Đồng nghĩa của counterattack


A witty remark
quip joke jest sally pleasantry wisecrack witticism repartee crack gag one-liner banter funny pun aphorism boff boffo boffola drollery epigram giggle jape josh laugh nifty retort rib riposte waggery yuck yuk badinage gibe witty remark bon mot insult jeer jibe mockery offence offense satire spoof clever remark witty communication play on words comeback rejoinder prank double entendre equivoque paronomasia fun return remark wordplay barb lark raillery counter humour innuendo caper dig humor trick smart remark funny remark flash of wit escapade wit calembour burlesque pivot quibble amphibology carriwitchet double meaning clench clinch conundrum nick whim pundigrion practical joke ruse hoax slight facetiousness zinger slur affront Atticism retaliation whimsy buffoonery parody jeu de mots quirk levity sneer taunt joking whimsicality frolic amusement antic clowning insinuation rib-tickler answer reply response put-on sarcasm wittiness quips witticisms sardonic remark pithy remark cutting remark smart crack clapback equivocalness apophthegm foolishness play witty comment merriment squib game wile aside mot good-natured remark jive canard ridicule jolly clown waggishness puns fool setup windup mock shaggy dog story jocularity funniness gem snappy retort stunt farce monkeyshine mischief yarn shenanigan jokes entertainment horseplay hoot shenanigans clever comment romp epithet indignity witty poem witty saying outrage cut bit of mischief fun and games piece of fun slap nice turn of phrase diss jeu d'esprit brickbat dis gird dart poke name personality nonsense acknowledgement replication killer chestnut absurdity ridiculousness blague send-up tomfoolery anecdote takeoff caricature put down back talk back answer lip cooler acknowledgment antiphon snappy comeback squelch parting shot reprisal revenge topper respond take-off travesty skit in-joke snide remark pastiche persiflage ambiguity conceit funny story knee-slapper old chestnut shaggy-dog story thigh-slapper ha-ha jesting pasticcio lampoon pasquinade imitation crosstalk bantering chaff sendup joshing patter ripostes give-and-take teasing backchat sallies chaffing witty conversation witty remarks irony pleasant conversation bons mots sport imposture dodge gambol stratagem ploy device manoeuvre artifice maneuver feint gimmick catch running joke private joke deception gambit sleight jig shift concern instrument method secret counterfeit means deceit fake fixture mummery recreation diversion hoodwinking distraction pastime enjoyment jollification merrymaking mischievous act piece of mischief gizmo gadget widget twist subterfuge feat accomplishment inside joke derision kidding scheme funny business sleight of hand caprice mirth payof contrivance scorn trifling laughter jollity knack flimflam fetch juggle wrinkle kicker take-in roguery loss-leader shtick gambade quiz rollick knavery goak cantrip cutup act snow job apparatus tactic publicity device eye-catching novelty promotion aid relaxation wind-up pleasure leg-pull games leisure fraud larks con swindle junketing skylarking frolicking romping capering revelry playfulness dalliance rollicking gaming bluff humbug cheat activity gambling foolery happiness gamboling delight disport sports frisk sportiveness gambolling match scam confidence trick fastie me-time a good time living it up hobby divertissement interest pursuit regalement gratification con trick con game confidence game put-up job fast one festivity adventure leisure activity source of fun


To retaliate or get revenge
strike back react retaliate reciprocate respond reply get hit back return fire fight back get even return like for like return the compliment give tit for tat even the score get back at someone put up a fight give as good as one gets take revenge take reprisals pay someone back avenge oneself be revenged pay out revenge oneself let someone see how it feels give someone their comeuppance exact retribution repay someone settle accounts exact revenge wreak revenge rise to the bait settle the score take an eye for an eye give someone a dose of their own medicine give someone a taste of their own medicine settle a score take the bait get revenge give someone a Roland for an Oliver pay someone back in their own coin take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth get one's revenge have one's revenge get one's own back rally counter defend oneself charge requite something challenge serve out counteract turn the tables on recompense venge square accounts get even with get back at get even for avenge get your own back make reprisal wreak vengeance turn upon give as good as you get repay revenge requite redress pay back hit back at parry counterwork turn the tables avenge yourself give someone their just deserts return retaliate against square retaliate for take vengeance give like for like pay someone back for return the favour reward match guerdon wreak revenge on vindicate make restitution take revenge on exact revenge on retaliate on take revenge for avenge oneself on take reprisals against take vengeance on take vengeance for get revenge for give in return settle a score with exact retribution on settle the score with exact revenge for hit back for get you back get your