Đồng nghĩa của last

Alternative for last

lasts, lasted, lasting

Đồng nghĩa: conclusive, end, final, hindmost, latest, once and for all, ultimate,

Tính từ

Serving to put an end to all debate
final conclusive ultimate deciding decisive absolute categorical definitive determining irrevocable official principal authoritative clear closing determinate clinching concluding determinative emphatic key settling prime unequivocal definite positive unconditional precise convincing irrefutable certain unquestionable undeniable actual sure unambiguous flat-out straight out significant critical crucial chief unqualified influential pivotal necessary major important paramount infallible completing state-of-the-art reliable downright limiting finishing terminating complete perfect plain real ending terminal exact guaranteed genuine assured undoubted firm confirmed manifest dinkum peremptory factual nailed down nailed-on stone cold no ifs ands or buts incontrovertible incontestable unarguable indisputable unanswerable demonstrative unassailable beyond question beyond doubt watertight beyond dispute uncontroversial airtight irrefrangible irrefragable revealing unmistakable resolving determinant beyond a shadow of a doubt what you see is what you get litmus test all out momentous vital essential imperative climacteric fundamental central urgent consequential pressing indispensable weighty life-and-death all-important far-reaching of great consequence high-priority serious fateful apocalyptic integral big fatal requisite historic supreme needed required compelling epoch-making must-have acute meaningful climactic of the utmost importance of the essence pre-eminent now or never earth-shattering life-or-death vitally important shaping responsible causal evaluative defining forceful imperious trenchant decided incisive crisp settled grave portentous stirring gripping exciting culminating hair-raising riveting dramatic peak apocalyptical action-packed thrilling intrinsic quintessential primary core focal dominant earth-shaking crowning climactical climatical overruling cardinal preeminent primal heavy premier overriding predominant leading grand top great capital main ruling master world-shaking of vital importance extremely important life-saving world-shattering life or death of great moment outstanding prerequisite mandatory radical burning much needed very important testing trying searching psychological desperate clamorous dire insistent showdown touchy climatic touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice strategic needful exigent most influential

Tính từ

(somewhat rare) Highest in degree
consummate absolute maximum utmost utter categorical complete downright extreme most pure sheer total ultimate unqualified uttermost max profound supreme outright paramount quintessential stark unmitigated matchless nth top all-out flat-out out-and-out outside greatest highest topmost superlative maximal maxi full best major enormous pre-eminent greatest possible greatest amount of unrivalled optimum ideal unsurpassed biggest largest preeminent incomparable unsurpassable unmatchable unequalable transcendent apogean significant surpassing towering unrivaled concentrated determined mostest thoroughgoing peerless inimitable unparalleled unequalled unmatched unexampled unequaled nonpareil beyond compare without equal second to none perfect singular exceptional model unique superior excellent one and only without match only beyond comparison out of sight faultless in a class of one's own outstanding without peer rare without parallel sovereign one-in-a-million par excellence hors concours in a class of its own categoric thorough fair plumb unconditional definite unadulterated unalloyed arrant dreadful rank solid bodacious dead flat deadly conspicuous clean blooming whole flawless impeccable positive perfected chronic finished errant blank exclusive straight-out cotton-picking classic unprecedented novel essential exemplary prototypical special extraordinary typical deep-dyed standout one-off irreplaceable unparagoned one of a kind extraordinaire signal sui generis unexcelled far-out unimaginable archetypal in a class by itself phenomenal notable unrepeatable noteworthy something else remarkable incredible unrepeated unheard-of unconventional purpose-built separate once-in-a-lifetime newfangled amazing new without precedent unordinary primo one-of-a-kind exquisite fresh most extreme most significant

