Đồng nghĩa của affirmative

Alternative for affirmative


Trái nghĩa: negative,

Tính từ

Giving someone support or confidence
encouraging supportive reassuring sympathetic inspiring inspiriting nurturing understanding uplifting caring cheerful comforting compassionate empathetic enthusiastic feeling helpful kindly sensitive warm affectionate appreciative approving benevolent calming cheering concerned gladdening heartening heartwarming kind positive protective responsive soothing boosting fulfilling gratifying pleasing stimulating welcome rewarding satisfying loving tender consoling beneficent indulgent condoling commiserative solicitous thoughtful considerate empathic touching warming paternal stirring giving heart-warming gentle gracious maternal philanthropic generous charitable pitying altruistic humane benign commiserating fatherlike forbearing benignant tenderhearted warmhearted softhearted kindhearted sympathizing warm-hearted tender-hearted good-hearted kind-hearted soft-hearted soft fatherly sympathising having heart in right place all heart moving affecting promising propitious auspicious gladsome soul-stirring hopeful attentive philanthropical patriarchal avuncular vigilant consolatory cheery heartfelt sweet pleasant exhilarating joyous merciful lenient humanitarian relieving assuaging decent selfless unselfish neighborly tolerant neighbourly obliging human easing doting motherly bighearted clement genial piteous goodhearted ruthful interested magnanimous sparing good-natured big-hearted well meaning loving and giving old softie open-minded large-hearted well disposed well-disposed well-intentioned open-hearted bleeding heart do-good great-hearted bleeding-heart appreciating comprehending vicarious mitigating analeptic upholding revitalizing curing solacing abating bolstering envigorating remedying softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring alleviating revivifying health-giving restoring sustaining allaying succoring freeing refreshing mild liberal forgiving friendly good amiable patient accommodating affable chivalrous amicable easy easy-going easygoing bounteous cordial complaisant munificent bountiful unstinting approachable mellow public-spirited big congenial permissive noble fond eleemosynary nice open-handed moderate agreeable good-humored good-humoured light ungrudging hospitable sentimental pardoning self-sacrificing compliant openhanded sociable unassuming gallant lax likeable condoning receptive likable mild-mannered mollycoddling pampering perceptive free cooperative greathearted tactful polite devoted favourable respectful favorable modest lovable good-tempered angelic placid harmless civilized condolatory openhearted spoiling meek freehanded open pacific mindful aware excusing docile reactive impressionable peaceable calm peaceful courteous civilised accessible accepting self-denying conscious broad-minded careful deferential temperate free-handed unsparing moved delightful engaging unoffensive sweet-tempered self-effacing well intentioned well-mannered companionable brotherly generous to a fault allowing moralistic permitting yielding sorry socially concerned emotional serene hearty well-meaning intuitive vulnerable flexible maternalistic cognizant touchy-feely susceptible personable heroic perceiving humoring diplomatic righteous lovely passionate mother sensible amenable regardful conciliatory tame subdued mushy forthcoming humouring valiant lamblike demure reverent comradely self-forgetting lavish unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome retiring submissive civil sweet-natured even-tempered honourable honorable denying benefic non-confrontational heart in right place going easy on parental moral princely humble chummy bland bonhomous full of pity socially aware woke idealistic paternalistic long-suffering pitiful immaculate natural disinterested placable culturally sensitive understandable social-minded holy pharisaical goody-goody angelical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive spotless unerring almsgiving courageous quiet freehearted fulsome observant heedful soft-shell emollient assuasive favoring letting charming nonmalignant pietistical pristine unflawed unmarred chaste graceful pietistic accommodative cosseting wholesome social thoughty very kind favouring courtly wonderful nonthreatening incorruptible extroverted appealing tranquil willing to forgive laid back patriotic contributing donating prosocial well-bred acquiescent guiding taking captivating winning enchanting live with being big self-forgetful touched soft-shelled overpermissive nonjudgmental brave swell ingratiating jovial familial fiery irritable sensorial demonstrative sensory high-strung nervous fragile virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful as nice as pie simpatico reasonable equable chilled easy-oasy soft touch dutiful pliant loyal fraternal sheltering socially conscious shy dove-like welcoming jejune vapid dull flat subservient spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant overindulgent fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless public- spirited soft-spoken sisterly dovelike cool non-malignant able to live with going along with pally protecting watchful supporting caretaking stirred deceivable honest virtuous ethical principled respectable upstanding conscientious upright dupable awake alive noble-minded valorous earnest wholehearted genuine sincere happy barley-sugar trusting naive tractable unsuspicious deludable unoppressive biddable unburdensome gullible fleeceable impressed personal intimate inviting eager eager to help eager to please discerning high-minded just fair convivial matey deep palsy amorous palsy-walsy buddy-buddy urbane unctuous stately suave knightly sensitized stimulated affected influenced melted sharp undemanding elevated high lordly goodish lofty great impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable deeply moved active sentient alert influenceable respondent sensile replying persuadable quick to react acknowledging answering susceptive finely tuned supersensitive weak touchy feely tuned in spineless boneless open to suggestions turned on to quick to respond

