Đồng nghĩa của bungling

Alternative for bungling

bungles, bungled, bungling

Đồng nghĩa: blunder, botch, tumble,


Incompetent or inept
awkward clumsy inept maladroit unskilful blundering ham-fisted ham-handed incompetent inexpert cack-handed amateurish botched botching bumbling clodhopping foolish fumbled gauche inefficient lumbering muddled oafish stumbling useless inapt unco unskillful graceless ungainly butterfingered uncoordinated ungraceful unhandy all thumbs heavy-handed gawky inelegant klutzy all fingers and thumbs crude unpolished gawkish rough ponderous clownish handless like a bull in a china shop lubberly tactless cloddish lumpish gangling indelicate uncouth artless unsubtle untactful left-handed unrefined coarse cumbersome stiff shambling unskilled gruff undexterous rude indiscreet butterfingers unwieldy harsh injudicious rash wooden unadept bovine undiplomatic impolitic hasty vulgar heavy elephantine doltish stupid boorish imprudent blunderous floundering unfit unpolitic heavy-footed brash green unsophisticated loutish hulking flat-footed accident-prone with two left feet crass having two left feet having two left hands careless rough-hewn not agile all thumbs mutton-fisted lumpen churlish stolid lethargic obtuse unsteady fumbly stilted clunky slouching coltish unfacile puddingy dull unproductive unsuccessful unwise uncivil sharp inadvisable blunt skill-less hopeless ill-bred out of your depth insensitive inconsiderate thoughtless unperceptive unthinking two left feet ill-judged ill-advised bulky simple primitive rustic rudimentary plain jerry-built rough and ready jerry-rigged jury-rigged rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready fumbling untalented tasteless callous straightforward precipitate


Not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully
incompetent inept inexpert incapable unskilled unfit inadequate useless unqualified amateurish ineffectual inferior unskillful unskilful ineffective unfitted amateur substandard inexperienced clumsy inapt pathetic inefficient unable untrained hopeless deficient unproficient unprofessional maladroit blundering awkward wanting unequipped unsuitable unhandy floundering insufficient cowboy lacking ineligible disqualified raw incapacitated unapt undependable helpless unadapted uninitiated unreliable no good cack-handed not equal to ham-fisted a dead loss not good enough lacking ability not up to scratch bush-league skill-less not much cop not cut out for not up to snuff leaving much to be desired not up to it less capable not have it out to lunch unable to do something for toffee crude bumbling nonprofessional dilettante jackleg dilettantish slipshod gauche shoddy sloppy botched unpractised slapdash ham-handed green fumbling heavy-handed careless bodged butterfingered unworkmanlike fumbled hack weak unaccomplished poor rude unsophisticated botching nonexpert insipid handless left-handed graceless second-rate half-baked unco bad can't hack it unpracticed inproficient suboptimal subpar untalented all thumbs couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery all fingers and thumbs negligent unprepared unschooled menial ill-equipped not up to faulty slack extravagant prodigal slovenly shooting blanks improficient inefficacious feeble disorganized improvident talentless ungainly inadept undexterous uncultivated unstudied without finesse unpolished ungraceful klutzy disorganised lacking finesse unartful gawky impotent not cut out unqualified for untrained for incapable of unable to do something uneducated untaught incompetent at out of one's element can't make the grade manual unversed labouring undeveloped laboring blue-collar


Resembling a lout
loutish boorish oafish rough uncouth churlish coarse ill-bred gross ill-mannered unmannerly clodhopping gawky stolid swinish thuggish bullying classless cloddish clownish common doltish impolite lumpen lumpish philistine rowdy rude uncivilised uncivilized vulgar wild yobbish bad-mannered barbaric bearish cantankerous clumsy crass dense gruff hoonish loud lubberly ornery rustic slobbish uncultured uneducated unpolished unrefined crude uncultivated uncivil discourteous tasteless brutish unsophisticated graceless inconsiderate ungracious unmannered lowbrow barbarian inelegant ungentlemanly lowbred ignorant roughneck barbarous incult rough-hewn indecorous disrespectful raffish rugged unladylike indelicate savage low thoughtless Neanderthal insensible blunt impertinent primitive offensive ungraceful illiberal awkward brusque mannerless ungallant raw uncalled-for impudent curt