Tính từ

Denoting the second or second mentioned of two people or things

Động từ

Maintain or support oneself, especially at a minimal level
subsist exist live survive endure manage cope stay alive be breathe continue depend fare feed get along get by support oneself get through hang on living move sustain make ends meet make out make the grade rely for nourishment sustain yourself barely exist hang in hang tough keep going make both ends meet make it remain alive ride out scrape by eke out an existence just make it keep body and soul together stick it out stick with it eke out a living keep the wolf from the door keep your head above water make do muddle through muddle along fend scrape along scrape through scrimp support get on scrape a living support yourself shift for fend for barely have enough to live on scarcely have enough to live on make provision for provide for keep one's head above water take care of look after break even pay your bills consist dwell continue living struggle along go on profit scrimp and save sustain oneself make a living maintain yourself feed yourself earn money maintain oneself keep alive acquire a livelihood earn a living earn one's living shift do flourish prosper contrive thrive make shift succeed do well enough hack handle deal contend grapple defend weather face suffer struggle wrestle eke out existence tussle battle dispatch confront tangle get a handle on struggle through come through keep one's end up make it out alive carry on look after oneself bear up weather the storm rub along shift for oneself paddle one's own canoe deal with stand on one's own two feet progress proceed go fare all right be all right hack it deal with the situation advance do all right stagger cut it handle it rub on improvise develop depart deal with it make the best of a bad job hearten inspire steel encourage persevere inspirit embolden muddle happen scratch a living scarcely manage to live barely manage to live crack it scratch out a living manage to live with difficulty pass prove journey perform hie buoy up chirk up withstand buck up cheer up pace come pan out march go along forge come along make headway manage without help take care of oneself make it on one's own manage without assistance cope on one's own manage by oneself go off turn out endure it bear it hold up hold out soldier on hold one's own stand it tolerate it thole it abide it contend with put up with it make a go of it be doing with it stick it stand firm keep one's position stand tall maintain one's position stand one's ground score achieve grin and bear it accept fight combat scuffle do with clash engage tackle close rassle brawl encounter cope with come to grips with resolve bite the bullet come to terms with face up to strive take take on address yourself to come to grips get to grips do battle

Động từ

To persist in
keep at persevere with persist with beaver be persistent in be pertinacious in be resolute in be steadfast in complete continue continue with drudge endure finish grind keep going with keep on at labor labour maintain not cease from not falter in not give up persevere persist remain see through show determination in slave stay stick stick at toil be steadfast carry on carry on with peg away at plough on plough through plow on plow through plug away press on with slave away at soldier on soldier on with stick to struggle on with work away at bash on with hammer away at plug away at keep your nose to the grindstone keep on press on stick with hang in there go on keep up follow through push on go on with hang on keep going stick it out stay the course stay with pursue see something through keep keep on with hammer away go the distance proceed stick at it peg away grind away struggle on press ahead hold on be persistent be stubborn persist in persevere in not stop not give up with abide not take no for an answer hold up linger stick with it bide see it through prevail hold out go all the way perseverate stay with something get on follow something through be tenacious tough it out be pertinacious carry through hold perdure stop at nothing stand fast gut it out keep at it leave no stone unturned plod on follow up strive hang tough stick to guns hang in go the limit be resolute go ahead be diligent stick to your guns perpetuate bring to completion continue activity continue to the end bring to a finish work exert yourself plod on through press ahead with plough on through work at persist at put one's back into stick something out proceed with push on with stick to one's guns get on with never cease carry forward recur survive live on refuse to go away obtain stick around run on repeat go to the mat go for broke keep driving remain firm hold fast be patient go for it pursue your goal keep your hand in show determination be determined bash on be resolved keep it up stand firm exert oneself work hard travail beaver away struggle sweat endeavor buckle down endeavour stay with it stand your ground slog moil live plug plod sustain hustle slog away bear stand one's ground grub resist insist withstand strain plow tug stand hump take outlast plough weather graft dig away bang away knuckle down bear up last out bear down work like a dog work like a Trojan sweat blood be durable stand up put up with it go fight grin and bear it direct wear handle extend exist conduct crack on study hard be assiduous show dedication be industrious show commitment put up with ride out try hard buckle to run slave away plod away make an effort commit oneself devote oneself spare no effort apply oneself see it through to the end kill oneself get stuck in stay on chug away be left dig your heels in use some elbow grease stay around get one's head down cling on come through work one's butt off wear well keep striving keep attempting carry on trying suffer stay pat not budge operate keep trying carry on doggedly work one's nuts off be comfortable be stable cut it remain alive stay alive make the cut devote spin out peg commit give reserve bullock hammer smile and nod grit one's teeth lump hold one's ground dedicate trail drag knock oneself out trample hike schlepp work day and night address concentrate outlive manage work your fingers to the bone apply yourself to kill oneself with drudge away work one's socks off on graft away not cease make it dig bend be tarry stay fresh hack it do something constantly do something incessantly not stop doing something do something continually discharge wage practise be firm fight on hold your own push forward take pains toil on apply study advance happen ramble act come about behave deport comport occur take place execute engage in hold true meet make a stand draw out pocket brook absorb press accept countenance remain true support stretch out hack hold good carry-on stomach be emphatic remain unchanged stay staunch tolerate take it like a man be timeless keep one's nose to the grindstone give best shot do one's best pour it on pull out all stops give old college try put one's back in it put one's shoulder to the wheel give one's all hit the ball give all one's got make effort have no end wear on be long lived never say die stand up for oneself practice prosecute sweat out brook no refusal put your foot down lay down the law take the bad with the good take the rough with the smooth go ahead with work away clutch grasp latch on hang about wait loiter be tough kick your heels grip cling keep a hold on hang around pay attention be attentive head-down keep your head down bear with stretch stick out lie head reach lead give it one's all dive in go all out give it all one has creep range spread go round circulate encompass go around trend move past