Tính từ

A stated certainty
positive certain confident convinced assured clear unfaltering doubtless persuaded satisfied unwavering categorical concrete implicit resolute decided express undeniable unequivocal conclusive confirmed decisive definite self-assured self-conceited self-confident specific unhesitating unquestionable unquestioning absolute cold firm free from doubt perfect rank real actual clear-cut cocksure complete consummate direct downright explicit factual forceful forcible genuine hard inarguable incontestable incontrovertible indisputable indubitable irrefutable out-and-out outright sure thorough thoroughgoing unambiguous unmistakable true evident obvious patent manifest plain undoubted unarguable irrefragable unanswerable unassailable beyond question final definitive unchallengeable proven accomplished palpable beyond doubt transparent demonstrable fixed watertight set emphatic verifiable guaranteed self-evident reliable infallible sound convincing accurate authentic determined not in doubt authoritative straightforward beyond dispute trustworthy unqualified undisputable valid distinct known sanguine pronounced settled apparent confirmable unerring apodictic safe bona fide accepted nailed-on tangible precise unimpeachable provable undebatable sure thing marked ultimate acknowledged striking compelling beyond a shadow of a doubt observable airtight established unquestioned substantial undisputed recognized unfailing solid sensible noticeable unconditional clinching ascertained material veritable steadfast in the bag existent establishable supreme effective verified not in question resolved certified unshakeable recognised on ice sure-fire broad open-and-shut having down pat crystal clear open and shut conspicuous unshaken predestined destined open unshakable demonstrative flawless constant telling honest perceptible flat undoubting uncontroversial legit unambivalent nonambiguous steady lucid uncompromising unchallenged uncontested objective unswerving in no doubt pellucid perspicuous bald barefaced salted away trusting as plain as a pikestaff intent legitimate determinate staring one in the face bald-faced well defined bright-line candid flat-out straight out dependable proper no ifs ands or buts univocal discernible secure undoubtable unreserved foolproof veridical stable straight inexpugnable kosher corporeal hard-and-fast easy in one's mind secure in one's belief substantive surefire luculent inevitable last deciding exact single-minded sure-enough ringing luminous purposeful staunch obstinate bound stubborn committed bent de facto inerrant authenticated do-or-die strong-willed correct for real very hell-bent on hell-bent upon bent on bent upon frank sheer blunt prominent pat earnest faultless good believing appreciable frozen documented righteous significant never-failing sincere double-checked uncontestable particular impressive detectable perceivable no mistake powerful comprehensible attested plausible credible physical intelligible remarkable dogged impeccable assertive distinctive arresting realistic essential unshakeable in one's belief inflexible unyielding questionless black and white glaring black-and-white visible obdurate unbending certifiable strong undoubtful sealed substantiated blatant for sure tenacious unalterable out determining well-founded well-grounded unrelenting unmalleable dedicated irrevocable nailed down intransigent persistent intrinsic virtual focused focussed immovable point-blank stalwart having no doubt persevering dinkum inerrable for certain validated settling existing at ease fail-safe can't-miss unimaginary undeviating straight from the shoulder inescapable as sure as eggs is eggs tried and true official believable all out honest-to-goodness tried and tested dead set on rightful inalienable immutable shallow simplistic specified optimistic runaway hopeful enduring abiding changeless unchanging unchangeable for a fact unvarying defined quantified tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary unequivocable cinched unvacillating limited forthright corroborated naive glib jejune unbreakable abrupt considerable impregnable invincible irresistible freely admitted not disputed superior accepting assuming presuming unfabled straight-from-the-shoulder fundamental failsafe telltale invulnerable tacit irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic down pat without doubt well grounded well-proven unique obtrusive no two ways about it persuasive cogent that's a fact beyond the shadow of a doubt having faith implied inimitable unsubtle peremptory attestable evincible without loopholes having no questions about unshaken in one's belief clear in your mind undubitable strict measurable unacknowledged have no doubt authenticating determinative determinant revealing resolving irrefrangible beyond a shadow of doubt adamant unflinching quantifiable real-life real-world literal demonstrated hold the unwavering view not question stone cold notable recognizable non-spiritual hard and fast entire total utter there are no two ways about it litmus test what you see is what you get all sewn up can bet on it completing concluding state-of-the-art finishing closing limiting terminating ending terminal insistent whole-hearted validating no ifs ands or buts about it axiomatic holding the unwavering view as plain as the nose on your face beyond a doubt as plain as daylight self-explanatory nof ifs ands or buts twenty-four-carat honest-to-god sure enough phenomenal wholehearted in earnest hard-line implacable dominant relentless supportable sustainable checkable empirical empiric prevailing hardened domineering seasoned easy heartfelt unpretentious unfeigned undesigning artless unpretended unaffected natural well-established simple hearty stand pat going dyed-in-the-wool hang tough through-and-through consistent swayed converted unconcealed overt plain to see flagrant blinding discernable undisguised apprehensible distinguishable sure of yourself with no doubts about filled with aplomb believing in oneself sure of oneself self-possessed unbeatable efficacious error-free influenced stark writ large gross salient unadulterated full non-fictitious non-fictional deducible ascertainable inferable well documented colorable sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb recognisable as clear as day ostensible seeming written all over someone standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb historical living current unimagined bodily uncanny deadly meticulous scrupulous detailed dramatic honest-to-God sure-thing on the level for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly live present corporal embodied incarnate bold handy agreeable effectual right acceptable useful always effective satisfying satisfactory helpful undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing showy undiluted unalloyed enthusiastic brilliant errorless dead just unmistaken spot-on invariable commanding flamboyant faithful trusty unblurred enterprising deliberate driven ambitious motivated splashy set in stone catchy won over authorized understandable unmannered grabby responsible noisy lucent crystal limpid devoted approved sanctioned telelogical calculated intense no catch embedded constructive practical implicative inarticulate hidden inferential unuttered contained bodacious talked into something kenspeckle loyal conscientious spot on endorsed licensed accredited formal crystal-clear predictable decent upright trustable calculable mean business be out for blood playing hard ball nose to the grindstone cut-and-dried momentous honourable truthful honorable reputable respectable high-principled easily understood no holds barred no strings attached no fine print clearly expressed true-blue careful incorrupt true-hearted veracious resounding warranted storming up front thumping thundering legal signed lawful ratified binding eye-catching allowed signed and sealed licenced ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared suitable customary cathedral canonical authorised ex cathedra okay and delivered orthodox ex officio fitting no ifs and or buts indurate strong-minded clear-sighted rock-ribbed dead set

