Đồng nghĩa của parting

Alternative for parting


Đồng nghĩa: departure, exit, leaving, withdrawal,

parts, parted, parting

Đồng nghĩa: component, cut, division, fraction, portion, role, section, segment, share,

Trái nghĩa: meet, whole,

Danh từ

The action of leaving or being separated from someone
farewell departure leave-taking adieu going goodbye valediction decamping decampment departing exit exiting leave leaving outgo quitting bisection break breaking breakup crossroads divergence lighting out sendoff walking out going away on the rocks withdrawal retreat exodus retirement separation flight evacuation egression getaway abandonment desertion severance escape passage split resignation egress breakaway congé emigration embarkation expatriation outgoing hegira migration rupture pull-out stampede offgoing send-off bow out expiration dissolution passing breakout abscondment escapement exeunt swan song detachment splitting up retiral removal fleeing disaffiliation defection leavetaking going off disappearance split-up running away walkout vacation takeoff withdrawing sailing powder recession start apostasy setting off starting out setting out taking leave vanishing act setting forth taking off splitting schism division dissension disunion rift seceding pulling out secession splinter group dropping out fading abdication vanishing relinquishment evaporation evanescence absconding stepping down loss pullback slip disengagement clearance lam truancy wane dematerialization dissipation pullout surrender renunciation bolting melting eclipse marooning disintegration receding ebbing dispersal ebb wearing away disappearing act decline and fall ceasing to exist giving up work disappearing rout bunk giving up mass departure evasion termination escaping elopement eviction spring fading away superannuation forsaking beat rejection extraction fallback flit break-out fade-out moving out bolt for freedom vanishment ethereality diaphaneity setting-out diaspora outpour outflow outpouring gush vacation of a place katabasis journey pulling back drawing out liberation vacating cessation discontinuation expulsion extrication outbreak notice stopping dropping waiver stopping working stopping work bolt release freedom going out chicken run drawing alienation deliverance runaround sidestepping shifting deportation demission dispensation cession desistance AWOL running off springing rescue dying out taking out tendering notification standing down quitclaim leaving party going-away party emptying leaving do melting away depopulation passing from sight receding from view dereliction disappearing trick unpeopling flight from retreat from departure from exodus from clearance from pull-out from withdrawal from disappearance from vacation from betrayal flying cowardice treason retreating exfiltration fugue avoidance derelict disavowing divorce disavowal turning tail defecting perfidy castoff treachery recreancy tergiversation falseness disaffection elusion backsliding abrogation taking powder hasty departure checking out going absent without leave falling away going AWOL running out on going back on taking French leave

Danh từ

The act of estranging
estrangement alienation disaffection division split breach break-up hostility separation disunity antagonism antipathy embitteredness isolation withdrawal withholding antagonization difference disgruntlement distance divorce schism souring unfriendliness variance breakup disagreement disassociation discord dissociation distancing falling-out leave leaving removal rupture severance turning away parting of the ways disunion rift break gulf chasm detachment dissension partition scission bust-up quarrel dispute divergence strife disharmony secession difference of opinion indifference remoteness diversion coolness cutting off diverting setting against altercation clash misunderstanding bustup breaking off drifting apart trouble fight dissent divorcement split-up falling out cleavage fractionalization sundering bifurcation fractionation discordance dissolution splintering conflict fracture fissure gap faction disaccord friction great divide arguing warfare inharmony feuding dissonance dissidence argument infighting quarrelling dissention discordancy war disjuncture divergency disconnection acrimony disjunction quarreling contention controversy bickering wrangling opposition bad blood disputation squabbling row divisiveness enmity debate wrangle confrontation bad feeling clashing feud hassle rebellion rivalry tension ill feeling spat difficulty nonconcurrence flak incompatibility dissentience sour note bone to pick animosity fighting ill will squabble resentment run-in bitterness contestation lack of agreement factionalism dissensus set-to firestorm tiff sedition affray jar discontent battle struggle insurrection barney contest combat resistance protest objection disapproval war of words remonstrance nonconformism unrest demur misbelief dissonancy backbiting fuss words static blowup brawl inharmoniousness scene beef bad vibes bone of contention scrap internal strife power struggle disruptiveness argumentation disparity unharmoniousness turbulence animus tumult doubt fracas exchange bicker tussle tangle unorthodoxy dispeace independence upheaval clashes niggle mutiny conflict of opinion argy-bargy competition contretemps counter-argument quarrelsomeness sectarianism battle royal shouting match tug-of-war face-off sweep-stake duel dogfight sweepstakes match grapple grievances grudges striving emulation divided loyalties palace politics palace intrigue ruction dustup contrariety counteraction ruckus hatred rumpus defiance vendetta tug of war nonagreement insubordination nonconformity opposing views brush bit of argy-bargy brannigan brush-off ball game refusal denial bone clinker gainstriving belligerency gainstrife lack of concord

Danh từ

The cessation of life and all associated processes
death demise end expiration passing dying expiry curtains decease quietus bereavement departure dissolution doom exit fatality passage release sleep fate grave loss oblivion afterlife casualty cessation darkness ending fall finis mortality necrosis overthrow tomb loss of life passing away passing on departure from life eternal rest final exit kicking the bucket passing over great divide extinction destruction termination ruin downfall finish ruination annihilation decline undoing catastrophe disaster taps croaking snuffing defunction silence lights out dying out the end curtain kiss of death terrible fate grim fate closing going exhalation elapsing terminus crossing the great divide deathblow clincher retribution sentence rack and ruin grim reaper extermination final blow last out last roundup number's up final thrill bitter end end of the line end of life buying the farm coup de grace Waterloo disintegration decay degradation collapse lethality killing humanness bloodshed deadliness carnage vanishing perishing debasement degeneration retrogression disappearance fragmenting dégringolade breaking up fizzling out passing into oblivion withering away falling off coming to an end petering out lapse conclusion discontinuation invalidity death in the family close lapsing finishing running out disbandment disbanding dispersal dismissal scattering suspension closure separation disestablishment disunion recess prorogation adjournment evaporation solution wind-up break-up winding up split-up winding down

Động từ

Present participle for to move in a different direction

Trái nghĩa của parting

parting Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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