Đồng nghĩa của literal

Alternative for literal

Tính từ

Free from exaggeration or distortion
factual plain simple true genuine objective strict unexaggerated unvarnished bare exact unembellished accurate authentic correct faithful gospel stark straightforward truthful unadulterated undistorted veracious veritable actual documentary hard historical matter-of-fact narrow nonfictional real apparent critical honest methodical natural ordinary scrupulous unembroidered unerring usual verbal written not figurative bona fide word for word realistic precise verifiable frank direct upfront unelaborated valid veridical credible reliable proper legit kosher true to life on the level candid sincere forthright unequivocal explicit unambiguous straight fact-based harsh brutal unquestionable so undisguised unqualified blunt undoubted right dinkum open outspoken evident certain plain-spoken spot-on true-blue spot on florid as true as I'm sitting here telling it like it is as it really happened as true as I'm standing here warts and all on the up and up like it is naturalistic case undeniable pure in accordance with the facts documented well-founded unfaked trustworthy fundamental what really happened on the mark what actually happened transparent obvious naked patent sheer manifest provable demonstrable on target on the money in accordance with reality bald down-to-earth logical confirmable cogent free-spoken round cold believable ingenuous truth-telling meaning what one says guileless righteous plainspoken unfeigned square unreserved just errorless close undeceptive bang on dead-on on the line on-target high-principled on the nail sure lifelike unadorned fair legitimate verbatim circumstantial concrete existent very verisimilar veristic absolute effective unprejudiced scientific unbiased true-to-life sure-enough true-life card-carrying de facto straight from horse's mouth downright unconcealed unveiled raw straight from the shoulder for real open and shut