Danh từ

An affirmative answer, especially in voting

Phó từ

Correct and apropos
uh-huh yes absolutely agreed all right amen assuredly aye beyond a doubt by all means certainly definitely even so exactly fine gladly good good enough granted indubitably just so most assuredly naturally of course okay positively precisely roger surely sure thing true undoubtedly unquestionably very well willingly without fail yea yep right on indeed without question without doubt without a doubt undeniably clearly doubtless incontrovertibly indisputably incontestably inarguably easily unarguably hands down plainly sure truly unequivocally so doubtlessly beyond doubt really decidedly irrefutably evidently unmistakably alright forsooth conclusively for certain for sure undisputedly categorically patently manifestly obviously palpably beyond question by all odds for a fact with certainty as sure as eggs is eggs beyond any doubt undoubtably transparently emphatically demonstrably admittedly distinctly unimpeachably come hell or high water beyond the shadow of a doubt beyond a shadow of a doubt no ifs ands or buts about it there are no two ways about it needless to say cert posolutely inevitably noticeably visibly inexorably discernibly unavoidably to be sure markedly blatantly ostensibly beyond any shadow of a doubt rain or shine explicitly unfailingly come what may infallibly nothing else but for real unerringly fixedly beyond shadow of doubt unshakably unambiguously unreservedly perceptibly no doubt in every way from all appearances apparently in every respect in reality no question overtly one hundred per cent in fact openly no ifs ands or buts beyond shadow of a doubt sure as can be a hundred per cent in truth no two ways about it seemingly straight out sure enough to all intents and purposes obvs it goes without saying far and away downright there's no denying it by a mile

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