Đồng nghĩa của po faced


Wearing a particularly stern and disapproving expression
earnest grave sober dour sedate severe staid humorless humourless serious sobersided solemn stolid unsmiling disapproving uncomic no-nonsense weighty stern sombre somber grim stony-faced strict deadpan glum gloomy hard sad joyless cheerless rigid austere quiet businesslike long-faced unhumorous depressed morose doleful dejected lugubrious melancholy despondent funereal in low spirits bookish downbeat serious-minded unamused grim-faced stiff thoughtful subdued with a long face intense poker-faced straight-faced uncomical pokerfaced dreary douce puritanical dull studious impassive expressionless owlish moody blank leaden strictly business ponderous cold sober muted sage forbidding saturnine dignified stone-faced harsh oppressive cruel contemplative bound and determined pensive composed resolved sullen introspective reflective ruminative unplayful resolute deep in thought unrelenting inexorable relentless rigorous pitiless flinty uncompromising burdensome murderous tough trying inhuman repressive onerous rugged astringent hard-nosed obdurate implacable nasty excruciating searing rough grievous bitter savage brutal heavy extreme draconian dire terrible dreadful awful bad hardhanded tyrannical unpleasant bleak despotic excessive stringent dismal critical acute authoritarian harrowing distressing drastic autocratic substantial painful forceful significant dictatorial domineering worrying imperious far-reaching hostile overbearing wretched ruthless disagreeable horrible depressing major absolute miserable ghastly profound considerable dangerous great merciless exacting consequential crushing punishing overwhelming firm intemperate tyrannous demanding urgent inflexible desolate important shocking horrendous unyielding high-handed agonizing appalling frightful fierce momentous stark monstrous inhospitable iron-fisted exigent comfortless overweening upsetting peremptory heavy-handed torturous authoritative inclement crucial radical desperate uncomfortable disturbing agonising horrific arbitrary spartan bossy troublesome atrocious harmful swingeing punitive pivotal vital tormenting violent undemocratic strong exorbitant difficult masterful big horrid unkind threatening foul woeful anti-democratic tyrannic extensive horrifying drab immoderate traumatic sharp key hurtful high-priority heavyweight all-important devastating distressful galling portentous unwelcoming uninviting intolerable dark totalitarian abominable rotten magisterial vile tremendous autocratical tragic ferocious coercive gray grey cold ugly alarming daunting inordinate of consequence life and death gruesome troubling afflicting of great consequence life-and-death monumental dogmatic discomforting enormous disquieting sweeping unjust grisly unbending frightening massive thorough macabre decisive injurious callous unhappy distasteful vicious unfriendly mean lousy disheartening morbid offensive sour gross of great importance no joke no laughing matter of great import of moment of significance big deal pressing mournful large unmerciful illiberal nightmarish mighty unbearable humongous filthy life-threatening perilous unwelcome stressful irksome revolting wild extravagant heartrending crippling complete taxing huge autarchic adverse hideous disastrous menacing doctrinaire lamentable sinister prodigious towering unpalatable immense foreboding unreasonable destructive whopping depressive bare direful total fearsome objectionable dispiriting stupendous lonely unfortunate execrable forlorn fatal unfeeling vast intimidating stormy iron-handed hard-line arrogant utter exceptional extraordinary godforsaken tempestuous commanding hellacious fearful damaging lurid formidable sickening black heavy-duty disconcerting dominating inconsiderate insensitive terrific almighty deep mortal exhaustive heartbreaking calamitous out-and-out underlined comprehensive unsettling gigantic colossal gut-wrenching thoroughgoing insufferable heart-rending godawful shattering deadly disgusting ominous unforgiving concerning tortuous brassbound unendurable hazardous disciplinarian lethal ironhanded outrageous remorseless repugnant unfavorable unfavourable unnerving terrifying disconsolate drear unsparing displeasing vexatious repulsive confining cast-iron pronounced unsavory afflictive plutonian tenebrous sepulchral tenebrific officious abhorrent giant haughty strenuous annoying icky yucky yukky chilling tragical lonesome elegiacal dreich elegiac wicked remarkable unlovely unpleasing uncongenial sizable odious egregious sobering precarious very great