ungainly unhandsome improper insolent unchivalrous sullen stiff lumbering Neandertal tactless surly gauche heathen insensitive base abusive insulting raunchy plebby heathenish natural foul-mouthed harsh mean cruel audacious cheeky foul bawdy indecent badly behaved obscene unpleasant hick provincial gawkish dirty filthy unseemly disgracious unworldly illiterate brash unsavoury lewd fresh benighted wooden impure stilted loud-mouthed shameless unsavory low-bred socially unsure socially awkward ribald crabbed dour vulgarian untutored irritable disagreeable presumptuous stupid hooligan uncharitable uncoordinated plebeian tacky cheap brutal profane derogatory hillbilly inhuman ill-humored ill-humoured earthy misbehaved uncomfortable uneasy ocker lippy inept backwoods bumbling blundering maladroit contumelious underbred malapert ungenteel off-color immodest smutty nasty rustical klutzy offhand unco slouching corrupt outlandish short sharp unwieldy flip abrupt hulking out-of-line lacking in social graces socially inept shambling ill-behaved subhuman blue unfeeling callous bad-tempered ill-tempered morose undiscriminating imperceptive blockish dorky bourgeois lowdown and dirty scatological dozy guileless naive ingenuous loudmouthed parochial countrified inurbane unpoised nescient troglodytic unkind mean-spirited sketchy untamed vicious merciless unread commercial unenlightened materialist ponderous ungentlemanlike tart rough and ready common as muck Philistine scatologic immature backward off ape-like obnoxious obtuse clunky foolish dull offish snippy cross-grained polite grumpy miserly unsociable grouchy truculent ill-natured unneighborly touchy ugly cussed crusty anti-intellectual inartistic trailer-park disparaging pert brassy unfriendly arrogant uninformed undiplomatic uncontrolled outrageous ungodly unholy unconscionable wicked cocky uncomplimentary mouthy smart-alecky brazen smart alecky moody beyond the pale overbearing inaffable insubordinate disdainful nervous yokelish intrusive bounderish peremptory tough severe hard bluff bashful splay shy gangling nervy gangly in a state of nature inappropriate forbidding austere fierce roughcast grim stern heavy-handed steely stark intimidating louring grievous explicit flinty artless onerous unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive ungentle heavy bad risqué tawdry unchaste naughty degrading colloquial vituperative unsettling derisive shocking affronting vile sickening unutterable salacious blasphemous sordid X-rated vilifying suggestive unclean unwholesome murderous lowering baseborn low-minded low-born unhandy bovine inexpert unskilful butterfingered ham-fisted like a bull in a china shop ham-handed cack-handed all thumbs bold forward sassy saucy wise contemptuous cocksure pushy smart irreverent scornful brazen-faced terse bold-faced barefaced brassbound arch presuming scurrilous slighting unabashed bumptious flippant sarcastic overbold snappy belittling denigratory blatant unblushing assuming overconfident familiar unmindful defamatory arrant pejorative hurtful heedless self-assertive cavalier brass-necked careless snappish downright procacious brusk short-spoken assumptive uppity opprobrious caustic dismissive deprecatory derisory overfamiliar bold as brass cool boldfaced unsympathetic slanderous brisk libellous impetuous high-handed snippety self-centered libelous confident vituperatory ungrateful self-asserting vitriolic no-nonsense supercilious imperious invective personal scathing crisp depreciatory demeaning self-centred pretentious uncaring mischievous out of line humiliating reproachful unashamed depreciative sneering negative hasty impatient unappreciative critical unembarrassed wounding defiant unthankful derogative denigrative aweless objectionable self-confident inappreciative haughty rash sardonic pompous facetious overweening aggressive forceful scurrile scurril mocking jeering thankless unconsiderate free reviling conceited off-base smug malicious assertive unconcerned obloquious calumniating glib calumniatory cute impious sacrilegious censorious maligning lofty smart-aleck meddlesome lordly brief traducing flagrant abrasive smarty-pants impolitic dictatorial indiscreet hubristic detracting unthanking satirical smart-arsed untactful obtrusive detractive brazenfaced plain-spoken hardened abandoned smart-assed chesty profligate depraved huffy masterful important highfalutin huffish hifalutin toploftical sniffy superior toplofty uppish repulsive unprincipled dissolute incorrigible decrying high-hat high-and-mighty stiff-necked