Đồng nghĩa của high hat

Alternative for high hat

high hat /'hai'hæt/
  • danh từ
    • mũ chỏm cao (của đàn ông)

Tính từ

Showing or feeling strong dislike or disrespect
contemptuous scornful disdainful insulting sneering arrogant derisive derisory insolent withering cavalier condescending disrespectful supercilious contumelious jeering mocking scoffing taunting abhorrent belittling decrying degrading demeaning denigrative denigratory deprecatory depreciative depreciatory derogative derogatory detractive disparaging haughty imperious pejorative proud scathing slighting snide snotty uncomplimentary vain sniffy audacious bold cheeky cold-shoulder cool disapproving full of contempt hard hard-nosed opprobrious sardonic snippy snobbish snooty temperamental uppity upstage dog it high and mighty on high horse on your high horse superior abusive rude lofty presumptuous lordly patronizing overbearing dismissive pompous cocky stuck-up patronising pretentious egotistic critical offensive conceited uppish highfalutin sarcastic high-and-mighty toffee-nosed impudent overweening huffy self-important high-handed hoity-toity uncivil hifalutin egotistical toplofty scurrilous vituperative prideful defamatory vainglorious impertinent discourteous bumptious smug toploftical humiliating deprecating irreverent stiff-necked aloof slanderous libellous libelous huffish snobby high-hat censorious impolite negative narcissistic boastful reproachful puffed up peremptory chesty self-asserting assumptive self-assertive blasphemous swaggering important brash overconfident detracting unmannerly vulgar domineering bossy masterful presuming out-of-line deprecative hurtful stuck up bloated ridiculing discrediting sacrilegious profane impious egoistic egoistical fancy-pants invective insubordinate vituperatory bigheaded forward immodest unflattering swollen-headed cynical swellheaded sassy mortifying big-headed biggity full of oneself brazen ungracious self-conceited biggety self-opinionated nervy smart-alecky debasing maligning bragging satirical egocentric hubristic denigrating vitriolic magisterial self-satisfied pontifical opinionated teasing jibing blustering know-it-all autocratic fresh saucy self-centered elitist self-righteous scurrile scurril truculent self-affected selfish self-promoting self-serving self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying self-centred damaging ungodly ill-mannered caustic orgulous reviling assuming ostentatious aweless unholy crusty depreciating lippy reproving affronting biting contemptible spiteful flip fault-finding sarky unkind obnoxious catty indifferent malicious injurious brassy judgmental affected shaming smarty admonitory condemnatory pillorying cocksure iconoclastic wise guy jumped up assured pert lampooning ironical unfavourable bad-mannered scolding perfunctory unsympathetic obloquious foul on an ego trip shameful undignified nasty detractory offhand irreverential unhallowed snidey violent berating curt mean scandalous calumniating malapert flippant wounding lowering unfavorable despicable castigatory profanatory smart inconsiderate vilifying upbraiding calumniatory diminishing deflating abrupt brusque dishonouring dictatorial pushy above oneself high damning calumnious disgraceful hateful minimizing la-di-da unpleasant tyrannical gracious ignominious abject unworthy minimising self-aggrandizing traducing personal despotic cheapening inglorious improper infra dig dishonourable menial malevolent dishonoring despiteful harsh grandiose downgrading bringing shame dishonorable full of yourself too big for your boots sure too big for one's breeches confident self-assured too big for one's boots holier-than-thou self-confident self-respecting blusterous acerbic stooping defiant unfriendly sharp bitter loudmouth puffed-up unenthusiastic dimissory uncharitable surly blunt gruff short hypercritical repulsive devastating quizzical ironic posh stuffy shrewish discreditable mud-slinging casual castigating epithetical standoffish ambitious satiric insinuating authoritarian refined unconcerned insouciant uninterested disappointed la-dee-da complaisant stinging blistering blasting searing unceremonious dyslogistic disadvantageous sniping ill-bred aspersing snarky ill-natured mordacious honourable honorable irreligious godless airy commanding putting on airs glib terse cursory off snubbing blighting ridiculous absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical cutting farcical preposterous sharp-tongued rough