material unsavoury chill darkening Cimmerian pushy ginormous appreciable hefty capital unamusing off-putting astronomical discouraging suppressive parlous unfair unusual hair-raising eventful imperative catastrophic squally high and mighty heartless curt barren undue hard-hearted blustery turbulent worrisome cataclysmic steep dingy coarse unconscionable unsympathetic high loathsome perturbing Spartan dirty baroque devilish dry crude grinding entire summary impersonal overextravagant insane plethoric overmuch overdue unspeakable poor agitating regrettable tight deleterious anguished brusque monocratic clinical ruinous poignant tactless hardheaded peracute sterile painstaking hairy fraught troublous ramrod barbarous sadistic titanic intractable brutish unpermissive full scrupulous meticulous straitened very bad straight boring tedious fundamental tsarist czarist dread bearish uninhabitable powerful mortifying all-out repellent gruff beastly maximum earth-shattering utmost improper detestable irritating sizeable meaningful institutional scary Neronian subjugating controlling nauseating redoubtable hateful astronomic thumping notable noteworthy heinous obnoxious downright unappealing compelling dyed-in-the-wool mega thunderous negative lordly principal spine-chilling grody epic determined deplorable dominant inauspicious wilful willful unsafe crashing blue cocky loud imposing large-scale imperial undesirable preposterous flagrant uncommon thundering outstanding rare whacking baleful insistent assertive sheer egotistic solid cardinal especial impactful burning historic striking sourpuss down hurting over the top high-level supreme by the book intensive obstinate wide-ranging emphatic nerve-racking ill-fated jeopardous heavy-going humiliating abusive Draconian fascist stifling abrasive gutting gory empty punitory formal sky-high inflated extortionate all-powerful disadvantageous wounding dramatic constraining prohibiting governing restrictive exploitive dim impoverished oppressed prohibitive iniquitous fascistic grewsome very severe rowdy racking pained sunless murky cloudy routine colourless uniform poverty-stricken inimical jarring bare-bones real bullying hellish raging agitated heaving choppy stony biting one-party thoughtless dreaded regimented untoward staggering stunning bothersome invidious unlimited inept undiplomatic bungling tumultuous rancid pesky wearing petrifying inconvenient punk monotonous ill-starred dystopian OTT overstrict hard to please paralysing overpowering bullish nagging systematic scarring mirthless concentrated bloodthirsty barbaric pushing driving czarlike raw deathly intransigent colorless arduous toilsome mammoth demoralizing demoralising fantastic extended copious abrupt brisk paralyzing regnant strong-willed pushful insolent tenacious throwing one's weight about inhumane extremely upsetting binding oversized king-sized king-size Herculean toxic positive wintry detrimental detailed in-depth concerted hard-pressed hopeless shadowy tortured doubtful treacherous apocalyptic rocky unpropitious discommodious troubled full of hardship strained ill-omened ill-boding messy profuse voluminous ample disproportionate storm-tossed steadfast damning cataclysmal devastative headstrong intolerant unconcerned brute wanton indifferent infernal uncaring fiendish butcherly bestial truculent valid picky convincing set acrimonious drawing ironclad brick-wall roaring booming resounding deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing chilly rainy freezing brooding broad all-absorbing vigorous all-inclusive all-encompassing in driver's seat on high horse crack the whip dogmatical incurable malignant poisonous unmitigated exaggerated zealous unqualified decided definite fixed certain undeniable finished encyclopedic wholesale wide dogged hardened hard-core hardhearted unflinching uncharitable single-minded evil-looking spooky bodeful mean-looking unpromising robust abundant snowy wet drizzly icy damp windy clamorous crack-the-whip pompous dictative proud hulking king size jumbo monster fanatical discomposing crummy close assiduous all-embracing minute conscientious methodical annihilatory catastrophal sore encyclopaedic universal revolutionary jeopardizing ultimate unalloyed uber arrant rank right unadulterated veritable proper pure creepy uncomforting cramped not comfortable unsatisfactory abysmal stinking unacceptable diabolical unconventional overkill unseemly ascetical immovable mulish ossified disciplinary bullheaded browbeating stiff-necked ascetic herculean provoking cold-blooded hard and fast very loud bumper explosive exquisite