Tính từ

Giving a strict or literal construction
down-to-earth factual matter-of-fact boring dull unimaginative colorless colourless literal-minded no-nonsense prosaic hard-headed level-headed pedestrian prosy tedious uninspired unsentimental humdrum uninspiring mundane dry flat plain lifeless unemotional deadpan unembellished unvarnished unadorned realistic sober practical pragmatic rational sensible straightforward businesslike commonsensical hardheaded earthy pragmatical uncreative emotionless phlegmatic undistorted exact unembroidered unaffected unidealistic unimpassioned straight-thinking with both feet on the ground logical stale trite banal everyday lacklustre spiritless lackluster ordinary vapid heavy hackneyed dead routine plodding vacuous workaday commonplace insipid bland jejune tame undistinguished terrestrial unpoetic nitty-gritty clear monotonous accurate apathetic naked faithful serious feasible impassive stoic impersonal cold stolid cold-blooded hard-boiled calm truthful run-of-the-mill uninteresting common unexciting dreary unremarkable drab wearisome conventional vanilla tiresome stock unexceptional tired usual characterless average normal uneventful stodgy unoriginal quotidian ho-hum arid stereotyped stuffy bromidic leaden stupid slow standard bog-standard old typical mediocre ponderous platitudinous jading mind-numbing garden-variety tiring monochromatic corny plain vanilla drudging numbing weary derivative middle-of-the-road overused old hat wearying overworked hacky dusty customary common or garden unmemorable nothing to write home about indifferent threadbare unvaried clichéd blah regular so-so predictable nondescript no great shakes mainstream standard-issue well-worn cornball cut-and-dried cut-and-dry timeworn stereotypical familiar sterile worn-out repetitious a dime a dozen nothing second-rate set ho hum ornery time-worn not up to much shopworn moth-eaten middling worn out day-to-day musty played out hokey wishy-washy OK general habitual unvarying half-pie garden variety forgettable familiar tune hack unnoteworthy accustomed barren fair repetitive simple warmed-over traditional anaemic worn stereotypic platitudinal cliché not so hot bathetic exhausted drained mildewed chain overdone used-up ready-made unstimulating lame cliched nowhere passable anemic wonted dull as dishwater featureless medium draggy deadly torpid tolerable dime-store unchanging inferior run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class prevailing frequent truistic samey household prevalent insignificant established ubiquitous dim weak dry as dust nothing special unpretentious garden hoary adequate limp generic modest pointless feeble fatiguing banausic bloodless soporific popular weariful zero natural amateurish amateur stiff fair-to-middling inane settled pabulum run of the mill not much cop moderate unanimated as dry as dust orthodox lustreless empty watery homespun milk-and-water mechanical big yawn wooden expected white-bread dime-a-dozen obsolete formulaic dullsville antiquated bog standard dreich unadventurous nothing to get excited about lacking variety muted square not very good listless laborious derived plebeian inconspicuous unimpressive gray grey uniform passionless monochrome lusterless irksome bush-league enervating exhausting homely namby-pamby cliche obligatory hackney cobwebby basic flavorless depressing flavourless innocuous okay inoffensive plastic unrelieved fixed zestless unentertaining unenjoyable decent monotone sluggish humble antiseptic ten a penny daily yawnsome fairish typic long-winded fuddy-duddy lacking excitement lacking interest fair to middling uninventive suburban useless interminable lowly unmoved outdated unromantic outmoded overlong static public well worn widespread cliché-ridden accepted worthless toneless unpalatable pallid vacant casual informal recognized poor non-stimulating characteristic inconsequential hollow long-drawn-out soul-destroying acknowledged matter-of-course unimportant mean domestic expressionless dragging tripe soulless not bad dismal dull as ditchwater intermediate boilerplate unappealing regulation universal staple current treadmill immaterial O.K. prolix trivial archetypal archetypical desolate going unspirited whitebread meh sapless lacking variation deadening proverbial chronic downcast recognised middle of the road all right methodical of no consequence par for the course sedate staid usual thing long prosing pompous bummer drag cloying drear bomb menial unenthusiastic shiftless uninterested unspecial turgid workday unimpressed heavy-handed yawn formalistic discreet unspectacular annoying irritating classic acceptable sombre somber earthbound wordy unartistic in-between lethargic anonymous mindless old-hat out-of-date played-out old-chestnut old-saw no-frills laboured droning boresome vexatious silly respectable stilted phoned in crude meagre simplistic meager periodic constant quiet family enough two a penny serviceable half-hearted inadequate scheduled jake standardized standardised facile noplace dumb cornfed vieux jeu bleak dowdy good satisfactory unfeeling mat unexpressive matte unexcited dulled orderly unambitious lazy unfateful indecisive noneventful inconclusive unlively unpassioned mortal poky snooze inert blending into the background soft mild drivelling nebbish driveling beige fatuous tenuous slight subdued uninflected labored forced depressed known repeated representative seasonal undistinctive plain-Jane unextraordinary off-the-shelf irrelevant inconsiderable paltry without variety overall endless raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy inexpressive lacking vitality passive unseasoned blind true piddling waterish nerdy wimpy reiterated samely monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song unchanged of poor quality ruling collective meaningless whatever canonical well-known acquainted two-dimensional out of date majority shared admitted pervasive rife grind old-fashioned obvious starch unsophisticated futile of little consequence of little importance not worth mentioning of no importance of no great concern of no account unmotivated archaic slothful spent one-size-fits-all flat as pancake lead balloon deadly dull defunct recognizable recurring acquired honored vain profitless extinct puts one to sleep antediluvian boiler plate superannuated common variety well known native recognisable time-honored unrewarding passé unproductive fruitless honoured vulgar received antwacky out of the ark cut and dried aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless well established widely held ineffectual otiose unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious ineffective abortive unappetizing inedible unfruitful unfilled unprolific unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable savourless uninviting off-putting unpleasant unattractive disagreeable unnoticeable regimented governmental utilitarian corporate functional institutional unsavory rudimentary ugly standard issue elementary no big deal unobjectionable harmless safe halfhearted diluted boiled down without punch