reprobate sharp-tongued damaging immoral ironical domineering repugnant disgusting spiteful self-assured laconic playful egotistic annoying irritating scolding violent berating boisterous displeasing perfunctory pithy unsubtle witty selfish jocular ridiculing prying interfering meddling jokey injurious deprecating castigating insouciant provocative exceptionable tongue-in-cheek whimsical acerbic provoking monosyllabic frivolous taunting unthinking casual discrediting galling upbraiding vexing unacceptable reprehensible short-tempered funny hotheaded aloof protrusive uninterested biting impulsive dusty reckless censurable outspoken iconoclastic frank comical humorous scoffing condescending antisocial incautious inquisitive nosy unflattering upsetting catty fearless tetchy unthoughtful asocial patronizing in-your-face self-important disapproving pushing opinionated ridiculous silly precipitate presumptive thrusting grating breezy impish regardless wanton bald-faced teasing unshrinking irreverential unhallowed as bold as brass blustering unrepentant direct bantam vivacious forthright snotty snooty patronising officious high and mighty coming on strong uncourteous unperceptive hostile testy uncourtly obvious boldface decisive pointed inhospitable unfortunate hurried undignified sudden summary businesslike brave plucky ill charmless unheard-of clipped amoral unappreciated temeritous withering virulent injudicious distant irascible disregardful mannish unfeminine hoydenish manlike tomboyish unwomanly indifferent incongruous unsuitable malign petulant indulgent over-free relaxed overindulgent breviloquent smart-mouthed apathetic not afraid to call a spade a spade standoffish crotchety crabby taciturn cursory unprintable deflating unfavourable diminishing dishonouring ranting denunciatory off base unfilial profanatory ballsy damning quizzical ironic exasperating debasing feisty sour cross take-it-or-leave-it pococurante volatile weisenheiming combative inane clever overt roisterous rollicking intolerant cutting unreserved effervescent trashy headlong bright full of oneself embarrassing matter-of-fact to the point affected bullish free-and-easy tolerant calumnious daring uninhibited out of sorts satiric spirited proud impenitent unconcealed transparent remorseless undisguised detractory snobbish wisecracking overassertive scandalous gritty discreditable mud-slinging overfriendly choice uncalled for boastful full of yourself unfair heartless over-assertive bare-faced detestable jocose droll jesting wry roguish joking waggish lighthearted precious cutesy remote snobby tony pushful swanky ostentatious elitist persnickety angry saturnine speaking as one finds robust amusing distasteful without shame not backwards in coming forwards dyslogistic judgemental sniping judgmental disadvantageous downgrading malevolent fault-finding dishonoring despiteful minimizing unfavorable minimising aspersing calling a spade a spade toffee-nosed throwing one's weight about stuck-up high-flown hoity-toity putting on airs reproving castigatory mincingly clever blithe unwelcome insufferable deplorable abhorrent undesirable contemptible magisterial imperative strident noisy blaring bustling superficial undismayed undaunted pitiless acerb comfortless insupportable intolerable shallow irresponsible carefree jarring lacking civility bad mannered rubbing the wrong way hateful spiky argumentative hard to take busy jibing overzealous bossy piercing raucous put down out of order egotistical jangling dissonant thundering booming cacophonous deafening shrill snide overbusy pillorying puckish unawed unflinching overhasty foolhardy previous premature flashy discordant gaudy ear-splitting light-hearted pragmatic pathetic risible farcical preposterous importunate absurd ludicrous nosey cockamamie intruding lampooning cockamamy snoopy laughable bigheaded poised abashless unrestrained composed unaffected unshamed jazzy tinny showy garish self-satisfied cynical bureaucratic gally intermeddling snidey sarky fussy metallic flirtatious high-pitched disregarding unheeding mortifying depreciating derelict inattentive nonobservant neglectful negligent too big for your boots delinquent remiss for the birds mindless blind listless deaf inadvertent slack lax


Disgracefully bad or unpleasant
