Đồng nghĩa của leaving

Alternative for leaving

leaves, left, leaving, leaved

Đồng nghĩa: abandon, depart, exit, go, quit, vacate, withdraw,

Trái nghĩa: arrive, reach, remain, stay,

Danh từ

The act or state of leaving

Danh từ

A part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed
leftover remnant remainder scrap stub surplus end oddment remains balance excess leavings residue remnants scraps dregs residuum overage rest oddments debris crumbs rejects scourings slops offcuts orts pickings relic trash fag end odds and ends uneaten food unused supplies tail ends bits and bobs fragment bit butt leftovers bits bits and pieces stump offcut vestige tatter discard offscourings scrapings castoff pieces cutting snippet sliver shred mélange assortment miscellany rubbish jumble motley particles rummage mishmash patchwork novelties hodgepodge refuse notions melee knickknacks litter medley rags etcetera sundries olio potpourri off cut tail end miscellaneous paraphernalia mixed bag sundry items end of a line this and that lees trace mark grounds deposit sediment waste settlings precipitate sign footprint evidence dross silt sublimate legacy indication junk accumulation sludge echo token imprint ghost draff track memory shadow grouts clue dog end heel slag trail survival suggestion reminder piece rump particle spoor print scum souvenir fragments deposition hangover part impression detritus memento scent alluvium record residual end piece crust notion etceteras tag end loose ends odds and sods recollection hint evocation remembrance intimation reminiscence salvage tail sweepings dirt deposits allusion overtone cast-offs spoil precipitation settling gook gunk matter solids ground powder dog-end footmark footstep segment castoffs dock root waste material tag waste paper extra snag step groove tip projection base nubbin portion strip paw mark hoof mark wake tract short end last part result remaining part part leftover outcome consequence product effect parings sewage garbage shavings filtrate aftermath repercussion heritage upshot fruit spin-off by-product trophy memorandum remembrancer

Danh từ

The act of seceding
secession break defection disaffiliation split withdrawal apostasy breakaway quitting resignation schism separation severance splitting breakup departure desertion dissension disunion division exiting parting retirement retreat rift rupture seceding pulling out dropping out splinter group alienation exit exodus estrangement pull-out pullback recession pullout discord gulf disengagement evacuation chasm scission abdication abandonment breach extraction egress marooning egression flight fallback difference eviction clearance disaffection katabasis vacation falling-out quarrel pulling back drawing out ebb moving out disagreement break-up variance bust-up strife disharmony drifting apart disunity parting of the ways fractionalization sundering bifurcation cleavage partition fractionation splintering detachment dissolution fracture great divide fissure gap divorce faction relinquishment drawing taking out divergence breaking up divide disconnection polarity segregation opening dividing breaking disjunction hostility cleft slit divorcement dissociation discontinuity distance rent splitting up interstice chink contrast disruption crack disintegration fission feud altercation crevice abyss clash misunderstanding disassociation partitioning hole cranny split-up hiatus gash cleaving splitsville isolation souring disgruntlement void unfriendliness dividing up dismemberment turning away aperture opposition dismantling contention abstraction dispute subdivision branching junction fork partitionment row wide area of difference fragmentation bustup trouble fight uncoupling polarisation polarization disseverment disconnect tear rip dialysis indifference slash taking apart difference of opinion remoteness diversion annulment coolness cutting off diverting antipathy antagonism withholding embitteredness setting against breaking off antagonization rending incision perforation laceration interval khula talaq leave removal distancing dedomiciling judicial separation official separation bisection disjuncture segmentation dissection decree nisi break up check indentation furrow carving separating detaching parceling crater pit demarcation tatter flaw thermonuclear reaction atom smashing atomic reaction nuclear fission departmentalizing vivisection parcelling ramification clough canyon rime rima ravine chimney crevasse gorge gulch arroyo rimation clove disuniting disparting disseverance splitting the atom carving up breaking down cutting up crazing mutilation displacement splinter wound hairline fracture

