Đồng nghĩa của repercussion

Alternative for repercussion


Đồng nghĩa: backlash, rebound, recoil, reverberation,


An unintended consequence of an event or action, especially an unwelcome one
effect backlash result reverberation consequence outcome aftermath by-product consequences fallout impact influence mark sway echo footprint rebound recoil ripple sequel aftereffect corollary feedback flak follow-through follow-up implication imprint kickback ramification reaction re-echo spinoff upshot waves shock wave side effects chain reaction side effect backwash outgrowth product development issue precipitate resultant sequence fruit spin-off conclusion fate end result child end after-effect aftershock eventuality event impression denouement end product offshoot bearing culmination pay-off weight significance causatum knock-on effect blowback concomitant trail out-turn response fruits payoff burden follow through matter of course can of worms wake impingement hangover reverberations produce termination pursuance shock full force reflex ending afterglow control power heritage thrust legacy externality side reaction brunt remainder sequelae success residual finale harvest sequent ripple effect work working entailment results dénouement effects derivate derivative derivation afterclap carry over knock-on continuation aftereffects after-effects byproduct complication ramifications repercussions being actualization realization fall-out creation action side-effect residuum followup climax completion finish accompaniment sequela materialisation realisation materialization final outcome delayed response net result inference induction deduction correlate future analogy destiny destination punishment comeuppance relic remnant vestige follow-on lot dole doom due leftover final result aftercome payback remains residue force violence stress strain pressure retribution result of meaning bottom line reward pay back load impetus just deserts yield handiwork output fulfillment fulfilment production situation profit occurrence phenomenon incident turn of events circumstance finished product final product manufacture consummation innovation happening labor labour pay affair formulation origination concoction invention domino effect chain of events resolution emergence benefit return advantages deserts advantage maturing fruition pinnacle returns grand finale crowning glory brand crop artifact artefact gain amount substance gist sense meat unfolding evolvement cutover movement achievement branch supplement complement auxiliary commodity thing fabrication contrivance construction conception triumph attainment genesis act article aspiration doing deed feat brainchild accomplishment offspring handicraft design execution implementation application adjunct appurtenance appendage sideshoot takeaway change sound bite settlement clincher payout payment judgment revelation surprise twist transition newfangledness novelty improvement revolution onrush transubstantiation recompense reckoning adjustment remuneration transpiration eventuation the crunch judgement stage day of reckoning punch line moment of truth final reckoning


Prolongation of a sound
reverberation echo re-echoing resonance resounding ringing vibration boom echoing booming peal pound pulsation roll rumble rumbling drumming pounding thrumming thump thumping noise sound sonic boom roar crash crack clap bang beat thunder throb clash palpitation blast thunderclap ring clang thrum growl pulse thudding grumble clangour clangor chime throbbing crashing toll beating explosion knell detonation hammering roaring barrage drum pop loud noise drone report slam tolling pulsing whump whack thwack pulsating palpitating whomp reverberating murmur buzz thud tocsin pitter-patter pit-a-pat din hum percussion carillon vibrating banging smash pumping tremor thundering ripple snap ding-dong wham shot clank tattoo sounding tintinnabulation blare judder drumbeat rataplan clink burst oscillation undulation jangle rhythm drumfire cannonade discharge tapping sonority battering striking gunshot gurgle patter thrashing stroke dong knoll wave cracking pealing smack jingle quivering thundercrack uproar fulmination outburst quaver racket bump clunk ache pain clonk tinkle call ding clinking dinging clanging rat-a-tat clamour clump stomp clomp howl shock wave loud report change touch jingling tinkling death knell clamor measure meter cadence humming bong whang swing flutter quake flow metre swell cadency surge pressure tick rhyme quiver boing droning murmuring buzzing whizz purring whirr whir whiz burr chirr churr answer repetition reflection purr zoom repeat reiteration reply ricochet parroting rebound bounce back come back bellow blasting knock tap wallop rap eruption blowup blowout blow stamp bop blowing up combustion whop whap strike sharp noise hit bash slap box clout cuff punch smashing belt sock clatter clattering welt clip biff slug buffet knocking crackle clobber swipe bust larrup pelt bat pick slosh lick stripe douse lash spank haymaker plump hack hook stinger chop dab lam swat poke switch fillip boff explosive noise whale ignition bursting blowing-up blow-up pat tan thunderbolt wail flash of lightning crash of thunder clap of thunder honk click plunk hoot Angelus loud sound trumpet toot blaring plop flump scream screech resound upsurge salvo rat-tat-tat rat-tat bell ding dong crump nail thrash lambaste

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