take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish unhandsome unmannered thoughtless churlish uncalled-for wiseguy aristocratic crushing objectionable accusatory careless gally misbehaved unfilial disgracious annoying irritating accusing faultfinding displeasing execrative imprecatory execratory swearing cursing rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic scouting repudiating exasperating for the birds wretched corrupting unbecoming provocative vexing provoking galling exceptionable embarrassing full of reproof shocking unacceptable crude reprehensible censurable outrageous coarse turning up your nose at looking down your nose at indecent detestable upsetting on one's high horse venomous aspersive reserved distant detached libeling excoriating offending malign defaming libelling disgracing injuring hurting abasing vile malignant reproaching brazen-faced lacking civility arch wise bold-faced bad mannered brassbound barefaced procacious imperative breezy mannerless off-base put down shameless unabashed unblushing blatant overbold arrant unashamed brass-necked boorish familiar flagrant unembarrassed mouthy bold as brass uncouth ignorant overfamiliar oafish crass boldfaced loutish ungallant graceless ungentlemanly unladylike out of line forceful disagreeable unrefined smart-arsed facetious assertive mischievous loud cute smart-assed smarty-pants smart-aleck undisguised officious free unrepentant indelicate unchivalrous indecorous impetuous underbred rash aggressive sullen intrusive overt gross hardened abandoned depraved profligate brazenfaced bald-faced unconcealed dissolute incorrigible unprincipled showy flashy obtrusive inappropriate reprobate as bold as brass unchaste lewd immoral without shame tactless obvious undiplomatic hotheaded impulsive impolitic badly behaved in-your-face fearless witty ungenteel inaffable presumptive hotshot smart alecky meddlesome oppressive transparent loud-mouthed jocular open precipitate hasty bright whimsical tongue-in-cheek insensitive thrusting snippety unsubtle unshrinking gritty bantam coercive wanton bullish daring meretricious gaudy naked iron-handed humorous forthright low-bred garish bare-faced tyrannous autocratical authoritative tyrannic pushful unapologetic imperial regnant coming on strong boldface heavy brave plucky bad naughty ballsy irritable moody uncourteous impish virulent ill-behaved rustic inurbane amoral gauche combative volatile weisenheiming feisty ill smart-mouthed undismayed undaunted throwing one's weight around overhasty previous premature foolhardy hostile unreserved highhanded prying inquisitive incongruous interfering meddling unsuitable nosy temeritous spirited ranting denunciatory uncivilized uncultured uncultivated raunchy raw roughneck tacky cheap common off base indulgent overindulgent over-free relaxed inhospitable unfortunate remote swanky tony persnickety unawed unflinching frank temerarious chirpy dapper dashing keen ill-humored tawdry spunky gutsy amusing playful uncivilised strident noisy blaring uninhibited jokey effervescent trashy pushing heedless headlong untactful incautious vivacious maladroit overassertive direct dominating heavy-handed corrupt poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed unrestrained frivolous grating jarring overfriendly distasteful bullying high-flown throwing one's weight about ill-humoured tolerant free-and-easy superficial piercing raucous not backwards in coming forwards overproud dogmatic shallow irresponsible carefree disgusting deplorable unwelcome undesirable insufferable repugnant cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill over-assertive impenitent remorseless lording it insupportable intolerable ear-splitting discordant preponderant demanding ascendant prevalent funny puckish jazzy tinny beyond the pale light-hearted loudmouthed high-pitched metallic flirtatious out of order patent glaring autarchic clever pointed ingenious strict iron-fisted subjugating controlling draconian manifest evident severe dominant strong-willed arbitrary palpable agile highbrowed highbrow bantering apt droll incisive quick adept nimble jesting ready smooth nifty quick-witted unmistakable pronounced conspicuous sheer clear crabbed in driver's seat crack the whip straightforward bald outright yokelish bounderish noticeable undeniable flaunting positive certain rank indisputable cut-and-dried striking unmitigated egregious jaunty snazzy protrusive deliberate glitzy prominent screaming crying in plain sight smart aleck smart guy smarty pants