Danh từ

The end or last moment, especially death
end finish close completion conclusion ending death finale limit termination closing culmination finis omega windup bitter end end of the line wind-up closing stages last act wrap-up grand finale swan song coup de grace resolution consummation closure discontinuation stoppage halt cessation finalization stop discontinuance achievement fruition shutdown execution cutoff wrap accomplishment dénouement arrest surcease polishing off run-in desistance finalisation check shutoff lapse expiration sewing up curtain winding-up curtains final part homestretch end of the road arrestment fulfilment denouement closedown liquidation mop-up final stage winding up capper cease endgame terminus fulfillment last stage final act stay offset suspension stopping outcome payoff interruption result expiry consequence realization finishing climax pause period halting break success realisation adjournment attainment epilogue issue coda perfection upshot epilog ceasing breaking off freeze standstill intermission disruption peroration desuetude effect determination retirement final scene dissolution grinding halt actualization breakup screaming halt last part stopping point tail end eventuality sign-off cutting short actuality pass destruction bottom line last word end result respite collapse interval rest breakdown abeyance deadlock hiatus abandonment breather downtime layoff letup time-out break-off delay screeching halt aftermath corollary summation blockage failure product fruit effecting aftereffect backwash running out feat outgrowth performance precipitate sequel coup concluding development fate sequence reification effectuation triumph final curtain resultant acquirement child sequelae baby pay-off let-up severance separation remission disjunction gap blackout discontinuity withdrawal recess outro curtailment alternation demise summing-up dispatch completeness integration hips cancellation occlusion dead stop dead end lapsing final thoughts cesser abortion time off solution clarification unravelling lull brick wall roadblock catastrophe wane summing up cut-off cancelation kiss-off ballgame term full stop cut-off point chaser blow-off afterpiece closer button suppression unraveling cleanup end-stage end-stages final word cloture folding final point last stop disbarment disbandment finishing point causatum end piece obstruction inhibition hindrance shutting crowning glory discontinuing sequent staying prevention restraining restraint checking stalling to a finish doing it to a T shutting down closing down after-effect follow-on spin-off fag end target maturity gaining maturation wait tag end hesitation block desisting remaining terminating deterring holding materialization ripeness acquisition procurement ruin enjoyment interlude obtaining getting reaching realizing winning securing stalemate impasse ruination ripening implementation logjam gain reaping fulfilling crumbling gridlock standoff extinction downfall undoing readiness fruitfulness satisfaction gratification pleasure procuring acquiring crackup stand elimination extermination Mexican standoff breathing space materialisation disintegration dispersal realising arrival at succeeding arrival time out deed extinguishing annihilation obliteration exploit act extirpation eradication repercussion reaction ramification maneuver stunt operation manoeuvre exercise move wiping out stratagem doing effort produce fruits concomitant reverberations event stroke of genius carrying out production bringing about master stroke peak by-product matter of course out-turn pinnacle zenith apex top height summit apogee acme vertex crown crest sum apotheosis head capstone crescendo maximum meridian noontime copestone extremity noon high noon tip-top high point highest point crowning moment critical mass high-water mark crowning touch punch line blow off ne plus ultra high water mark

Danh từ

A shoemaker's model for shaping or repairing a shoe or boot

Danh từ

The furthest or most extreme point or limit of something

Danh từ

The second or second mentioned of two

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