searching blistering keen vehement high-pressure elaborate widespread careful sedulous furious repellant grotty saddening pathetic affecting uncool awkward nauseous imprudent nonsensical fabulous lavish fancy irrational throwing weight around substantive glowering landmark full-scale pernicious prejudicial unsound nocuous annihilative boisterous sorrowful top surpassing incredible phenomenal touch and go very dangerous dead set on by the numbers persistent accelerated fast speeded-up suggestive of evil much headline preponderant obvious special unforgettable keynote generous milestone conclusive glaring fateful newsworthy glorious marked particular earthshaking sensational distinctive noticeable signal resonant memorable worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum impressive front-page unordinary ponderable potent climacteric conspicuous too much wintery unrefined pervasive heightened above average super abnormal increased intensified escalated handsome healthy jacked up boundless limitless baneful thorny unhealthy risky jeopardising noxious O.T.T. out of proportion core humungous superb uttermost gargantuan rude uncouth paramount pertinent intrinsic focal nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking major league backbreaking headache superincumbent ultra advanced iconoclastic loutish uncultured central primary integral main excellent leviathan max marvelous mountainous churlish ungracious matter of life and death rough going prime essential vulgar blunt impolite restrained boorish uncivil crass discourteous ill-bred marvellous telling foremost overriding determining influential immediate top-priority worthwhile pointed prominent instrumental salient plain ribald oafish lewd unpolished indelicate obscene uncultivated indecent profane indecorous bluff ill-mannered unmannerly root-and-branch major-league top-level overshadowing life-changing grand big-league big-time of concern high-profile of note big league top-to-bottom inelegant roughcast vulgarian bawdy repressed unadventurous unpretentious understated traditional conventional conservative unflashy louring bad-mannered steely untutored awesome vexing dismaying tasteless lowbrow lowbred foul-mouthed ungentle artless insensible unceremonious common dark-coloured very big roughneck incult unladylike lowering ungentlemanly raffish dark-colored whopping great whacking great low-key toned-down low-keyed toned down


Affectedly proper, or formal, and rather prudish
prim prudish formal proper puritanical demure prissy strait-laced priggish Victorian starchy stuffy fastidious fussy mimsy niminy-piminy old-maidish particular precise schoolmarmish stiff bluenosed governessy nice-nelly old-maid schoolmistressy straightlaced straitlaced Grundyish square-toed blue-nose ceremonial ceremonious choosy cleanly conventional correct dapper decorous dignified genteel good goody-goody meticulous moralistic nice nit-picking overmodest polite prim and proper rigid snobbish spic-and-span spruce stickling straight upright wooden overnice precious epicene tight-laced namby-pamby goody-two-shoes square reserved reticent narrow-minded strict staid sedate uptight narrow diffident restrained quiet austere withdrawn modest retiring shy bashful mild stick-in-the-mud conservative timid finicky backward smug sober stilted fuddy-duddy severe affected uncommunicative punctilious cool puritan aloof offish taciturn undemonstrative unapproachable composed close serene placid frigid unresponsive collected icy peaceful timorous old-fashioned Pecksniffian pompous scrupulous cold secretive shrinking self-effacing of the old school self-contained distant close-mouthed seemly serious cautious inhibited self-righteous solemn standoffish inflexible gentle soft-spoken misanthropic noncommittal reclusive solitary uncompanionable eremitic sententious self-restrained bigoted sanctimonious censorious shockable stiff-necked stern forbidding pernickety mincing meek holier-than-thou respectable pretentious artificial humble unpretentious hypocritical squeamish fogeyish overparticular moral pedantic rigorous self-satisfied mannered silent unassuming unassertive down-to-earth lowly starched earnest unforthcoming controlled self-controlled virtuous exact discriminating pure remote unfriendly detached introverted picky overdelicate careful retired exacting persnickety stand-offish choosey nit-picky overscrupulous ascetic pietistic stodgy fanatical disapproving pious hair-shirt spartan niggly Pharisaic overexact simpering illiberal abstemious conforming abstinent complacent vain overcautious pi straight-laced god-fearing