diabolical dreadful terrible appalling atrocious awful frightful poor shocking deplorable disgraceful inferior lamentable mediocre shameful substandard unsatisfactory abysmal crummy dire dismal hopeless inadequate inept second-rate shoddy third-rate very bad bum God-awful lousy pathetic pitiful rotten useless woeful chronic duff nasty outrageous pits poxy ropy rubbish tricky unpleasant vile damnable direful egregious excruciating hellacious a load of pants bad horrendous abominable pants odious wretched horrible execrable punk sorry sad disappointing sucky godawful derisory miserable disastrous god-awful rubbishy low-grade trashy deficient unacceptable cheap shabby dissatisfactory subpar suboptimal paltry junky grotty wanting imperfect below par worthless below standard contemptible lame disagreeable low-quality low-rent coarse bargain-basement defective crude under par common schlock abject schlocky two-bit faulty pitiable unsound sub-par insufficient below average laughable second-class flawed subnormal base dime-a-dozen trumpery cheapjack average junk middling indifferent ordinary unexceptional dodgy pedestrian cut-rate tawdry tenth-rate sleazy leaving much to be desired not up to snuff not up to much gimcrack cheesy repulsive lemon poorer downmarket tatty low hack tinny el cheapo bush-league good-for-nothing déclassé the pits jerry-built crumby wrong hideous ghastly bush meager meagre wack off beastly not much cop poor-quality low-end calamitous tacky offensive unspeakable gross incompetent bodger weak lacking less-than-stellar cruddy not up to scratch despicable revolting gruesome unsightly sordid grim feeble hateful objectionable mean unfortunate regrettable foul distressing yucky detestable repellent loathsome sour tinhorn horrid reprehensible obnoxious garbage stinking piddling piss-poor obscene repugnant impaired not up to standard weak sauce half-pie strictly for the birds insufferable cheap and nasty no great shakes from hunger piteous commonplace end-of-the-pier uncomfortable disgusting repellant ill amiss second-best poorly heinous naff inefficient reduced limited abhorrent icky grody noisome ropey catastrophic cataclysmic second class beggarly insignificant dilapidated rancid impotent little ineffectual not cutting it low quality measly cheapie insubstantial restricted inappreciable inconsiderable sparing ineffective off-color sickening ridiculous rueful absurd ludicrous tragic affecting tough depressing hellish disgustful rebarbative loathly scandalous negligible trifling desperate careless nauseous dirty flimsy shlocky seedy ratty shlock grubby scabby scummy scurvy godforsaken harmful slovenly foolish-looking silly accursed cringe-making dinky mingy piffling cheap-jack of a sort no good monstrous horrific confounded cursed under-strength run down for the birds unseemly down at heel impermissible exceptionable distasteful intolerable insupportable displeasing improper inadmissible unsuitable inappropriate undesirable amateurish unimpressive dubious unreasonable questionable condemnable scurrilous out cheapo irremediable indefensible stinky inacceptable unappealing uninviting reject won't do over the fence not up to par not on not quite the done thing poor quality half-baked second rate not cricket of poor quality beyond the pale of low quality out of order valueless craptacular


Unable or insufficient to produce any effect or result
ineffectual ineffective unproductive unsuccessful fruitless futile useless vain unavailing profitless inefficacious abortive bootless unprofitable failed inadequate inefficient inept non-successful pointless barren empty lame otiose worthless bungled inutile unfructuous unfruitful idle indecisive insufficient unable unimpressive to no avail to no effect nugatory valueless in vain hopeless meaningless purposeless sterile impotent hollow trivial to no purpose trifling counterproductive unrewarding paltry insignificant thwarted aimless of no use senseless unusable inconsequential inoperative impractical feckless weak unimportant good-for-nothing feeble inferior unpurposed foiled Sisyphean doomed insubstantial wasted unprolific without success no dice null petty no-good of no avail incompetent waste expendable impracticable spineless baulked unavailable powerless no-account for nought unsatisfactory unremunerative balked frustrated void junky frivolous on a treadmill apathetic spiritless not worth the candle poor miserable trashy wretched lacklustre uninspiring bogus mediocre abandoned nothing unessential ignoble cheap lackluster unworkable nonfunctional lifeless unfunctional hamstrung inexpedient defeated dysfunctional scrap lazy disastrous needless exhausted measly negligible pathetic no use stillborn forlorn inane footling piddling pants irrelevant dry botched stupid disadvantageous slight misfired forceless withered