Tính từ

Smugly superior or dismissive of perceived inferiors
snobbish high-hat snooty toffee-nosed elitist hoity-toity arrogant condescending patronising patronizing pretentious snobby snotty stuck-up superior uppity disdainful exclusive proud affected aristocratic fancy-pants haughty la-di-da persnickety potty ritzy supercilious uppish aloof cliquish conceited egotistic high and mighty high-and-mighty high-flown ostentatious overbearing pompous remote sniffy snippy swanky tony toplofty putting on airs lofty imperious lordly cavalier presumptuous overweening highfalutin bumptious huffy huffish hifalutin chesty toploftical peremptory high-handed self-assertive self-asserting presuming masterful important assumptive stiff-necked self-important cocky smug overconfident egotistical vain vainglorious insolent prideful bossy domineering contemptuous boastful brash scornful puffed up swaggering immodest forward pushy bold narcissistic cheeky audacious bragging impertinent impudent magisterial self-centered opinionated grandiose pontifical self-centred self-opinionated brazen selfish bigheaded self-satisfied hubristic swollen-headed blustering egoistic egocentric egoistical dictatorial autocratic self-affected self-promoting self-contented self-adulatory swellheaded self-glorifying self-conceited self-engrossed self-congratulatory full of oneself brassy know-it-all authoritarian sassy cocksure saucy self-confident confident mocking big-headed bloated scoffing sneering fresh assuming rude pontificating stuck up contumelious self-assured jumped up la-de-da inconsiderate too big for your boots self-righteous self-serving biggity tyrannical orgulous indifferent despotic smarty biggety cold-shoulder sententious officious portentous pert stiff uncivil smart pushful showy puffy smart-alecky wise guy nervy flaunting malapert high-minded on an ego trip braggart bombastic self-loving braggy self-complacent self-pleased unreserved holier-than-thou complacent self-flattering self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery self-applauding dominating extroverted extraverted assured blusterous uninhibited selective highfalutin' standoffish high posh poncey inflated windy bullish above oneself refined highbrow discriminatory commanding airy boasting self-aggrandizing reserved distant detached ambitious arbitrary high falutin honourable gracious honorable offhand flip wise unabashed wiseguy oppressive unblushing boldfaced barefaced procacious cool on your high horse on high horse highhanded undemocratic heavy-handed curt casual throwing one's weight about on a high horse willful rigid wilful inflexible anti-democratic repressive strutting vaunting unconcerned dismissive insouciant uninterested splendid exaggerated grand spectacular flatulent flowery highfaluting magnificent overstated unceremonious discourteous free familiar overbold ironhanded dominant abrupt brusque glib terse cursory perfunctory off ungracious loud obnoxious overfamiliar rash impolite impetuous previous premature overhasty hasty foolhardy precipitate take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish full of yourself pleased with yourself offensively self-assertive presumptive careless disrespectful improper inappropriate shameless flamboyant dogmatic chichi puffed-up jaunty doctrinaire consequential dogmatical flashy big sure extravagant adamant prejudiced mannered biased uncompromising overambitious opinionative opinioned artificial bigoted assertive brassbound arch obdurate obstinate splashy swank contrived pigheaded schmaltzy self-opinioned campy loudmouth arty unyielding stuffy brazen-faced iron-handed stubborn bold-faced precious crowing tyrannous autocratical authoritative tyrannic single-minded high falutin' bull-headed of fixed views OTT self-respecting imperative full of hot air gone Hollywood grandiloquent too big for one's breeches too big for one's britches too big for one's boots elitist puffed ranting stooping fustian indulgent overindulgent over-free relaxed throwing one's weight around silliness giddy thoughtless dizzy flighty la-dee-da complaisant blowhard genteel high-sounding epic majestic regal imposing august judicial stately dignified denigrating belittling swanking big-mouthed partisan swollen with pride nose in the air tolerant free-and-easy on one's high horse lah-di-dah windbag exultant too big for your britches of preconceived ideas draconian sure of yourself upper-class self-aggrandising cock-a-hoop iron-fisted stagy coercive bullying strict severe harsh theatrical over-refined on ego trip hot stuff over the top Neronian overproud orotund turgid tumid declamatory snot-nosed full of airs and graces pedantic clamorous crack-the-whip stern firm throwing weight around dictative lording it crass flaunted garish frilly preponderant imperial demanding regnant ascendant prevalent over-elaborate positive hotshot certain bougie cutesy bourgie conspicuous tinselly kitschy smart aleck smart guy smarty pants too much over-the-top posey large flaunty elaborate heroic pseudo specious sophomoric pseud poseur dicty hollow intolerant feigned hyperventilated put-on stilted gaudy too-too fake apostolic headstrong unfriendly uptight cold arty-farty constrained chi-chi pig-headed chilly ungainly stand-offish

