Đồng nghĩa của counterwork


To neutralize or cancel by exerting an opposite and equal force


To act in opposition to
counter counterattack retaliate counteract reciprocate react hit back at parry fight back hit back return fire strike back requite avenge redress revenge venge repay recompense take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth turn the tables on revenge oneself have one's revenge get revenge exact retribution settle accounts pay someone back in their own coin square accounts get even with give someone their comeuppance pay out get back at give as good as one gets be revenged get even for wreak revenge even the score let someone see how it feels avenge oneself give someone a Roland for an Oliver take reprisals settle the score return like for like get back at someone get your own back settle a score make reprisal wreak vengeance return the compliment turn upon give as good as you get take revenge give someone a dose of their own medicine take an eye for an eye give someone a taste of their own medicine put up a fight pay someone back exact revenge give tit for tat pay back get even rise to the bait respond give someone their just deserts get retaliate against avenge oneself on take reprisals against settle a score with exact retribution on settle the score with return reward reply guerdon punish be revenged on revenge oneself on make restitution settle accounts with retaliate on pay someone back in his return the favour get one's revenge on take the bait rally defend oneself requite something serve out get one's revenge get one's own back get square sort out demand an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth turn the tables return tit for tat fix someone take vengeance even get your own back on compensate satisfy pay remunerate wreak revenge on vindicate recriminate indemnify reimburse recoup match settle quit redeem make restitution exact revenge on give like for like kick back pay back in spades seek payback for exact revenge for make reprisal for take reprisals for give comeuppance make retaliation for take revenge on settle with get your own back for take an eye for an eye for get redress for settle up square things up get satisfaction for get one's own back on give just desserts take vengeance for pay someone back for get revenge for take vengeance on take revenge for fix one's wagon exact retribution for retaliate for repay in kind for hit back for be out for blood even the score for get even with someone for stick it to give in return make good pay off make amends

Trái nghĩa của counterwork

counterwork Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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