defeasible neutralised innocuous neutralized limited anticlimactic delusive blocked unreal gainless vapid chaffy banal unsubstantial no good lost a dead loss without rhyme or reason despicable contemptible base abject drossy ne'er-do-well thankless failing scant miscarried uneconomic unsuitable unserviceable invertebrate nonpractical unanimated listless muted lustreless ruined spoiled stymied broken unuseful inoperable save one's breath hindered stonewalled obstructed frustaneous unlucrative groundless insincere spoilt motiveless shiftless irresponsible null and void time-wasting cramped not useful nominal niggling piddly picayune pimping piffling inconsiderable chicken peanut minute uncreative slow unyieldly nonproductive wasteful nonsensical absurd tame dead no-win puny misleading unnotable shuck delusory for naught messed up insipid infecund infertile baseless casual dull going nowhere inactive indolent slothful spinning one's wheels wild goose chase of no value emasculate slack-spined rambling unfounded unhelpful insane fatuous boring in vicious circle not a prayer flaccid helpless impossible stale unambitious incautious fustian lousy uncareful unenterprising carefree careless unreliable reckless wild resultless unneeded purportless redundant nongermane superfluous unnecessary not effective no go no way de minimis Mickey Mouse lacking foundation fouled up uninteresting off tedious arid flat commonplace no good to gundy non-functioning ill-fated bleak without grounds without foundation not serious dreary monotonous drab unstimulating prosaic humdrum effete not pertinent deficient defective unachievable despaired of beyond remedy vacuous vacant unfilled clear silly poxy rubbishy nickel-and-dime wanky of no benefit silent turned off not in use not working out of service out of use rubbish two a penny not much cop a dime a dozen not worth a hill of beans uncalled for goalless inessential uncalled-for gratuitous unwarranted dispensable mindless nonessential wandering drifting unwanted unrequired haphazard wanton non-essential random peripheral surplus not needed unreasonable directionless undesired objectless excessive indiscriminate desultory avoidable causeless bad incidental extraneous flighty extrinsic beyond hope undirected optional unmerited cosmetic not required not having a prayer with no chance of success unjustified childless laggard unasked throwaway unsalable pyrrhic unmeaning unsound adrift specious witless designless thoughtless illogical irrational of no earthly use exorbitant brainless erratic surplus to requirements additional issueless ridiculous floundering Pyrrhic parlous automatic oblivious superficial vagrant capricious heedless blind foolish unpromising threatening sinister menacing invalid hit-or-miss desperate despairing despondent unattainable shallow minor lightweight wishy-washy puerile flippant driftless disposable cancelled nullified rescinded revoked fortuitous objectiveless uncritical empty-headed without depth prodigal noncompulsory nonvalid non-viable nonbinding terminated discontinued undesirable chance accidental no need too much supererogatory beside the point without direction canceled not binding de trop not in force


A bungled task
botch failure mess blunder fiasco hash debacle flop balls-up bodge bungle fail foul-up fumble miscarriage screw-up wreck snafu cockup disaster pig's breakfast pig's ear washout abortion lemon defeat bust bomb collapse catastrophe turkey misadventure breakdown nonsuccess failing clinker dud miss clunker fizzle bummer misstep frustration rout lead balloon let-down loser faux pas nonperformance implosion shipwreck false step calamity sinking ship downfall loss frost damp squib flash in the pan bankruptcy overthrow stalemate mishap dead duck dead loss total loss ruin shambles tragedy crash decay rupture decline inadequacy deficit checkmate stoppage deficiency deterioration nonachievement unsuccessfulness car crash letdown undoing foundering error ruination setback misfiring misfortune misfire non-fulfilment non-starter vain attempt trainwreck reversal unsuccess whammy disappointment farce cropper mistake train wreck lack of success coming to nothing fizzling out non-success falling through no-hoper oversight misprision neglect dereliction default negligence delinquency fizzer muck omnishambles muddle screwup fall rabble embarrassment omission anticlimax route discomfiture downer reverse nonfeasance rejection drag bringdown choker breaking down shit show dumb thing to do liquidation non-event trouncing disintegration penury beggary