Tính từ

Sanctimonious, self-righteously, or hypocritically pious
holier-than-thou goody-goody sanctimonious self-righteous smug pietistic self-satisfied priggish religiose complacent Pharisaic pious squeaky-clean artificial high-hat judgmental pietistical pompous preachy simon-pure snobbish superior unctuous unco guid hypocritical pi Pharisaical moralizing moralistic Pecksniffian moralising sententious stuffy mealy-mouthed prudish Tartuffian prim puritanical starchy canting strait-laced churchy censorious insincere prissy Victorian old-maidish schoolmistressy schoolmarmish Grundyish too good to be true to keep up appearances pharisaic affected pretentious noble supercilious hoity-toity egotistical haughty didactic for form's sake homiletic homiletical sermonic dogmatic pontifical sermonizing narrow-minded sermonising proper tight-laced stiff governessy mimsy shockable niminy-piminy narrow pedantic pharisaical stick-in-the-mud fuddy-duddy square deceiving false bigoted moral god-fearing virtuous prim and proper straight-laced nice PC puritan vain politically correct goody two-shoes formal rigid severe genteel conventional straitlaced straightlaced bluenosed nice-nelly overnice strict austere uptight demure old-maid stern precise fastidious overmodest po-faced square-toed precious goody-two-shoes overscrupulous conservative old-fashioned staid ascetic of the old school forbidding disapproving fanatical spartan hair-shirt epicene namby-pamby abstemious conforming abstinent fussy particular squeamish stilted overexact simpering mincing scrupulous offish rigorous finicky illiberal blue-nose spic-and-span polite spruce meticulous straight wooden correct cleanly good dapper upright dignified stickling decorous ceremonial nit-picking ceremonious choosy

Động từ

To treat or regard with contempt
contemn disdain scorn slight deride despise dis disregard disrespect diss high-hat snoot snub undervalue hate mock revile spurn jeer at sneeze at sniff at walk over feel contempt for look down on scoff at treat with contempt thumb one's nose at look down one's nose at look down upon reject belittle disparage sneer at misprize scout pour scorn on be contemptuous about abhor show contempt for hold in contempt put down pooh-pooh chill abominate regard with contempt be allergic to look down nose at look down your nose at turn up one's nose at turn your nose up at shun dismiss rebuff flout heap scorn on laugh at be above be scornful about gibe piss over repudiate scoff sneer ridicule trash confute piss on defy spit on renounce refuse refute avoid taunt laugh out of court blow raspberries at cock a snook at run down consider beneath you turn down curl your lip at turn back on spit in the face of consider beneath one spit in the eye of give the Bronx cheer to make fun of turn nose up at turn up your nose at discount denigrate deprecate decry jeer loathe execrate detest slam twit dislike diminish knock discredit underrate vilipend detract play down find intolerable rally minimize insult derogate depreciate have no use for disrelish condemn vilify bad-mouth pan shrink from criticize poor-mouth minimise trash-talk make light of cry down be repelled by criticise talk down underestimate trivialize deflate lampoon satirize gird slur roast detract from malign recoil from satirise minify regard with disgust affront rag treat lightly trivialise hold up to ridicule poke fun at write off kiss off slag off hold cheap make sport of dump on take the piss out of have it in for hold in disdain deplore laugh torment defame disfavor traduce ignore chaff tease disapprove brush aside marginalize rubbish slate be contemptuous of slander disfavour dislike greatly crack fleer caricature jest burlesque travesty swipe dump grin leer snigger jibe at rib make little of shudder at rap smear abuse calumniate asperse can't stand feel aversion towards quiz lout do down sell short flame gibe at cold-shoulder marginalise poke mullock at ride have an aversion to feel repugnance towards take to pieces pull apart not be able to stand not be able to bear quip at rank out hit out at pick holes in take the mickey out of drag through the mud have a go at do a hatchet job on give Bronx cheer brush off feel aversion to feel hostility to turn up one's nose be unable to abide be unable to bear be down on snicker smile frown on treat as inferior be snobbish to look down at cut stiff humble dispraise denounce discountenance censure attack disgrace fault curl one's lip clamor against wipe wave aside undermine slam-dunk lambaste find fault with take down a peg stiff-arm object rip discommend expostulate mudsling frown decline revolt think little of disobey disesteem fail turn one's nose up at express contempt poor mouth take down take dim view of not go for cut down to size find disgusting treat contemptuously dislike intensely have a strong aversion to be unable to stomach can't bear have aversion to feel repugnance dig at make a fool of disbelieve bite one's thumb at fleer at show contempt laugh to scorn boo scout at resent provoke hold up to scorn mislike oppose disclaim disown discard jive heckle needle neglect eschew be hostile to feel distaste for feel disgust for goad hassle down on feel animosity to feel aversion toward feel hostility towards feel repugnance toward feel hostility toward feel disgust towards have contempt for refuse to acknowledge guy bait haze not be able to stomach feel contempt wipe out give someone the brush-off cast aside tell someone to get lost look right through give the cold shoulder to sweep aside get at sledge have a down on make cutting remarks about say contemptuously turn up your nose reproach swipe at slap dig upbraid outrage tantalize jab offend bother tantalise twitter pillory feel hostile towards don't like regard with repugnance curl one's lip at object to feel revulsion towards bear a grudge against feel malice to be revolted be repulsed skewer jibe banter razz jolly kid be grossed out by downgrade impugn libel be revolted by blast rag on shoot down degrade flout at lower scorch bash vituperate pull to pieces do a number on laugh off tear down speak ill of cast aspersions on put hooks in speak badly of tear into

