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Alternative for equipoise

equipoise /'ekwipɔiz/
  • danh từ
    • (thường) (nghĩa bóng)
    • sự thăng bằng, sự cân bằng
    • trọng lượng cân bằng, đối trọng
    • ngoại động từ
      • làm cân bằng
      • làm đối trọng cho
      • làm hồi hộp; làm thấp thỏm


    Balance of forces or interests
    equilibrium balance counterpoise stability symmetry evenness poise equality equilibration equity parity stasis steadiness equipollence even balance equivalence correspondence counterbalance uniformity similarity comparability levelness parallelism status quo equanimity homeostasis sameness likeness identity equalness coequality identicalness alikeness harmony coherence proportion concinnity symphony unity consonancy consonance consistency concord par agreement resemblance coordinateness equivalency orchestration commensurateness adequation congruence equatability constancy even-steven tension antithesis hang coordination symmetrical balance conformity analogy similitude congruity regularity affinity oneness homogeneity indistinguishability correlation analogousness compatibility accord homogeneousness interchangeability standardization relationship selfsameness closeness comparison semblance model standardisation match unvariedness unison accordance form association uniformness simile comparableness Xerox ditto reproduction effigy copy photocopy tie draw no difference lookalike equal terms knock-off dead ringer parallel nearness conformance congruency rapport level pegging counterpart union concordance compliance image facsimile clone carbon double monotony tedium repetition predictability community photograph representation portrait guise study picture appearance delineation replica depiction coincidence equation agreeing affiliation alliance complying smoothness similar nature dead heat same score duplication interchangeableness synonymy approximation exchangeability synonym quits usual median level rendering empathy unanimity alignment concession concert reconciliation concurring congeniality amity compromise verification accession accommodation invariability the usual proportions orderliness order assenting acceding acknowledging ratifying standing equal footing equating harmoniousness invariableness concurrence shapeliness finish proportionality rhythm arrangement centrality equalization conformability relations position footing equability balancing equableness evenness of form apposition identification matching pairing likening connection lack of variation status even tenor lack of change reckoning equalisation terms mathematical statement


    To match or rival in performance or extent
    equal parallel match level balance make reach rival achieve equalise equalize meet approach approximate be equal with copy equiponderate tally touch be equal to be tantamount to tie with be even with break even with compete with contend with make even run abreast square with be as good as be as great as keep pace with live up to measure up to rank with rise to vie with be a match for be level with be in the same category as be in the same league as come up to square compare with satisfy emulate tie correspond fulfil fulfill hold a candle to fit keep up with bear comparison with amount to come to be on a par with be the same as equate answer even conform be the equal of equate to be equivalent to match up to be identical to agree with agree accord draw amount fill the bill harmonize coincide challenge compare be on a level with resemble equate with correspond to tally with be similar to tot up to harmonise finish equal suit jibe add up to even up make equal check consist cohere come near come close to quadrate come near to be commensurate with coordinate with measure up make level be good enough admit of comparison comply with deadlock fit the bill standardize regularize align dovetail concur be comparable to be comparable with rime go comport sort rhyme chord extend standardise regularise dovetail with correlate get near break even level up make uniform conform to be in the same class as accord with make the same finish even be equal be level be even be like check with be consistent with concert jibe with coincide with rise up to be consistent be compatible match up comport with match up with be consonant with be in agreement serve keep abreast of make the grade track align with stand the test compete stand the pace equilibrize symmetrize stand comparison with arrive admit of comparison with steady stabilize be equivalent proportional stabilise sum total acquiesce be in tune eventuate come about sync overlap befall identify be the same evaluate make comparable imitate better beat grow number cohere with get close to harmonize with rime with correspond with correlate to go with fit the pattern marry with rhyme with sort with chord with become effect aggregate measure up with measure up against be in harmony synchronize click go hand in hand go well with concord consort chime get along with fall in with attune synchronise go together blend be on an equal footing with correlate with complement develop into concur with partake of tie in with lip sync be in harmony with be in agreement with be related relate relate to be in tune with assimilate be congruous with reciprocate link be compatible with nudge perform oppose fill be neck and neck be on a par come within reach of close in on go up to creep up on stack up against be near to verge upon draw near be almost be close to move toward be not a million miles away from draw near to touch on bear down on draw up to move in on border on threaten verge on border get on for handle partner rivalize partake near contest complete be alike be consonant marry up be identical discharge scramble for go for go after execute suffice gratify redeem jockey for position smooth cope with even off carry out seek to displace trim democratise commeasure coordinate adjust democratize socialise even out communize handicap establish socialize make consistent level off bring into line line up


    Having equal weight

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