Tính từ

Exact in correspondence or adherence to something
strict accurate exact precise meticulous scrupulous careful conscientious fastidious unerring painstaking particular punctilious unwavering faultless rigorous stringent thorough defined judicious unmistakable veridical errorless methodical rigid systematic detailed perfect specific unambiguous certain definitive flawless reliable correct explicit infallible formal pinpoint delicate uncompromising clear-cut error-free definite faithful close true distinct veracious right authentic proper on the button spot-on concrete sharp on the nose unequivocal clear on the money verbatim categorical express bang on factual truthful regular genuine just deft solid skillful discriminating scientific discriminative skilful punctual matter-of-fact lifelike ultraprecise well defined on the mark on the beam spot on on the nail clearly defined direct good word-perfect absolute complete on-target dead-on dead on inch-perfect severe actual refined mathematical fine crystal clear hairline very similar unquestionable in depth univocal decisive surgical individual determinate resembling well-defined identical word for word impeccable downright determined established set right on nailed down on target bull's-eye blow-by-blow on the numbers narrow outright hard cut-and-dried black-and-white fair convincing realistic verisimilar veristic nice true to life telling it like it is fact-based as it really happened comprehensive minute plain full exhaustive straightforward manifest decided obvious conclusive indubitable patent unqualified elaborate black and white extensive emphatic open-and-shut positive forthright unreserved sure lucid particularized hard and fast cut and dried in-depth circumstantial point-blank blunt assured candid open undeniable unambivalent evident encyclopedic nonambiguous particularised straight firm perspicuous stark unblurred understandable settled transparent consummate final encyclopaedic palpable bald ringing clearly expressed no holds barred straight from the shoulder frank convinced confident elaborated seriatim intensive all-embracing profound outspoken upfront incontrovertible overt indisputable luculent rank thoroughgoing total real uninhibited pellucid apparent barefaced unquestioning incontestable unrestricted irrefutable luminous undisputed stated dedicated focused crisp clean-cut lucent broad pronounced out-and-out plain-spoken bald-faced specialized focussed specialised no catch flat-out straight out bright-line no ifs ands or buts sharply defined no strings attached no fine print monosemous distinctive clear cut res ipsa loquitur cut and dry spelled out instantly recognizable deep undoubted unquestioned personal immediate striking crystalline marked plentiful rich copious profuse abundant lavish ample intricate experienced liberal sufficient exclusive honest unarguable guaranteed valid firsthand penetrating sweeping unfaltering proven authoritative satisfying sincere boutique niche essential elemental satisfied doubtless persuaded canonical unrestrained in detail broad-ranging resolute implicit recognized tangible well-marked undubitable known silhouetted graphic bold significant vivid recognised well-grounded distinguishable incisive noteworthy audible visible technical concentrated special intimate official unimpeachable unrefuted forthcoming utter out-front openhearted as plain as the nose on your face as plain as daylight not vague first-hand self-assured self-conceited confirmed self-confident unhesitating unconditional pure plainspoken unguarded bluff tactless resounding categoric unadulterated wholehearted unstinting wholesale expert functional far-reaching unconcealed undiplomatic freehearted straight to the point undisguised affirmative cold free from doubt itemized all-inclusive easily understandable without error unlimited unmitigated simple unalloyed sheer free-spoken speaking as one finds up-front no-nonsense not beating around the bush point blank not afraid to call a spade a spade forceful cocksure inarguable forcible entire ultimate whole plumb arrant dead unconstrained apodictic extreme flat bodacious crashing deadly blank plenary undiluted wide stone dreadful clean blooming developed without reservations through and through all-out in every respect all out no kicker cotton-picking no strings one hundred per cent full-bore straight-out deep-dyed right-down itemised enumerated finicky point-by-point specially designed at length comprehensible uncontestable undisputable intelligible crystal limpid crystal-clear easily understood self-evident nailed-on open and shut