unctuous PC old-womanish uncompromising methodical unostentatious unobtrusive simple forced conscientious politically correct goody two-shoes mathematical stringent unnatural laboured sticklerish fixed tough scientific insecure unaffected unconfident natural genuine strained unsociable indirect unrelaxed unpretending artless unambitious mousy ordinary ingenuous plain inconspicuous labored private coy constrained equivocal afraid hesitant euphemistic doubtful media-shy guarded calm closemouthed unemotional chilly tight-lipped laconic dumb tranquil Olympian disingenuous devious insincere deceptive unruffled dainty demanding ladylike decent discerning sensitive critical innocent virginal chaste maidenly imperturbable unflappable impersonal fine kittenish sheepish coquettish recessive steady deadly musty conformist finical refined sharp keen selective serious-minded grave humourless fusty perceptive faddy fussbudgety faddish finicking perfectionist acute mealy-mouthed coolheaded undisturbed limpid equal unshaken unworried self-possessed unperturbed together recollected untroubled self-composed level possessed smooth unassured blushing skittish old-fogeyish hypercritical nitpicking delicate boring foetid self-important hot bloated warm fetid arrogant smoky supercilious humorless smelly magisterial important puffy sombre deliberate dispassionate stately somber hard to please over-particular difficult to please impossible to please cold sober cool as cucumber as dry as dust unbending unsympathetic haughty unsocial official antisocial straight arrow keeping people at arm's length by the numbers


Deliberately impassive or expressionless
deadpan blank expressionless empty impassive inexpressive straight-faced vacant wooden poker-faced inscrutable stony unexpressive catatonic dispassionate numb stolid unresponsive vacuous fixed glazed lifeless serious unreadable unsmiling nobody home emotionless unemotional dull cold indifferent inanimate flat undemonstrative glassy apathetic dead unfeeling stoic phlegmatic stoical frigid passionless impassible affectless uninterested cold-blooded remote stupid distant hollow calm detached absent motionless bland lacklustre lackluster cool inert unimpassioned insensitive controlled restrained unexcitable glacial reserved impersonal aloof toneless matter-of-fact chill heartless self-controlled impenetrable enigmatic cool, calm and collected vague inane cryptic fishy mysterious spiritless torpid placid absent-minded heavy unsympathetic lusterless callous fish-eyed lethargic tranquil dry passive icy nowhere unaffected imperturbable nonemotional immovable unconcerned disinterested uncompassionate listless blah pokerfaced impossible to interpret along for the ride stony-eyed glassy-eyed reactionless soulless devoid dumb unintelligent puzzling colourless bovine withdrawn rigid introspective colorless faraway unflappable unmoving groggy uninvolved lymphatic desensitized dazed dreaming dreamy devoid of emotion desensitised sluggish thoughtless abstracted idle benumbed asleep inhuman numbed meaningless stiff uncommunicative masklike noncommittal immobile incurious unthinking uncomprehending ditzy anesthetized lukewarm senseless insipid silly witless foolish daydreaming vapid clinical paralyzed still anaesthetized paralysed level-headed businesslike collected cool-headed hard-headed unruffled sober rational serene unmoved unagitated unsentimental equable unimpressionable composed objective thick-skinned quiet coldhearted obdurate reticent marble hard-hearted hard-boiled laid-back laid back supine inactive uncanny mystic occult deep enigmatical arcane going with the flow rolling with the punches sphinxlike hidden sphinx-like indecipherable bemused absorbed distracted preoccupied oblivious inattentive musing unaware distrait unheeding heedless perplexed unfocused insensate defunct insentient extinct unsystematic scatterbrained disorganized forgetful unreliable undependable inorganic mineral giddy feather-headed empty-headed erratic dizzy birdbrained scatty feather-brained non-organic exanimate unconscious dippy dappy abiotic quiescent mystified disorganised nonplussed puzzled baffled bewildered pensive negligent careless absentminded inadvertent neglectful wool-gathering deceased nonvegetable inoperative nonliving azoic without life nonanimal not alive unmindful unobservant far away not with it somewhere else omitted minus bare deficient with one's head in the clouds with a mind like a sieve miles away lost in thought in a brown study not with us in short supply

Trái nghĩa của po faced

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