own back for even the score for stick it to pay someone back in his exact retribution for get even with someone for settle scores make somebody pay get someone be revenged on be avenged even settle old scores take one's revenge settle the score with someone get your own back on sort someone out get square demand an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth return tit for tat fix someone payback chastise bewreak punish chasten spite retribute controvert react to reply to respond to take satisfaction take satisfaction for come back at get back defend oneself against strike back at exchange equal correspond trade interchange swap barter compensate satisfy alternate swing retort vacillate share render pay recriminate pay one's dues make up for do the same in return tit for tat do the same respond in kind scratch one's back give back remunerate indemnify reimburse recoup make reprisal for take reprisals for make retaliation for settle with get one's revenge on get redress for get satisfaction for get one's own back on give just desserts fix one's wagon repay in kind for kick back pay back in spades seek payback for give comeuppance take an eye for an eye for settle up square things up be out for blood quit restitution settle redeem make make good pay off make amends


To defy or put up an opposition to
oppose resist defy withstand counter be against combat confront fight contradict take on bar block check prevent attack contest cross dislike face be anti challenge disagree with dispute fight against hinder object to obstruct thwart battle buck contend with controvert disapprove of gainsay oppugn rebut repel stand up to be hostile to go against struggle against take argue argue against argue with assail assault bombard debate deny disagree disapprove dissent encounter expose gainstay neutralise neutralize protest quarrel with reverse take a stand against taunt withstay be in opposition to put up a fight against speak out against strive against face down frown at not countenance search out speak against take issue take issue with be in defiance of call in question run counter to set your face against stand up and be counted against take a stand turn the tables fly in the face of hold one's ground against face up to ward off battle against hold out against struggle with duel fend off stand firm stand one's ground against hold off remain firm fight back put up a fight keep at bay turn down contend contravene negate question face off meet impugn brave refute tackle counteract disobey vie rival reject flout call into question compete rebel against repudiate disaffirm dare protest against disregard disprove query engage clash lock horns traverse outface brazen accost wrangle war differ break object spurn meet head-on beard violate confute refuse repulse cross swords breast outbrave kick against impeach come up against race frustrate cope with quarrel infringe doubt negative go up against disconfirm ignore decline disaccord match stave off squabble grapple rebel tangle wrestle grapple with cancel out impede scramble for jockey for position take exception to balk breach stop halt transgress rebuff struggle disavow stand litigate baulk play off refuse to accept restrain traduce affront strive infract altercate overstep refuse to obey fight off curb skirmish feud interfere with dissent from scorn front push square up to complain about criticize discord set at naught cope square up mess with set against pit compete against play push back deal with compete with be at odds with call one's bluff make my day wage war stand up against beat off put down come face to face with quibble over go for go for broke fly in face of knock beat endure wage war on bear lock horns with confound discredit tolerate work against debunk sustain criticise row inhibit call out stem blast suffer clash with battle with denounce be at odds be at loggerheads fail to agree be at variance be in dispute cancel skirmish with cut slight do battle with disclaim tussle stick provoke bicker strike demur disown zap invalidate address scuffle dismiss waylay conflict antagonize antagonise cock a snook at fracture offend quibble make a nonsense of pettifog nonconcur abjure jostle bandy scrap spat take aside threaten emulate disallow agitate against spar call in jockey tangle with discept venture put up with take up arms against undermine meet head on mock meet eyeball-to-eyeball tell off face with go one-on-one face off against shoot for jump on outdare insult encroach trespass shoot down put up an argument brush off demur against go for jugular go for it neglect prove false argue about hang tough have bone to pick fail to observe wonder about vie with hold back demur about stick fast dig your heels in mix it up with cast doubt upon make a stand against go head to head prove to be false set one's face against pay no heed to throw doubt on shoot full of holes go for the gold blow out of the water be at variance with fail to comply with shoot down in flames show to be false go after keep at arm's length square off take one on go for the jugular do battle be opposed be an adversary of take up arms grumble about rage against fault unseat grouse about gripe about beef about censure condemn campaign against scrimmage nullify offset