Tính từ

Technical or narrow

Danh từ

A misprint of a letter
error misprint mistake slip corrigendum erratum howler typo keyboarding error keying error printing error typesetting error typing error typographical error slip of the pen blunder oversight fault inaccuracy slipup flaw boob solecism blooper slip-up omission printing mistake absurdity misinterpretation typesetting mistake typographical mistake keyboarding mistake keying mistake typing mistake misjudgement misjudgment gaffe lapse miscalculation gaff clanger goof misstep flub screw-up fluff stumble clinker fumble bloomer slip of the tongue miscue fallacy screwup trip brick bobble fail boo-boo barry defect wrong delusion misconception misreckoning failure boner misapprehension misreading mismanagement glitch fall delinquency miss thinko slight deviation wrength misstatement faux pas foot in the mouth unfaithfulness impreciseness unreliability wrongness foul-up lapsus calami lapsus linguae printer's error misunderstanding bungle indiscretion impropriety mix-up botch snafu bloop misconstruction bug gremlin muff misjudging transgression miscount breakdown confusion muddle illusion mishap false step blow error of judgment untruth mess falsehood falsity misestimate mixup gaucherie misestimation malfunction sin misdeed misbelief underestimation problem overestimation false impression incorrectness Freudian slip blip failing inadvertence offence wrong idea offense peccadillo difficulty falseness floater misconstruing poor judgment misimpression limitation familiarity misknowledge overvaluation undervaluation incomprehension debacle imperfection false move breach dereliction breach of etiquette catastrophe erroneousness virus bummer misdemeanour tongue twister goof-up crime neglect obstruction indecorum misfortune shortcoming botch-up negligence infelicity wrongdoing trespass misusage mistaken belief vice disaster shambles cockup confounding accident fiasco hitch blemish setback flop snag hiccup upset exception hallucination myth misdemeanor hash wreck want mischance adversity aberration spoonerism reversal bad luck catch showstopper fallaciousness car crash misapplication err mistakenness weakness misevaluation malapropism bumble felony misuse carelessness barbarism foible commotion wrong impression false reading default complication disorder woe snarl-up disregard deficiency mess-up lemon washout misconduct trouble laxity downfall dud fizzle drawback encumbrance defeat clunker bust bomb reverse frailty dumb move inadequacy turkey frost skip preterition chasm overlooking overlook pretermission calamity collapse demerit knock miscarriage trial break something wrong dumb thing to do casualty misadventure weak point balls-up hang-up stroke of bad luck fly in the ointment poor decision bad choice erroneous belief pratfall distortion whoops old wivesʼ tale inadvertency drop poor decision-making bonehead play flummox foulup hesitation imprudence spot echo censor tap misfielding mishandling imprecision unsoundness unsuitability speciousness bad misspeaking bad idea bodge wrong move flub-up bad move incorrect sum false belief poor choice hole minor shock inexactness faultiness inappropriate behaviour social indiscretion impairment inattention overestimate stupid mistake misconstrual fabrication untruthfulness fiction infraction bozo eruption bungling boo boo bas improper act blank piece of indecorum incongruity underestimate crash malaprop botched job violation jumble putting foot in mouth mispronunciation forgetfulness colossal blunder lapse of etiquette social blunder abortion despisement scorn disdain small mistake sus linguae wrong word tangle failure to notice cacology dilemma false interpretation fizzer uphill interruption blunder in etiquette neglectfulness error of judgement misreading of the situation upheaval quandary brain fart mispositioning misdesign misarrangement misalignment sinning fankle turmoil puzzle chaos non-fulfilment slackness embarrassment anomaly misfire kink minor offence petty offence emergency snarl complexity intricacy struggle route shipwreck fallibility misprision laxness remissness farce lead balloon rout loser folly wickedness mischief mischievousness degradation backsliding involvement awkwardness disorganization misconfiguration disorganisation disarray susceptibility malware vulnerability misbehaviour lack petty sin trifling fault poor configuration abuse grammatical mistake naivete unseemliness stupidity thoughtlessness crudeness misbehavior hastiness ingenuousness simple-mindedness excitability indiscreetness unthinkingness misspeak peccability inappropriateness misery inappositeness sadness unfitness inaptness improperness computer glitch bad behaviour wrong end of the stick chink in one's armour suscept flimsiness Achilles heel foil chink in your armour poor layout computer malfunction foolish mistake wrong configuration yielding to temptation original sin misappreciation unhappiness wretchedness infirmity loss tragedy dropping the ball ruin idiosyncrasy quirk fall from grace destruction ruination overthrow contretemps tribulation ill cataclysm bad break unfortunate incident weak spot unseating deposition ousting vanquishing conquest toppling reverse of fortune ill fortune blind spot obstacle overturn end elimination shame debasement annihilation disgrace death ill luck humiliation nemesis Waterloo labefaction impasse issue hurdle hindrance impediment barrier grief destroyer last straw loss of power bane bad omen visitation undoing smash doom final straw subversion delay holdup discouragement inconvenience hardship holdback handicap disadvantage crimp trammel inefficacy disappointment block whammy cramp bafflement one in the eye body blow spanner in the works catch-22 piece of bad luck bit of trouble reversal of fortune monkey wrench kick in the teeth knock-back hold-up stumbling block bitter pill

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