Đồng nghĩa của comply with


To recognize and abide by
respect obey follow abide by adhere to observe conform to heed uphold acquiesce to defer to honor honour accept acknowledge act in accordance with assent to consent to agree to submit to yield to accord to carry out execute implement keep keep to live by stand by stick to stick with accede to act upon adopt agree with be in accordance with be in conformity with bow to concede to concur with cooperate with do as told embrace fall in line with fall in with follow orders hold to mind pay attention to pay heed to stick by take heed of toe the line fulfil fulfill go along with satisfy meet acquiesce in fill accommodate agree answer give in to acquiesce assent goose-step to accede comply complete discharge concur redeem support indulge perform cater to yield consent conform make good on humour recognize humor keep faith with submit regard be guided by give in be true to gratify approve allow effectuate recognise be heedful of follow through with knuckle under live up to be faithful to note grant surrender endorse succumb respond to permit concede act according to accord with come round bear in mind pander to match up to capitulate watch act on subscribe effect serve match notice accord take notice of shake on be bound by appease please be mindful of engage cave in defer okay pay regard to do as you are told take to heart measure up to be true play it by the book go through with adapt to say yes be faithful give way to be loyal to play ball hold mark sanctify approve of feed attend consider take into consideration bow tolerate brook listen to adhere be in agreement with hear hearken satiate sanction coincide harmonize have regard to truckle hark harken quench go with the flow make good be governed by reconcile adjust adapt kowtow cave suffer give way jibe take into account undertake take note of have regard for concentrate on attend to relent yes knuckle behave according to give one's approval to provide for roll over and play dead give carte blanche give blessing throw in the towel see through make it through say yes to give the go-ahead do one's bidding bear out say uncle do what one is told be as good as square with carry through give something the nod play by the rules accommodate to go along pander harmonise be ruled by get through conform with adjust to fawn on back acquit sign go to the wall for appeal to budge go by set blink give one's backing to reach a decision maintain warrant toe the mark play along with bow down to be servile quit give allegiance to practice take as a guide pay attention believe practise dig listen endure wear stomach bend buy occupy withstand OK ditto keep to the rules stick to the rules adhere to the rules follow the rules go by the book don't rock the boat be dutiful to abide by the rules comply with the rules observe the rules act in accordance with the rules obey the rules kowtow to don't make waves do as one is told by get a load of hang on give a thought to give heed take notice take note give heed to give ear to pick up take heed gladden favour cater entertain favor officiate spoil pamper fold give up bless let give the nod give permission for sign off on make a deal roll over put up with grin and bear it be loyal be subject to remain true to take it lying down cleave to stoop to be devoted to be attached be constant lump it be regulated by be devoted sticky by keep in step take dispatch bring about assign distribute take up give one's blessing to hoist the white flag cry uncle give the green light to accept tacitly give the thumbs up to say the word cut a deal give the go-ahead to give the nod to give one's consent to let pass give one's assent to listen up consecrate mollify cosset appreciate show consideration for mollycoddle overindulge coddle flatter show regard for relieve action knuckleunder fawn admit cringe buckle placate soothe affect accomplish consummate realize apply reach pacify slake achieve administer nail actualize attain be deferential fit cohere correspond have due regard for assuage do actionize realise perfect enforce settle for ratify be happy with compromise on confirm contract make do with check dovetail comport chord rhyme tally remember go level suit do justice to make the grade coincide with cohere with put into practice tally with pass muster check with fill the bill cope with harmonize with put into effect be good enough carry off put into action deliver on cut the mustard follow up on pull off follow through on perform according to fit the bill bring to completion put into operation chord with be a slave to be cognizant of sympathize with be aware of be in harmony be consonant balance be congruous sort be in agreement be consistent with rime consist be consistent gee be compatible align with match up check out fit in square comprobate back down enter into be game for relent to come round to cave in to surrender to give the green light back down to astipulate cover make allowances for keep in mind allow for take cognizance of call to mind think of sustain advance deliver supply provision furnish sate equip bear be sufficient for fit the bill for suffice for be sufficient be enough for be enough serve the purpose come up to keep up with be good enough for be adequate for qualify for be adequate process cater for respond take orders do as one says do what is expected come to heel get into line play second fiddle do one's duty hold fast get in line authorize authorise validate countenance certify accredit license licence rubber-stamp approbate pass formalize affirm clear formalise give the OK to condone finalize homologate legalize finalise authenticate legalise admit of have thumbs up empower concur in go for enable entitle green-light mandate stand swallow abide stick legitimatize legitimize commission stand for make legal take kindly to give permission give stamp of approval give leave live with legitimatise hack legitimise bind establish handle bide absorb undergo thole pocket advocate seal corroborate green light rubber stamp enact greenlight abet agree to take sweat out stick out give permission to countersign give assent to get behind give one's permission vouch for bear with give one's leave be doing with give something the thumbs up sit still for subscribe to give something the green light give the go-ahead for qualify cause second substantiate make take one up on give leave to wink at charter grant someone the right carry blink at buy into give one's stamp of approval to take on board smile on grant permission to give the green light for hear of settle on be in favour of give a blank cheque to underwrite make valid sign on initial O.K. give something the go-ahead vote for notarize give one's consent fall for give one's seal of approval to give your consent to give your blessing to give the thumbs up lend your name to give leave for indemnify espouse give something the OK give authorization to reply in the affirmative pass on give five be behind put one's name to give approval for give consent for set one's seal to set seal on make binding nod through make legally binding make stick John Hancock prove defend verify permit to sit through allow to bear the brunt of engage in give thumbs-up afford with vouchsafe encourage bite go for it give something the go ahead settle come around to knuckle to fit in with play the game acquiesce with stay in line give grant the right to help hold with aid champion commend free up say the magic word give okay give the O.K. give authority for be big legislate applaud invite cope ordain put John Hancock on give the go ahead to stomach something give the okay to give green light nod at say you will vote in decree make into law legislate for constitute lay down give someone leave legitimate give someone authorization give a positive response take on leave franchise facilitate boost privilege give your blessing tackle assume confess ignore receive embark on enter upon agree to do own clinch reveal see profess stay the course tough out string along sit and take it turn a blind eye to cognize know perceive strike agree on come to an agreement on arrange let on fess up open up take an oath avow come out of closet 'fess up get off chest own up attest to come clean own up to be conscious of cop a plea be wise to recommend give go-ahead make law stump for lap up push for


