Đồng nghĩa của antique

Alternative for antique


Đồng nghĩa: aged, ancient, archaic, old,

Trái nghĩa: modern,


Old-fashioned or outdated
old-fashioned ancient outdated archaic obsolete primitive quaint superannuated anachronistic antediluvian antiquated obsolescent outmoded prehistoric aged mediaeval medieval old old-fangled outworn remote bygone clunky creaky elderly fossilised fossilized moldy mouldy oldfangled old-school old-time old-timey old-world retro retrograde vintage immemorial mossy out of date primaeval primeval primordial antwacky behind the times historic old hat out-of-date passé traditional horse and buggy out of the ark past its sell-by date as old as the hills past your sell-by date dated moth-eaten rusty olden past demoded timeworn hoary moribund neolithic Noachian kaputt kaput dead unfashionable Stone Age defunct prehistorical extinct musty venerable age-old superseded former out past it worn-out out of fashion fusty of yore vieux jeu very old stale dateless hoar square classical out of style old-hat antiquarian démodé out-of-style backward-looking of old olde worlde not with it horse-and-buggy old-style disused discarded discontinued historical unhip cobwebby has-been tired unstylish classic old-fogeyish feudal old as the hills dowdy picturesque mature heritage early time-honoured veteran ancestral corny long-standing odd hackneyed abandoned forgotten timeless gothic late dusty dinosaur geriatric time-worn erstwhile relic passe grey-haired grizzled getting on senescent older vanished crusted neglected rococo disapproved long-lived no longer in use fallen into disuse of olden days out of it not modern not current grown old of the old school longevous rinky-dink backward worn oldie square-toed advanced in years decrepit expired long in the tooth conservative over the hill overused done to death faded behindhand folk worn out old style enduring out-of-fashion gone obscure deprecated fossil well-established period nostalgic ageless past its prime anachronous parachronistic gentlemanly courteous white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly barbaric sometime decayed old as Methuselah quondam unoriginal once aboriginal pristine onetime done demode original cast-off crumbling having seen better days frumpish backwards frumpy dry as dust previous old fashioned chivalrous ceremonious courtly gallant craft fogeyish crusty had it done for evocative fixed rooted back number redundant one-time long-gone retrogressive of yesteryear dead and gone lapsed boring dull atavistic forever long-established time-honored of an advanced age unremembered unrecalled ex- lot of mileage charming old as Adam in period style old world wiped out bypast centuries old way back way back when latter-day lost lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion rooted in the past unemployed stagnant nonextant ended colonial Victorian artful cute baroque ingenious Gothic appealing enchanting captivating affected pleasing pretty exhausted bent unusable grey senior out of commission out of use grey-bearded centenarian doddery aging octogenarian nonagenarian over-the-hill septuagenarian unyoung doddering senile ageing gray shot matured ripened senior citizen been around no spring chicken not as young as one was not long for this world worse for wear not as young as one used to be


Intended to resemble the appearance of high-quality old furniture


A valued possession that has been passed down through the generations
heirloom family treasure something inherited treasure valuable bequest birthright gift heritage inheritance legacy patrimony reversion endowment estate bequeathal devise hereditament benefaction bestowal provision primogeniture tradition heritance possessions property share wealth riches ancestry portion settlement money resources assets fortune donation contribution goods effects belongings present chattels award capital stuff grant things koha gear heirship personalty benefit right dowry trust dower holdings substance lot subsidy income largesse worth boon valuables means alms reward presentation movables bounty gratuity bonus hand-out donative dispensation premium worldly goods largess goods and chattels personal property personal effects due devisal bequeathment possession privilege prerogative duds paraphernalia moveables plunder talent skill claim entitlement securities asset heirdom equity material goods personal possessions achievement holding prosperity accomplishment opulence affluence funding fund pile mint wherewithal revenue return wad stipend deep pockets tidy sum gold mine prize proceeds net profit offering gifting pension stake earnings remuneration winnings handout charity freebie dividend commission acquisition winning redemption nest egg prezzie tip giveaway conferment concession courtesy souvenir perquisite token pittance tithing freebee philanthropy perk tribute allowance sweetener douceur goodie favour favor fairing oblation baksheesh giving bonsela hand pourboire offertory handsel lagniappe hand-me-down honorarium trek earthly possessions

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