Đồng nghĩa của leftover

Alternative for leftover

  • danh từ
    • phần thừa lại; phần còn lại; phần chưa dùng đến
    • (số nhiều) thức ăn thừa
    • tính từ
      • thừa lại; còn thừa; còn lại; chưa dùng đến
        • You could use the leftover paint/wallpaper: Nước sơn/giấy dán tường còn thừa anh cứ lấy mà dùng
        • I made a curry with the leftover chicken: Chỗ gà còn lại tôi nấu ca ri

    Danh từ

    A part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed
    remnant remainder scrap stub surplus end oddment remains balance excess leavings residue remnants scraps dregs residuum leaving overage rest oddments debris crumbs rejects scourings slops offcuts orts pickings relic trash fag end odds and ends uneaten food unused supplies tail ends bits and bobs fragment vestige bit butt leftovers superfluity overflow stump surfeit overabundance profusion superabundance glut oversupply redundancy overrun tail end spare overplus refuse overmuch overkill shred offcut bits extra plus oversufficiency plethora bits and pieces nimiety wastefulness fat waste overload overdose too much recrement exuberance supererogation luxuriance too much of a good thing redundance the limit inundation fulsomeness plenty overweight by-product enough piece artifact inheritance legacy bellyful surplusage particle lees enough and to spare more than enough deductible tag end dog end artefact carryover historical object tail dog-end tatter discard offscourings scrapings pieces cutting castoff dock tag root snag overstock short end extravagance exorbitance snippet sliver lavishness mélange miscellany rubbish jumble particles mishmash patchwork hodgepodge notions melee litter medley rags sundries assortment motley rummage novelties knickknacks etcetera olio potpourri off cut over mixed bag sundry items miscellaneous paraphernalia others this and that end of a line rump residual vestiges embarrassment extravagantness superfluousness extravagancy excessiveness difference overspill wreckage remaining number remaining quantity remaining part quantity left over additional people number left over bottom of barrel extra material additional material those left extra things what's left part left over extra people part that is left over number that is left over additional things quantity that is left over

    Danh từ

    The erroneous dating of an event, circumstance, or object

    Tính từ

    Left as an unused portion
    remaining extra surplus excess uneaten unused unwanted unconsumed additional left residual spare superfluous excessive surviving discarded untouched waste in reserve supernumerary redundant unneeded left over supererogatory useless in excess needless dispensable reserve expendable residuary unnecessary superfluent de trop not required inessential supplementary nonessential disposable outstanding inordinate fresh vestigial unrequired extravagant extraneous exorbitant superabundant pleonastic profuse lavish uncalled-for unproductive overflowing overmuch extreme unasked abounding optional left behind to spare surplus to requirements undue going begging worthless on your hands unessential odd available scrap unusable left-over unprofitable uncalled for over lingering unfinished more net in addition rest of too much not needed nett remanent supplemental added further still available balance continuing vestigal special add-on second relief over and above backup substitute auxiliary emergency fallback alternative standby another free alternate ancillary replacement back-up in store fall-back gratuitous supererogative complementary accessory other accompanying secondary peripheral supporting subsidiary contributory new subordinate increased attendant farther top-up appurtenant subservient adjuvant accessorial assisting appended supportive collateral bonus minor concomitant second-fiddle second-class attached helping irrelevant on the side coincident attending lesser wanton associate aiding beside the point adjunct satellite abetting junior unimportant else lower one more lower-level assistant too many insignificant smaller less affixed sub over-and-above second-string second-rate derivative adscititious incremental repeat annexed undesirable avoidable fortuitous uncritical haphazard random extrinsic noncompulsory casual futile accidental causeless prodigal chance assisting in new-found in hand another one unwarranted adminicular incident unwelcome experimental different associated marginal a new a different a further yet another any more trivial concurrent joint related fellow tributary outranked paltry back up not wanted second-banana third-string of little importance of little account lower-grade deadwood petty luxury to play with connected coexisting coexistent coincidental younger inferior lowly excess baggage branch cooperative helpful serviceable useful subject tributory reciprocal correlative with following under youngest lower-ranking vice- low-grade low-ranking less important sub- augmenting immaterial inapposite inapplicable inappropriate incidental unrelated unconnected impertinent pointless irrelative inconsequential inadmissible adventitious tangential inapt not pertinent not germane intrusive neither here nor there not to the point nothing to do with it off the subject out of place not to the purpose wide of the mark

    Tính từ

    Forming a very small remnant of something that was once greater or more noticeable
    vestigial remaining surviving enduring lasting persisting residual abiding lingering imperceptible shrunken stunted token living alive extant existing current ongoing continuing on continuing perennial in existence durable prevailing firm long-lasting stable long-term around permanent existent eternal long-lived lifelong persistent constant steadfast fixed immortal steady long-standing present undestroyed fast everlasting perpetual unending established long-established unchanging imperishable undying standing deep-rooted dateless ageless timeless live contemporary immutable indissoluble long-running time-honoured active unwavering unfaltering traditional strong operative reliable still existing changeless functioning perdurable operating sempiternal being running going subsisting working operational functional tenacious unshakable about resilient immovable nagging gnawing niggling time-hallowed in circulation well established ancient staunch time-honored age-old prevalent on actual real going on on the map in operation in force on the agenda on-going not lost in current use about in circulation to the fore animate ticking awake developing dynamic vigorous alert breathing in use vital having life alive and kicking among the living in the land of the living indelible ingrained unceasing secure irreversible never-changing never-ending ceaseless indestructible unfading unbroken uninterrupted interminable dependable endless non-stop unremitting inexpungible incessant old longstanding inexhaustible continual forever in for the long haul till the cows come home

    Tính từ


    Trái nghĩa của leftover

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