainwash campaign incline lead recruit transfer alter conviction bring around re-educate talk into talk round win over argue into make converts among preach to prevail on prevail upon seek converts among act as a missionary bring into the fold spread the faith spread the faith to spread the gospel spread the gospel to spread the word spread the word to cause to adopt bring to God lead to believe make converts of offer the gospel to share the gospel with tell the gospel to cause to be born again cause a change of heart cause to see the light change the belief of cause someone to change their beliefs make someone change their beliefs cause someone to change their mind make someone change their mind make someone see the light influence get cajole bring inveigle coax prompt motivate encourage satisfy incite urge gain sell one on cause draw instigate sell coerce inspire drive propagandize provoke compel exhort entice argue activate propagandise trigger actuate reason make stimulate impress tempt bring round twist one's arm bring round to the idea of put across make a believer preach indoctrinate bring to Christ seek converts make converts rouse propel pressurize push stir prod press dispose nudge hook inspirit advise pressurise wheedle coax into gain confidence of talk someone into twist someone's arm bring to reason bring to senses work over bring home to prove to proclaim bring to Jesus seduce charm bring over win round work touch make one see the light change one's mind show someone the error of their ways show one the error of their ways lure gain somebody's support win around get somebody on your side counsel procure quicken enlist turn effect set going plead with win argument turn on to cause to believe prod someone into get round wheedle someone into reason someone into press someone into pressure someone into pressurize someone into convert to lead to do wear down overcome accept adopt defend embrace uphold agitate approve assure evangelize to gain one's confidence condition change belief get into stand behind reassure spur be born again bend somebody's ear drill make certain rally elicit occasion impassion goad pressure make see the light energize incentivize spark evoke force steel invigorate put mind at ease demonstrate to cause to feel certain dispel someone's doubts reason someone into believing dispel doubt put someone's mind at rest impress to sell to prove hearten animate uplift impact arouse empower vitalize exhilarate galvanize excite embolden galvanise refresh incentivise prick envigorate energise strike help necessitate incentify cheer on hint to stir up whip up pep up spur on fire up boost up pump up egg on suggest to educate inculcate mold teach program instill programme alter catechize get around get on your side instil mould goose steamroll squeeze bulldoze suck in wheedle into soft-soap exert influence on prod into sweet-talk draw in cajole into put someone up to something

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