To act in accordance with the terms of
measure up to achieve equal match meet rival vie with bear comparison with be equal to come up to fulfill fulfil satisfy serve be on a level with answer perform fill cope with measure up suffice fit tie match up to discharge carry out redeem conform to gratify handle execute complete compare with reach live up to parallel keep pace with hold a candle to touch approach approximate be a match for emulate equalize be on a par with correspond to tally with equate with be equal with equalise be as good as square with be tantamount to be commensurate with tie with coordinate with be the equal of be in the same category as be in the same league as equate to fill the bill compete with resemble keep up with agree with be as great as be equivalent to be the same as tot up to come to be similar to contend with amount to be identical to be good enough admit of comparison fit the bill rise up to be like be comparable to coincide with rank with imitate correlate to be comparable with make the grade meet with align with match up with track answer to level compare be consistent with harmonize with rime with correspond with suit fit the pattern jibe with accord with check with comport with marry with rhyme with be consonant with cohere with sort with chord with conform go with dovetail with rise to balance equiponderate copy be level with run abreast be even with make make even break even with equipoise tally extend stand comparison with come near admit of comparison with arrive get near add up to echo parallelize mirror recreate be alike keep pace complement be analogous to be in harmony with duplicate correlate with chime with bear a resemblance to chime in with repeat follow remind one of oppose seek to displace rivalize partake near go after scramble for come near to jockey for position go for correspond contest amount challenge


Assist someone or comply with their requests
play ball assist collaborate cooperate help agree be willing conspire contribute participate play along reciprocate respond show willing join forces join in lend a hand pitch in play the game pull together stick together work together be in cahoots be of assistance go along with go along with the plan unite combine team up band together concur concert merge connive join conjoin coordinate league amalgamate coact come together get together collude work side by side act together act jointly conduce liaise with each other advance second form an alliance coordinate with each other band be in collusion make common cause coincide coadjute share in gang up befriend side with back up show willingness abet co-op combine your efforts work hand in glove espouse club together uphold forward partner pool resources succor further succour ally associate cohere join together federate confederate join up club link hook up work closely coalesce affiliate work in partnership act as a team work jointly interface cofunction throw in with rally remain unified remain friendly remain loyal consolidate do business with link up go into partnership coproduce connect stay close unify work with integrate tie in join up with throw in together form an association glue oneself to go into league liaise correspond team align interact fraternize group fraternise throw in one's lot join sides dovetail put in with close ranks tend complot colleague go in with team up with yoke gather consort assemble work form a federation combine efforts side bond together accompany sympathize pool your resources run with go with enlist sympathise gather together flock together round up communicate align oneself be in league intermediate intercommunicate network interchange mediate contact talk negotiate accord exchange information keep contact acquiesce accede assent approve be in harmony okay accept harmonise be in accord harmonize meet fall in consent go along equal jibe be in agreement be in accordance be of the same opinion be together be of the same mind agree to shake on pass on cut a deal be consonant with be in sympathy see eye to eye

Trái nghĩa của comply with

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