Đồng nghĩa của keep at bay


Keep at bay
discourage fend off hold off keep away repel stave off ward off repulse resist deflect fight off rebuff keep off parry rebut drive back beat off keep at arm's length drive away reject deter refuse rebuke protect against check spurn beat back push back put to flight brush off hold back avert put down send packing avoid snub keep at a distance turn aside hold at bay defend against decline block oppose cut force back foil frustrate dismiss turn down see off thrust back turn away turn back prevent chase away hold something off stall nix set back defeat force away fight back throw back heave-ho kick in the teeth overthrow hinder delay shield yourself from en garde forestall shirk elude shun preclude counter bypass anticipate fence slight repudiate disdain cold-shoulder ignore stiff-arm put off neglect deny not hear of disallow look right through freeze out give someone the brush-off chide disregard send away snout give someone the go-by tell off give the brush cut dead pass up lash out at give the cold shoulder cross tell someone where to get off put in one's place reprove knock back fight confront knock down force off dispute cool stand off kick give cold shoulder to disown traverse drive off stand up against duel cast aside scorn ostracize pass disapprove reprobate balk at send to Coventry ostracise coldshoulder negative deselect treat with contempt brush aside stiff blank high-hat throw out exclude say no renounce discount scout sneer at scoff at throw over demur misprize sniff at say no to negate baulk at not accept pooh-pooh look past look down on turn your back on deride forgo desist abjure belittle mock give somebody the cold shoulder play down pass on ridicule contemn jilt demur at wave aside abstain from snoot refrain from shy from withhold from desist from make light of treat disrespectfully set aside send one's regrets shake one's head act cool take no notice of hold in contempt turn up your nose at steer clear of not give time of day give the bum's rush turn deaf ear to turn one's back on turn nose up at sneeze at look down upon give the cold shoulder to shrug off veto look straight through turn on reluct turn against give a pain turn your nose up at obstruct evade look straight through someone pretend not to see overlook skip refuse admittance to give somebody the run-around make unwelcome turn up one's nose miss filibuster not heed pour cold water on put aside put out of one's mind throw cold water on withdraw protest give the thumbs down to not take advantage of not budge on turn from send off jib at dispense with not care for hold out protest at not buy draw the line at refuse to receive give thumbs down to show disrespect show disrespect for blink at stonewall wipe slam-dunk make little of undermine humiliate insult disparage despise express contempt affront pour scorn on dis flout disrespect diss humble mortify shame be scornful about be above jeer at heap scorn on laugh at be contemptuous about abandon spit on revile refute gibe piss over confute abhor hate sneer piss on defy scoff trash taunt hold up to scorn desert scratch offend swank slur chill ice duck scold snob upstage censure boycott burr blow raspberries at laugh out of court discard forbear cock a snook at run down consider beneath you forsake disavow ice out curl your lip at consider beneath one give the Bronx cheer to spit in the face of turn back on make fun of show contempt for spit in the eye of retract recant reverse forswear give the brushoff look coldly upon eschew rescind revoke give someone a slap in the face put the chill on give up cast off disprofess keep someone at arm's length look right through someone dishonor rat turn default disinherit tergiversate banish flush oust dishonour cast defect apostatize tergiverse shed lay aside cut off disacknowledge dump have no more truck with wash one's hands of wash your hands of be against break with have nothing more to do with fly in the face of opt out refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of give the thumbs down give the red light

Trái nghĩa của keep at bay

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