impecuniousness pennilessness folding administration receivership indebtedness pauperdom dissolution shellacking crack-up smash beating smashup vanquishment defeasance devastation havoc drubbing licking financial ruin insolvency blue ruin thwarting perversion mismanagement mischance aborting lapse malfunction miscarriages insufficiency interruption spontaneous abortion still birth trouble zero big zero annihilation thrashing massacre pasting hammering hiding caning demolition trimming trashing waxing conquest destruction blow whipping clobbering pounding going-over overwhelming defeat crushing defeat slaughter subjugation triumph mastery killing whitewashing extermination downthrow repulse lacing scalping rebuff ambush paddling count check insuccess trap KO break nonstarter plastering lump whaling also-ran dog flopperoo bellyflop débâcle no-go write-off thumping battering walloping non-achiever jalopy mauling junk reject blank old banger piece of junk slip fault miscue want defect crumbling buckling falling to pieces crumpling falling apart shutdown falling down falling depression landslide walkover romp disgrace descent vanquishing unseating end debasement declination demise degeneracy toppling declension degeneration ousting death devolution comedown Waterloo deposition decadence elimination comeuppance degradation nemesis eclipse flameout labefaction bane rack and ruin atrophy road to ruin loss of power doom loss of status loss of prosperity


A mistake made in a performance or speech
fluff mistake error blunder slip fault gaffe oversight boob lapse clanger inaccuracy misstep goof gaff stumble slipup flub fumble clinker miscue screwup brick trip bobble blooper howler miscalculation bloomer indiscretion fail boner solecism botch defect bloop thinko miss muff floater muddle bas boo-boo slip-up faux pas lapsus calami lapsus linguae false step slip of the tongue bungle misjudgment misjudgement flaw foul-up impropriety barry failure misapprehension screw-up snafu slip of the pen misunderstanding transgression misjudging omission glitch indecorum fallacy botch-up gaucherie slight erratum mess false move error of judgment cockup offense breach delusion misconception misinterpretation err familiarity misreading aberration misreckoning offence misdeed literal hash negligence breach of etiquette wrong mess-up delinquency fall mix-up malapropism pratfall drop shortcoming hesitation accident mishap upset mishandling misfielding wreck shambles bumble imprudence crime bozo eruption wrong move failing bodge bad move mismanagement gremlin bug imperfection trespass debacle fiasco violation snag inadvertence absurdity deviation putting foot in mouth dereliction vice corrigendum wrength typo underestimation hiccup sin flub-up bad wrongdoing unfaithfulness wrongness impreciseness unreliability carelessness neglect overestimation inattention snarl-up botched job goof-up confusion illusion dumb move dumb thing to do stupid mistake brain fart typographical error laxity misapplication printer's error preterition chasm disregard overlooking blank overlook skip pretermission poor judgment dilemma complication failure to notice upheaval difficulty trouble quandary poor choice complexity emergency snarl encumbrance commotion intricacy struggle misconduct peccadillo awkwardness involvement break human error balls-up car crash flop Freudian slip lapse of etiquette social blunder colossal blunder blunder in etiquette miscount misconstruction misestimate misprint mixup misestimation blow misconstruing misimpression misknowledge overvaluation undervaluation incomprehension keyboarding error catastrophe false impression misdemeanour misstatement printing error infelicity misusage keying error typesetting error typing error disaster misbelief limitation confounding misdemeanor bummer want wrong idea tongue twister bad luck misfortune weakness spoonerism misevaluation printing mistake keying mistake typesetting mistake keyboarding mistake typing mistake typographical mistake breakdown felony misuse foible barbarism wrong impression false reading default disorder woe deficiency lemon washout blemish dud fizzle clunker bust bomb mischance reverse frailty inadequacy turkey frost calamity demerit miscarriage adversity trial reversal casualty misadventure weak point poor decision bad choice distortion misspeaking poor decision-making inadvertency bad idea incorrect sum exception hole inappropriate behaviour social indiscretion sus linguae overestimate infraction boo boo whoops malfunction improper act flummox foulup false belief misconstrual