Danh từ

The act of estranging
estrangement alienation disaffection division parting split breach break-up hostility separation disunity antagonism antipathy embitteredness isolation withdrawal withholding antagonization difference disgruntlement distance divorce schism souring unfriendliness variance breakup disagreement disassociation discord dissociation distancing falling-out leave removal rupture severance turning away parting of the ways rift disunion dissension bust-up quarrel dispute conflict detachment break feud strife chasm gulf split-up dissidence argument altercation row clash dissent scission difference of opinion disharmony war discordance misunderstanding disaccord dissention partition divergence contention friction inharmony infighting divorcement dissonance discordancy dissolution fight warfare run-in falling out animosity judicial separation bustup annulment gap squabble wrangle contretemps controversy faction farewell spat secession trouble cleavage scrap disjuncture divergency disconnection disjunction war of words difficulty leave-taking legal separation hiatus ending indifference rivalry breaking remoteness diversion arguing feuding quarrelling vendetta coolness cutting off diverting grudge enmity acrimony goodbye disrelation splitting up breaking up setting against bickering quarreling broil breaking off drifting apart disruption fractionalization sundering bifurcation fractionation khula talaq splintering splitsville official separation dedomiciling fracture fissure fracas contest bad blood combat tussle decree nisi break up debate discontent ding-dong great divide disputation tiff dissatisfaction disloyalty battle royal dislike resentment barney set-to nonconcurrence aversion frustration restlessness ruction contestation firestorm dustup contrariety dissensus beef opposing views brawl hassle words brannigan brush blowup bit of argy-bargy bone to pick brush-off insurrection mutiny repugnance rebellion sedition insurgence insubordination hatred disillusionment cynicism apathy ill will wrangling opposition squabbling divisiveness confrontation bad feeling clashing tension ill feeling flak incompatibility dissentience sour note fighting bitterness lack of agreement factionalism affray jar battle struggle resistance protest objection disapproval remonstrance nonconformism unrest demur misbelief dissonancy backbiting fuss static inharmoniousness scene bad vibes bone of contention internal strife power struggle argumentation disparity unharmoniousness turbulence animus tumult disruptiveness doubt exchange bicker tangle unorthodoxy dispeace independence upheaval clashes niggle conflict of opinion argy-bargy competition counter-argument quarrelsomeness sectarianism shouting match tug-of-war face-off sweep-stake duel dogfight sweepstakes match grapple grievances grudges striving emulation divided loyalties palace politics palace intrigue counteraction ruckus rumpus defiance tug of war nonagreement nonconformity ball game refusal denial bone clinker gainstriving belligerency gainstrife lack of concord

Danh từ

The rejected or waste parts of a butchered animal
offal rubbish debris refuse waste litter garbage junk scrap trash dross dreck chaff effluvium deadwood effluvia truck riffraff offscouring dust raffle drek spilth remains carrion detritus dregs scraps leavings rubble grot mullock draff sweepings discarded matter muck flotsam and jetsam odds and ends leftovers gash raff lumber offscourings slop debitage orts cultch rummage fragments filth residue swill sewage sediment slag hogwash slush oddments scourings tripe crapola sleaze clutter excess pieces cheese ruins waste material spoilage crust scum flotsam remnants lees gubbins collateral bits and pieces waste matter odds and sods effluent shreds landfill sullage wreckage husks hulls slops scattering rash scoria impurity glumes rejectamenta dump wreck recrement dunghill pod shard shell bric-a-brac stuff domestic refuse bits scobs sinter ashes compost scrapings rejects cast-offs useless things discarded things brash white elephants miscellany space junk salvage off cuts shavings droppings remainder relics residuum crumbs vestiges offcuts rest bits and bobs deposit remnant miscellanea traces sludge sundries balance silt grounds skeleton hull ruin shambles jetsam scree shards end stub surplus settlings precipitate dirt castoffs accumulation relic deposition grouts sublimate alluvium oddment leftover mélange gunk fag end jumble particles mishmash patchwork mixed bag loose ends hodgepodge notions novelties knickknacks potpourri this and that melee medley rags sundry items assortment motley miscellaneous paraphernalia etcetera olio destruction things paraphernalia grains poop poo faeces snippets cuttings knick-knacks cargo sea-drift driftwood notion etceteras clobber cinders spoil stones fill bricks hulk mess heap crackup wastage mincemeat skids knick-knackery legacy frame sunken vessel sunken ship broken bricks havoc wrack feces solid waste overage precipitation settling gook matter solids ground powder pickings remaining part deposits remaining quantity remaining number unused supplies uneaten food tail ends quantity left over number left over part left over stalks straw grime what's left pollution part that is left over number that is left over quantity that is left over slime contamination crud putrefaction mire defilement mud stems bit fragment putrescence ordure ooze snippet sliver butt shred decay soil smut yuck grunge gunge foul matter putridity rottenness offensiveness feculence tail end end of a line off cut stubble

Động từ

Present participle for to set off on a journey

Động từ

Present participle for to give, especially by way of a will after one's passing

Động từ

Present participle for to lose by inadvertently leaving behind

Động từ

Present participle for to allow to continue

Trái nghĩa của leaving

leaving Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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