Động từ

Rebuff, ignore, or spurn disdainfully
snub slight cut humiliate cold-shoulder insult rebuff affront disdain scorn stiff stiff-arm ignore repulse spurn blank brush off high-hat humble mortify shame misprize put down scout treat disrespectfully boycott burr censure chill coldshoulder cool cut dead disregard duck freeze out ice neglect offend ostracise ostracize rebuke scold scratch shun slur snob swank upstage knock back act cool give someone the brush-off give the cold shoulder ice out pass up take no notice of give someone the go-by give the brush give the brushoff kick in the teeth look coldly upon look right through give someone a slap in the face put the chill on not give time of day keep someone at arm's length look right through someone avoid snout straight-arm pretend not to see send to Coventry turn your back on look straight through someone reject snoot give the bum's rush sniff at look down on look down upon show disrespect for show disrespect turn deaf ear to turn one's back on blink at make light of treat with contempt give the cold shoulder to sneeze at shrug off exclude repudiate refuse blacklist blackball steer clear of shut out turn down dismiss decline have nothing to do with repel debar cut someone dead cut someone cold expel veto give a wide berth to look past bar tell someone where to get off ban keep away from embargo disallow jilt desert excommunicate forsake pass by banish leave out in the cold evade discourage resist hand someone the frozen mitt ward off hold off keep at bay eschew bilk fight shy of shy away from recoil from leave alone stave off beat off vote against keep clear of discount keep at a distance keep at arm's length disfellowship stay away from shrink from fend off black cut off proscribe disown prohibit outlaw scoff at cast aside balk at place an embargo on brush aside look straight through sail by abandon walk by leave behind put behind you give somebody the cold shoulder fight off avert keep away rebut deflect deter reluct pooh-pooh drive away contemn dodge elude shirk look through give a pain preclude be exclusive of not be inclusive of other not include turn aside keep off parry drive back hold at bay sneer at keep one's distance from hide from rule out turn nose up at turn your nose up at hold in contempt deprecate denigrate diminish deny check refuse to employ thumbs down consider undesirable put an embargo on hit list put on hit list disparage discredit interdict make unwelcome ditch turn up one's nose disclaim discard strike oppose reprove chide cross withhold patronage remove oust stay clear of abstain from leave in the cold tell someone to get lost wash one's hands of impose sanctions hold aloof from refrain from refuse to take part in stay shy of have no part in stand aloof from give the runaround turn back on turn away from put off push back send away tell off not touch give a wide berth keep your distance from have no part of shy from sweep aside nix down negative kill evict cashier drum out not hear of lash out at body-swerve shake off palm off throw out put in one's place renounce get rid of force out shoot down drop abjure abnegate unfollow unfriend despise burn keep out cast out kick someone in the teeth leave off give someone the big E give someone the air not buy break with have nothing more to do with bin off give someone the push swear off give the elbow

Danh từ

Formal hat

Trái nghĩa của high hat

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