piece of indecorum incongruity underestimate malaprop jumble mispronunciation forgetfulness obstruction virus blip catch showstopper abortion despisement scorn disdain small mistake foot in the mouth wrong word tangle cacology fizzer bonehead play neglectfulness error of judgement misreading of the situation false interpretation mistaken belief mispositioning misdesign misarrangement misalignment sinning fankle turmoil puzzle chaos non-fulfilment slackness embarrassment folly wickedness mischief mischievousness minor offence petty offence route shipwreck fallibility misprision laxness remissness misbehaviour farce lead balloon rout loser degradation backsliding disorganization misconfiguration disorganisation disarray susceptibility naivete unseemliness stupidity thoughtlessness crudeness misbehavior hastiness ingenuousness simple-mindedness excitability indiscreetness unthinkingness misspeak lack vulnerability petty sin trifling fault poor configuration abuse grammatical mistake bad behaviour peccability foolish mistake hang-up suscept flimsiness Achilles heel foil chink in your armour poor layout loss dropping the ball wrong configuration setback yielding to temptation original sin misappreciation inappropriateness misery inappositeness sadness incorrectness unfitness inaptness improperness fall from grace tragedy problem infirmity unhappiness ruin wretchedness idiosyncrasy quirk drawback defeat downfall destruction contretemps tribulation knock ill ruination overthrow collapse cataclysm bad break unfortunate incident reverse of fortune ill fortune unseating deposition ousting vanquishing conquest toppling weak spot blind spot stroke of bad luck ill luck overturn end elimination shame debasement annihilation disgrace death humiliation nemesis Waterloo labefaction grief destroyer last straw loss of power bane bad omen visitation undoing smash doom final straw subversion


Present participle for to perform a task incompetently
botching flubbing muffing blundering blowing bumbling mishandling bodging butchering fluffing mangling mismanaging ruining bobbling boggling fumbling spoiling dubbing foozling fudging marring miscalculating murdering booting erring screwing up fouling up making a mess of ballsing up dropping the ball goofing up lousing up making a hash of messing up mucking up balling up bollixing up doing something badly gumming up making a Horlicks of making a muck of making a pig's ear of making a dog's dinner of making a nonsense of muddling wrecking stumbling boobing slipping up tripping bollixing misdirecting misconducting goofing misgoverning confusing jumbling botching up failing floundering mixing up tripping up messing damaging missing snafuing making a mistake slipping snarling muddling up getting wrong maladministering hashing misruling misjudging mutilating mending distorting misapplying miscomputing destroying managing badly confounding overlooking misfielding mishitting making a botch of falling down blowing it getting it wrong tumbling muffling veiling stuffing up doing clumsily queering making hash of lousing misusing wasting squandering bollocksing up bolloxing bolixing bolloxing up bolixing up grappling misconjecturing misconstruing patching losing miscarrying choking sinning putting a spanner in the works pulling a boner losing the handle throwing scuppering making a hash fouling faltering perverting prostituting exploiting misemploying careening throwing away dropping a clanger making mistake making a boo-boo behaving badly jacking up delivering badly putting your foot in it dropping a brick making a blunder miscuing making a boner miscueing going wrong mistaking whiffing dropping mistiming falling flat on face with erring on making a pig's ear making a dog's breakfast hashing up making a mess making an error misunderstanding misreading misestimating misinterpreting underestimating overestimating underrating undervaluing overvaluing overrating discounting getting signals crossed disregarding misreckoning missing by a mile miscounting making a howler misgauging misconceiving mismeasuring misdeeming getting things wrong boo-booing nodding mispronouncing stumbling through making a bloomer saying wrong misstating going astray making a slip erroring misstepping missteping making a faux pas lapsing making a false move misapprehending deviating blotting your copybook snarling up barking up the wrong tree getting the wrong end of the stick muffing something up calculating wrongly estimating wrongly making a mistake about

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