take up on be at odds with somebody beg to differ reluct throw down the gauntlet at find fault with contend against enquire be in contention withsay withspeak stonewall countervail come to blows annul mess oppose action explode pit against collide with spare no effort test inquire investigate interrogate falsify sweat be rivals match yourself against counterbalance say the opposite of thumbs down cavil at find lacking engage with slam smear zing trash tar baulk at jar differ from diverge from dissent with dig in one's heels remonstrate betray knock the bottom out of give the lie to drive a coach and horses through deceive belie get into conflict with be at each other's throats fall out bump heads be in opposition argy-bargy go at it take exception handle have a dispute set as rivals put in opposition come into conflict become involved throw down come to blows with feud with be a dissenter from rally against hold at bay interpose intrude interfere exclude transgress against conflict with offend against urge muster courage laugh at throw down gauntlet bully step over the line knock chip off shoulder run the gauntlet cross swords with backstab carp at pick holes in contemn experience eliminate discuss not see eye to eye gibe despise deride ridicule countenance risk stomach court eyeball swallow end content against go one on one with go eyeball to eyeball with be pitted against be opposed to go toe to toe with come into conflict with brook allow abide think wrong come down on swipe at skin alive cut to shreds cast aspersions upon run down throw the book at pin on stick it to thumb nose at snub make a stand be drawn against submit to be confronted by bit the bullet play against take the bull by the horns brace for call someone's bluff double-cross commit a breach of err contaminate take no notice of meddle trample on sin encroach upon not comply with outrage sacrilege tamper with resolve joust collide match strength try in the hunt match wits run for participate in tilt pit yourself against go up against in contest try to beat bid attempt pitch oneself against seek prize pit oneself against essay fence not support frown on shake one's head have a problem with not believe in treat with contempt hurl defiance at diverge come out against disdain cold-shoulder take issue with somebody two-time fight with renounce stickle kick over the traces set upon launch begin battle with shy divide vary stab in the back vie against tug run join battle refuse to accept the authority of discourage stiff-arm scrap with wage war against wrest with take wind out of sails sell out snout put yourself forward have at make play for push for give all one's got shoot at knock oneself out give one's all nominate yourself mount an attack on enter into combat with fall on express disagreement decline to support say nothing doing express objection not ratify say not a chance say no way break with express disagreement with withhold assent fail to agree with refuse to support knock back keep at a distance chide look right through cut dead tell someone where to get off reprove give the cold shoulder not hear of give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by give the brush pass up rebuke put off freeze out send away put in one's place lash out at suspect bring to an end to put an end to conceal get back at suppress defend contain reply repress control bottle up defend yourself retaliate riposte come to close quarters with parry distrust mistrust give battle to join battle with dig deep dig deeper misdoubt disbelieve stand up for moot examine force back drive away beat back foil drive back answer canvass approach give it one's all misbehave riot insurrect shirk mutiny revolutionize desert revolutionise recalcitrate revolt revolution evade crush canvas detain entertain doubts about have reservations about squelch quash kick stand off turn away deter thrust back cool turn back palter brawl haggle nobble collar set aside refuse to comply not listen go counter to take law into own hands pay no attention to run riot not heed break rules rise in arms not mind be remiss break the rules harbour suspicions about puzzle over cast doubt on feel uneasy about raise objections to have suspicions about raise doubts about express reservations about harbour reservations about have hesitations about express suspicions about cast aspersions on see off drive off put to flight send packing contend over prove wrong tear down weather knock down force off chase away cast aside keep off keep away have words let have it contradict each other set to rip into each other be at sixes and sevens lay into differ with pick a bone dissent against quibble about put up argument show up hammer away at give cold shoulder to brazen out survive show to be wrong argue the pros and cons of blow sky high declare to be untrue prove to be wrong have an argument about pick an argument with bandy words concerning give thumbs down to brace live through ride out bear up against stand firm against prevail against stand fast hang on hold out win out go the distance against stand one's ground sit and take it persevere in the face of not give up hold one's ground take it hold the line against put up struggle

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